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About researchers and whistleblowers :We, Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan, do not necessarily agree with or endorse all of the views presented here. What Camelot is about is the investigation into the mysteries that surround us. We are all, in a sense, investigators of our world. And while we, as individuals, may not agree with everything presented on our site, we fully support freedom of thought and speech as well as the Quest for truth.
31 December 2008


Articles... written by Kerry, originally posted on the blog.

December 1, 2011

The Truth is Out There : Layers of the Onion and Richard C. Hoagland

Hi all,

I have read the Glen Canady/Michael Vara article on Late Night's Before It's News click here to view and I have to take issue with several of the points made there.

Whereas clearly the writer has good intentions and is trying to 'do the right thing', unfortunately this is a case where the surface incidents and facts do not tell the whole story. Working with whistleblower testimony for nearly six years and having spent 24/7 researching this field I have to say that what comes to light most during this time of transition is how people who are well meaning seem to be misled or lack the skills and experience to delve deeper into the truth of all the things going on around them.

Richard C. Hoagland is not perse a disinfo agent or a liar. He is however playing politics and carefully working to craft his message regarding the truth about NASA in such a way to not only expose the game being played but to do so WITH REGARD TO TIMING which he feels is all important. At the same time, he, like anyone else who discovers the truth about the Matrix, wants to stay alive in the process. Whereas, it is entirely possible he is a Mason, (I do not know this) he is not one of the "bad" ones. I can say in my dealings with him, with multiple conversations in depth about areas of his research, that he is working hard to get the truth out. 

What many people who get into this sector don't realize is that every person out there has multiple alliances and that not all alliances agree with each other. Given the incredibly diverse playing field we are dealing in, it is important to also note that anyone out there who stays alive is both protected and on some level dealing with shades of grey. The minute a person starts pointing fingers and looking at the world of multiple dimensions from a perspective of black and white they lose track of the game and what is really going on. 

This is where discernment comes in. While I am well aware that Richard holds back data, I am also well aware he does so because he is still collecting substantiation and withholding elements that may seem random or that would change the game and cause him to be derailed, taken off-line and/or killed, if revealed too soon or at the wrong time. Especially if he releases what he knows without regard to the consequences not only for himself but for humanity.

People who call for the truth rarely realize that there is a huge responsibility to releasing it. This is something one who deals in the real stuff... only realizes over time. Every new release of info carries with it a ripple effect on the planet that is far-reaching and not to be taken lightly.

While I do not know the details of Hoagland's interaction with Gary other than what is said in the article linked above, I can say that as someone who has gone deep down the rabbit hole and put my own life in danger multiple times, I can tell you that Gary is someone who would have been targeted by the PTB from the very beginning of his dealings with Richard. This is a no-brainer. And once you realize this, then, what happened to Gary follows a through-line that makes logical sense in this Alice in Wonderland world that the purveyors of MKUtra, mind control and scaler weaponry take full advantage of.... 

The fact is, that it is entirely likely that the pictures of Mars that Gary is focused on exist and are being kept from the public. Hoagland may even have been told on no uncertain terms not to release them. This doesn't make him a liar. It makes him someone who wants to stay alive (and also by the way someone who wants to keep his loved ones alive).

I do not know what Robin Falkov's role was in this saga... Or if what is said in the article is at all accurate. I do know that in my dealings with Robin, she comes across to me as a very intelligent, caring person who is also putting her life on the line for humanity. Clearly her perspective as a sometime confidante of Gary's wife put her in the middle of this drama but I believe it's very likely the real story is far more complex.

Suffice to say that I have offered Richard and Robin a venue to discuss these accusations in a public forum either on my radio show on American Freedom Radio or on a Livestream event.

A note on the money: many people do not understand what goes on behind the scenes with regard to the money, how people who investigate the Matrix and stay alive, pay the rent and so on. Just recently David Wilcock and Richard Hoagland did a FREE livestream event with me that is still available for free on the Project Camelot Live Channel on Livestream

People have got to realize that in this quest for the truth there are two major aspects... one is gathering and reporting the data, another is interpreting it!! JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T AGREE WITH SOMEONE'S CONCLUSIONS OR INTERPRETATION OF THE DATA IS NO REASON TO THROW OUT THE ACTUAL FACTS PRESENTED. Learning to discern, cross-correlate and understand the complexities of right and wrong, who the good guys are etc is an intense discipline and takes years of experience, a level of detachment and discernment that few people are able to master at this time. 

For example, both David Wilcock and Richard Hoagland prefer to see Obama as a good guy... They are fighting against all odds and appearances to maintain this perspective but this doesn't make them "liars". What it does indicate is that they are seeing levels of secrecy beyond the obvious. And, they are coming to this conclusion based on what they think they know. 

My take on Obama is that as a soul he has a choice, he came in to play the game on the side of the masters (so-called) and in order to stay alive and move through the levels of the game he must appear to be on the dark side. He may in the process have been compromised and joined them. On the other hand he may at some point reveal himself to be on the side of the light by, in some strategic moment coming out with something so devastating he will get himself killed doing it. This is the Kennedy dilemma facing him. Now, all indicators are that he has gone over to the dark side and is completely compromised. However, this game is nothing if not a Hall of Mirrors. So I keep an open mind in regard to all players and all information going forward... watch and listen carefully. 

There is no doubt if you follow the White Hat Reports that Obama is taking pay-offs, stealing money and stashing it... but why? This is the question you need to ask. Many White Hats MUST PARADE THEMSELVES AS OF THE DARK in order to complete their mission. So keep this in mind.

Another thing that is going on here is WISHFUL THINKING... many people including Hoagland, Wilcock and many others want to see the LIGHT SIDE win... we all do. But wanting something and seeing it happen are two different things. However, this desire can color the way you interpret the current goings on here on Planet Earth moving rapidly front and center into 4D. There is a level at which the fact is that the LIGHT WILL WIN in the end... however that may be a long time from now. So when you hear someone talk and relay info it's important to understand what they WANT and weigh it against what they say they KNOW. Because distortion is the name of the game here.

This is what I suggest. Start to realize that players in this game are playing on multiple levels. You cannot look at simply surface data and think you have the whole story. At this time, more than any other those who seem to be working to benefit Humanity are often just as easily using that as a cover, just as those who may seem to be working against you are using the dark as a camouflage in order to stay alive and complete their mission on your behalf.

Lastly, with regard to Elenin and YU55: all the Camelot whistleblower info with regard to both these so called asteroids is that they are and were CONTROLLED by someone. That means they are able to change course etc. The entire group of contacts Hoagland was dealing with---with regard to YU55 went black right after it was supposedly crossing our atmosphere. At the same time, Obama and the whole APEC conference was going on in Hawaii... Simultaneously, Hoagland's sources were seeing a SUBSTITUTION in the skies... with a metallic overlay, going along the original NASA trajectory. We were live on Livestream when this was happening. This is what his sources told him they were getting... All info on YU55 went black and then, a substitution appeared. According to Hoagland it wasn't even a good decoy... It was as if, those who are running YU55 wanted the scientists and white hats who were tracking it to KNOW they were being lied to... Where did the real craft go? Did it rendezvous with one of ours? Was there something on board being dropped off? All these are good questions but where are you going to get the answers? Listening to channelers who are as easily programmed as anyone else is not the answer.

Of course Hoagland looks like he's wrong if the people behind the scenes can change the game at any moment! And that goes for a lot of good people right now making bad predictions. Hoagland is following the clues and doing so meticulously and at great personal risk. He is not a NWO shill. There are a lot easier ways to kiss the ass of those in charge. 

You can focus on tearing down other people because you see discrepancies in their logic, conclusions or behavior but I suggest keeping your eyes on the ball. No one has the whole story. And the fight to discover the real truth of what's going on and get it out to the people continues. They are waking up. And so are you. But in the end, you have to learn to see the layers within the layers. It's all cloak and dagger, yin and yang, light and dark. But in this game, especially at this level, the dark masquerades as the light and the light as the dark. Learn discernment and pay attention to what resonates. Because what resonates with your heart and spirit is where the truth is.. .not in superficial details that don't add up or painting a logic trail with a broad brush saying this is black and this is white. 

Above all, as Hoagland has said again and again, 'the lie is different at every level'. This is what a source said to him and it's very very true. Especially when it comes to what the public is told. They are lied to every which way to Sunday and beyond. Nothing is as you see it. It's all maya and illusion. But within that, the truth is out there. And in all of us. 

Best wishes,

Kerry / Project Camelot

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Nov 13, 2011

Intel Behind the Scenes on the Bankers

According to a source, contractors and builders in Connecticut are reporting that banking families are vacating their houses. Suddenly and without explanation, whole families are leaving the state. Where they are going isn't known. This is one of the more chilling "signs" I've heard that something major is coming down with respect to the banks in the near future.

