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31 December 2008




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July 30, 2011

White Hats Report #24

July 28, 2011 - WHITE HATS REPORT #24 UPDATE:



We have been informed once again that Obama has flipped and flopped on the World Global Settlements.

Since our White Hats Report # 16 wherein we explain that President Obama had moved the funds from the Vatican Bank into a trading program with Josef Ackermann at Deutsche Bank, his trading profits have far exceeded 3 Billion Dollars according to Falcone's investigators. At the present time, Obama has closed out his accounts at Deutsche Bank and is no longer trading directly with Josef Ackermann. It is still possible that Josef Ackermann may be assisting Obama with movement of his funds into other European banks in an attempt to obscure their relationship.

We have been told that this latest series of moves by Obama is a reaction to the White Hat Reports and all of the ongoing investigations he is and is not, aware of. Although Obama still retains his accounts at HSBC and Barclay Bank, it appears that Obama is now trying to hide his funds by moving them into accounts in Central America and Asia. As we previously reported, Price Waterhouse Coopers has put Barclay Bank on notice for the mismanaged and handling of Falcone's stolen funds and also for hiding these funds for the CIA. Investigators will continue to watch the movement of these illegal funds as evidence for future Impeachment and legal proceedings against Obama.

Click here for more...


Regarding the White Hats latest, this is the problem we have with these reports: They simply don't go deep enough. We are talking about a game that has multiple levels operating at once. This superficial look at the comings and goings of money on the top surface of the 'game board' of planetary life is not going to do much to reveal the levels of deception and secrecy beneath.

Of course, if you don't know the White Hats then you might think this is all they know. But the fact is, after some dialogs with them over time, I know that they know the bigger picture. Some of them have even been 'down the rabbit hole'. So why don't the reports at least hint that they "get it"?

As it is, I am caught between a rock and a hard place in putting these out. On the one hand I am down with their mission... They want the American government to clean house, right the wrongs and serve the people the way it was designed to do. A lofty and honorable purpose.

On the other hand, they want to go back to a world which maybe hasn't existed since the signing of the constitution... (like a lot of people) they want the ideals to be lived by... I understand. The trouble is, that back in the days around WWII and before... depending how far back you want to go maybe to the early 1900's, this country has been infiltrated and taken off track mainly by people who align themselves with the Nazis. And in a race to build a 'superman' aka what I call a 'robotic superman' they have perverted the system from the top down to serve that objective. And this is where the problem with the White Hats Reports becomes really glaring.

Is Obama 'acting' as some would say... in order to hide a deeper and more honorable direction until such time as it can be revealed, presumably when those behind it feel they have established sufficient strength and feet on the ground to sway things their way? Or is he 'one of them'? The bad guys.. the Bush minions run by some hidden group who themselves are run by Anunnaki of the Enlil persuasion? Or is he simply playing along with them until he can change his stripes, do the right thing, have his "Kennedy moment" and change the entire game? This remains to be seen. Most people it seems, believe Obama is bought and paid for and just as dark as the rest of them.

Regardless, whining about where he puts his money, how much he stole and who he stole it with is not really on point because, well, let's face it, we figure that the graft and corruption in government runs so deep and is so pervasive that it goes without saying they are all 'on the take'. So what's new?

Let's go back to the agenda. What is really going on here? We have the recent movie COWBOYS AND ALIENS which is a disclosure piece 'par excellence' so to speak, fairly decently made in terms of filmmaking and characterization, although I personally was rather bored by it. This movie however, in the most obvious fashion is banging people on the heads with warning ala Project Blue Beam, that the aliens are here, they have been here probably throughout history and were here even during the wild wild west.... And that we better prepare to fight them because they are not our friends.... although some of them are. And this is where it gets interesting. Because the good guys who are trying to save us have taken on human bodies, in order to help save us. Very nice. And true I might add. Yours truly being one of them.. in my view anyway. And so, there you have it. Laid out in spades for the public to consume and mull over. Will they get it? Do they? I mean mainstream America?

Well this is what the good guys are banking on... That regardless of whether they recognize what they have just seen (the movie) no doubt it will kick around in their subconscious so that when the bad guys show up, that is, reveal themselves, come out from underground (reptilians, greys and so on) or land, that the public will be more prepared to handle it. And defend themselves presumably.

Project Blue Beam yes, but with a twist. In other words, Project Blue Beam is about a 'false alien invasion' and the trouble is, they are already here and they have been here since the beginning. Both the good 'aliens' and the bad ones... and in fact, they are us. Encased in human form all races are represented both good, bad and everything in between. We are the feet on the ground. And yes, they are off world as well and underground. And interdimensional and so on....

Back to superman. While the powers that be or were are busy throughout history building and refining on human 1.0 with hopes of bringing forth Humanity 2.0 or more... using whatever means necessary. And that means, killing, maiming, genetically manipulating ad infinitum in order to create a better 'man' not better in the spiritual sense (although they want that too) but in the most spiritually material way. To build superman to go out and with a sort of manifest destiny space-age style, command and control, invade and imperialistically rule other planets and solar systems. The Will to Power being what motivates them. Service to self in all its glory.

So with this in mind, to get back to the White Hats Reports... This is what's missing. Some conscious reveal that they get the overall agenda operating here on Planet Earth. That it's not all just a game of 'whose got my cheese'. And that they, our heroes in waiting, are ready and willing, awake and aware and ready to go the distance in the fight for dominion over our right to sovereignty.. our inalienable human right to self-determination, our right to claim our rightful heritage as Angelic Humans... with all the magnificent powers and perceptions and abilities that, that envisions.

And then, if they have the cohones to show within these periodic communiques, that they stand behind that, we will not only post their reports but we will stand alongside them, fight the good fight and be happy to accompany them into battle. Because make no mistake about it. Like it or not, close your eyes or as the brilliant metaphor in COWBOYS AND ALIENS indicates, blinded by the light (as those drugged and misled so called light 'workers' are prone to be) there is a battle waging in your skies and here on the ground as well as out beyond this planet, for your hearts, your minds and your very souls. Choose well my friends. This is about to get interesting...

July 29, 2011

Former Astronaut, Brian O'Leary Passed Away today


Brian O'Leary, Camelot witness, former Mars Program astronaut and free energy activist and author died today after being diagnosed with stomach cancer.

Project Camelot wishes him Bon Voyage. May he walk among the stars...

click here to view the Camelot interview with him shot in Vilcabamba back in 2009. Join us in thanking him for his service to humanity.

