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31 December 2008




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July 1, 2011

Elenin video stream now moved onto our server

Thank you Tommy and Zoe (our web team) for dealing with all the issues that have arisen as a result of our launch of the Elenin Video Conference. As mentioned our sites have undergone many attacks from powers that do not want researchers and experts in this area to talk to eachother and compare notes on what they have found with regard to the secret space as well as many other topics.

We have now moved the Post Conference Video Stream to our own server on Project Camelot TV with added security. This conference lasted nearly 5 hours and is ground breaking in the exchange of high level information and the sharing and interchange among the speakers in such a virtual roundtable as has not been done before on the web in a public forum. I urge those who have not purchased the stream to do so... please be aware that the money made is split equally among all speakers and goes to further support the very valuable work of each of them.

June 30, 2011

Glowing Sphere over Hawaii

June 29, 2011

Truckers Moving Military Equipment

click here for the video

Note: there is no evidence as to why they are moving the equipment... this youtube video is trying to make a case for it being related to the Brown Dwarf which by the way has nothing to do with Elenin.

June 28, 2011

Recent movies to see:

Super 8
Bad Teacher

Now why would I suggest Bad Teacher? Because Cameron Diaz rocks and she knows how to tread the fine line between portraying an appealing self serving bitch who is really a light worker in disguise. She knows what is authentic, what is real vs. what is fake and really self-serving.. This is a crass slightly camped up over the top comedy with heart that actually has some revealing moments regarding true human interactions. Recommended.

Song for the day: Robbie Williams


June 27, 2011

Jay Weidner re Kubrick on Red Ice

must listen

Chemtrails, China and Olgacom-- this appears to be a hoax...

Anyone with real info on this and what is going on feel free to send us an email.

click here for the video


New access information will be sent out in the next few minutes. Thank you for your patience.


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ELENIN : video stream being moved

Sunday, June 26, 2011
11:30 PM PDT:


We apologize for the delay. Our technical team is in Europe and will be working to complete this move as soon as possible.

Thank you.

June 26, 2011

UFOs Over London - Disclosure Exercise --faked footage?

From a viewer: "I'm told they were made by a computer graphics company called The Mill. Check them out at"

DOS attacks continuing against our Forum and Project Camelot TV sites

The gov psychos are hard at work messing with our sites again. They must have found out how successful the Elenin conference was in spite of their attacks and continues to be. Must be tough not being able to stop the truth from getting out to the people.

If you have trouble getting in to purchase the Elenin stream keep trying or send direct payment using Paypal send money: and then email and she will send you the pw and link. We are working to solve this problem once and for all...

June 25, 2011

Insecticide used worldwide causes Birth Defects

click here for article

This is so obvious that it boggles the mind how humans in major corporations continue to poison the environment year after year...

June 24, 2011 - Update

Additional Note: for those viewing on Livestream the conf has 2 files... please view the one called Elenin: Part One first. It starts with the message from NASA...

The Elenin Conference is now concluded. We encourage everyone to view the POST CONFERENCE VIDEO STREAM available on Livestream.

The cost will be the same for the Post Conference stream as for the Live Event...Those who viewed it live or bought a ticket will be able to view it for an indefinite time. Everyone who has the current password will be able to use it to view.

If you paid and did not get in you will be sent an email shortly with login and pw details.

We ask in honor of the speakers who spent time preparing and sharing their work as well as on behalf of our technical team (Zoe, Tommy and myself) that you do not share this with others who have not paid.


If you bought a ticket at the early bird price you will have access on-going. If you bought a ticket today it will be available to you to stream on-going as well.

We apologize for the trouble accessing the conference... obviously those in power did not want this conference to take place!! We have had non-stop DOS (denial of service) attacks on our sites since last night and all week long. Please be patient. My technical team and me are working as hard and as fast as possible. There are only 3 of us.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Any questions or concerns contact:

Best wishes,

Kerry Cassidy
Co-Founder Project Camelot
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To view go DIRECTLY TO:

and enter password that you receive in your email.

Sites are back online now.

DOS attacks on our server

This is going on since last night. Please be patient and the tickets site will be up shortly. Keep checking back:



Regarding Keith Hunter

For those who want to hear more about Keith Hunter go here to listen to my radio show with him.

And here for my prior livestream interview with Keith

June 21, 2011

Elenin : Video Conference this Friday, June 24 at 11 AM PDT

The ticket price has gone up to $33 per ticket as of today. This event is highly recommended. If you buy a ticket you are going to be able to stream it after the fact if you can't make that day and time however, the chance to ask the speakers questions during the live event is an important addition. Click on poster to purchase tickets...



We are going to have to pay Livestream for a network plan and anyone out there who can afford to donate for this would be greatly appreciated. Livestream costs are very high....

Thank you.

Pythagorus Conference Needs Your Help

Webadmins, volunteers and conference organizers as well as those with media experience are encouraged to contact Sandra Sabatini at if interested in helping out. This conference will be in December 2011. Please tell her Project Camelot sent you if you do respond to this message.

June 20, 2011

Again on Radiation Solar and Nuclear

It is important to keep in mind that what is going on is a steady iradiation of our environment with an intention... to create a race of superhumans. This they intend to do by causing mutation of the human species into something... well like X-men. They wish to jumpstart evolution by stimulating the genome into an altogether heightened state of being that will result in a superhuman.

This also involves getting rid of the slower vibrational humans who cannot make the grade and will therefore die off faster by cancer and other dis-eases. Of course some elements of chem trails are involved in this. So there's a two-fold agenda there. One creating a petrie-dish effect on us whereby our enviroment becomes a set of condtions encouraging mutation, and the development of superpowers regardless of how bizarre and the other, by making it uninhabitable by the older models.

There is also the notion that as the solar influence becomes greater there is a more natural, thinning of our atmosphere where more radiation anyway does reach the surface and so a proclivity to deal with more intense radiation becomes necessary in order to live on this planet. There is also the idea that the superwaves bathing our solar system at this time... coming from outside our system (from where is still not clear even though Paul LaViolette suggests it is coming from an 'eruption' in the black hole which some others do not agree with)... regardless, this is also increasing the amount of radiation in our atmsophere causeing us to change, our dna to mutate, expand and even, to activate in a good way.

In fact, recently I heard that the brown dwarf or second sun that is very likely headed into our solar system now emits more 'radiation' than any other more 'normal' sun like object. There again, the idea that more radiation may be coming our way enters into the scenario.

The whole montomic gold issue comes to the fore here because it is also likely that monotomic gold (as the Anunnaki were so familiar with) can perhaps mitigate or transform the incoming radiation into a more congenial lfegiving form and this may be the real reason they mined it and conitnue to do so, taking it off our planet even now, if you believe the testimony of our whisteblowers....

There is no doubt that the Illuminati or darkside of that group is hard at work assisting several species of nonterrestrials to make this environment more methane-like and more full of radiation in order to drive us off the planet, or at least eliminate those less able to transmute themselves to deal with the changed conditions here on Earth. The real question is, what are you going to do about it? And this is where again, transmuting your own bodies becomes not only a good idea, but really the only thing you can do if you want to continue living on the planet.

On Killing Robots with Guns

Let's get real. This idea that one can kill an invading species of robot with guns is so primitive and 3D it's ridiculous or not 'on' as one might say in Britian. In reality, an invading race of robots will be far more sophisticated not only in its physiology but in it's reasoning power etc etc.

With this in mind what does one do? This is where developing kundalini and raising your vibration through meditation, clean living karmically and with regard to a certain sacredness in ones everyday relationship to the world around you that your DNA becomes crystalline and pure... Becomes an issue.

The whole gross material body concept is 3D. And beyond that, as we move up the food chain going into 4D which is really where one might say the Earth and humanity is now, is more into a morphing state... where anything goes. Nanotech, biorobots and so on... ghosts and discarnate beings etc. You cannot fight evil with guns in 4D. It's really nonsensical though clearly 'man' from 3D will attempt to do so especially in the beginning.

But race against race, if it comes to that is not going to be fought with blowing things up. Instead, if you want to win out on 4D one must go a level up...into 5D to do so. That is, transcend 4D. Both in spirit and substance. How? By refining the biomind superpowers into something well, other worldly and finer. This you do through joining the chakras, raising your vibration and outfitting your lightbody (so to speak) and then 'going forth'.

Ultimately the notion of raising the vibration of Earth this way is also instructional. Where James of Wingmakers revealed in the original Wingmakers story... either technological man would attempt to do so 'mechanically' through what was called 'blank slate technology' which is really about manipulating timelines such that when the robots came through the solar system, headed for Earth, the Earth 'jumps' out of this dimension temporarily, so it no longer 'exists' when the robot ships come through.