Additionally, a source who made a recent trip to Switzerland and met with a secret Swiss banker has revealed the hidden story behind how Swiss Bankers are choosing to deal the squeeze from the Americans (and presumably New World Order contingent) to reveal who their clients are... This crackdown on Americans with off-shore bank accounts also extends to those in other countries such as Saudi Arabia and UAE (United Arab Emirates), think Dubai.

Some bankers have folded and joined the ranks of the SEC turning over records and details against the long cherished code of secrecy (client privilege) that has made the Swiss banking industry so successful and respected worldwide. Others have not.

Without going into any detail, suffice to say that some bankers are risking their lives and reputations and livelihood to continue to safeguard their client's money. One can't help but to admire this tenacity. And what comes to mind is the era of the Nazis where the streets of cities like Zurich and Bern are no longer safe havens for those seeking to conduct business. Especially if it involves banking. Now the business is conducted behind closed doors in out of the way places and hidden vaults. Switzerland, hasn't stood alone for quite some time politically, choosing to align itself with various factions over the past few years. But the stronghold of banking has maintained a sort of island of secrecy even beyond the fluctuations in the winds of politics. Until now.

As Swiss bankers endeavor to maintain their integrity they say that the moving tide of this relentless new world order machine will eventually reach them and their clients. It's only a matter of time.

Lithium in Afghanistan - Jesse Ventura

The fact of lithium in Afghanistan as motivation for our involvement there not only for cell phones and electric cars but apparently for use in going off planet was revealed by Camelot whistleblowers some time ago. Jesse does a good job of addressing why we go to war at least partially. One wonders when he will get to the point of talking openly about the secret government and black projects and the hidden economy that operates surrounding our secret space program. Given the incredible amount of activity and war being conducted in our skies with various visitors... any bankruptcy of the American economy is likely fairly superficial. One might say, above ground only.

People need to realize that their focus on banksters is misguided. The real culprit and drain is the Secret Space Program and Black Projects being conducted under cover.

click here for Jesse on Afghanistan etc.

How the Vatican can Save Italy

..."This morning, the euro has gapped up 1-cent after it was announced that Italy had successfully auctioned off 5 Billion (euros) of Bills. (at the highest rate in a month of Sundays)." -- Chuck Butler, Daily Pfenning newsletter for Everbank

I was thinking of how well Italy did with their "auction" and it occurred to me that if the Vatican would do two things it would likely 'save Italy' and bring Gods grace upon their halls such as hasn't been the case in aeons...

1. Make an announcement they are no longer collecting donations in their churches and at Vatican city and urge all Italians to either start savings accounts with the money or donate to their city/state infrastructure etc.

2. Open the halls of records below the Vatican and charge admission for entry (time spent) and donate the funds gathered to the refinancing of Italy's debt and feeding/sheltering the people.

3. Auction off gold relics stored in the Vatican to wealthy patrons.

Note the above is not only sarcasm but common sense!

As Steve Jobs would say 'THINK DIFFERENTLY".


PAGE EIGHT - This is a highly recommended very well done spy thriller done in the time honored British style... low key and tastefully like a good wine, smooth with a bite at the end. What is revealed in this and some previous such movies coming out of Britain is the constant allusion to how the Americans don't share well what they are doing with the Brits. Interesting focus.

While it is clear dedicated British civil servants and spy masters may feel that their is an imbalance afoot considering all the black projects and military industrial weight on the side of the Americans. However my info says that at least under cover of blackness the Brits and Americans are sharing quite well in places like Menwith Hill and other bases not so well known.

So that while I admire the accurate human depiction of intricacies of relationships within the 'service' and superb direction by David Hare, I wonder why he neglects to go deeper into why (if it were even true which it is not) the Prime Minister would be operating independent of his own secret services and parliament. Even in fiction, there should be more insight into the real back chamber goings on that top levels of British government must have some knowledge of and involvement with. No doubt they are operating on the outside while the Rothschilds and other no so well known accomplices and the City of London are involved in really running things. Still one would think by this time there would be some bleed through into scenarios found in TV and cinema.

click here for IMDB details


While this is a superbly well acted and expertly directed old style biopic unfortunately it glosses over crucial historical events in which J. Edgar Hoover is known to have been very involved, including notably, the assassinations of John and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King. In fact, it even makes it appear as though J. Edgar was more involved in gathering data for his files, bringing mob members to justice and maintaining the "image of the bureau" rather than what was most certainly the real truth.

Unfortunately the emphasis on the personal side of J. Edgar's life at the expense of his professional activities ends up as a whitewash and a lie in terms of his real role in American history. The efforts to make him seem a sympathetic character even calls to mind the possibility that Clint Eastwood, the highly talented and respected director, has either become knowingly or inadvertently, a salesman for the New World Order as well as the conservative side of American politics.

Some would say that J. Edgar Hoover was very involved in the planning if not implementing of the Kennedy assassination. He also well known for hounding Martin Luther King and many celebrities, well known artists and revolutionary groups. It is also completely possible, given the time, that he was being run from within the secret government to carry out their instructions.

Under Hoover's watch, ...."The FBI participated in the Venona Project, a pre–World War II joint project with the British to eavesdrop on Soviet spies in the UK and the United States. It was not initially realized that espionage was being committed, but due to multiple wartime Soviet use of one-time pad ciphers, which are normally unbreakable, redundancies were created, enabling some intercepts to be decoded, which established the espionage. Hoover kept the intercepts—America's greatest counterintelligence secret—in a locked safe in his office, choosing not to inform President Truman, Attorney General J. Howard McGrath, or two Secretaries of State—Dean Acheson and General George Marshall—while they held office. He informed the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the Venona Project in 1952." -- Wikipedia

Given the involvement of the FBI in COINTELPRO and the necessity of dealing with the Brits and American branches of intelligence also operating during those years J. Edgar had to be a lot more involved and quite possibly instrumental in creating the National Security State as we now know it. Keep in mind the backdrop of WWII, Project Paperclip and the advent of MKULtra not to mention the building/expansion of underground bases and the entire machine of secrecy that we now "enjoy" living under and within. Unfortunately the filmmakers of J. Edgar preferred to emphasize instead his personal relationships while there is much more of critical importance to be wrapped into a movie script on his life.

While the movie is still worth seeing for the acting and direction and the deft and perceptive handling of a deep long lasting love affair between two men, in the final analysis it lends little to the effort to reveal the true history of Hoover or his real role in the culture of secrecy established in America over the period of his leadership of the FBI.

clcik here for the IMDB info

August 3, 2011

Why the White Hats need 'the people' in order to succeed

While you sit in the shadows once again waiting for the phone to ring telling you the GS are going through, you might take some time to read this article: -- old news yes, but worth the review if you consider what it is saying about the machine that you and your friends are working steadily at dismantling.

And whereas, I am with you all on this quest, I can't help but think you are leaving out an important element or at the very least shifting it to last when in my view it should actually be first. There is a reason why Project Camelot has the motto, 'the best place to hide is out in the open'. And it is precisely because of this. Those that you are fighting do so under cover of darkness. And so they always have.

But in this time, I would submit that fighting in the shadows no longer has the power it once had. Because we are arguably in a time of transition into another dimension where bringing things in the darkness into the light is actually the mode of exchange or 'legal tender' for getting them to happen at all. What am I talking about?

In these times as never before actions and strategies must take into account an unusual but highly coveted thing, that is, the consciousness of the masses, in order to succeed or even, some might say, to attract the necessary energy to happen at all. This is something that those dark Magus's in the shadows have known for some time but it appears those working in the light are just beginning to learn.

The sixties got a lot of things wrong but the one thing they got right was the 'power of the people'. In some ways, the sixties were harbingers of today. Right now. When change is the order of the day and as a consequence being able, as any true Magician of the Light should know, to garner the regard of those you would aspire to lead or at the very least, serve, is paramount. Without them your actions could very easily come to nothing. How can I say that?

Because, we are in a time, when the global unity has far more weight, cosmically speaking, in forming the necessary field of resonance in order to perform great acts of social change and have them really take hold and be rooted not only in the fabric of now but to withstand the inevitable counterpunch of the dark side.

And so, upon learning that, at least from your perspective, the Global Settlements have a very good chance of happening, it was particularly disheartening and even depressing to learn that if they go through it would all 'happen in secret' and the masses would not be the wiser for it. This is not only distressing it to my way of thinking, portends their subsequent reversal or at the very least their being co-opted to serve the interests of the dark cabal. Think about it.

Yes, I do get that you and your group will continue to release your careful communiques... making sure to expose just enough of the graft and corruption to keep things on track and yet being equally careful not to reveal anything that would truly burst open the dams of deceit so to topple the very government you are sworn to protect. Frankly, I don't think you can have it both ways. Either you enlist the help and the attention of the masses and 'throw some real light' on the darkness or you risk losing not only the small bit of ground you have toiled so long and hard to create, but being taken over and co-opted by the dark side.