July 28, 2011





I spoke with Richard today and he directed me to this recent Red Ice appearance... Excellent material.

Clifford Carnicom re Chemtrails was my guest on last nights radio show on American Freedom Radio

Click Here to Listen to the archived show

July 27, 2011

Giza Geomatrix - Egypt update - click on poster to view

giza geomatrix

July 26, 2011

EQ activity and dormant volcanoes in the West begin to activate

click here for dutchsinse youtube report

click here for 6.0 in Baja, CA

Update: server now fixed and back up thanks to Tommy & crew!!!


Well right, the minute we put the ads up about the DOGON SPEAKING TO THE WORLD.. our servers were hacked and they brought down Project Camelot TV... it is so clear what a threat this is to the powers-that-were... us getting together in Camelot Roundtable events to TALK TO EACH OTHER and compare notes... on what's up on the Planet. WE SHALL PREVAIL! Dogon event Friday July 29th at 11am PDT FREE & BY DONATION join us on Livestream


This event will be on Livestream and will not be pw protected on that day!

Alphas - the Norway shooter

If you have seen the new tv show Alphas you will get what I am saying here... This guy, is an alpha.. he's like a super soldier manchurian candidate but some kind of test model... that's what is really going on here... They used him to test some new human tech out. That is what they are doing.

click here to watch the Alpha episodes - warning - violent tv not for the faint at heart

note: this show is on Project Free TV and on SyFy... but the SyFy channel doesn't give you the most recent episodes for some odd reason (link now working)

Norway - False Flag : Illuminati Sacrifice Ritual?

click here for Infowars article

In light of our original interview with Leo Zagami and subsequent investigation revealing pervasive influence of the Masonic order in Norwegian politics, it is important to note that the above article by Webster Tarpley does not address the possible occult aspects of this recent event. At the moment, the Libya angle along with the idea that there has been a significant infiltration of the retired police ranks by American and British intelligence does not indicate why the attacks happened as they did.

July 24, 2011

Christopher Story - EU Corruption - The truth about Nazi's and the 4th Reich

click here to view 1 of 3 - highly recommended

White Hats Report #23

July 22, 2011 – White Hats Reports #23

Progress Update: Murdoch News; Patriots send letter to US Treasury, Senate, House and Obama to save America; The Tropos Files.

In White Hats Report #22, we spoke to the issues of a Bilderberg member interfering in the media exposure of the Bush and Ackerman stories in Germany and America. We told you the information was highly explosive and we also told you to “Expect much more on this”.

When White Hat Report #22 came out the world was on the verge of tipping to one side or the other … the world was going to have to start to change or it was going to succumb. The arrogance of the Cabal was immense and running rampant. Now with our friend Rupert taking a tumble, the world is starting to change for the better and the Cabal is in deep shock and very quiet. Do they leave Rupert in the dust to survive or do they come into the light to help him out? We are seeing the World that can only take so much. We are seeing when the pimple is ready to pop it will distort the view for a bit of time but in the end the blemish will heal. You just need the ability to open the blemish up and air it out.

Thank You to the United Kingdom for having the outright fortitude to withstand the trauma of Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. We hope the lives of the men and women who acted as the whistleblowers mean something very dear to you and that you will remember what they have done to keep the free world safe and strong. Remember them by listening to the people of the world and not the individuals like Murdoch that have aspirations above and beyond humanity. We do not need this type of individual’s tyranny in the world especially when a person of such supposed esteem is the culprit of such blasphemy against the human race.

So, about the whistleblowers, they did not die from natural causes. That would be like saying the second airplane hit the World Trade Towers was also a mere coincidence. To our friends in the United Kingdom, if your Medical Examiners are not proficient with the methods of disposing of someone when the going gets tough, then terminate the guy and allow us to do the autopsy. We know the methods and the chemicals used for such an activity and can identify the source immediately.

You have a significant problem with the Bildeberg’s thinking they can “handle” the problem by eliminating … killing someone … to keep them from exposing the information. Just look around at all of the deaths surrounding this already, and in a few short hours look how much has developed and the horn has barely sounded. “Do you think there is a problem?” Well Rupert, there are more whistleblowers. You will not be able to remove them all. The target is you and the treasonous things you have done to humanity including controlling the information you have sworn to pass to the world at large.

For the audience, sit back and watch the fireworks. Rupert, his son, his Board of Directors, his Executives and all of the people they have corrupted have never gone down this path before so let them make all of the statements they want about humility and not knowing . Going on record is always interesting especially if you think you have everything under control. So, Rupert, the next time we say “Expect much more on this” pull up a seat on the curb…the parade is about to start. click here for more....

The Diary of a MKUltra Manchurian Candidate

Isn't it interesting how they put together the psychological profile that they want to create just the right mix of illogic and fanaticism to make the public believe...

click here for the Guardian UK article

Object photographed by Florida Institute of Technology Allsky Camera

July 23, 2011

3, 2011

Alex Jones talks to an eyewitness to the bombing in Norway

click here

Info from a source:

..."Some info about Norweigian shooter that may not be available in press in U.S:

According to media Norweigian shooter Anders Behring Breivik belonged to free masons.

Also this man has stated his strong negative attitude towards Islam. He has his own company in branch of garden industry which could have opened him access to explosives or manufacturing them."--a source

July 22, 2011

Never a dull minute

We concluded the James Bond is Real 3 hour video conference. We were directly affected by the so-called 'terrorist' situation in Norway because as a result of that Tommy couldn't host the conference using his work T1 line and so I had to run it from my computer. A third of the way through we were thrown off the air for about 30 mins... but we got back on and continued.

The conference also covered the mind control aspect of agenting... How Ian Fleming was aware of the mind control and was quite possibly put in such a state in order to carry out what was probably the rescue/escape of Hitler to Spain. It covered the base in Antarctica, the Hitler doubles and much more... not to be missed. Great information and stellar researchers.

The post conference stream is now available for purchase. In the next few days we will move it off of Livestream (due to cost) and put it on our own password protected server. At that time we will change the pw and let everyone know who purchased it both Live and post conference.

For the Record - Manchurian Candidate in Norway Shooting -- False flag warning re Libya or IMF

Preliminary indications are that the Norway shootings were carried out by one or more mind controlled assassins as reprisal against moves Norway may have been making to operate outside the IMF and back away from the European union.... There may also be a false flag element aimed at raising support for the joint campaign against Libya that has been fast losing the support of many European countries. All of this was discussed on James Bond is Real...


This will be a groundbreaking event. Never before have these researchers come together in a live public forum to discuss their findings. Join us!