Of course the other solution posed in Wingmakers, the more 'organic' solution was the birthright of our planet and species...having been seeded there or left behind by the original predecessors of man, the 'Wingmakers'. This entailed a hidden set of records embedded in caves that contained the knowledge most likely of ascension... and was more about 'awakening' then manipulating. It was "integral" and involved the realization of the soul of mankind as a unique and precious heritage that they brought with them and was what would rescue them and the Earth from the impending invasion scenario, but in a much more transcendent way.

Whereas, one approach was technological, and would risk blowing up or destroying the Earth ala what CERN is capable of bringing to the fore, the other is more 'natural' and again, organic or integral to our species and hence the true way of the light.

Falling Skies

I know why they cancelled The make room for this. They wanted to get people up to speed in a combat mood for when elenin arrives. It wasn't gonna happen fast enough with shows like The Event which was more about the military not so much the ground crew so to speak. This seems to be positioning for Project Blue Beam big time.

Something else to think about. These days the light look dark and the dark look light. It's a whole deception scenario So try to figure this out. If the ETs currently at war with us don't want any resistance.. wouldn't they 'come in peace' ala "V" and wouldn't the light side be the ones insisting the visitors don't have our best interests at heart?

It definitely seems like they are putting out there all the right moves to create a Project Blue Beam scenario... (fake alien invasion) but what I wonder is, if that is the superficial ploy... what is beneath that? Disarming you so you think the whole idea of an ET darkside agenda is not real... then what if it is and you didn't lift a hand to stop them?

It's a world of smoke and mirrors. I don't think you can be too careful or too discerning...

click here for Fallling Skies if you missed it on tv :-)

June 19, 2011


Special thanks to "STAV" SOUND ENGINEER!!

Tellin it like it is... Recommended

The new world odour smells of bull sh1t --- link sent by a Camelot viewer

Note on the video below posted here on June 16th... thanks to Gamer for this correction

Apparently the images used in this video are hoaxed... However the blocked Google sky is legit. It is blocked out. According to Hoagland this is blocking the view of Sirius because of some Illuminati idea that it is "sacred". I don't buy that explanation. I think it's obvious they are hiding something.

Reposted link here

Evidence from the hoaxer of the original images here....


Military Movement of Explosives... to Joplin

Someone sent this link. It isn't clear what they are transporting. But the children talking about this and making observations make this a perfect set up of the kind that you might see in the beginning of a Spielberg movie...

click here to view

June 18, 2011

White Hat Report #21

click here to view

"The Kenyan in the White House will sign to release the GS provided he gets his extortion money on the IQD revaluation."


HELP WITH VIDEO CONF SOFTWARE - ubuntu server \ linux developer

Please contact us immediately if you have expertise in this area as well as anyone with security skills for during the conference (to protect server etc).

Write to:


June 17, 2011

China : Info surfacing re Elenin

I have had a communique from an unknown source indicating that Elenin has a group of craft acompanying it. This correlates with previous info received from a completely different source. Story developing. Tune in to our Elenin conference next week to learn more.

NOTE ON TICKETS: please purchase advance tickets at the low price of $20 -- the price will go up next week and remain at that level for post conference streaming.

Money raised goes to support the work of all the speakers and Project Camelot as well as the technical team working hard to make this conference a success!

click here to purchase a ticket for the ELENIN CONFERENCE : JUNE 24TH AT 11AM PDT....

June 16, 2011

Nassim Haramein to speak at Awake & Aware 2011

We have just received confirmation from Nassim Haramein that he will be speaking at our Awake & Aware Conference in September. We are delighted to have him complete the team.

click here to go to Nassim's website

Comet Elenin is definitely not Planet X or Nibiru - Forbidden Knowledge video

Although this is understood by me and our whistleblowers... please watch if you want to see how Google is hiding a portion of the sky. You have to ask yourself what else is out there...

click here to watch this short video with good info in this regard (note see correction above date June 19)

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell to join ELENIN video conf line-up!

We are proud to announce that Joseph Farrell, author of Giza Death Star and Camelot witness click here for our interview with him... His research compliments much of Hoagland's and adds to filling in the big picture regarding the nazis, secret space program and what is really going on here on Planet Earth. Also, see his recent comments regarding NASA's Bolden's statements to the NASA employees...

click here to purchase tickets for this video conf at the early bird low price.

Date: June 24, 2011

Time: 11am PDT


DENIAL OF SERVICE ATTACK on our sites -- updated all sites now back up!! Thanks Tommy!

Currently our forum,, and our conference site are all down due to a DNS attack. We are working on this problem and they should be back up shortly.

June 14, 2011


Due to some very important new information that has surfaced, I am changing the date of the Camelot video conference on ELENIN to June 24th. I sincerely apologize for this last minute change. However, Richard Hoagland has some very crucial information that has come in and as a result, he will need the extra time to prepare his data for presentation to the group and our audience. This is something you are going to want to be part of...We are talking about events happening in the fall that could be paradigm changing for humanity. The speakers involved in this conference are each bringing an important piece of the puzzle. All of the data on what is coming is not in, but the evidence brought forward will be discussed in depth to consider all of the possibilities...

This is a developing story... I can't urge you enough to join us in this investigation... new date: June 24th at 11 am PST. Purchase your tickets in advance to get the low price of $20. This price will go up sometime next week.



Re Barry King - sound -- I have 2 sound editors working on this footage... please be patient it should be reuploaded sometime today or tomorrow.

June 13, 2011

Gerald O'Donnell Livestream to be rescheduled

Unfortunately, Gerald O'Donnell, remote viewer who was scheduled to do a Livestream interview with me on June 16th will have to be rescheduled due to an auto accident. He is ok but needs time to heal.

Please join me if you are a healer and send him healing energy at this time.

This event will be rescheduled as soon as he is feeling better...

click here for his website

Video of Alex Collier's statements on Grey Agenda

click here to view

This is a compiliation of the statements made by Alex Collier in his ebook Defending Sacred Ground (click here for .pdf) as well as in interviews with Val Valerian, Leading Edge, one of the best resources on the net. Some Camelot material is also mixed in there from Alex Collier's Awake & Aware presentation.

Anonymous warns NATO "This is no longer your World"

click here

June 12, 2011

Barry King : Black Ops interview now available

I apologize for the echo in the soundtrack. The mp3 is now also available and we are working on a transcript for those who find his accent hard to follow. We are also working on cleaning up the SOUND and will re-release asap.

This is a fascinating interview and well worth the trouble :-)

click here to view

June 11, 2011

NASA Urges Employees and Families to Prepare

June 10, 2011

Tor - Magical Camelot/Avalon image created by Tommy Hansen


Need Help! We need Joomla admins to convert the Productions & Portal sites into Joomla. Please email your CV and links of your work to or Put JOOMLA in the subject line

Do not respond unless you have the time and experience to make this happen.

Also, need designers to create look and feel for Project Light Warrior Portal for Enlightenment. Must use design elements from official logo below.



Bilderberg Meeting - Swiss issue letter asking for arrest of Henry Kissinger for War Crimes

click here for Alex Jones... broadcasting Bilderberg event

Clif High Web Bot Revisited

click here to see past predictions that may factor in to current events

Photo of the Sun and craft from a Camelot viewer

This is one of a series of photos sent to us by Christian Doucer showing the sun with a large craft or object nearby. (taken with a cell phone). Other people have taken similar pictures and sent them to us but I thought these were quite clear.

click here to see more...

sun craft_doucer

June 9, 2011

Indigo Revolution : Matias de Stefano - very wise - highly recommended

June 8, 2011

Kerry interviewed by William Henry for Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country

This morning I was interviewed for an hour by William Henry.. clcik below to listen.

Humanity's Deepest Secrets - Kerry Cassidy on Revelations Stargate Radio with Host William Henry -

ELENIN: Evidence mounting this is a piloted craft!

I spoke to Richard Hoagland last night and got his confirmation he will be speaking at my Awake & Aware Conference in September. He again stressed that Elenin is a piloted craft! This correlates with my other insider information. Return of the Anunnaki? Or who is coming to visit and why?

He said the rumors that Elenin are perturbing our system and causing earthquakes is disinfo...Another clue, the Pope recently addressed the astronauts on the Space Shuttle. Ask yourself why. Is this a greeting committee?

And recommended I read Rendevous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke. There must be a clue there. I have already ordered it. Meanwhile, he will be releasing the major up-to-the-minute news on Elenin at Awake & Aware 2011?? Get your tickets now before we sell out!!


And as a preview I am putting together a Camelot Roundtable conference on Elenin schedulied for JUNE 17TH. This will be a preliminary look by the top minds in this field on what Elenin is all about.

At the moment, the JPL NASA site is down playing Elenin considerably....


poster removed as date has changed... see above for the updated poster...

Dinner with Michael Tellinger

Had a lovely dinner with Michael Tellinger and friends last night... He is in town and will be speaking with David Wilcock at The Onion. See his site for details.