Why do I say this? Because in my view, albeit a philosophic one rather than, at least on the surface, a pragmatic one, in order to create change and right the state of the union either here in the U.S. or on the planet, you cannot work in dark like those you strive to uproot. it simply won't work. Because in case you haven't been paying attention, the real game is for the hearts and minds (and souls) of the masses. And whereas the dark side knows this all too well. You and your group are just beginning to get clued in to it. And that puts you at a disadvantage.

Because this time and this place it is all about who captures the imagination (and thereby the hearts and minds) of the masses not just who deserves it. Because we are at a mass consciousness tipping point or more accurately, event horizon, where the next wave to follow will build on the one that had the density to overcome the one before it... and so it goes.

When you talk about garnering the regard or attention of the public you often talk in terms of 'after we accomplish this or that' then we will reveal to the general public this or that. When in reality, what I suggest you should be doing in this age of enlightenment... is actually the reverse. First you inform the public of what you intend and then you set about to do it. A concept wholly alien to your previous training and instincts no doubt. But if you follow the idea talked about for example, in scientific terms that say, our Camelot witness Dr. Pete Peterson refers to as the "information field" you begin to realize what he is really talking about is the RESONANT FIELD that surrounds us all that some might have referred to as "ether" in the early 1900s or around the time of Tesla... (who by the way knew exactly what I am talking about). .. And for more on that I recommend our interview with Ralph Ring on what it was like working with Otis Carr and how they got into a man-made sort of ufo and then time traveled several miles by using their minds in concert with a crystal and visualizing a certain spectrum of blue light (aquamarine). And there you have it. How to use the MIND FIELD of resonance in order to TIME TRAVEL or simply MOVE from one place of being to another... instantaneously. Outside of linear time. Otis Carr, protégé of Tesla, had it. Likely, Tesla certainly 'got it'... And, now I suggest it's time, if you want to actually really change this world... for you and your group to take hold of this concept and make it work 'for you'. And in doing so, you will be the change you want to see in the world and manifest this real time.

Otherwise, you are working against the tide and this untapped resource, in the crudest sense, will work against you. And the dark side who recognize what I am talking about here will continue to run the game and take you for a ride because they are using the power of the people to their own sick advantage... while you and your group and many others, well meaning though they may be, have yet to discover that the power is 'in' the people and they are the ones who will in the end, create change. Because the power of the people is awakening like a sleeping lion. And in time it will stretch and choose its own path.

And when the White Hats recognize the power of the people, and the necessity of bringing the people into the fold, they will join the movement which has already begun and they will become a real force to be reckoned with.

July 30, 2011

White Hats Report #24

July 28, 2011 - WHITE HATS REPORT #24 UPDATE:



We have been informed once again that Obama has flipped and flopped on the World Global Settlements.

Since our White Hats Report # 16 wherein we explain that President Obama had moved the funds from the Vatican Bank into a trading program with Josef Ackermann at Deutsche Bank, his trading profits have far exceeded 3 Billion Dollars according to Falcone's investigators. At the present time, Obama has closed out his accounts at Deutsche Bank and is no longer trading directly with Josef Ackermann. It is still possible that Josef Ackermann may be assisting Obama with movement of his funds into other European banks in an attempt to obscure their relationship.

We have been told that this latest series of moves by Obama is a reaction to the White Hat Reports and all of the ongoing investigations he is and is not, aware of. Although Obama still retains his accounts at HSBC and Barclay Bank, it appears that Obama is now trying to hide his funds by moving them into accounts in Central America and Asia. As we previously reported, Price Waterhouse Coopers has put Barclay Bank on notice for the mismanaged and handling of Falcone's stolen funds and also for hiding these funds for the CIA. Investigators will continue to watch the movement of these illegal funds as evidence for future Impeachment and legal proceedings against Obama.

Click here for more...


Regarding the White Hats latest, this is the problem we have with these reports: They simply don't go deep enough. We are talking about a game that has multiple levels operating at once. This superficial look at the comings and goings of money on the top surface of the 'game board' of planetary life is not going to do much to reveal the levels of deception and secrecy beneath.

Of course, if you don't know the White Hats then you might think this is all they know. But the fact is, after some dialogs with them over time, I know that they know the bigger picture. Some of them have even been 'down the rabbit hole'. So why don't the reports at least hint that they "get it"?

As it is, I am caught between a rock and a hard place in putting these out. On the one hand I am down with their mission... They want the American government to clean house, right the wrongs and serve the people the way it was designed to do. A lofty and honorable purpose.

On the other hand, they want to go back to a world which maybe hasn't existed since the signing of the constitution... (like a lot of people) they want the ideals to be lived by... I understand. The trouble is, that back in the days around WWII and before... depending how far back you want to go maybe to the early 1900's, this country has been infiltrated and taken off track mainly by people who align themselves with the Nazis. And in a race to build a 'superman' aka what I call a 'robotic superman' they have perverted the system from the top down to serve that objective. And this is where the problem with the White Hats Reports becomes really glaring.

Is Obama 'acting' as some would say... in order to hide a deeper and more honorable direction until such time as it can be revealed, presumably when those behind it feel they have established sufficient strength and feet on the ground to sway things their way? Or is he 'one of them'? The bad guys.. the Bush minions run by some hidden group who themselves are run by Anunnaki of the Enlil persuasion? Or is he simply playing along with them until he can change his stripes, do the right thing, have his "Kennedy moment" and change the entire game? This remains to be seen. Most people it seems, believe Obama is bought and paid for and just as dark as the rest of them.

Regardless, whining about where he puts his money, how much he stole and who he stole it with is not really on point because, well, let's face it, we figure that the graft and corruption in government runs so deep and is so pervasive that it goes without saying they are all 'on the take'. So what's new?

Let's go back to the agenda. What is really going on here? We have the recent movie COWBOYS AND ALIENS which is a disclosure piece 'par excellence' so to speak, fairly decently made in terms of filmmaking and characterization, although I personally was rather bored by it. This movie however, in the most obvious fashion is banging people on the heads with warning ala Project Blue Beam, that the aliens are here, they have been here probably throughout history and were here even during the wild wild west.... And that we better prepare to fight them because they are not our friends.... although some of them are. And this is where it gets interesting. Because the good guys who are trying to save us have taken on human bodies, in order to help save us. Very nice. And true I might add. Yours truly being one of them.. in my view anyway. And so, there you have it. Laid out in spades for the public to consume and mull over. Will they get it? Do they? I mean mainstream America?

Well this is what the good guys are banking on... That regardless of whether they recognize what they have just seen (the movie) no doubt it will kick around in their subconscious so that when the bad guys show up, that is, reveal themselves, come out from underground (reptilians, greys and so on) or land, that the public will be more prepared to handle it. And defend themselves presumably.

Project Blue Beam yes, but with a twist. In other words, Project Blue Beam is about a 'false alien invasion' and the trouble is, they are already here and they have been here since the beginning. Both the good 'aliens' and the bad ones... and in fact, they are us. Encased in human form all races are represented both good, bad and everything in between. We are the feet on the ground. And yes, they are off world as well and underground. And interdimensional and so on....

Back to superman. While the powers that be or were are busy throughout history building and refining on human 1.0 with hopes of bringing forth Humanity 2.0 or more... using whatever means necessary. And that means, killing, maiming, genetically manipulating ad infinitum in order to create a better 'man' not better in the spiritual sense (although they want that too) but in the most spiritually material way. To build superman to go out and with a sort of manifest destiny space-age style, command and control, invade and imperialistically rule other planets and solar systems. The Will to Power being what motivates them. Service to self in all its glory.

So with this in mind, to get back to the White Hats Reports... This is what's missing. Some conscious reveal that they get the overall agenda operating here on Planet Earth. That it's not all just a game of 'whose got my cheese'. And that they, our heroes in waiting, are ready and willing, awake and aware and ready to go the distance in the fight for dominion over our right to sovereignty.. our inalienable human right to self-determination, our right to claim our rightful heritage as Angelic Humans... with all the magnificent powers and perceptions and abilities that, that envisions.

And then, if they have the cohones to show within these periodic communiques, that they stand behind that, we will not only post their reports but we will stand alongside them, fight the good fight and be happy to accompany them into battle. Because make no mistake about it. Like it or not, close your eyes or as the brilliant metaphor in COWBOYS AND ALIENS indicates, blinded by the light (as those drugged and misled so called light 'workers' are prone to be) there is a battle waging in your skies and here on the ground as well as out beyond this planet, for your hearts, your minds and your very souls. Choose well my friends. This is about to get interesting...

July 17,2011

Sleeper TV hit show: Suits

Embrace your destiny...

Believe it or not this is a dynamite pilot episode. Tight, lean and mean but with heart. You may think it doesn't relate to Camelot type fare, but actually it does. Because human relations and how things work is what it all comes down to... yes we've got someone slick and telling lies every chance he gets but the truth gets its due and the characters have "arcs" which means they go through changes, they adapt and they learn. Not bad for 1 hour.