July 21, 2011

Anonymous -- hackers arrested

click here for video

Report on Bill Ryan

Bill is currently traveling. He recently gave a presentation in Vilcabamba. And on his way through I met with him for a few hours last week here in Southern California. For those of you wondering why his stuff disappeared from the front page of the Portal that is because he has not updated it in over a year and I just needed more space for ongoing work and we are revamping our sites. Once the sites (not including Avalon) are revised into one central site his new work will appear there when available.

A Good Explanation regarding Comets

Note : this does not explain the recent quite possibly "piloted" or remotely controlled so-called comet/ Elenin...

click here

July 20, 2011

An epidemic of whistleblower deaths ? What's goin on??

click here for the latest in the Rupert Murdoch hacking/bugging at News Corp story...

My trip to India with Ashayana Deane and Group - October 15 - Nov 2

In exchange for advertising on my sites, I will be able to accompany Ashayana Deane and group on their trip to India. Thank you to Azurite Press so much for doing this exchange and making this wonderful opportunity possible.

My understanding is that this trip is already full. For those interested to see the detail:

click here for the link

Attacks on Sites

It has begun. Every time we are about to do a live event they start attacking our server and sites (more than the usual). This is a clear indication that they don't want events such as this to take place. The last thing the Powers-that-Were want us to do is talk to each other and compare notes... The conclusions then become unmistakable!!

July 19, 2011

Quote from the book, "James Bond is Real" - By Mike Sparks

.."The Nazi created Deutsche Bank is in the center of stock market short-selling before the September 11, 2001 terror attacks showing prior knowledge and complicity in this "False Flag" operation to create the necessary Reichstag fire to start a phony war on Islamofascist terrorists but in actuality to build an Amero-fascist 4th Reich Nazi empire in the good name of the peace-loving American people. Fleming certainly knew about the Nazis surviving and threatening us from their underground bases with anti-gravity craft UFOs--but was under threat of death to not tell anyone about it. There are sources unfolding even now as I write, that reveal Fleming was DIRECTLY INVOLVED in the escape of THE very top Nazi leaders complete with body doubles and faked deaths."

A Great Overview of the Importance of this Upcoming Roundtable Conference

We are thinking of lowering the price due to the lack of upfront registrations for this event.

In light of this I received the following very perceptive email from one of the speakers.... Jim Viken:

From: jim viken
Date: July 19, 2011 5:31:20 PM PDT
To: Kerry Cassidy/ Project Camelot <>

One more thing, Kerry. This book JBIR and the Friday conference
is something that certain groups would like to see downplayed. they
know that if they block it, it would be too obvious, so the tendency is
to set up means to downplay it or randomly block advertising using
complicated cyber tools run out of the "pentagram", affecting the
sound or penetration of the ads without Camelot knowing for sure, etc.
I have sen all this done.

The information is JBIR and the knowledge base of Jim Marrs and
Jim Fetzer is extensive and many dots have been connected by these
top researchers. Greg Hallet is a legend also and what these folks are going
to discuss has academic footing. This is not lightweight information. And your
input can easily take it over the top as with the Elenin TeleNetEvent. So you
can see the information which may be transmitted from this TeleNetEvent
may be considerable, groundbreaking and here to stay for a long time
for others to refer too after the conference. No wonder the Pentagram
would rather see it have limited penetration. If the word gets out that this
conference was groundbreaking as I expect it to, many will want to purchase
the video after-wards.

So, I say forge ahead keep the ads going out in waves which screws up their
blocks that are applied randomly to hide them and this will get the message
out and perhaps grab more viewers. And it is possible that some TeleNetEvents
due to time and date and season, will sell much more after the event which
is what I suspect will happen.

Jim Viken

Tae Bo sets skyscaper shaking ...

click here for this fascinating story

This is evidence of how a resonant field can be created by a group of people and the power it has to affect the environment around us.

Space Weather: "In a stunning announcement, The United States and United Kingdom are likely set to begin “controlled” power cuts in preparation of a giant solar storm." click here for article

July 18, 2011

JAMES BOND IS REAL video conference on hidden technology and the Nazis - Friday, July 22nd


click here to purchase tickets

Based on the book by Mike Sparks

New Release!

New! Secrets behind the Human Genome Project : an audio interview with Cynthia Marie Brewer


BODHGAYA INCIDENT - now with further enhanced sound on mp3

click here to get the new sound

July 17,2011

Sleeper TV hit show: Suits

Embrace your destiny...

Believe it or not this is a dynamite pilot episode. Tight, lean and mean but with heart. You may think it doesn't relate to Camelot type fare, but actually it does. Because human relations and how things work is what it all comes down to... yes we've got someone slick and telling lies every chance he gets but the truth gets its due and the characters have "arcs" which means they go through changes, they adapt and they learn. Not bad for 1 hour.

Now why does this even matter in this day and age of tsunami warnings, radiation, comets driven like taxis and Planet X? Because it brings something very particular to mind about what just might be happening to the groups out there that spend their time surmising what may happen tomorrow or the next day, instead of living now. If you are so wrapped up in planning for the future you forget to live in the moment you are missing it... this thing called life. Which can ONLY be lived in the now. The eternal now.

So I suggest, respectfully, that you ask yourself what are you not doing, that you would do, if you thought the future was birght and rosy instead of 'filled with dread' as some people who do nothing but plot the slow burning demise of the human race are doing. Instead, I say, f--k that. Live it now. Be aware yes, be very aware, awake and aware. But don't put life on the back burner while planning for some way of protecting your "future" or you are no better off than those people who spend their lives selling 'life insurance' like in the 1950s when they really thought something like that actually made sense.

Placing a cushion between you and the future is not what its all about. Greet it, full on. Embrace your destiny with everything you've got.

July 16, 2011 Updated

Gary McKinnon - Story published in the IEEE Spectrum

This is a very good overview of Gary McKinnon's story

click here for the Project Camelot original interview with Gary

click here for the Project Camelot interview with his mother, Janis Sharp

Earthquakes along Ring of Fire

click here for Dutchsinse report

Face of Allah Weapon - Project Blue Beam tech

click here for article from 2008

Be aware, they have the technology to deceive you with holograms etc.

July 14, 2011

The Mission: Gathering of the Rainbow Warriors, Tribes and more...

Miriam Delicado was on my radio show last night talking about her efforts to build a bridge between the various indigenous people and why this is so important right now. This relates to the gathering of the Rainbow Warriors, which include the Camelot audience, indigos and other new and incoming children of light and other groups around the world...ultimately to encompass people everywhere on the planet.