June 7, 2011



Volunteer needed to translate Project Camelot website and videos into Chinese. We have one person so far and need someone else who speaks fluent Chinese and also English to supervise the work.

If interested email

subject: Chinese Translator


I also need someone to handle advertising and promotion for Project Camelot to raise awareness of our upcoming events and conferences. Some pay possible out of conference earnings.

June 6, 2011

Note: see below for White Hats Report #20



Reposting of Jim Stone article on Fukushima.. Title: Did the Dimona Dozen murder the Fukushima 50?

click here to go to his site

click here to download .pdf of the material

Stuxnet & the Nuke

The above article is an excellent example of investigative journalism. I encourage everyone to read and distribute widely. In addition, according to my whistleblower sources, the nuke theory is correct. This was an intentional hit by some group in retribution against Japan for a nefarious purpose. Among other evidence outlined in that article, according to at least one source the target was an ET base underneath the Fukushima reactor.

Another interesting correlation is also this recent issue of Nexus Magazine that contains the following article entitled The CHANI Project: Computer Interfacing with Other Realms.

Click here to read the article for free on Godlike Productions where the RAND experiment was originally conducted.

Excerpt: ..."The CHANI Project
During the years 1994 to 1999, a group of researchers from an organization/corporation, which I will call RAND and Associates, or RA, had access to an underground CERN-like collider facility in Africa (the location is still classified). A contingent of AFRICOM security personnel was tasked with securing the base and, of course, keeping its location secret. The AFRICOM station commander made and supervised all the travel and accommodation arrangements for the team of researchers. They were closely watched 24/7.

Between those years, the researchers started receiving communications from an Entity who claimed to be from a parallel universe/dimension/timeline. A remarkable and groundbreaking interaction ensued. For a period of five years, researchers asked the Entity a series of over 20,000 questions and received answers to more than 95 per cent of questions asked. " -- End excerpt from article

What is crucial here is the apparent evidence of a link-up and contact with what appears to be a kind of AI operating in a parallel dimension. What is fascinating here is the STUXNET link to recent events outlined above with regard to the real story behind Fukushima and what the Chani writer says here in this excerpted section:

..."I mention this because, with the recent outbreak of the Stuxnet virus and the comments made by technicians, I can't help but feel uncomfortable with the similarities between the current Stuxnet outbreak and the "code" properties that the technicians discussed at the time of the CHANI–Y2K issue. That was in 2000; Stuxnet surfaced in 2010. A 10-year dormant period? I wonder, but that's a whole new conspiracy for another day." --end excerpted section The Chani Project

It would appear that indeed Stuxnet has resurfaced and in a much more diabolical way than anticipated. The question is, who took what appears on the outside to be a relatively positive, borderline, psi-op and reverse-engineered it into what is now surfacing as perhaps instrumental in the attack against Japan? And, if what they really have created or generated out of the initial contact with an AI is a weaponized version... who is currently responsible for authoring it? (If one follows the logic of the Jim Stone article then it is the Israelis but there is also no doubt that at least as far as the Stuxnet referred to in the mainstream media, that the U.S. is also involved)...And, among a few million other questions, has it perhaps taken on a 'life' of its own in our galaxy? Or who's running it.

And lastly, in regard to Stuxnet and it resurfacing in this current situation with regard to Fukushima... There are some interesting parallels to the Promis software story that need looking into. Again, good evidence of a software that is known to have population targeting and profiling capability... This alludes to the whole "octopus" saga, regarding the book, written by Cheri Seymour called "The Last Circle" and the death (murder) of journalist Danny Casolaro.

MORE ON JAPAN, FUKUSHIMA and the Changing of our Atmosphere on Earth

The other night I went to see the newest X-men movie, "X-men First Class" - highly recommended. What is said in passing during the movie is that radiation is what causes the mutants in the first place. Put that statement, alongside the recent intentional hit on Japan and the subsequent meltdowns of the reactors and an illuminati agenda of sinister portent emerges. We all know the principle often stated that 'radiation causes mutations' but have you considered the idea that it may not only cause negative or disfiguring types of mutations but what about the possibilitiy that it could also just as easily cause positive desirable mutations ie. superpowers in off-spring?

I would suggest that with the BP-oil spill (also apparently intentional and caused by a nuke according to my sources) and now the Fukushima disaster (see above)...our atmosphere and environment here on Earth, I am told, is purposely being re-engineered. In preparation not only for creating an environment more friendly to certain 'visitors' but also perhaps, with the intention to speed along the creation of a mutant species of humanity. Think about it. Of course, the X-men is the perfect advertisement for engineering humanity 2.0. But on the plus side, it also, at least subliminally, suggests that our differences are what make us unique and that uniqueness is not to be hidden but rather augmented and accepted in the spirit in which it was given, ie. as our most unusual aspects of each of us are our most highly prized qualities and should be seen as such.

With the above in mind, consider also the China-gate scenario mentioned by James Casbolt in his latest interview with Miles Johnston (not sure why he isn't credited as the interviewer) (to be found on the site of Alfred Webre)... Added note: I met Miles in Glastonbury recently, where he had come after having just interviewed Camelot witness, John Urwin... At any rate, Casbolt says that Fukushima is the result of what he termed 'Battle of China Gates". Click here for the POST he made on the Avalon Forum back in 2008 about the Mark Richard's story as related by his wife Jo-ann. Note: Mark Richards is serving time in jail for what may be a frame-up after his involvement in what he said was a firefight in the underground base at Dulce.

I do not yet know why Casbolt refers us to the China-gate story in relation to the Fukushima disaster but it seems to bear at least some relationship to info from my own sources in regard to the target being an underground ET base under at least one of the reactors.

Although the above seems convoluted and no doubt hard to believe, it is this kind of cross-correlation without disgarding any clues or leads that one must do in order to get close to the truth of what is really going on here on Earth at this time.

June 5, 2011

Help needed: webadmins to update sites to Joomla, Mods for CamelotForum and more...

contact: with "Volunteer" in subject line

Richard Gabriel from Giza Geomatrix - Livestream now complete click here to stream.

This was a fascinating discussion regarding the recent discovery of the 'Cave of the Birds' and the real story and intrigue behind it as well as hidden aspects of what is really going on in Giza, under the plateau in tunnels and the hidden technology there.

A note on Livestream events. Interviews with individuals are still free however, group Livestream Camelot Roundtable discussions cost money in order to pay speakers and tech as well as one of the only ways for us to raise money in order to continue the work. Please consider making a donation for any livestream event regardless as your donations make this work possible. Thank you.

June 4, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011 - Richard Gabriel from Giza Geomatrix - 11AM PST

Note: this live broadcast is now complete. Click here to view.

I interviewed Richard Gabriel from the Giza Geomatrix team who has written a soon to be released article with detailed information on the recent discovery 'Cave of the Birds' and the behind the scenes politics happening around it..

click here for Richard's site

June 3, 2011 – The White Hats Report #20

Obama punked once again at the G8 and the Bush NWO still interferes with release of Global Settlements.

Since we last reported to you on May 13th, 2011, plenty has happened and not to the benefit of any of the Global Settlement payees or any citizen of the United States of America or the International Community, for that matter.

Although the hard dollars to fund the Global Settlements have been ready and available to pay the settlements for the last 18 months, the political machine controlled by the Bush family has been used to hinder the processing of the payments. Why? Well, it seems the Global Settlements team are extremely determined, single minded, focused and on task besides being “tough cookies”… and they are very familiar with the political systems of America and the mechanics of those systems … understanding how the Washington, D.C. beltway works and flows. Seemingly, the Global Settlement team is also well versed in the world political arena as well.

How do we know … follow the next bullet points:
• While the Settlement team continued to work for the final release around May 26th considerable evidence appeared to suggest the following persons were directly responsible for commandeering a portion of the funds transferred to JPMorgan by Citibank. The consequences for those actions are still being considered and cannot be disclosed at this time. This information was subsequently communicated to the G8 and G20 members directly. Ouch!

They are:
Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan,
Richard “Dick” Cheney, former Vice President of the United States of America,
George H.W. Bush, former President of the United States of America,
John Mack, CEO of Morgan Stanley, and Various other banking personnel,

• As of Thursday last week, in Paris, all the G8 members signed off again on all World Global Settlement agreements. The G8 issued a directive to Obama to distribute the funds post haste and that they would not accept any further excuses for the lack of distribution of the Global Settlement funds. Over this past holiday weekend, the French Comptroller of the Currency was directed to continue operations throughout the weekend to complete any and all documents required to distribute the Global Settlements. In fact, we have verified the French team has completed and/or resolved all issues which may have been detrimental to the completion of the Global Settlements. All liens, encumbrances, and roadblocks were removed so the Global Settlements could proceed.