Now why does this even matter in this day and age of tsunami warnings, radiation, comets driven like taxis and Planet X? Because it brings something very particular to mind about what just might be happening to the groups out there that spend their time surmising what may happen tomorrow or the next day, instead of living now. If you are so wrapped up in planning for the future you forget to live in the moment you are missing it... this thing called life. Which can ONLY be lived in the now. The eternal now.

So I suggest, respectfully, that you ask yourself what are you not doing, that you would do, if you thought the future was bright and rosy instead of 'filled with dread' as some people who do nothing but plot the slow burning demise of the human race are doing. Instead, I say, f--k that. Live it now. Be aware yes, be very aware, awake and aware. But don't put life on the back burner while planning for some way of protecting your "future" or you are no better off than those people who spend their lives selling 'life insurance' like in the 1950s when they really thought something like that actually made sense.

Placing a cushion between you and the future is not what its all about. Greet it, full on. Embrace your destiny with everything you've got.

July 10, 2011

More on Elenin - Things not Explained in the Video

It is important to note for those who listen to our nearly 5 hour Camelot Roundtable discussion on Elenin that Hoagland makes a very good case for the name Elenin being no accident.

First of all, the man who supposedly "discovered" the planet must be a paid informant. Secondly the name Elenin does not equal ELE but adds up to be equal to or a code for "Horus".

With that in mind you need to be aware of the vast amount of information out there that surrounds the Return of the Anunnaki. There is a whole contingent of Illuminati 'followers' out there who do rituals to "Marduk"... another name for Horus. The have been planning and waiting for the return of the Anunnaki and Horus the 'son' of Enki.

click here for some ramblings by Dan Winter on the subject

So, if Elenin is a piloted or remotely controlled craft in the guise of a planetoid (like Phobos?) then what does it contain?

Here, Hoagland would remind us that we should read "Rendezvous with Rama" by Arthur C. Clarke who, he agrees, probably was "in" on all the real secrets. Which I have done and what happens there is a ship enters the solar system, we land on it and investigate and it is uninhabited except by robotic like mechanical toys that 'maintain it'. It serves no obvious purpose and contains a sort of mechanistic world within. All in all it's like a self-contained machine. Where the 'makers' have long since abandoned it... Or perhaps sent it out in space to 'attract' investigation from local beings in whatever solar system it enters... and during that time, monitors and correlates or studies the temporary inhabitants (us in this case) then moves on... never to return again. But in theory could then send back data to some great mothership or civilization many star fields away. One day to be followed by the real 'makers' who would now know fully who and what they were dealing with before they ever arrived. Would robots be the progenitors of 'robots'? Or would they be humanoid? Or what?

At any rate, the point here is that it would seem the analogy to Rama, is a limited one. I don't see Elenin as being an exploratory probe. It seems to plodding and laborious... in making its way through our solar system. Hoagland seems to feel this craft to be a sort of disclosure event for the uninitiated... A theatrical maneuver designed to wow the inhabitants who up to now, for the most part, are not so blissfully believing they are "alone" and need to be brought up to speed that they are 'not alone' and have never been alone (as Bob Dean would say).

But we still must get back to Elenin = Horus because if that is the case then it could also contain a group of beings. Certain sources and I agree that traveling in such a craft would be rather an antiquated means of getting around when interstellar craft going beyond the speed of light would serve far better. To say nothing of the use of stargates.

So is this the return of Marduk? And if so, is it a good thing or a bad thing? Bottom line.

And for that one has to also look at the fleet of ships that are accompanying it... this is info I have from an undisclosed source, that went black. But the word was, that it was a fleet of ships. So then the question is are they 'ours' or 'theirs' and if theirs then are they escorting in the comet-toid (my word for it)? Or are we escorting it in a little like when we scramble jets to flank some invader into our air space?

Again, one must ask is this a good thing or a bad thing? Hoagland would like to believe this is 'something marvelous' and a precursor to an age of disclosure in some form. He also seems to be even more entranced by the other comet/asteroid that he also has been told is 'controlled' called 2005 YU55. Coming from the direction of the sun due to cross closest to Earth on November 8th.

Note: there is ample evidence of large craft very close to the sun, (see the photos of John Walson) and by the way according to my source, those craft are actually bigger than YU55... and then if you go back to Rendezvous with Rama... after Rama left the vicinity of Earth it headed directly to the sun before reversing and moving away from it... the purpose being to 'power up' using the sun as an energy source to replenish itself. So perhaps the same is true of YU55 if it is indeed, controlled.

To get back to Elenin, if it is Horus and if let's say, the approach is expected and even anticipated for a very long time... then our secret space fleet will have been ready for the approach and could easily already been prepped for it. The recent Pope's address to the space station crew would seem to be out of context unless you consider that might have been a pep-talk for what was soon to be a 'greeting committee' of sorts to the 'new arrival' as one of my sources suggests. That address by the Pope has never happened before. Why now? What was he really doing?

Excuse me if I don't trust that this visitation by Elenin staged or not, is the harbinger of an 'age of enlightenment'. Because after all the secret space program is largely made up of former Nazis... or at the very least was run by them. And according to Hoagland they went off planet, back at the end of the war. They are the ones running the bases on the moon and mars. Their earthly contingent is under their orders. And there is a secret space program, apparently Earth based that is being prevented from leaving here (according to Hoagland but I am not sure this makes sense)... And they are not at all happy about it. I would say it's more likely they are leaving here... you can't have a space program that doesn't go into space (unless you count NASA (!))

If there is such a split within the secret space contingent, then what we are really talking about is a war for space between at least 2 Earthly groups... and then there is the war in space that involves some not so friendly off-world groups who want a piece of either this real estate or our DNA... and things get even more convoluted...

The questions remain and although we have the beginnings of some kind of space drama here things are still terribly hazy. Suffice to say we need more information... the understatement of the decade.

July 5, 2011

Stealing and reposting of our Elenin Conference footage

It has come to our attention that our conference footage is currently being stolen and reposted on various venues including Youtube, where I have what is called a Director's Channel. The individual doing this has taken down the footage upon my request after I reported this copyright infringement to YouTube. But there are other sites that have nefariously obtained our footage and are continuing to post it without our consent. This is a call-out requesting them to cease and desist from this act.

What many people do not clearly understand or appreciate is the long hours and tremendous work on the part of myself and my technical team (Tommy and Zoe) as well as that of the researchers/speakers who have spent their lives in these investigations, that I am attempting to bring to the public in this revolutionary new format.

Although in this case the subject matter concerns a little known comet or craft, Elenin, the years of background investigations that go into supporting conclusions and well thought out theories regarding this are substantial and must be honored. Anyone who has taken the time to listen to this ground breaking nearly 5 hour video conference cannot ignore that each participant has spent years of work in their field in order to be able, in such a format, to present theories and possible conclusions and to compare and contrast with the other researchers, their findings.

Although it is fashionable on the web, for people to believe that our work should go for free far and wide in spite of the fact that such work is often fraught with danger, impediments and obstacles of every imaginable kind and requires funding just as any other endeavor of merit. We also, like all others, must put food on the table and live in shelters, pay rent and bills and so on. Pretending that we live on air alone, and do not require financial support in order to continue to investigate these areas of radical thought is absurd and vastly detrimental to the cause. I urge those reading this to reconsider and begin to contemplate just what dedicating ones life to research and investigations of this sort require in terms of ingenuity, courage and a spirit undaunted by constant unrelenting resistance.

Each researcher has had to spend their lives not only attempting to do good and solid work but must also battle such things in this case for example as death threats, subtle pressure from peers and opponents both public and private, everyday concerns such as maintaining health and energy regardless of the negative waves of criticism (for going against the matrix of conventional thought) and much much more. It is a wonder that these individuals manage to stay the course in the face of all odds.

I know all of this not as a matter of detached observation, but because I too have experienced it. Let me say this. Many people heavily and without remorse criticize the lack of technical expertise for example of our filming techniques and lack of equipment all the while never realizing that we are operating on very little if any, financial support of any kind. My team and I are working around the clock on keeping Camelot afloat and a cutting edge concern. The necessity of continuing this investigation and reporting of what is a growing story, involving a very dark cabal of forces arrayed against the advancement of humanity while also documenting and augmenting the force of good and light is paramount. It is not something one can walk away from. Yet at every juncture there are pervasive forces being assembled to make staying the course nearly impossible.

Regardless of the above. We will continue.

We have several conferences being currently organized on absolutely fascinating topics and researchers being selected to come together in this unusual public and virtual format known as the Camelot Roundtable, to share their insights. See below for more detail on this.

This is an ongoing area of expansion but the cost of the Livestream channel is prohibitive. Without continued funding by way of ticket sales more conferences will be impossible.

I have only paid until the end of July and will not be able to continue this unless we are able to raise the funding through ticket sales to pay the speakers and technical team as well as fund Camelot so I can continue to devote hours of my time necessary to pull off just one of these events.