The objective is to create a morphic field of resonance that has great power and will raise the vibration of the planet. Once connected through meditation and in full awareness, many actions are possible such as healing the earth, mitigating earth changes and more.... It goes without saying, that many groups and individuals are currently working to alter the earth changes, change the consciousness around the planet and interfere with the dark energy that pervades areas of the globe at this time. But a greater wholeness must be realized.

The following video interview with Dan Winter explains this quite well....

Dan Winter : click here to watch

With that in mind, in order to connect the indigeous people with each other and raise awareness and encourage all to work together bringing forward hidden knowledge from all corners of the globe, Miriam needs your support. The time for secret societies on all sides of the spectrum is done. Unity consciousness demands that humanity recognize itself in all its aspects and begin to come forward in full awareness to create together the kind of world we would all like to see.

For perhaps the first time in the history of this planet, members of the Dogon tribe have agreed to come forward and speak out on a live Project Camelot Roundtable regarding the importance in bringing together the tribes to work to save the planet and contribute their part in raising the consciousness of humanity. We will be doing a Livestream event on July 29, 2011 with the Dogon and Miriam Delicado to begin the process of speaking out by indigenous people to the world. Part of the purpose of the event will be to raise funds for travel and meetings to happen between the leaders of the various indigenous tribes around the world. More info about the July 29th event to come...

In Miriam's own words:

"I recently traveled to New York in support of Hopi Elders where they met with The Dalai Lama and Colombian Mamos at a Peace Summit. Currently donations are needed for travel to Arizona to meet with a Hopi delegation. This journey will enable the continuation of dialogue of bringing Ancient tribes together from around the world. Your support is appreciated. Miriam Delicado"

Link to the page to donate:

Last night's Camelot Whistleblower Radio show re Elenin & coming months

My guests last night were Miriam Delicado and Sean David Morton. We discussed Elenin, the necessity of uniting the Rainbow Warriors and tribes and the potential for coming changes this fall and up to and beyond 2012.

listen here to archived show

Water hot along Louisiana Coastline

click here for dutchsinse video report

July 12, 2011

Alex Collier on Nibiru and so on...

click here to view

July 11, 2011

Jellyfish invade nuclear power plants in Japan and Israel

It would appear that these jellyfish are intelligently coelescing to stop nuclear power... smarter than humans it would appear.

clikc here for the article

Camelot Roundtable Discussions attacked by

Hi all,

It has been brought to my attention that Laura Knight-Jadczyk and company are making claims in regard to Richard C. Hoagland's statements during our Elenin conference... without having watched it and checking their facts or context of statements being made. Not the sign of good research.

Ryan X of SOTT.NET wrote the following..."What Cassidy, Hoagland and others have started here is most shameful. Presenting Comet Elenin as a spacecraft sent to "usher in a New Age" is just plain irresponsible considering the recent history of such claims. The UFO and contactee community tends to house some of the more mentally unstable individuals. These claims by Hoagland as promoted by Cassidy seemingly amount to shouting "Fire!" in a crowded theater."

Wow. Let's take a look at this. First of all, our conference if you have bothered to listen is a rather sober affair and costs money to view.... so whoever does so is not in a crowded theater but at home presumably watching on their computer screen. It's a calm and scientific discussion with many points of view about Elenin and other incoming bodies... And Hoagland's claim that Elenin may be a controlled body/comet sent to "usher in a new age" is simply his current hypothesis based on his current research.

For the record I don't agree with him about that part of his analysis but he has a right to voice his opinion in the Camelot Roundtable discussion format that we are pioneering on the web at this time.

What seems to be the problem with having serious researchers get together and exchange their views with whatever supporting evidence and logic they have to bring forward? Does Laura and team have a problem with open discussion in a public forum? It would seem so.

And what is she so frightened about? Actually if this is a controlled or piloted craft it has a lot more to do with who is doing the piloting rather than a "doomsday scenario". In fact, what was stressed by several of the speakers in our conference is that this is not, Nibiru or Planet X and that there is no catastrophic scenario associated with it according to our evidence.

And yes, whistleblower testimony... Way back when I interviewed her, Laura could be classified as one herself as I recall. Don't knock it. You may find yourself in that role sometime in the future...

Take it for what you will... We put out our views and information.. how it all works together is still to be determined. The primary conclusion of our conference, if you want to call it that is that we need more information.

What people won't be aware of is I asked Laura if she wanted to join us on the discussion because she wrote to me before it happened saying we would have "blood on our hands".. obviously making an assumption about conclusions she expected us to reach before we had even had the discussion!

I replied that the last time I looked free speech was alive and well on the net.

Let's hope it stays that way.

Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot

July 10, 2011

Crop circle referencing Enki EA - Linda Moulten Howe / George Costanza reference

click here to view

“The Poirino 2011formation contains some coded information. Among other things, the outer rim contains the names ‘Enki Ea,’ coded in ASCII. These are names of a Sumerian god: Lord of the earth, god of water, creator of mankind.” George Costanza)/Circle Chasers Facebook

italy poirino crop circle

If this is true then this may be a message related to Elenin (Horus) the comet...

Referencing my article below on DNA and Radiation

click here to for Dan Winter's explanation on DNA activation and how this will change our interaction with radiation and our environment... And yes, I am aware of the controversy regarding the use by Dan Winter of Stan Tenen's work. I believe this has been acknowledged by Dan Winter in his statement on

Winter is what is known as a synthesizer... this is very worthwhile role and he does it quite well. Other famous synthesizers from our era: David Wilcock, Nassim Haramein, Richard Hoagland etc. That is, they take other people's progress ie "originators" and cross correlate and hybridize it for consumption by the masses... increasing it's distribution and reach.

Ascended Health - a recommendation

Through my contact with the authors of the raw food recipe book "Jaiseed" - Julie Piatt and Rich Roll, I have been connected to Ascended Health. I am currently using one of their powerful elixirs called Lifespan Energy Elixir and find it to be a fantastic product. On August 23rd at 11 am PDT I will be doing a Livestream interview with the founder, Compton Bada. To listen to a recent interview with Compton click here. He discusses bioremediation: how microbes detoxify the environment... Trained as a microbiologist he brings this knowledge to the enhancement of internal health.

More on Elenin - Things not Explained in the Video

It is important to note for those who listen to our nearly 5 hour Camelot Roundtable discussion on Elenin that Hoagland makes a very good case for the name Elenin being no accident.