• As of this past Wednesday, all applicable funds were independently confirmed to be in a position for release. The release was re-scheduled and subsequently, stopped by the people in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. To everyone’s amazement, one of our illustrious Congressman believed he should get some of the money. His reasoning was “if that much money was going to be paid, then he deserved to receive a ‘pay order’ ”, meaning the graft payment he believed he was entitled to, above and beyond his lifelong salary and his benefits package while working for working for his Constituents. The demand was relayed to the Global Settlement team within 30 minutes. This party was detained and the process of prosecution is continuing. We say, “One less problem to deal with.”
We could continue to provide pages of details but the problem continues to rest with one concept … that being, who controls this country.

Apparently, it is not with the elected leaders that represent the People of the country. It is not with the
elected leaders that owe a certain measure of responsibility to the International community. It is all about the fight for control … the power … the greed … the corruption … the personal dreams and aspirations of former U.S. Presidents and their attempted implementation of the New World Order (NWO) … it’s alive and well but the Global Settlement team is presenting huge problems for the Bushes and the concept of the NWO.

It seems that the infrastructure of the NWO is splitting apart with all of the heat from the International community fighting to deny the NWO a foothold. How so you say?

Well, the International Community and the Global Settlements team thwarted the attempted takeover of the Federal Reserve. The Global Settlement team is shining a big beam of light into the very dark closets of the bad guys in and around the Fed Reserve…. The battles lines are drawn … the personal relationships at the Fed Reserve are deep and the NWO has the lead as well as a tight hold … it’s the old Bush guard vs. the “clean up and throw‘em out” team.

In order to assist his clients representing the CMKX litigants and Michael Cottrell, Mr. Al Hodges has been instrumental in negotiating with the Obama Administration in both of his clients’ settlements, which are not part of the Global Settlements but are a direct beneficiary of the Global Settlements. When and only when the Global Settlements are paid and finalized will the Iraqi Dinar be revalued, the CMKX litigants will receive their settlement proceeds and the United States of America will not have a lien against its assets. If you really want a shocker, the United States will receive the money required to relieve and eliminate the National Deficit. Unfortunately, the Bushes and the followers of the NWO recognize the Global Settlements funds release severely hampers and negates their worldwide efforts to money flow, commerce and politics.

The CMKX settlement is coming through the Department of Justice and the Cottrell payment is a settlement on the international BASIL list. In properly representing his clients, Mr. Hodges felt it necessary to forward the attached two (2) letters. The first dated May 26th was addressed to the members of the G8 prior to the G8 conference held last week in London. The second letter, dated June 2nd was addressed to the Ambassador of China representing the Chinese lien holders who have a lien on all the assets of the United States of America. Both letters were delivered on time. The truth of both letters, to make the understatement of the year, really pissed off the Members of the G8.

It is interesting to note the G8/20 Members, having attended numerous G8/20 events, starting with Toronto, Canada, has received so many untruths they now do not believe a word that is derived from any statement our President or Vice President says, nor do they trust any action, official or not, that either of them offers. Accordingly, the G8 required the Comptroller for France to work over our Memorial Day Holiday to finish all requirements to distribute the funds to the Global Settlements team. As a direct result of Al Hodges’ last letter, Obama was once again chastised in session by the World Leaders for his lack of truthfulness regarding the payment of the Global Settlements. As well, the G8 directed the World Court to again intervene to oversee the release of the funds to the Global Settlements team.

As of Monday, Memorial Day for us here in the United States, the French completed all of the required work as directed by the G8. Accordingly, all issues and roadblocks have again been resolved to close the Global Settlements.

During this week, the Global Settlements team has been continually promised the information required to take Economic Receipt of the funds and proceed with the distribution to the payees, including Mr. Al Hodges’ clients as well as the United States Department of the Treasury, which will finance the Iraqi Dinar revaluation, of which the Bush family gets a certain amount per dinar. Why? Don’t ask. It would hurt us too much to tell you.

Please review these letters and know that there are numerous entities and people working in favor of the betterment of these United States and the World. Equally, please also know that there are people NOT working in favor of these United States. They want control of us, the World and the Western European monetary system.

Don’t let the Bushes and the NWO challenge our great country and your access to Life, Liberty and Freedom.

The White Hats Team.

CMKX Letter 6/2/2011




June 3, 2011

DOD video - Eugenics implications

Vaccinating against certain genes

American Red Cross - Eugenics and Building a Super-human race

"In 1910, following the death of Averell Harriman who presided over Yale's infamous secret society, the Skull and Bones, his widow donated 80 acres of estate property to establish the Eugenics Research Association at Cold Spring Harbor, New York, along with the Eugenics Records Office. The following year, social Darwinism subscriber, John Foster Dulles, revealed his desire to help develop a "super race." He explained that by eliminating "the weakest members of the population," a purer Aryan race might be created. According to several reputable authors, the Dulles brothers directing Rockefeller's management group and law firm at Sullivan and Cromwell on Wall Street, later administered the American affairs of I.G. Farben-Germany's leading industrial organization-linked intimately to Hitler and the rising Third Reich. The Dulles law firm also directed U.S. business affairs for Fritz Thyssen, Hitler's primary financial backer. Thyssen later introduced Allen Dulles to the rising Nazi fuehrer, after which brother John negotiated loans for the Nazis." --Len Horowitz

click here for article

A Different Take on Fukushima and surrounding events in Japan

click here to read the article

A Crucial Bit of History on the Major Players on Mind Control and the Aviary

click here for the article

Large object near Sun

click here for photos and story

June 2, 2011


Saturday, June 4, 2011 - Richard Gabriel from Giza Geomatrix - 11AM PST

I will be interviewing Richard Gabriel from the Giza Geomatrix team who has written a soon to be released article with detailed information on the recent discovery 'Cave of the Birds' and the behind the scenes politics happening around it...

Thursday, June 9, 2011 - Gerald O'Donnell - Remote Viewer - 11AM PST

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I will be interviewing Gerald O'Donnell regarding the role of the AI behind the scenes on our planet and other areas of interest in his long career as a military remote viewer.

Russia, Telepathy and the Secret Space Program

"In 1967, the Soviet Maritime News reported, “Cosmonauts when in orbit, seem to be able to communicate telepathically more easily with each other than on Earth. A psi (short for psychic faculty) training system has been incorporated in the cosmonaut training program” Some informal reports indicate that the Soviets are working on psi systems for space use, involving not just telepathy, but precognition. [Appendix 1, page 33.]-- from Tim Rifat's book "Remote Viewing" available here

If this is what the Soviets (Russia) was engaged in back in '67 then imagine where they and the U.S. and China are now in this regard. No wonder they had to mind control and mind-wipe the astronauts when they returned... And extrapolate this to the space shuttle crew and it all begins to fall into place. Even without ET tech we are talking about some very sophisticated advances with regard to the human mind.

June 1, 2011

Special Assistance for Camelot Supporter in the NYC area

If there are any therapists, regressionists or other wholistic health practitioners in the NYC area who feel they can assist a "camelot supporter" from China with special personal difficulties adjusting to the culture here, possible mind control/abduction issues etc. -- Please contact me at this address: Note: Please put NYC in the subject line

Thank you.

Two new Camelot video releases!

Antoine Gigal - Egyptologist

Andrew Collins - UFO Adductions and Dimensional Realities

Two video interviews conducted at Megalithomania in South Africa. Enjoy... more coming soon.

May 31, 2011

Sent to me by a source: re: ELENIN

Below is a link from Cornell University on the planetary seismic activity due to various conjunctions / alignments with this so - called comet, Earth and other solar system bodies. You can access the PDF file on the right of the webpage for more detailed information. Looks like this comet Elenin just "might" be quite larger than what we are being told.


May 30, 2011

Open Your Mind Radio Interview with Kerry

As mentioned yesterday I was interviewed by a couple of Irish guys (Alan & Steve) on this Irish internet radio show. To listen to the show click the link:

listen to the archived show OYM Radio

May 29, 2011

I will be interviewed today on Open Your Mind - an Irish blogtalk radio show at 11am PST to 1pm

click here to listen

click here to ask questions during the show on chat

May 28, 2011

Upcoming Event - Livestream with Remote Viewer Gerald O'Donnell


Date TBA

Subject: The role of AI (artificial intelligence) in our world

Have you ever considered that there may be an AI installed on Earth running the planet? How about a 'good AI' and a 'bad' AI orchestrating events? According to our whistleblower information this is real not memorex...