Feel free to distribute the above on forums and sites. Special thanks to all those who have donated during the years and paid for our conferences now and in the past. It is your contributions that have made this work possible.


June 20, 2011

Again on Radiation Solar and Nuclear

It is important to keep in mind that what is going on is a steady iradiation of our environment with an intention... to create a race of superhumans. This they intend to do by causing mutation of the human species into something... well like X-men. They wish to jumpstart evolution by stimulating the genome into an altogether heightened state of being that will result in a superhuman.

This also involves getting rid of the slower vibrational humans who cannot make the grade and will therefore die off faster by cancer and other dis-eases. Of course some elements of chem trails are involved in this. So there's a two-fold agenda there. One creating a petrie-dish effect on us whereby our enviroment becomes a set of condtions encouraging mutation, and the development of superpowers regardless of how bizarre and the other, by making it uninhabitable by the older models.

There is also the notion that as the solar influence becomes greater there is a more natural, thinning of our atmosphere where more radiation anyway does reach the surface and so a proclivity to deal with more intense radiation becomes necessary in order to live on this planet. There is also the idea that the superwaves bathing our solar system at this time... coming from outside our system (from where is still not clear even though Paul LaViolette suggests it is coming from an 'eruption' in the black hole which some others do not agree with)... regardless, this is also increasing the amount of radiation in our atmsophere causeing us to change, our dna to mutate, expand and even, to activate in a good way.

In fact, recently I heard that the brown dwarf or second sun that is very likely headed into our solar system now emits more 'radiation' than any other more 'normal' sun like object. There again, the idea that more radiation may be coming our way enters into the scenario.

The whole montomic gold issue comes to the fore here because it is also likely that monotomic gold (as the Anunnaki were so familiar with) can perhaps mitigate or transform the incoming radiation into a more congenial lfegiving form and this may be the real reason they mined it and conitnue to do so, taking it off our planet even now, if you believe the testimony of our whisteblowers....

There is no doubt that the Illuminati or darkside of that group is hard at work assisting several species of nonterrestrials to make this environment more methane-like and more full of radiation in order to drive us off the planet, or at least eliminate those less able to transmute themselves to deal with the changed conditions here on Earth. The real question is, what are you going to do about it? And this is where again, transmuting your own bodies becomes not only a good idea, but really the only thing you can do if you want to continue living on the planet.

On Killing Robots with Guns

Let's get real. This idea that one can kill an invading species of robot with guns is so primitive and 3D it's ridiculous or not 'on' as one might say in Britian. In reality, an invading race of robots will be far more sophisticated not only in its physiology but in it's reasoning power etc etc.

With this in mind what does one do? This is where developing kundalini and raising your vibration through meditation, clean living karmically and with regard to a certain sacredness in ones everyday relationship to the world around you that your DNA becomes crystalline and pure... Becomes an issue.

The whole gross material body concept is 3D. And beyond that, as we move up the food chain going into 4D which is really where one might say the Earth and humanity is now, is more into a morphing state... where anything goes. Nanotech, biorobots and so on... ghosts and discarnate beings etc. You cannot fight evil with guns in 4D. It's really nonsensical though clearly 'man' from 3D will attempt to do so especially in the beginning.

But race against race, if it comes to that is not going to be fought with blowing things up. Instead, if you want to win out on 4D one must go a level up...into 5D to do so. That is, transcend 4D. Both in spirit and substance. How? By refining the biomind superpowers into something well, other worldly and finer. This you do through joining the chakras, raising your vibration and outfitting your lightbody (so to speak) and then 'going forth'.

Ultimately the notion of raising the vibration of Earth this way is also instructional. Where James of Wingmakers revealed in the original Wingmakers story... either technological man would attempt to do so 'mechanically' through what was called 'blank slate technology' which is really about manipulating timelines such that when the robots came through the solar system, headed for Earth, the Earth 'jumps' out of this dimension temporarily, so it no longer 'exists' when the robot ships come through.

Of course the other solution posed in Wingmakers, the more 'organic' solution was the birthright of our planet and species...having been seeded there or left behind by the original predecessors of man, the 'Wingmakers'. This entailed a hidden set of records embedded in caves that contained the knowledge most likely of ascension... and was more about 'awakening' then manipulating. It was "integral" and involved the realization of the soul of mankind as a unique and precious heritage that they brought with them and was what would rescue them and the Earth from the impending invasion scenario, but in a much more transcendent way.

Whereas, one approach was technological, and would risk blowing up or destroying the Earth ala what CERN is capable of bringing to the fore, the other is more 'natural' and again, organic or integral to our species and hence the true way of the light.

Falling Skies

I know why they cancelled The make room for this. They wanted to get people up to speed in a combat mood for when elenin arrives. It wasn't gonna happen fast enough with shows like The Event which was more about the military not so much the ground crew so to speak. This seems to be positioning for Project Blue Beam big time.

Something else to think about. These days the light look dark and the dark look light. It's a whole deception scenario So try to figure this out. If the ETs currently at war with us don't want any resistance.. wouldn't they 'come in peace' ala "V" and wouldn't the light side be the ones insisting the visitors don't have our best interests at heart?

It definitely seems like they are putting out there all the right moves to create a Project Blue Beam scenario... (fake alien invasion) but what I wonder is, if that is the superficial ploy... what is beneath that? Disarming you so you think the whole idea of an ET darkside agenda is not real... then what if it is and you didn't lift a hand to stop them?

It's a world of smoke and mirrors. I don't think you can be too careful or too discerning...

click here for Fallling Skies if you missed it on tv :-)

June 6, 2011

Reposting of Jim Stone article on Fukushima.. Title: Did the Dimona Dozen murder the Fukushima 50?

click here to go to his site

click here to download .pdf of the material

Stuxnet & the Nuke

The above article is an excellent example of investigative journalism. I encourage everyone to read and distribute widely. In addition, according to my whistleblower sources, the nuke theory is correct. This was an intentional hit by some group in retribution against Japan for a nefarious purpose. Among other evidence outlined in that article, according to at least one source the target was an ET base underneath the Fukushima reactor.

Another interesting correlation is also this recent issue of Nexus Magazine that contains the following article entitled The CHANI Project: Computer Interfacing with Other Realms.

Click here to read the article for free on Godlike Productions where the RAND experiment was originally conducted.

Excerpt: ..."The CHANI Project
During the years 1994 to 1999, a group of researchers from an organization/corporation, which I will call RAND and Associates, or RA, had access to an underground CERN-like collider facility in Africa (the location is still classified). A contingent of AFRICOM security personnel was tasked with securing the base and, of course, keeping its location secret. The AFRICOM station commander made and supervised all the travel and accommodation arrangements for the team of researchers. They were closely watched 24/7.

Between those years, the researchers started receiving communications from an Entity who claimed to be from a parallel universe/dimension/timeline. A remarkable and groundbreaking interaction ensued. For a period of five years, researchers asked the Entity a series of over 20,000 questions and received answers to more than 95 per cent of questions asked. " -- End excerpt from article

What is crucial here is the apparent evidence of a link-up and contact with what appears to be a kind of AI operating in a parallel dimension. What is fascinating here is the STUXNET link to recent events outlined above with regard to the real story behind Fukushima and what the Chani writer says here in this excerpted section:

..."I mention this because, with the recent outbreak of the Stuxnet virus and the comments made by technicians, I can't help but feel uncomfortable with the similarities between the current Stuxnet outbreak and the "code" properties that the technicians discussed at the time of the CHANI–Y2K issue. That was in 2000; Stuxnet surfaced in 2010. A 10-year dormant period? I wonder, but that's a whole new conspiracy for another day." --end excerpted section The Chani Project

It would appear that indeed Stuxnet has resurfaced and in a much more diabolical way than anticipated. The question is, who took what appears on the outside to be a relatively positive, borderline, psi-op and reverse-engineered it into what is now surfacing as perhaps instrumental in the attack against Japan? And, if what they really have created or generated out of the initial contact with an AI is a weaponized version... who is currently responsible for authoring it? (If one follows the logic of the Jim Stone article then it is the Israelis but there is also no doubt that at least as far as the Stuxnet referred to in the mainstream media, that the U.S. is also involved)...And, among a few million other questions, has it perhaps taken on a 'life' of its own in our galaxy? Or who's running it.

And lastly, in regard to Stuxnet and it resurfacing in this current situation with regard to Fukushima... There are some interesting parallels to the Promis software story that need looking into. Again, good evidence of a software that is known to have population targeting and profiling capability... This alludes to the whole "octopus" saga, regarding the book, written by Cheri Seymour called "The Last Circle" and the death (murder) of journalist Danny Casolaro.