First of all, according to Hoagland, the man who supposedly "discovered" the planet must be a paid informant. Secondly the name Elenin does not equal ELE but adds up to be equal to or a code for "Horus".

With that in mind you need to be aware of the vast amount of information out there that surrounds the Return of the Anunnaki. There is a whole contingent of Illuminati 'followers' out there who do rituals to "Marduk"... another name for Horus. The have been planning and waiting for the return of the Anunnaki and Horus the 'son' of Enki.

click here for some ramblings by Dan Winter on the subject

So, if Elenin is a piloted or remotely controlled craft in the guise of a planetoid (like Phobos?) then what does it contain?

Here, Hoagland would remind us that we should read "Rendezvous with Rama" by Arthur C. Clarke who, he agrees, probably was "in" on all the real secrets. Which I have done and what happens there is a ship enters the solar system, we land on it and investigate and it is uninhabited except by robotic like mechanical toys that 'maintain it'. It serves no obvious purpose and contains a sort of mechanistic world within. All in all it's like a self-contained machine. Where the 'makers' have long since abandoned it... Or perhaps sent it out in space to 'attract' investigation from local beings in whatever solar system it enters... and during that time, monitors and correlates or studies the temporary inhabitants (us in this case) then moves on... never to return again. But in theory could then send back data to some great mothership or civilization many star fields away. One day to be followed by the real 'makers' who would now know fully who and what they were dealing with before they ever arrived. Would robots be the progenitors of 'robots'? Or would they be humanoid? Or what?

At any rate, the point here is that it would seem the analogy to Rama, is a limited one. I don't see Elenin as being an exploratory probe. It seems to plodding and laborious... in making its way through our solar system. Hoagland seems to feel this craft to be a sort of disclosure event for the uninitiated... A theatrical maneuver designed to wow the inhabitants who up to now, for the most part, are not so blissfully believing they are "alone" and need to be brought up to speed that they are 'not alone' and have never been alone (as Bob Dean would say).

But we still must get back to Elenin = Horus because if that is the case then it could also contain a group of beings. Certain sources and I agree that traveling in such a craft would be rather an antiquated means of getting around when intersteller craft going beyond the speed of light would serve far better. To say nothing of the use of stargates.

So is this the return of Marduk? And if so, is it a good thing or a bad thing? Bottom line.

And for that one has to also look at the fleet of ships that are accompanying it... this is info I have from an undisclosed source, that went black. But the word was, that it was a fleet of ships. So then the question is are they 'ours' or 'theirs' and if theirs then are they escorting in the comet-toid (my word for it)? Or are we escorting it in a little like when we scramble jets to flank some invader into our air space?

Again, one must ask is this a good thing or a bad thing? Hoagland would like to believe this is 'something marvelous' and a precursor to an age of disclosure in some form. He also seems to be even more entranced by the other comet/asteroid that he also has been told is 'controlled' called 2005 YU55. Coming from the direction of the sun due to cross closest to Earth on November 8th.

Note: there is ample evidence of large craft very close to the sun, (see the photos of John Walson) and by the way according to my source, those craft are actually bigger than YU55... and then if you go back to Rendezvous with Rama... after Rama left the vicinity of Earth it headed directly to the sun before reversing and moving away from it... the purpose being to 'power up' using the sun as an energy source to replenish itself. So perhaps the same is true of YU55 if it is indeed, controlled.

To get back to Elenin, if it is Horus and if let's say, the approach is expected and even anticipated for a very long time... then our secret space fleet will have been ready for the approach and could easily already been prepped for it. The recent Pope's address to the space station crew would seem to be out of context unless you consider that might have been a pep-talk for what was soon to be a 'greeting committee' of sorts to the 'new arrival' as one of my sources suggests. That address by the Pope has never happened before. Why now? What was he really doing?

Excuse me if I don't trust that this visitation by Elenin staged or not, is the harbinger of an 'age of enlightenment'. Because after all the secret space program is largely made up of former Nazis... or at the very least was run by them. And according to Hoagland they went off planet, back at the end of the war. They are the ones running the bases on the moon and mars. Their earthly contingent is under their orders. And there is a secret space program, apparently Earth based that is being prevented from leaving here (according to Hoagland but I am not sure this makes sense)... And they are not at all happy about it. I would say it's more likely they are leaving here... you can't have a space program that doesn't go into space (unless you count NASA (!))

If there is such a split within the secret space contingent, then what we are really talking about is a war for space between at least 2 Earthly groups... and then there is the war in space that involves some not so friendly off-world groups who want a piece of either this real estate or our DNA... and things get even more convoluted...

The questions remain and although we have the beginnings of some kind of space drama here things are still terribly hazy. Suffice to say we need more information... the understatement of the decade.

Neumayer Station - Antarctica - Brown Dwarf?

click here for this very interesting recording

Be sure to also click the link at the top of the screen to see the pictures with the full moon....

July 9, 2011 --Updated

Alfred Webre and Sorcha Faal -- disinfo regarding Richard C. Hoagland

Earlier tonight it had come to my attention that Alfred Webre and Sorcha Faal had both fallen for disinfo with regard to Richard Hoagland and his statements on Elenin SPECIAL NOTE: Alfred Webre has now corrected his article.

See Alfred Webre's corrected article here.

Apparently Sorcha has not done the necessary research nor heard Richard's very clear and lengthy statements on my Elenin video conference or on Richard's recent appearances on Coast. On both occasions he stressed that Elenin is not Planet X and is not going to cause catastrophes. On the contrary, his evidence points to the craft being remotely controlled, relatively small and the harbinger of positive things.. if not disclosure!

If anyone has contact with Sorcha Faal please request a correction!

Regarding the Sound on Barry King and Bodhgaya

Please be aware, the two interviews conducted in the UK had bad sound due to the acoustics of the building we shot in.. that setting was loaned to us by a very well meaning individual. Unfortunately, the combination of echo from the room and the accents of the two interviewees; Barry King and Eva Zemanova, has made it difficult to understand what they are saying.

I have had an expert sound engineer work on the footage and apparently it is still not sufficient. We are endeavoring to get written transcripts and getting English subtitles done for both. Please understand that these are the only two interviews done at this location. Both contain valuable information.

Thank you.

July 8, 2011

Project Camelot Websites Redesign

We are in the process of revamping and centralizing the sites into one with easier usability... At the moment this will incorporate.... merging the Portal and Productions and Project the forum into one. All urls for Camelot will resolve to a central lcoation with the url :

These changes will not affect Avalon in any way. If you know Joomla or other content management systems this would be great but we also need people with good attention to detail, editing and wiriting and organizing and design skills.