More Egyptian Discoveries - robot explorer finds mysterious markings

click here for article

First of all, if it is hitting the mainstream news now, keep in mind with regard to the goings on reported by my previous interviews with the Giza Geomatrix team from the past year or two, that the PTB have very likely been aware of these finds (yes and the 17 "new" pyramids) for some time. They only inform the public when they want the public to know for some nefarious purpose. So why now? This is what you must ask yourselves.. Please do look beneath the surface of these recent announcements and understand that something is up and it is not what it seems. There has been a concentrated effort to redirect people away from the pyramids (especially the Middle Pyramid or Chephren's pyramid). They are also working on (if Zahi Hawass has his way) not allowing people inside the pyramids at all. Put this together with the suspicious movements after dark, removing antiquities from underground passages etc. and you have a very dubious picture of what is really going on in Egypt. Add to that an uprising that was triggered by the, according to Antoine Gigal, well known Egyptologist, release by the authorities of the prisoners just before the uprising... And the picture that emerges is one of subterfuge, misdirects, coercion and deception.

There is, as I have said many times, no doubt that in this and coming years, a special focus on power places such as Giza and the pyramids while the Earth is transiting the galactic center and the wave of energy coming into our planet is increased. Stargates are being re calibrated. Some are opening and some are closing by virtue of the shifting magnetic pole and this is not accidental. What this signifies for the Earth and humanity is not completely clear or likely even fully known but it is definitely factoring in with what is going on with regard to new wars in various places (Libya etc), triggered uprisings and military occupations with countries where these stargates exist. Stay tuned with this in mind when hearing about new archeological findings, new wars, revolts and construction as well as any concentration of military hardware on any parts of the globe going forward.

May 27, 2011

17 New Pyramids Found in Egypt

click here for the article

David Wilcock to join Awake & Aware 2011

We are happy to announce that we have received a confirmation from David Wilcock that he will be added to our speaker line-up for the Awake & Aware 2011 Conference. Advance tickets are now on sale -- just click the banner above to purchase!


Again, who benefits from having DSK (Dominque Strauss-Kahn) forced out? Apparently, the word is that he was a good possibility for the next French President and he was moving to regulate banks and according to a source, he was in essence trying to 'raid the US dollar to save the Euro". This is the real reason for the so-called sex scandal. Considering that these guys are regularly given access not only to top call girls but black magic rituals using children etc. The fact that he was targeted by a public scandal which forced him out indicates he lost favor with those behind the scenes who run the IMF....Rothschilds anyone?

However, it is also clear that whoever concocted the sex scandal was playing on a prior weakness (see wikipedia for history) in this regard... and that the U.S. certainly benefits from his removal. The question here is, whether in this instance we have the Rothschild-Bush syndicate working hand in hand on this or whether the Bush syndicate managed to intercede with the scandal in order to short-circut moves on the part of the IMF that would not be beneficial to the dollar or keeping Sarkozy in power.

It is also notable that Strauss-Kahn came out on the documentary INSIDE JOB with some clearly damning comments about the banksters here in the U.S. and their part in the financial crisis...

From Wikipedia:

...."Strauss-Kahn made comments that could be perceived as critical of global financial actors, in an interview for a documentary about the Late-2000s financial crisis, Inside Job (2010). He said he had attended a dinner organised by former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson in which several CEOs of 'the biggest banks in the U.S' had admitted they (or perhaps bankers in general) were 'too greedy' and bore part of the responsibility for the crisis. They said the government " 'should regulate more, because we are too greedy, we can't avoid it.' " Strauss-Kahn said he warned the officials of a number of departments of the U.S. government of an impending crisis. He also said: "At the end of the day, the poorest – as always – pay the most."[33]"--Wikipedia

click here for an RT youtube report on the IMF scandal and comments by former Assistant Treasury Secretary, Paul Craig Roberts. If you pay attention you will note he is revealing he knows that DSK was targeted and taken down.

The People vs. Goldman Sachs - RollingStone article

click here for the article

May 26, 2011

Leuren Moret and Alfred Webre re Fukushima- Evidence of Haarp

click here to watch the video

Note: this is not the whole story but good research and information. For more see my Livestream interview with Keith Hunter regarding the harmonic convergence between Japan, the sun and the moon... creating a standing wave from the sun.

May 25, 2011

Awareness of 4D & tonight's Camelot Radio show guest - Kim Carlsberg

Tonight on Camelot Whistleblower Radio my guest was Kim Carlsberg, author of "The Art of Close Encounters". This was an exciting and informative show and I encourage everyone to listen to the archived show - click here.

After the show, one person wrote to me asking about how 4D is becoming more accessible in our world. I thought my answer might be of interest to others so I am posting it here:


Elenin vs. Brown Dwarf - Andy Lloyd author of "Dark Star" weighs in...

There is a great deal of confusion regarding Elenin vs. the Brown Dwarf. I wrote to him and asked him to clarify:

"...sure, Kerry. I agree with you - people are excited about the hype over the alleged arrival of Planet X, and jumping to conclusions about a simple comet that, itself, is unspectacular. Let me lay out what a multi-Jupiter mass brown dwarf would look like right now if it was as close as is being speculated by many (i.e. that it's actually comet Elenin).

This Dark Star would appear in the night sky as a red/magenta planet about the same size as Jupiter. In other words, it would be one of the brightest objects in the night sky, very probably brighter than Venus. In addition, I believe that it would have a visible aura, or tail, that would be rather spectacular. That fiery aura would extend out from the planet itself by some considerable degree, possibly extending out to the very edge of the Dark Star's very considerable magnetosphere ( which would be about 4 x the moon's diameter across, or more).

The combination of the bright planet, its contingent of large moons, and in particular its fiery aura would produce the 'winged' disk' effect in the sky, like a mighty red celestial dragon.

Now I don't know about you,but when I pop outside at night to look in the direction of Elenin, I'm not seeing this at all. Frankly, that's because Elenin is a comet, and not a very good one at that. It is clearly not an incoming Dark Star/Planet X/Nibiru object.

Hope that helps :0)

Many thanks,

Andy Lloyd /unquote

Author and artist

My view of Elenin - the rock like asteroid

For what it's worth a short while back I awoke from a dream that was more like a real experience than a dream in which I saw an oval rock like object, very large with lots of holes or depressions in it hurling through the sky headed for Earth. At the time, I wondered why I was seeing it. Now I understand.

Back in the USA

I am now back in California from my UK trip. My plane was slightly redirected due to the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland. As we left, all flights to Scotland were cancelled. More updates soon....

Meanwhile, due to travel costs I am now very low on funds and would appreciate any donations to continue this work. We have a great deal of editing and future online conferences planned but without funding I cannot continue this work.

Additional note: Awake & Aware 2011: These are the last days of the advance very low price on tickets for the conference. I highly recommend that you purchase tickets now before May 31st if you are on a low budget.

May 23, 2011

Planted cables in the Wikileaks Archives

click here for the story

(note: I apologize for the typos on this release due to the fact I was traveling and not able to spend the necessary time to proof this before release...most have now been corrected)....

This article highllights the release of cables supporting the use of torture in interrogation of prisoners and cites the so-called capture and death of Osama bin Laden as evidence of the effectiveness of such an approach. The recent drama of a staged capture and killing of someone posing as bin Laden or death of some other unknown individual in addition to what we all know: that bin Laden was killed years ago (and my sources confirm this) leaves little doubt that this article is propaganda and points to the fact that at least some of the cables are 'planted' releases.

..."The killing of Osama bin Laden underscores the value of the vast intelligence database. The treasure trove of information includes the identities of terrorists operating abroad, plots to kill civilians and details on how al Qaeda used a network of couriers for clandestine communication." -- quoted from Washington Times

Unfortunately, this undermines the releases and makes one question the continued detention and harsh treatment of Bradley Manning, the original source of the leaks and puts in to question Julian Assange and Wikileaks role in this mess. All the more reason why it would have been nice had I been able to obtain even a short interview with Julian or someone from his 'camp'.

According to this article from Jan 2011, as far back as that, military sources were saying there was no way to link any direct contact between Manning and Assange. As Bradley Manning is now being held in Quanitco Virginia in a 'more open' facility, whatever that means, according to this article. However, apparently Manning is most certainly as patsy in this affair. Now that the U.S. government is making use of the cables to push their agenda.. it would seem releasing Bradley and giving him a purple heart for bravery would be in order. But more seriously, what this indicates is that Manning himself could have been somehow encouraged, manipulated or even mind controlled into playing this role for the desired outcome of this siniter agenda aimed at deceiving the public. In the end, cui bono, who benefits may be the only clue to follow anytime such seeming public acts of courage hit the news.

Update on my UK trip

We have had a lovely time meeting many people and doing a number of interviews including:

Robert Temple
Samir Sam Osmanagich
Barry King
George Kavassilas
Eva Zemanova
Lucy Wyatt

Unfortunately although I have gone back and forth a number of times, I have not been able to secure an interview with Julian Assange or Vaughan Smith.

I am on my way back to the U.S. and will have further updates as time permits.

Meanwhile my trip with the Megalithomania group into the interior of Stone Henge was wonderful although it was freezing cold that evening...