MORE ON JAPAN, FUKUSHIMA and the Changing of our Atmosphere on Earth

The other night I went to see the newest X-men movie, "X-men First Class" - highly recommended. What is said in passing during the movie is that radiation is what causes the mutants in the first place. Put that statement, alongside the recent intentional hit on Japan and the subsequent meltdowns of the reactors and an illuminati agenda of sinister portent emerges. We all know the principle often stated that 'radiation causes mutations' but have you considered the idea that it may not only cause negative or disfiguring types of mutations but what about the possibilitiy that it could also just as easily cause positive desirable mutations ie. superpowers in off-spring?

I would suggest that with the BP-oil spill (also apparently intentional and caused by a nuke according to my sources) and now the Fukushima disaster (see above)...our atmosphere and environment here on Earth, I am told, is purposely being re-engineered. In preparation not only for creating an environment more friendly to certain 'visitors' but also perhaps, with the intention to speed along the creation of a mutant species of humanity. Think about it. Of course, the X-men is the perfect advertisement for engineering humanity 2.0. But on the plus side, it also, at least subliminally, suggests that our differences are what make us unique and that uniqueness is not to be hidden but rather augmented and accepted in the spirit in which it was given, ie. as our most unusual aspects of each of us are our most highly prized qualities and should be seen as such.

With the above in mind, consider also the China-gate scenario mentioned by James Casbolt in his latest interview with Miles Johnston (not sure why he isn't credited as the interviewer) (to be found on the site of Alfred Webre)... Added note: I met Miles in Glastonbury recently, where he had come after having just interviewed Camelot witness, John Urwin... At any rate, Casbolt says that Fukushima is the result of what he termed 'Battle of China Gates". Click here for the POST he made on the Avalon Forum back in 2008 about the Mark Richard's story as related by his wife Jo-ann. Note: Mark Richards is serving time in jail for what may be a frame-up after his involvement in what he said was a firefight in the underground base at Dulce.

I do not yet know why Casbolt refers us to the China-gate story in relation to the Fukushima disaster but it seems to bear at least some relationship to info from my own sources in regard to the target being an underground ET base under at least one of the reactors.

Although the above seems convoluted and no doubt hard to believe, it is this kind of cross-correlation without disgarding any clues or leads that one must do in order to get close to the truth of what is really going on here on Earth at this time.

May 28, 2011

More Egyptian Discoveries - robot explorer finds mysterious markings

click here for article

First of all, if it is hitting the mainstream news now, keep in mind with regard to the goings on reported by my previous interviews with the Giza Geomatrix team from the past year or two, that the PTB have very likely been aware of these finds (yes and the 17 "new" pyramids) for some time. They only inform the public when they want the public to know for some nefarious purpose. So why now? This is what you must ask yourselves.. Please do look beneath the surface of these recent announcements and understand that something is up and it is not what it seems. There has been a concentrated effort to redirect people away from the pyramids (especially the Middle Pyramid or Chephren's pyramid). They are also working on (if Zahi Hawass has his way) not allowing people inside the pyramids at all. Put this together with the suspicious movements after dark, removing antiquities from underground passages etc. and you have a very dubious picture of what is really going on in Egypt. Add to that an uprising that was triggered by the, according to Antoine Gigal, well known Egyptologist, release by the authorities of the prisoners just before the uprising... And the picture that emerges is one of subterfuge, misdirects, coercion and deception.

There is, as I have said many times, no doubt that in this and coming years, a special focus on power places such as Giza and the pyramids while the Earth is transiting the galactic center and the wave of energy coming into our planet is increased. Stargates are being re calibrated. Some are opening and some are closing by virtue of the shifting magnetic pole and this is not accidental. What this signifies for the Earth and humanity is not completely clear or likely even fully known but it is definitely factoring in with what is going on with regard to new wars in various places (Libya etc), triggered uprisings and military occupations with countries where these stargates exist. Stay tuned with this in mind when hearing about new archeological findings, new wars, revolts and construction as well as any concentration of military hardware on any parts of the globe going forward.

May 27, 2011


Again, who benefits from having DSK (Dominque Strauss-Kahn) forced out? Apparently, the word is that he was a good possibility for the next French President and he was moving to regulate banks and according to a source, he was in essence trying to 'raid the US dollar to save the Euro". This is the real reason for the so-called sex scandal. Considering that these guys are regularly given access not only to top call girls but black magic rituals using children etc. The fact that he was targeted by a public scandal which forced him out indicates he lost favor with those behind the scenes who run the IMF....Rothschilds anyone?

However, it is also clear that whoever concocted the sex scandal was playing on a prior weakness (see wikipedia for history) in this regard... and that the U.S. certainly benefits from his removal. The question here is, whether in this instance we have the Rothschild-Bush syndicate working hand in hand on this or whether the Bush syndicate managed to intercede with the scandal in order to short-circut moves on the part of the IMF that would not be beneficial to the dollar or keeping Sarkozy in power.

It is also notable that Strauss-Kahn came out on the documentary INSIDE JOB with some clearly damning comments about the banksters here in the U.S. and their part in the financial crisis...

From Wikipedia:

...."Strauss-Kahn made comments that could be perceived as critical of global financial actors, in an interview for a documentary about the Late-2000s financial crisis, Inside Job (2010). He said he had attended a dinner organised by former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson in which several CEOs of 'the biggest banks in the U.S' had admitted they (or perhaps bankers in general) were 'too greedy' and bore part of the responsibility for the crisis. They said the government " 'should regulate more, because we are too greedy, we can't avoid it.' " Strauss-Kahn said he warned the officials of a number of departments of the U.S. government of an impending crisis. He also said: "At the end of the day, the poorest – as always – pay the most."[33]"--Wikipedia

click here for an RT youtube report on the IMF scandal and comments by former Assistant Treasury Secretary, Paul Craig Roberts. If you pay attention you will note he is revealing he knows that DSK was targeted and taken down.

April 30, 2011

The Radiation issue and the Russian advances in Cancer research

Many people are very concerned over the whole issue of radiation due to the meltdown of the Japanese reactors. So I wanted to put forward a few ideas along these lines for your consideration.

First of all, there are differing views on the amount of radiation going around the globe right now. Some are measuring the levels as being very high and others say the readings are lower and not at dangerous levels. This in itself is rather interesting. Apparently, there are some who are saying that the instruments globally are being skewed -- messed with by ET groups (set higher than actual) in order to mislead people into a fear based frame of mind... those ET or alien races who feed off such emotions that is... others are saying that the actual readings are lower and that off-planet races are working to dissipate and handle the radiation so we not affected by the fall-out. Obviously this is hard to verify in any way...

Aside from that confusion, there is the issue of how we react to radiation. From my perspective as you become more self aware and fully enlightened, you are more in the place of deciding what will and won't affect you.. in all ways. And you can either attract or repel radiation just as you would anything else. It's all a matter of how you view it. So in order to get into this frame of mind, you simply have to put your consciousness into a place of neither attracting or repelling but simply doing neither. And the affect will be nil upon you.

In addition to this concept is to keep in mind what has been learned about cancer and indeed all forms of disease. And that is that dis-ease is only allowed into your body if you decide you need it for some reason. It is caused to become entrenched due to unresolved feelings such as anger, resentment and so on. Once you recognize this relation to dis-ease then you find the way to deal with such is to work on and resolve the emotional issues and mental blocks that preceded the condition and thereby eliminate the cause.

Another thing that comes to mind is some information we heard while interviewing Valery Uvarov in Russia back in 2009. click here for the interview

If memory serves, during this interview he talked with us about some discoveries the Russians had made around cancer and a technique for healing it... I can't remember whether this was on or off-camera. But he said that what they had found was that cancer was primarily found to arise in older people who had led a sort of advanced lifestyle where they had begun to eat healthy, exercise and do all the right things including meditate and so on. But that the strange thing that happened was that those people who are around 60 or older would reach a kind of brick wall, where their physicality would suddenly react and rebel against the higher frequency vibrations and develop cancer. It was as if the body couldn't deal with the higher frequency for a prolonged period of time and so would break down and develop cancer to slow itself down. It was in a state of resistance.

So what they did was, they built 9 pyramids outside the city of St. Petersburg. They did this for more than one reason, but almost by accident they found that if they sent the cancer patients into the pyramids to meditate for a certain number of days... I forget how long, they would be cured or show marked recovery. What seemed to happen is that the combination of intense meditation for days, or weeks, would allow the body to re balance itself. I saw it as the body was perhaps recalibrating itself so it could adjust itself to the higher vibration. And so the person was cured. It's as if the body was able with the assistance of the pyramid shape to overcome a kind of hurdle or block in its ability to handle a certain level of frequency.

Anyway, this is food for thought in terms of how some people might deal with the rise in radiation levels globally and see how any advent of cancer be eliminated.