Anyone who has some web skills who wants to help us please contact:


Space Shuttle due to Lift off

Hard to believe they are still using this technology... There are some predictions out there that surround this take off and final shuttle run. It may be prudent to pay attention to the news with regard to this.

click here for article

Saturn's giant storm

click here for JPL's pics from Feb 2011

July 7, 2011

On the Shooting and Sound on Various interviews...

For those who are wondering, the interviews such as the recently released Bodhgaya Incident and Barry King were shot in a building with lots of echo and unfortunately it seems my wireless mics were not working properly there either for some unknown reason. Until recently they seemed to be working fine. This is the on-going saga of what happens to Camelot when we try to interview whistleblowers and truth tellers about their experiences.

Some people write to us without any concept of what is really going on with respect to what we/I deal with in these interviews. Perhaps it might be valuable for me to explain...

Most interviews that I do now are done with the help of various friends and volunteers some who show up just prior to the interview without any preparation. Their film training may be little or a lot depending and they may have some or no idea what they are getting involved in. The psycho-social dynamics of a Camelot interview are roundly not understood by many judging from the responses I get and that are posted on youtube. One must understand that we have exactly no money to pay anyone to act as a 'crew'... and therefore it has been a very unpredictable set of circumstances for each and every interview conducted while traveling in some far away country.

I never know where an interview will take place so the lighting and space are often problematic and so is the mental state of the interviewee. Take that with the psycho-tronic warfare going on -- all around us -- but often aimed and targeted at the interview subject during the interview (and at me by the way) and you have a recipe for almost certain disaster or at the very least a rocky technical terrain.

Please do understand that originally, when Project Camelot was a team of 2 people... in that sort of stable configuration for the time, we were able to provide at least some modicum of technical basis for the interview. Under the current situation, I travel alone and only occasionally have assistance on the interviews. That is why you will from time to time, see me using only one camera and not have the luxury of the roving cam along with a static one... As I am also an empathic intuitive I will enter a state of resonance with the interviewee (regardless of how it appears to the viewer) which will make focusing on the tech very difficult as doing both at once requires a split state of mind in which both tend to suffer... Therefore, I usually choose to favor the person and their info rather than pay attention to the technical during an interview.

There is no set design to the interviews at this time because when I travel I also have to carry my own equipment and I do not like weight and physical encumbrance of any kind. I prefer to travel light which is difficult when lugging a minimum of 2 cameras.. even if they are small digital ones.. tripods etc.

If you want to see technically perfect interviews I suggest you donate enough to make it possible to hire a professional camera crew for me to travel with and I guarantee you that is what you will get. However, as we recently found on some undisclosed shooting events for mainstream TV even then anomalous happenings will occur such as dropped sound, disappearance of footage and other unexplainable anomalies are unavoidable!

For the record.

On Reasonance

from the website of Randall Barolet:

..."In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate with high amplitude when excited by energy at a certain frequency. This frequency is known as the system's natural frequency of vibration, or resonant frequency. Perhaps best known of the simple harmonic oscillators is the tuning fork, or the pendulum, examples of ‘resonance’ which also can be used to provide a resonance response.

A resonant object, whether mechanical, acoustic, or electrical, will probably have more than one resonant frequency (especially harmonics of the strongest resonance). It will be easy to vibrate at those frequencies, and more difficult to vibrate at other frequencies. It will "pick out" its resonant frequency from a complex excitation. In effect, it is filtering out all frequencies other than its resonance. This is resonance response.

This resonance response is found in many physical situations involving resonant systems (such as human beings). This pendulum response can be learned to be perceived, or “read” by nearly anyone, with proper guidance and training that incorporates cultivation of a pure motivation to be of service, and a measure of equanimity, as in meditation practice. In the ultimate expression of this practice, the resonance response becomes able to be directly felt and known by the skillful and purely motivated practitioner, Thus, like yoga practice, the dowser’s work can be said to be developing “skill in action.” --click here for more

The above is submitted to help those who write in asking how to discern truth from falsity in the reports from witnesses....

Ultimately, the human heart is a perfect resonant chamber... learning to listen with ones heart is how you begin to develop an 'ear' for truth.

Ananda Bosman -- Timewave 2011 Report

click here to view

Ananda Bosman, a fascinating and original thinker...


Please contact:

Please contact

Please do not volunteer unless you have time and commitment to follow through.

Thanks very much!!


We need people to help create transcriptions. Must have excellent English and good editing skills. Html would also be nice but not mandatory.

We also need someone with excellent proof reading and writing skills.

Please contact

Please do not volunteer unless you have time and commitment to follow through.

Thanks very much!!

July 6, 2011

Thank you to the person who removed our Elenin conference at our request

We are happy to report that through the help of various parties and our web team we were able to get the illegally posted conference footage removed from a well known site. Thank you to the individual, who has done so, for their understanding.

7.7 EQ hit the Kermadec Islands at 7:03 a.m. Thursday (3:03 p.m. ET Wednesday), according to the U.S. Geological Survey

Tsunami warning for Hawaii issued.

July 5, 2011

White Hats Report #22

"Progress Update: The Cabal’s World Is Falling Apart; Obama and Geithners Breach of Duty on the Global Settlements; Bush, Sr., Clintons & Bush, Jr. Secret Closed Files Under Heavy Review.

"We are finding that being the lead in any effort is difficult but if you are truthful, fair and balanced in your reporting then over time, people listen, investigate, evaluate and respond. This has been a long drawn out journey for the White Hats but thankfully what we have been stating for months has intertwined with other domestic and international news and activities. Being in the lead position also creates opportunity to push the agendas, reopen closed, long forgotten files and to welcome new members to the White Hats community ... yes, we have grown into a community our people, from the lowest level to the highest, both domestic and international, have discovered that what we have stated from the beginning is absolutely true. Some knew we were correct in our thinking, others not so sure, but what they all know now is that we have a common cause and fight." clcik here for more

Stealing and reposting of our Elenin Conference footage

It has come to our attention that our conference footage is currently being stolen and reposted on various venues including Youtube, where I have what is called a Director's Channel. The individual doing this has taken down the footage upon my request after I reported this copyright infringement to YouTube. But there are other sites that have nefariously obtained our footage and are continuing to post it without our consent. This is a call-out requesting them to cease and desist from this act.

What many people do not clearly understand or appreciate is the long hours and tremendous work on the part of myself and my technical team (Tommy and Zoe) as well as that of the researchers/speakers who have spent their lives in these investigations, that I am attempting to bring to the public in this revolutionary new format.