May 16, 2011

A Lovely Message from an Indigo Child

click here for the TRANSCRIPTION: Total Recall by Indigo Child Matias De Stefano

Thank you to the person who sent me this. Matias is a lot like Boriska...

Trees on Mars - Arthur C. Clarke & Robert Temple

During the panel discussion at Megalithomania here in Glastonbury yesterday, I heard the esteemed author Robert Temple speak of his close friendship with Clarke and the time when Clarke showed him photos of Mars that clearly showed trees growing on the surface. Clarke insisted to his old friend this was an accurate NASA photo. In front of the entire audience Robert Temple asserted that he is quite sure his friend Clarke was not misleading him in this regard. As I told the crowd and Temple, those photos have been seen by us and are available on the net by the way. Here's a link to one such photo:

Note: You will note that the SUN article states these are not trees but "sand"... I would lay odds that Clarke is much more likely to be telling the truth. Project Caemlot endeavored to get an interview with Arthur C. Clarke before he died and we were unfortunately unsuccessful. We were told by Henry Deacon (Arthur Neumann) and Richard C. Hoagland that Arthur C. Clarke knew a great deal about what is really going on behind the scenes.

I will never forget Arthur Neumann's emphasis on Clarke's 2010 A Space Odyssey "ALL THESE WORLDS ARE YOURS EXCEPT EUROPA. ATTEMPT NO LANDING THERE." Not long ago I asked a source about thiis and was told, that the reason Europa is off-limits is because it is a "military outpost".. The next question I had which has yet to be answered is, whose?...

Queen and Obama to visit Dublin

click here for one article on Queen's visit

click here for an article on Obama's visit

Here in the UK I am hearing that they shut down the city of Dublin and that the Queen will be visiting Dublin on the full moon on the 18th and be there through the 20th followed by Obama who will arrive on the 23rd. It has been suggested that ceremonies associated with the full moon are going on... Otherwise, why the sudden great interest in Ireland by the 'monarchs'?

With the set up of a false terrorist threat alloiwng them to shut down portions of Dublin what rite is underway in Ireland that requires such secrecy? Or is this simply a move to demonstrate their respective influence over Ireland?

May 15, 2011

Megalithomania Concludes and Update on my travels in the UK


On this trip, my webmaster, Tommy Hansen is accompanying me as my cameraman. Here we are hiking around the hills above Glastonbury visiting Megaliths and stone circles. Megalithomania in Glastonbury concluded with a panel discussion with the excellent group of speakers. Click here for the line-up and to stream the fascinating presentations.

Yesterday I did two interviews. First a short interview with Robert Temple, erudite author, historian and scholar about his new book "Egyptian Dawn" and his discoveries on the Giza Plateau. And later in the afternoon, an interview with Bosnian scientist and maverick, Semir Sam Osmanigich regarding his amazing discovery, the Bosnian pyramids of the Sun and the Moon and the hidden tunnels beneath. Both Robert Temple and Semir Sam Osmanigich gave excellent presentations at the event and I highly encourage you to stream them from the Megalithomania site.

It is inspiring to be among such groundbreaking researchers who are each courageously pursuing their unique visions of the fascinating ancient sites and the secrets they contain.

Andy Lloyd - re Comet Elenin

I asked Andy Lloyd, author of Dark Star, to share his thoughts on Comet Elenin

"Thanks Kerry - you spurred me into action to blog this onto the Dark Star site:
Comet Elenin
2012 is nearly upon us, and there is great concern that an in-coming Planet X body might bring catastrophe to our fragile world.  The environmental calamities of recent times do not augur well.  There has been a spate of earthquakes around the globe; Chile, Japan, New Zealand.  Even Spain has not escaped our planet's seismic ripples, on the very same day that an earthquake was predicted for Rome almost 100 years ago (1). 

Predicting earthquakes is practically impossible, we are told, unless, of course, you're a small animal sensitive to mysterious fluctuations before the quake strikes. 
Comet Elenin is currently moving through the solar system ( .  Many have expressed concerns about this body, which appears to have disappointed astronomers with its relatively pathetic celestial showing (2).  But it's appearance preludes the 2012 period we are moving into, so it's reasonable to ask whether this small comet might be the first of many, or even the front rider for a much more substantive body.  YouTube is bubbling over with rumours. 

Amid the hype, there is an intriguing bit of science.  An academic from Cornell University, Mensur Omerbashich, has presented a paper outlining his assertion that there is a tangible link between cosmic alignments and seismic activity on Earth, based upon his theory of hyperresonance (3).  He presents evidence that some earthquakes are coincident with planetary alignments, or with Full Moons.  He argues that the Comet Elenin is a case in point - it has been noted that it was on the exact opposite side of the Sun to us during the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  From this data he extrapolates:

"The Elenin will continue intensifying the Earth's very strong seismicity until August-October, 2011. Approximate forecast of earthquakes based on my discoveries is feasible." (3)
And there's the thing.  Could Omerbashich's theory predict earthquakes from planetary, cometary and lunar alignments?  Does the Earth respond to such cosmic goings on, performing some kind of seismic astrology?  Did Elenin really cause the Japanese quake?  To give credence to his theory, Omerbashich needs to pick up the trail of a future in-coming comet and plot its course until an alignment is achieved with the Earth and Sun, and then predict trouble here on Earth ahead of time.  If he's proven right, then we should all sit up and take notice.  And if you listen to the many concerned voices on the internet about 2012, then such a predictive tool cannot come soon enough.
Andy Lloyd, 15th May 2011

(1)  "All roads lead OUT of Rome: Streets of Italian capital empty after 1915 prediction of ‘big one’ earthquake" 11th May 2011
(2)  JPL Press Release, 4th May 2011 with thanks to David
(3)  Mensur Omerbashich  "Astronomical alignments as the cause of ~M6+ seismicity" Submitted on 11 Apr 2011 with thanks to Kerry Cassidy

Many thanks,
Andy Lloyd
Author and artist 
Dark Star (2005); Ezekiel One (2009); & The Followers of Horus (2010) (Andy's website)

click here for my interview with Andy Lloyd

May 13, 2011

White Hat Report #19 - Who’s in charge? Obama or Panetta?

Our last report, The White Hat Report #18, was delivered on April 8, 2011. In the last month, we had been making tremendous strides to actually complete the Global Settlements.

The Global Settlements, along with the other settlements scheduled to complete at the same time, is the largest financial transaction in the history of the world. At the same time, the Settlements are designed to provide the United States with the financial ability to reset its Balance Sheet in order to put its financial house in order, specifically it’s National Debt. Yes, the National Debt. Without it, the financial calamity that will come to this country and those countries of the world will go unmeasured and be untold.

As we have reported, the Global Settlements team, have worked diligently to orchestrate every detail for the legal and orderly distribution of funds to the recipients. At every step along the way, the Team has received constant interference from the Bush controlled group.

As we moved to finish the Settlements, the single Authorized Signatory and Paymaster, Lindell H. Bonney, was literally within hours of receiving the final documents and banking codes, with all hurdles cleared, when yet another party interfered. This time it was Leon Panetta, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

With taking credit for the killing of Osama Bin Laden out of the way, Mr. Panetta, apparently is feeling his bravado and is attempting to flex his new found political muscle again … countermanding the orders of Barrack Obama, the President of the United States to release the Global Settlements.

Our new “Usurper-in-Chief” Panetta, issued another illegal order in an attempt to stop the distribution of the Global Settlements. For those readers in the know, Panetta does not have the authority to speak about the Global Settlements much less comment or issue any order regarding them. So our question is, is Panetta being blackmailed by the Bush family or is he taking another in a long line of bribes to prevent the Global Settlements from going through? The struggle is for control of the financial system … it’s the guys attempting to fix it versus the old New World Order elite.

For the reader’s information, Mr. Panetta has stopped the very lifeblood of the world financial systems especially that of the United States. Although not specifically stated prior, the Global Settlements funds are the monies that will not only save the United States but pay off the Federal Deficit altogether.

By Mr. Panetta issuing a totally illegal and unauthorized order to attempt to stop Mr. Bonney from receiving the settlement funds required to distribute to the payees, Mr. Panetta has single handedly stopped any chance of recovery for the United States and the rest of the World. That is, of course, unless Obama can take his Presidential strength back from the same guy that now thinks he is the Commander-in-Chief.

We have the continued support of other recipients of the Global Settlements as evidenced by the attached letter.

Talk in Glastonbury

I had a very good time talking with the crowd that came out for my talk in Glastonbury. Special thanks to Tommy Hansen my webmaster/cameraman for assisting with this event and Gary Evans from Infinite Connections who handled booking the club and arranging to make things go as smoothly as possible.

This was a very awake and aware group!

We spent the afternoon going to various stone circles in the local countryside... Wild flowers are blooming and the hills are a lovely green... truly a beautiful time to visit England.