Lastly, I think there is an additional way of viewing this situation that could be helpful. And that is to widen ones consciousness, metaphorically speaking, to where, you are no longer fixed in the 3D material world but instead put yourself into a state of consciousness whereby you are able to inhabit consciously the 4th and even 5th dimensions simultaneously, as we do anyway unknowingly... Doing this consciously will enable you to be nonlocal in a way that will make the affects of the 3D much less impactful to where the physical becomes more ethereal and less solid. This is a state of mind that will be necessary as we move into the next few years in order to best handle the changing vibrational rate and still maintain physical form. Of course assuming you have a fully formed 'light body' you will be able to do this with no problem and ultimately, you can leave behind the physical completely and proceed with the light body alone into the next dimension and density.

April 23, 2011

Over the last day or so I was made aware of the discussion going on, on Benjamin Fulford's blog found here. I was already a member but had only been reading Ben's articles not following the discussion below. However, I had some time after the DOS attacks yesterday and so I took the opportunity to read and then post a few comments of my own there.

I am reposting here for my readers one of my last comments that took the form of an article I entitled, "How to Make a Revolution"... (special note: I refer to "Caleb" and "OBH" those are user names of a couple people who post to Ben's blog.

How to Make a Revolution…

Hi all,

Caleb…thanks for posting segments from some of my recent articles here on this blog. However, those articles were written several weeks ago prior to me posting here on this blog. I trust this clarifies my position for OBH and others… I stand on my earlier statements made above…. If necessary I will repost them later.

To clarify:

1. OBH – I meant no disrespect by saying you were an older indigo… that was simply the energy signature I was reading. Some people call themselves indigo and are younger than say 50… however there are also older indigos out there. Some prefer the term Starseeds… At any rate I was simply commenting that you would be one of the older ones in my view. Apparently, by your response, I was correct. That was purely my psychic take on you. Again, nothing wrong with the term older…

2. As I said… we (myself and the White Hats) have had many debates..
And again, my view is that the settlements will never be granted unless those in the position to grant them (did someone say Bush,Sr.?) decide it fits in with their agenda. I can’t imagine you would disagree with that statement. Unfortunately, I believe this is where the agenda of Bush SR et al gets hard to discern… other than we know they want to eliminate 2/3rds of the population among other things.

3. White Hats – I noticed another post of yours OBH refers to the Bush photos with white hats etc. You are missing the point here… A later reference to white hats (in our history) comes from whistleblowers from black projects who wished to refer in some way to the cross agency/org individuals who are working on behalf of humanity while disguised as black hats within that world. The term White Hats is appropriate but does not refer back to any shenanigans of the Bushes with their hats etc. The fact is, using language is problematic enough and historical usage of terms often change.
A similar smear campaign was put out there by some determined disinfo agents wanting to take down Project Camelot… By attempting to make it appear as though our Project Camelot was the same as the older usage of this name by some nefarious government agency with a dark agenda. And yet originally Camelot comes from of course, the Arthurian legend… and this is what our choice of the name for our “project” was inspired by. I happened to be aware that black projects often preceded CODE NAMES of secret projects with the word “project” and I had also just written a screenplay that I called “PROJECT MOONDUST” … so while Bill and I were meeting in Tintagel, one of the said homes of King Arthur we wanted to use the name CAMELOT because of the roundtable where all were equal because we intended to battle the hierarchy in society ultimately through revealing truth, by filming testimony from those from black projects…. so PROJECT CAMELOT seemed like the perfect name. Besides, we knew getting a website named Camelot by itself would never fly since there would be no urls available…. So that’s how the name came about. You can I hope see how use of language, and especially naming things, is easily confusing and misleading.

Finally, the fact that the White Hats are working to achieve the Global Settlements will not solve our problems… their agenda in focusing on this is very short term… It does not address what to do with the Federal Reserve. From what I understand they plan to reveal where all the bodies are buried, so to speak, eventually. However, stabilizing the dollar is only a first step, from their pov.

I think one can attack this problem of saving the world for humanity in a number of ways… some short term gestures may be helpful or maybe not.

It’s like when you look at how to create a revolution in the masses… even radicals will tell you it may actually be better to have a repressive regime in order to stimulate real unrest in the population, than to have some middle of the road regime. Because the more moderate approach is less likely to stimulate a rebellion and therefore doesn’t actually suit the ultimate purpose of the radical and yet, it seems a contradiction because in reality, the middle of the road regime does have some elements in it that would seem to reflect what the so-called radical or revolutionary really is seeking to put in place.
In this case, with the White Hats, we have the reverse of the above. What I mean is, they are attempting small steps, if you will, rather than the grander sweeping gestures that Benjamin is suggesting. And while I don’t agree with the ’small step’ approach –being a radical at heart, I do understand their ultimate agenda. Which is, if they are being truthful, to save the union… that is, the U.S. as a viable state. Just because one is a patriot and believes their country should remain an intact entity does not automatically mean they want it to continue along the way it has been going.

What they seem to want is to rescue the immediate situation… and then set about putting the house in order.
To that end, what I see is us wanting the same things… peace, prosperity for all and a glorious future for the planet. How we go about getting there is the question on the table.

Best wishes to all,
Project Camelot
and yes, this is the real Kerry Cassidy

originally posted to the comments section of Benjamin Fulford's blog at

April 11, 2011

Energy Wars: the Real Game-Changer

Evidence appears to be mounting that the earthquake in Japan was if not triggered then escalated in size during a particular window of opportunity caused by a hyperdimensional configuration (see my radio show with Keith Hunter for more on this factor)...

Regarding the Honshu area of Japan, if you look back at earthquakes over the past year you will see how very active that particular area had been prior to the 9.0 earthquake. What this indicates to me is that this was a weakness that could have been targeted and exploited within a certain 'window of opportunity' presented by energetics that involve the sun.

If this were a murder (and evidence mounts that it was in essence a mass-murder) then you could say opportunity was present and the only question left is motive. The summation below of Fulford's material leads one to suspect at least one motive but this is still not fully clear. I have been querying my sources on this aspect of things.

If the motive was propelled by some aspect of economics or financial gain then the question remains 'who benefits'. What hasn't been brought up so far but what has come to me intuitively in this incident with Japan as well as the Christchurch earthquake is the fact that here on this planet in a wider sense we are engaged in Energy Wars... And at root there are at least 2 (and probably more see water and food as two more recent elements in the game) major interests at work: the nuclear industry and the petroleum/oil industry.

Looking over the history of Japan in terms of the ingenuity and brilliance of the Japanese people and surveying the playing field for zero point/free energy around the world, it seems very likely to me that Japan, being a small country at the mercy of other countries for access to energy, would, behind the scenes be focusing on the development of free energy. Their record as leading edge entrepreneurs in all fields but especially the technical is well documented. Therefore I would say behind all the smoke and mirrors of payments and extortion is a much more compelling reason for the targeting... namely, if Japan were to be contemplating a retreat from involvement with Old World energy and be moving toward using free energy this is where a real motive for the targeting begins to make sense.

Granted, this is only speculation on my part. However, when people talk about money being a reason for actions on the level of the secret world government cabal's actions I think they are missing the point. In my view, there is no need for them to operate by and for money alone... Money is simply the means of exchange, a by-product of their actions. At the level we are talking about, money can be printed, stolen and is being made in quantities only dreamt of in things like drug wars and of course off oil and control over resources...The real intention must be centered around something more primary... Energy. When all is said and done -- the real war going on is around forms of energy. And through our work in Camelot when you sift through the massive topics and confusion surrounding ufos, ET visitation, power games and wars conducted both on and off this planet by the secret government in collusion with various ET races... it all comes down to energy. The focus becomes namely who holds the reigns on forms of energy. This is where their power resides, in the ability to manipulate the game through control of energy. Zero-point or free energy (that many would argue is not actually 'free) is what it all comes down to.

There is no doubt about the suppression being exercised over free energy on the planet right now. This is the elephant in the room or the dirty little secret. And as free energy activitists and inventors worldwide will tell you, this is the one thing that can get you killed.

I cite numerous whistleblower testimony on this from our witnesses including ex-astronaut Brian O'Leary who has done extensive work on this topic and written a book about it called, The Energy Revolution, Henry Deacon (aka Arthur Neumann), Jake Simpson, Wade Frazier, George Green, Rich Dolan and Michael Schratt... As well as Gordon Novel and Steven Greer. It's all about free energy and keeping this technology out of the hands of the masses and forcing them to live in an old paradigm economy of limitation based around oil and nuclear energy... As every one of these witnesses know, the minute you introduce free energy into the mix the entire game changes. Out the door go both nuclear energy and petroleum/oil industries... and starvation and the domination integral to a system that runs on a model based on deprivation, that is, the haves vs. the have-nots. Without this polarized model of limitation, power games become obsolete. And the powers-that-wish-they could stay in power but are losing the game due to the rapid expansion of consciousness, know this better than anyone.