Although in this case the subject matter concerns a little known comet or craft, Elenin, the years of background investigations that go into supporting conclusions and well thought out theories regarding this are substantial and must be honored. Anyone who has taken the time to listen to this ground breaking nearly 5 hour video conference cannot ignore that each participant has spent years of work in their field in order to be able, in such a format, to present theories and possible conclusions and to compare and contrast with the other researchers, their findings.

Although it is fashionable on the web, for people to believe that our work should go for free far and wide in spite of the fact that such work is often fraught with danger, impediments and obstacles of every imaginable kind and requires funding just as any other endeavor of merit. We also, like all others, must put food on the table and live in shelters, pay rent and bills and so on. Pretending that we live on air alone, and do not require financial support in order to continue to investigate these areas of radical thought is absurd and vastly detrimental to the cause. I urge those reading this to reconsider and begin to contemplate just what dedicating ones life to research and investigations of this sort require in terms of ingenuity, courage and a spirit undaunted by constant unrelenting resistance.

Each researcher has had to spend their lives not only attempting to do good and solid work but must also battle such things in this case for example as death threats, subtle pressure from peers and opponents both public and private, everyday concerns such as maintaining health and energy regardless of the negative waves of criticism (for going against the matrix of conventional thought) and much much more. It is a wonder that these individuals manage to stay the course in the face of all odds.

I know all of this not as a matter of detached observation, but because I too have experienced it. Let me say this. Many people heavily and without remorse criticize the lack of technical expertise for example of our filming techniques and lack of equipment all the while never realizing that we are operating on very little if any, financial support of any kind. My team and I are working around the clock on keeping Camelot afloat and a cutting edge concern. The necessity of continuing this investigation and reporting of what is a growing story, involving a very dark cabal of forces arrayed against the advancement of humanity while also documenting and augmenting the force of good and light is paramount. It is not something one can walk away from. Yet at every juncture there are pervasive forces being assembled to make staying the course nearly impossible.

Regardless of the above. We will continue.

We have several conferences being currently organized on absolutely fascinating topics and researchers being selected to come together in this unusual public and virtual format known as the Camelot Roundtable, to share their insights. See below for more detail on this.

This is an ongoing area of expansion but the cost of the Livestream channel is prohibitive. Without continued funding by way of ticket sales more conferences will be impossible.

I have only paid until the end of July and will not be able to continue this unless we are able to raise the funding through ticket sales to pay the speakers and technical team as well as fund Camelot so I can continue to devote hours of my time necessary to pull off just one of these events.

Feel free to distribute the above on forums and sites. Special thanks to all those who have donated during the years and paid for our conferences now and in the past. It is your contributions that have made this work possible.

James Bond is Real - Proposal for a Video Conference - notes by Mike Sparks author of the recently released book by the same name

Note: the selected date for this conference is July 22nd (subject to change based on availability of the speakers)

"Kerry Cassidy of Project CAMELOT has invited the following experts together for the first-time ever to reveal all that they know of British Naval Intelligence Commander Ian Fleming and his alter ego James Bond, Agent 007--and how he is warning us about the secret elites actively seeking to control and ruin the world in light of the recent publication of James Bond is Real.

The reasons for assembling this panel of experts are many, here is a summary:

Mike Sparks, principle author of James Bond is Real, is a paratroop infantry officer who brings a tactical perspective to Fleming's life and writings as a reality check and has investigated/verified the Hallett story that he rescued Hitler and his mistress from Berlin in 1945 by establishing direct contact with co-leader Lieutenant Commander Christopher Creighton in England. Sparks has also discovered Fleming was working for MI6 before the war under the cover of journalist, worked in naval intelligence beginning during WW2 until 1951 and then for MI6 again until his untimely death in 1964. The James Bond novels were probably written as an assignment for MI6's IRD to create positive publicity for British intelligence in light of their public failures at the time. Moreover, under threat of death from the still-in-effect Official Secrets Act, Fleming has coded many warnings about the 4th Reich Nazis, their international corporations and their creators--the Rockefeller Illuminati crime family in his James Bond 007 novels.

Greg Hallett, author of Hitler was a British Agent, while an accomplished architect has devoted his life to discovering the actual history of world events by contacting "living histories"--retired intelligence agents who have retired to Australia and New Zealand who know the truth. His sources have direct contact with the participants in what really happened--if they themselves were not directly involved. He is the one who broke the Fleming/Hitler rescue story that explains Fleming's post-war depression and alcoholism. Hallett has adroitly shown wars are created to enrich the secret elites, increase their power and wealth, and very ominously to de-populate the planet so its more comfortable for them to play in. Hallett's focus has been on the British-lead Rothschild Illuminati operating in Europe that are rivals to the American Rockefellers.

Jim Marrs, legendary researcher is the man who along with Mark Lane publicly exposed the Warren Commission lone gunman lie at the very time it was thrust upon the American people. Over the years, Marrs has steadily documented how President John F. Kennedy (JFK) was murdered by several shooters in a "cross-fire" as his book is titled which became the Oliver Stone Hollywood movie that has succeeded in convincing the majority of the American public that it was a group conspiracy by the RIGHT-WING elements within the U.S. Moreover, his research has connected that the German 3rd Reich Nazis not only survived WW2 in great numbers, they came over here to America and have taken over the country making it the de facto 4th Reich--a fascist military-police state where citizens today find that WE THE PEOPLE are unable to stop corporate wars being started by the President who is a puppet of international corporations.

What's amazing is that Marrs' research has lead him to conclude that Fleming, a close friend of JFK's may have been murdered since his "heart attack" took place just weeks before the Warren Commission report was published.

Dr. James Fetzer, editor of several detailed books on the JFK assassination and 9/11 has forensically deconstructed both of these events and shown conclusively that they are false flag events done by right-wing elements within the U.S. Government. No one has a better handle of the specific details of JFK and 9/11 than Jim Fetzer who can cite them from memory from the top of his head for comparison and analysis. Much of Sparks' coverage of the JFK and 9/11 events in James Bond is Real are based on what Fetzer has uncovered; which is that the Secret Service set him up, the CIA/military/Mafia/anti-Castro Cubans took him out, the FBI covered it up, LBJ and J. Edgar were principals with financing from wealthy Texas oil men; and where 9/11 was a staged event motivated by oil, Israel, and ideology, orchestrated by neo-cons with help from their friends in the MOSSAD where a gullible American public took the administration's word that Osama bin Laden and 19 Islamic terrorists were responsible and did not protest wars to kill ragheads and enrich the military-industrial-intelligence complex.