May 11, 2011

Leaving for the UK -- wish me luck!

I am flying to the UK to attend Megalithomania and meet with various contacts and do interviews. I am still trying to secure an interview with Julian Assange...

I will be speaking on Friday night at a local cafe/bar in Glastonbury. Come down and say hello if you are in town! Whistleblowers welcome :-)


Net Censorship Bill re Search Engines etc. --

click here to read how this bill is widening its controls

May 8, 2011

Dr. Beter on Particle Beam Weapons on the Moon written in 1979

"From then on the secretly continuing American Moon Program began benefitting from earth-orbital techniques. By late 1977, plans called for the American military base in Copernicus Crater to be armed and operational. The base was to be armed with Beam-weapons which can blast any visible spot on earth within two seconds. The weapons were to include eventually both Lasers and Particle Beams."--Dr.Peter Beter

Just imagine what they've got now....

Venus - Colonization

The secret space program and its development is very well hidden regardless of the various disclosures we have made via our whistleblowers and made elsewhere by various other parties. However, in the writings of a very interesting and little known historian, Peter Beter there are various key nuggets that can lead one down interesting channels of inquiry.

Case in point this excerpt:

.."Here now for the very first time, I can reveal what the Russians have found on Venus: hydrogen, helium, lithium, boron, carbon, oxygen, neon, sodium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, argon, potassium, calcium, scandium, titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, gallium, germanium, arsenic, selenium, bromine, krypton, rubidium, strontium, yttrium, technetium, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, tellurium, iodine, xenon, tungsten, platinum in large quantities, gold also in large quantities, mercury, polonium in modest quantities, astatine, radon, and uranium in modest amounts.

The other elements are either non-existent on Venus or present only in trace amounts. Over all, the Russians have concluded that it is technically feasible to sustain life permanently on Venus, so Venus is to become the first planet to be colonized by man." --Dr. Peter Beter click here for source material

While many of Dr. Beter's predictions did not come true, some very significant ones did...

click here for more on that

What is striking in the pages of the audio transcripts is the outlining of world history as it has played out including emphasis on Earthquake Weapons, clones/doubles of world leaders, and particle beam weapons platforms not to mention the behind the scenes details of the war between the various factions (Rockefellers etc).

"...In 1961 President John F. Kennedy appointed Dr. Beter Counsel to the U.S. Export-Import Bank, the largest government-owned bank in the Western world, where he served until 1967."

May 7, 2011

Atlas Shrugged Part I - in some theaters now

In the spirit of The Fountainhead as those who are Ayn Rand fans will know... this is well worth seeing and although shot very old school for the most part which no doubt will drive lots of people crazy... It is making a legitimate statement and they are updating the message so it has some interesting ramifications for the times we are entering. Set in the years 2016 and 2017... actually it would fit the 2011-2012 times just as easily. The idea of a high speed train.... running across the country reminds me of the offer Wanta made if he was to be reimbursed by the Global Settlements for his money... he said he wanted to do just that. I wonder if he was influenced by the Rand books.

In my view Rand has some excellent points to make that are well worth pondering in this era of social hive mentality...

Along those same lines to quote once again, Timothy Leary from his book "Intelligence Agents"...

1. The Anglo-Celtic psycho-social model is based upon individualism, democratic rule, open communication, free mobility, plurality of lifestyle, personal growth, tolerance of difference, encouragement of innovation, competition, experimentation, free-market exhange, distrust of military authority.

2. The Mediterranean psycho-social model (derived from Oriental and Middle-Eastern philosophies) emphasized: subordination of the individual to authoritarian, hive-rule, restriction of movement, controlled uniformity of lifestyle, discouragement of personal growth, rigid maintenance of herd-tradition, state-monopoly, distrust of the inventive-experimental approach, glorificaiton of military control, centralization, collective enterprise, obedience to bureaucracy, suppression of difference." --chapter on The Psychological Effects of High Orbital Migration/ book "The Intelligence Agents by Timothy Leary

Why, you ask, am I quoting Leary? Well, it seems to me that along with many of the above ideals being themes in the movie mentioned above, ATLAS SHRUGGED... It has been in vogue of late to constantly put down Americans and the U.S. just as a matter of course. Yet to my way of thinking, the original principles this country was founded on are still ingrained in the people... Yes the so-called leaders are corrupt and taken over but the ideals remain if people want to grab hold and live by them. They don't have to just lay down and take the plans of their government or the Rothschilds or the Nazi-Bush clan. They can stand up and take their country back. Which is what will happen, eventually.

Now whille the above psycho-social descriptions are vast generalizations that address what is operating behind many of the programs and decisions made by governments, religion and other institutions... repressive regimes exist on both the East and the West as well as in the North and the South... Nowhere is immune to the positive and negative polarity of the above concepts, that is for sure. But there can be a general trend detected nonetheless, that does follow Leary's two part categorization of the psycho-social organization of society in a global fashion that can be helpful when determing what country you might want to live in or where to pitch your tent in the coming days.

click here for the trailer ATLAS SHRUGGED

I highly recommend Ayn Rand's books especially; "The Fountainhead" and "Atlas Shrugged".


These two interviews are now concluded. In both interviews we covered groundbreaking material and had a fascinating discussion with both guests.

Both videos are now available on Project Camelot's Livestream channel.. Please consider making a donation to support this work. SPECIAL NOTE: PASSWORD FOR THE CHANNEL IS: starlion675




Keith Hunter is author of a new book called "The Lost Age ofHigh Knowledge". This is a masterly work that delves into the mysteries of the sacred sites around the world and how ancients and now the secret government is using mathematics and hyper dimensional physics to tap into the energy grid where these sites are built. To quote from his site..."Behind the mythical stories of the ancients, behind the superstitions and shamanism and the arcane traditions of the past, there lies a profound high science - one that is physically engineerable. A science lost to the wider world due to global upheaval prior to the time of recorded history, but that has been secretly reconstructed in the modern age, and developed for the pursuit of military supremacy and social control."

Join us as we discuss his new book!

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Sean David Morton is a renowned psychic, remote viewer and teacher. His background in metaphysics and wide knowledge of all things esoteric is rare and a delight to behold. Please join us for what will inevitably be a far reaching discussion about current events, Sean's fascinating background and future predictions. Sean has been a popular guest on Coast to Coast AM for many years...

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PASSWORD: starlion675

May 4, 2011

Bad News from NASA?

click here for the article

"David Morrison, Astrobiology Senior Scientist at NASA, in an official communication on March 1st acknowledged no threat from Elenin. Ten days later Elenin came into alignment with the earth and the sun and Japan was almost destroyed."--Mark Sircus

Note: For what it's worth my information does not substantiate this pov. --Kerry


Tonight my radio show guest is Thomas Sheridan author of the book author, "Puzzling People : Labyrinth of the Psychopath""

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Also, tonight free energy inventor releases info to the public

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Refresher Course on Osama (Tim Osman) Cia asset:

This all links up with Octopus and The Last Circle... both must reads to understand the background of the secret gov, funding of black projects thrugh the drug trade, promis software etc.

New video release! Hugh Newman : Megaliths and the Worldwide Energy Grid

This is the first of several interviews I conducted at Megalithomania in South Africa. Next week I am headed to Megalithomania in the UK and will be doing more interviews. Any donations to help support this work would be very much appreciated.

This interview has been edited by a professional editor, William Furniss who has generously donated his time. Enjoy!

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May 2, 2011

The X-Files 1st Season

Mulder: They're here aren't they?

Mr. X: Mr. Mulder 'they've' been here for a long, long time."

-season 1 episode 2

Quake activity increasing along CA-Nevada border

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New Obama Birth Certificate Forensic Forgery

click here for the story

And the hits just keep on comin'... lies and more lies

Re: Bin Laden Lie and how the sheep are buying it ie. state of being awake and aware on the Planet "....this is like taking the patient's temperature...and finding out the patient is STILL DYING"-- Paladin

Personally I can't dignify this recent news item with any piercing analysis... First we get crash site dummies (Roswell) then the fake Obama birth certificate and now THIS!!! Trotting out a dead man years later... for what purpose? Isn't it bad enough that Prince William gets married on same day as Hitler and Eva Braun? These people have no shame and no compunction to stop them from any manner of behavior.

For those who want to think logically about this utter nonsense... Jon Rappaport's recent email :


MAY 2, 2011. 9:15 am, Pacific Time. Everything could change minute by minute, but right now there are serious questions...

The face photo of a dead bin Laden that has been circulating on British media online sites is a fake. That has been confirmed by TheGuardian site. It's a composite of an old bin Laden photo and an unknown dead man whose face was mashed up. The Guardian has the photos on its site, and you can see the fake was put together from two others.