Dr. James Viken, is a Psychologist Emeritus (retired psychologist with over 30 years experience in private practice) and has some clinical knowledge of victims of govt authorized intel abuse. Viken has knowledge of how some MKULTRA style mind control projects were run and how their subjects were victimized, in some cases manipulating them to commit immoral and criminal acts for alphabets and intel agencies of the U.S. government by using various methods involving use of hypnosis, torture, radiation, isolation, chemical and psychotronic methods to create a custom designed and remote controlled Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), previously referred to as MPD, multiple personality disorder. He has had contact with some of the victims of the MKULTRA type mind control programs and their family members. Viken can vouch for the powers of modern mind control methods to make people commit criminal acts even against their conscious will as depicted by Fleming in his last book, The Man With the Golden Gun (TMWTGG) when he has his hero, James Bond attempt to kill his boss, "M" in the beginning of the story. Viken also has knowledge of certain psychologists that tried to blow the whistle on these secret government programs but themselves became victims of government harassment. Most psychologists who talk about this or try and report it to law enforcement are quickly marginalized and learn it is best to stay quiet if they don't want to be harassed or want to see their licenses revoked. Viken has also been aware of a cadre of high level intel run operations by other psychologists linked to the "company" working out of an academic setting with high positions to legally sabotage any efforts by police, psychologists, social workers, or marriage and family counselors that try to obtain justice for victims and have perpetrators investigated and charged.

Dr. Joseph Farrell has done ground-breaking work in several books establishing that the 3rd Reich Nazis did not just flee into exile-on-the-run as portrayed by establishment authors like Farago, but left in good order---taking with them not only billions in loot robbed from the teeth of their dead victims, but work through international corporations to the present day that have HIGH TECHNOLOGIES. While Farrell will perhaps not go as far as Sparks/Marrs/Fetzer/Hallett in concluding that America is now under enemy 4th Reich Nazi right-wing, fascist control, he proves that they have been on a demented quasi-religious quest for zero point energies, anti-gravity aerospace craft (flying saucers) and Earth-endangering death rays that represent the final "ET" card the Illuminati will play as warned by Von Braun to Carol Rosin. Fleming drops hints in his James Bond novels of knowledge of human anti-gravity craft that can explain the majority of the UFO sightings popping up all over the world coincident to the end of WW2. (note: Joseph Farrell will not be available on the proposed date).

Philip Gardiner, author of The James Bond Code has scrutinized Ian Fleming's novels and found much evidence that they are occult Illuminati fairy tales of alchemy and good vs. evil being overcome by the male hero joining with a female help-meet to demolish an evil conspiracy. Gardiner argues that Fleming as a member of the British upper class was a member of their occult Illuminati and reverse-engineered their tales into his stories with a modern spy-military-technological setting. Gardiner reveals "007" is indeed an occult high technological number known about even in the 1500s with John Dee who was Queen Elizabeth's spy who identified himself as her agent "007". While Sparks and Gardiner disagree over Fleming being a depressed loser wanting to become rich unsure about good vs. evil, they both agree there are a whole lot of military-technological secrets in his 007 novels that need to be revealed."

--written by Mike Sparks


Note: at this time, not all of the above have been confirmed... More speakers may be included while others may not be able to arrange their schedules to participate. However, we do have confirmation from several of the above. Special thanks to Mike Sparks for compiling the above and for his ingenuity in formulating this conference theme and structure and for compiling the brief descriptions of the areas of expertise for each of the speakers listed.

An Investigation into the Work of Zecharia Sitchin - idea formulated by Andy Lloyd

..."In the 12 years I've been involved in this field of research I do not recall coming across a conference specifically looking at the work of the late Zecharia Sitchin, or its repercussions. He had a large body of devoted fans throughout his life, many of whom were prepared to go to considerable lengths to attend his rare lectures and seminars. I think a strong line-up would certainly peak the interest of many of Sitchin's readers - not to mention the importance of the work of the speakers themselves." -- Andy Lloyd

Some proposed speakers are:
Michael Tellinger: Author of "Slave Species of God"; Ancient African site's location as the Abzu.
Lloyd Pye: Author of "Everything you know is Wrong"; Anthropology of pre-human hominoids and the Anunnaki.
Al Cornette: Author of ''Seven Mountains and the Red Star'; Planet X and 2012, Sumerian texts.

Note: this conference is currently in development, speakers have yet to be invited and more speakers will be added... Feel free to send in your speaker suggestions for this as well as for other events.

If you have a Roundtable conference proposal you would like considered feel free to submit your ideas to me at:

If you would like to see this conference or future conferences please help us to prevent the unauthorized distribution of our current conference footage.

July 4, 2011

Important summary of device (blank slate technology?) related to LHC

click here to view scientist's overview of return of the annunaki, gold, China etc

Happy 4th to everyone in the U.S.

John Bedini & Magnetic Gates

click here to view

John Bedini and George Green are doing a small conference at the end of July for those interested.

Renaissance CDA Free Energy Convention, July 29, 30, 31 in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, 2011

click here for more information

July 2, 2011

ELENIN: Keith Hunter new video "preview" of the conference core info

Ketih Hunter has gone way beyond the call of duty and created this well down encapsulation of some of the key points raised in our recent Project Camelot Elenin Video Conference.

link now fixed...


This conference is highly recommended and available here at Project Camelot TV.

Crystal at the Core

A Camelot supporter sent me this story. I have been seeing the crystal at the core of the Earth for some time in my meditations. Apparently scientists also tapped into this back in 1996 according to this article by David Schneider. This also correlates with Ashyana Deane's material regarding the Hall of Amenti. I imagine that mainstream scientists still debate this issue...

click here for the story

July 1, 2011

Elenin video stream now moved onto our server

Thank you Tommy and Zoe (our web team) for dealing with all the issues that have arisen as a result of our launch of the Elenin Video Conference. As mentioned our sites have undergone many attacks from powers that do not want researchers and experts in this area to talk to eachother and compare notes on what they have found with regard to the secret space as well as many other topics.

We have now moved the Post Conference Video Stream to our own server on Project Camelot TV with added security. This conference lasted nearly 5 hours and is ground breaking in the exchange of high level information and the sharing and interchange among the speakers in such a virtual roundtable as has not been done before on the web in a public forum. I urge those who have not purchased the stream to do so... please be aware that the money made is split equally among all speakers and goes to further support the very valuable work of each of them.





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