GEO TV, a Pakistani media outlet, had apparently been reporting that Pakistani forces just killed bin Laden. That story: a Pakistani military helicopter was doing a search mission and was shot down by unknown persons. Pakistani troops then engaged in a fire fight with the shooters, and in that clash bin Laden was killed.

Now, however, on the GEO site, the story is changed. The new version is the official one. A US operation killed bin Laden

GO to his site for more on this....


May 1, 2011

LHC being used to get to 5D - multiple sources and downloaded info

Recently, a source mentioned to me in passing that according to his channeled info the secret gov is trying to use the Large Hadron Collider to get to 5D. I don't know whether they are trying to teleport the Earth or just themselves... But this strikes me as a very real possibility. The reason it sounds plausible is that mounting evidence I have been given from both witness testimony and my own intuitive 'downloads' tells me that 4th Dimension is inhabited by many ET groups... and the Reptilians and Greys are at war there with a certain faction of the Anunnaki and the Humans. This gives the PTB plenty of motivation to want to move to 5D. The fact that we and the Earth are currently moving into 4D is why more and more ET evidence and contact is coming to light.

However, their efforts will fail because getting to 5D is a matter of frequency and they aren't able to raise their vibration level sufficiently to be successful. This is an issue for service-to-self individuals and those who are not sufficiently polarized. See the RA material for more info on polarization.

The fact that we are multi-dimensional beings means that we stradle multiple dimensions... if we are open enough to become aware of them. Therefore, some of us are actually much more fully aware of 4D and beyond. There is plenty of testimony indicating that 4D is the dimension that greys and reptilians are most 'comfortable' in. Note: not all reptilians are on the service-to-self polarity. Some are service-to-others. This perception is perhaps not stressed often enough.

There is also strong evidence the stargates are shifting and some are closing as a result of the poles shifting. This contact said they are also using the LHC or some other means to try to hold certain stargates open. Forcing natural stargates to stay open maylikely be a further cause stress on gridlines/leylines and cause earthquakes and other potential earth changes.

Lastly, a recent contact voiced the same thing Leo Zagami had told us a few years ago in our interview, click here to view, that the PTB are orchestrating the end times scenaro written about in the Bible.. just like following a playbook... They want armageddom to happen so they will create it rather than go along with a changing timeline.

The Conspirator - movie worth seeing

The new movie "Conspirator" directed by Robert Redford is a wake-up call for Americans who aren't already familiar with how government and politics work to subvert our liberties. Shot in a sort of old school style it addresses how corruption has been part of the legal system from the start. And while it does not cover all aspects by any means of the assassination of Lincoln it is instructive to those who buy into lone gunman theories etc. What was most interesting to me was the audience reaction at the end. This crowd was not an informed 'Camelot' audience. The theater was quite crowded and many people just sat in their seats afterward.. staring at the screen... they seemed to be having trouble processing this new version of history. click here for the trailer

April 30, 2011

Sirhan Sirhan - Mind Control Defense - New Evidence

Documents filed in federal court could reopen RFK Assassination Case. Attorney William F. Pepper is convinced Sirhan was a victim of mind control.

click here for the article

Special note: I recently interviewd William F. Pepper on my radio show on American Freedom Radio the night before he filed the documents. We discussed this case as well as the murder of Martin Luther King and the framing of James Earl Ray, a case he also handled and wrote a book about called "An Act of State."

click here to listen

The Radiation issue and the Russian advances in Cancer research

Many people are very concerned over the whole issue of radiation due to the meltdown of the Japanese reactors. So I wanted to put forward a few ideas along these lines for your consideration.

First of all, there are differing views on the amount of radiation going around the globe right now. Some are measuring the levels as being very high and others say the readings are lower and not at dangerous levels. This in itself is rather interesting. Apparently, there are some who are saying that the instruments globally are being skewed -- messed with by ET groups (set higher than actual) in order to mislead people into a fear based frame of mind... those ET or alien races who feed off such emotions that is... others are saying that the actual readings are lower and that off-planet races are working to dissipate and handle the radiation so we not affected by the fall-out. Obviously this is hard to verify in any way...

Aside from that confusion, there is the issue of how we react to radiation. From my perspective as you become more self aware and fully enlightened, you are more in the place of deciding what will and won't affect you.. in all ways. And you can either attract or repel radiation just as you would anything else. It's all a matter of how you view it. So in order to get into this frame of mind, you simply have to put your consciousness into a place of neither attracting or repelling but simply doing neither. And the affect will be nil upon you.

In addition to this concept is to keep in mind what has been learned about cancer and indeed all forms of disease. And that is that dis-ease is only allowed into your body if you decide you need it for some reason. It is caused to become entrenched due to unresolved feelings such as anger, resentment and so on. Once you recognize this relation to dis-ease then you find the way to deal with such is to work on and resolve the emotional issues and mental blocks that preceded the condition and thereby eliminate the cause.

Another thing that comes to mind is some information we heard while interviewing Valery Uvarov in Russia back in 2009. click here for the interview

If memory serves, during this interview he talked with us about some discoveries the Russians had made around cancer and a technique for healing it... I can't remember whether this was on or off-camera. But he said that what they had found was that cancer was primarily found to arise in older people who had led a sort of advanced lifestyle where they had begun to eat healthy, exercise and do all the right things including meditate and so on. But that the strange thing that happened was that those people who are around 60 or older would reach a kind of brick wall, where their physicality would suddenly react and rebel against the higher frequency vibrations and develop cancer. It was as if the body couldn't deal with the higher frequency for a prolonged period of time and so would break down and develop cancer to slow itself down. It was in a state of resistance.

So what they did was, they built 9 pyramids outside the city of St. Petersburg. They did this for more than one reason, but almost by accident they found that if they sent the cancer patients into the pyramids to meditate for a certain number of days... I forget how long, they would be cured or show marked recovery. What seemed to happen is that the combination of intense meditation for days, or weeks, would allow the body to re balance itself. I saw it as the body was perhaps recalibrating itself so it could adjust itself to the higher vibration. And so the person was cured. It's as if the body was able with the assistance of the pyramid shape to overcome a kind of hurdle or block in its ability to handle a certain level of frequency.

Anyway, this is food for thought in terms of how some people might deal with the rise in radiation levels globally and see how any advent of cancer be eliminated.

Lastly, I think there is an additional way of viewing this situation that could be helpful. And that is to widen ones consciousness, metaphorically speaking, to where, you are no longer fixed in the 3D material world but instead put yourself into a state of consciousness whereby you are able to inhabit consciously the 4th and even 5th dimensions simultaneously, as we do anyway unknowingly... Doing this consciously will enable you to be nonlocal in a way that will make the affects of the 3D much less impactful to where the physical becomes more ethereal and less solid. This is a state of mind that will be necessary as we move into the next few years in order to best handle the changing vibrational rate and still maintain physical form. Of course assuming you have a fully formed 'light body' you will be able to do this with no problem and ultimately, you can leave behind the physical completely and proceed with the light body alone into the next dimension and density.

Adventures in Time Travel

For those of you who are not aware of the famous cult time travel classic "Ong's Hat" here is the link. Highly recommended.

April 28, 2011

NEW! John Doe whistleblower testimony... a Project Camelot Productions Exclusive

Testimony regarding coming Earth changes, Underground Bases, Planet X or the Dark Star and the Nordics working with the secret government...

click here for the transcript

Chemtrails over Britian

From an undisclosed source:

..."instead of the Alternative media talking about the non-existent radiation from Japan, the latest scaremonger tactic, they should be talking about something far worse and nefarious, and that is, the millions of tons of chemicals being dumped in the atmosphere day and night. In Britain it has become so bad that a chemical mist envelopes everything, you can see this filth right in front of your eyes. You cannot even see the hills in the short distance because the chemical smog is so bad, everything in the distance is blotted out because of this now permanent, chemical smog. This is the worst crime imaginable and yet no is talking about it, it must be costing trillions of dollars for the black ops, and yes, I mean trillions because there are thousands of tanker Jet aircraft flying over per day. This is unbelievable and no one is talking about it."

Thank you to this source for their uncompromising courage in reporting this! Wake up... share what you know... the time is NOW.

Listen Up People:

This is the deal, even the most unawakened human has unlimited potential. This is what they don't want you to know. The propaganda out there telling you that you are dumb and limited is NOT TRUE!! The opposite is true. They, the controllers and beings from elsewhere are scared sh--tless of you because what you have -- what all humans have is the ability to GROW... in every way imaginable... Unlimited. Get it? Recognize this and take off the blinders and simply that acknowledgement will change your life.

As David Icke would say "human beings get off your knees!" Become who you really are.. and there is no stopping you.

April 27, 2011

Kevin Smith Show - his guest Command Sgt. Major... battle with ufos

Good stuff. Anyone know how I can reach Kevin Smith or the guest please email me with the info.


Antarctica Story regarding Vortex



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