Alex Collier predicted the current situation with Japan

In this clip from 1995 Alex Collier talks about plans the secret government had for sinking of Japan...unearthed by David Farman of Alienshift.

click here to listen

Overview of Benjamin Fulford's Evidence of Haarp or EMP induced Earthquake in Japan

click here to review

February 14, 2011


The 'Dirty Low-Down'

Whereas I enjoy the White Hat Reports from the standpoint of a 'follow the money' mentality, and I believe that the people behind those reports sincerely believe that 'settlements' and re-establishing a firm foundation for the financial system of the U.S. will keep the tiger from the door. However, the problem I have is that financial corruption is the story of the decade and probably a lot longer... in government. Most people if you really asked them would say most, if not all politicians are 'on the take'. To find out the details of how using certain financial programs and 'clubs' and making money out of nothing is all very fine.. but harping on all of this won't change the system and it won't, in my view keep the tiger (NWO) from swallowing the U.S. whole.

So what's to be done? What I suggest is that without good intel your group has nothing to offer the people that isn't already out there. Because like it or not you need the people behind you if you are really serious about changing anything. And so, assuming it's the people that you are trying to reach it seems to me you are going about this in the wrong way.

First of all, decide who your audience is... and if your audience is a global one and if you want as many people to wake up to the sad truth "the dirty low-down" as Boz Scaggs would say, then I think you need to rethink your approach.

Attacking a figure-head like Obama, or even the usual suspects, Bill & Hilary Clinton, the Bushes et al is nothing new and doesn't raise an eyebrow in the current climate of earth changes, magnetic pole shifts and consciousness raising events.

What is needed is to go deeper. If you want to attract supporters and raise awareness you need to offer more than simply the crass follow the money but let's still keep the same old rich men rich and keep the corrupt financial system afloat a little longer in order to maintain our comfortable American way of life. This doesn't sell in this era of 2012 and the awakening of the masses.

What you need is to put forth a clear analysis from a deeper level of why the corruption is allowed to happen and by who... not using the usual suspects in the way you are now targeting them. You need to talk about the real roots of their power... Where is it coming from?Why isn't the Rothschild NWO something that works for the U.S.? Because at root most people reading your reports just say to themselves.. yeah this is just the same power structure wanting to prolong it's inevitable demise. And for what? For a few more years of comfort during which they continue to line their own pockets and support a secret government that is siphoning off our hard earned money, using drug money and all the other typically corrupt financial instruments to keep their space race alive.. and their dominance of the planet by the way.

So if you truly are White Hats and not just in-fighters from within the inner circles of the beltway, as they say, then I suggest you come forward with information that blows the lid off the game. That information could be where the real money goes, what's really going on in black projects, why we need them and what they are really fighting for and who!

Why should we support you? What do you offer beyond the same old platitudes we have all heard for a 100 years? Who are you guys really?

Otherwise, frankly, I would say these reports make great cocktail party chit-chat around Washington and maybe in the board rooms of Texas but they don't really address the real problem and they offer nothing new to approach finding a hole in the cloud cover that ever surrounds this beautiful blue planet of ours. The sleeping giant is waking up and nothing you can do will stop that. So are you with us or against us? And if you are with us, then what do you really have to offer?

Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Project Camelot

February 14, 2011
Happy Valentines Day

February 11, 2011

I wrote the following several weeks ago and sent it to Bill. I wanted him to be aware of my pov of what he is doing. I have held off publishing it until now because I did not want it to appear I was attacking him. Whereas, I love Bill as a friend and comrade in this struggle, the present situation calls for a deeper look into the psychology of why they chose him for their 'operation' and what vulnerabilities they are targeting. There is no doubt that this is an operation most likely coming out of Tavistock or at the very least being closely monitored by them. This is written in hopes of revealing a bit of the truth behind the "image" some have simply because it is so needed at this time when many are being led astray, in my view.

The Perils of Resistance or How Do You Talk to a Murderer?

My formal reply to the recent Commentary video statement from Bill Ryan of Project Avalon

The latest Commentary and "Interview" with Charles, the assassin/fixer turned representative and protector of Bill Ryan is frought with problems.  Which is why my latest response was to cite the film "Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb".  The key to the dilemma here is understanding what Bill Ryan is doing in relation to the job of an interviewer and investigative reporter.  The problem is that he is neither.  His approach to Charles and the 33 has been to perform a service.  In his chosen role, he has placed himself in the position of becoming the ideal "student" and "auditor" rolled into one.

What do I mean by auditor?  Because Bill has spent around 30 years studying and being audited as part of his immersion into Scientology -- by way of a break-off group called Ron's Org. this is what he has learned to do.  He has never studied to be a journalist... Nor has he actually studied to be a leader of a revolution of any kind.  And this is crucial to understanding how he approached his role when Charles and the 33 approached him.  It is necessary to also state that "they" would have accurately assessed that this is his background and therefore know exactly how he would perform.

Why is this a problem?  Because as an ideal "student" and "auditor" Bill sees his role as not one to question except to further elucidate or explain what it is "they" or his interview subject is trying to convey.  That's it.  In his view, he is there to "learn" and "understand" what is being said.  

And this, is what he therefore thinks anyone who interviews him (or anyone else for that matter) should also do, by the way.  He is not there, in his own view, to really question or analyze from the perspective of a journalist... an investigative journalist... His job, as he sees it, is simply there to absorb and report.  He becomes, for the purposes of his time with Charles and by default therefore with the 33--a blank slate.  And this is the reason for my sarcasm.  

Instead of bringing the vast amount of background and knowledge he has to the table in dialog and interchange with Charles, he shelves that in favor of making himself pliable and comforting.  In other words, an auditor.  You could view an auditor as being similar to a therapist.  They will listen, not interrupt or even really participate actively in any way...other than to help the person reveal what it is they want to say.  They facilitate.  They encourage even.

Why is this a problem?  Because that is not what, in my view, is needed here.  Whereas, one could certainly make a case that Charles and indeed the 33 could use all the therapy they can get... The role of Project Camelot and presumably, by default Project Avalon (Bill's Half)... is not just to bring information to the people but to analyze new information in light of what is already "known".  And to question in order to get to the bottom of a mystery.  

And this is where Bill and I depart ways.  Because for Bill, listening sympathetically and reporting information is something he does well and what he has been taught to do.  But this is not sufficient for the task at hand.  Why?  Because in this arena, where humans are put into a situation where in essence the jailhouse guards and self-appointed rulers are suddenly accessible to dialog, his approach falls drastically short of anything the least bit satisfying to the needs of the situation.  There is no sense in any of Bill's material with relation to Charles... that he is able to compare and contrast with say, our previous witness testimony, historical knowledge, or show any sense of being able to spot an inherent contradiction in the material, when faced with the facile (and highly questionable) statements from Charles in respect to the 33 and their supposed position and point of view.

This is not helpful to solving our problem or indeed to saving the 2/3rds of the human race from the planned GENOCIDE.  Yes, boys and girls, what the viewer knows (or at least a good portion of our enlightened audience knows) is that Charles represents the group that has (if they are who they say they are and not just 33 very rich, deluded, old white men) the button in their hand to throw the switch to eliminate 2/3rds of the human race.  GENOCIDE in a scale beyond what even your average run-of-the-mill genocide involves.  

And here we have Bill, sweetly placing himself into his role as polite and mannered "auditor" and unquestioning student.  Doesn't this strike you as a bit odd?  Certainly Houston, we have a problem.  Because planet Earth is at the brink and the men at the controls are very likely jumping for joy, because they have just 'acquired' their target (to use a military term)... one of the leaders in the resistance.  Alas, my partner in Camelot, an organization that has been at the forefront of the information revolution and awakening for the masses.  We are the resistance.  Our job is to save the world.  In my view, if this were a Terminator movie, then we are Sarah Connors and her son.  We are supposed to be, yes, Mulder and Scully of the X-Files.  In my view, our mission is to be among those that lead the investigation discover humanity's destiny, not just to file it away on a shelf, but to use that information to reveal the Controllers, OZ behind the curtain and in so doing, disempower them.

And this is why we have been a threat and why we now have a big problem.  In getting alongside them by way of Charles, Bill has become their scribe.  Just as the mainstream media has become the scribe of the Controllers... Workers in their massive publicity machine, informing the masses of their intentions, and even, rationalizing those intentions using the Illuminati's own rationale for what they intend to do.  Which is again, massacre over time,... fully 2/3rds of the population this planet.

So why is he doing this?  Has he lost his mind, has he been programmed?  I imagine, knowing him as well as I do, that he thinks he is being clever.  In placing himself in this subservient and pliable role he is learning their methods and information in order to later turn around and use it against them.  This is most likely his plan, if he has bothered to have one.
Unfortunately, it won't work... In fact, it has already failed.  Why?  Because in allowing himself to be co-opted he has furthered their agenda.  

It may be that he hopes, that in becoming their docile apprentice he will be granted access to their secret abode, and then be granted audience to them, at which time he will try to argue for the lives of the 2/3rds of the human race.  Unfortunately, his chances of success are nil.  Why is that?

Well, this goes back to who exactly these 33 are... to of course bloodlines.
Most likely, these 33 are the descendants of the original Reptilian-Human Hybrids that came to this planet from the Sirius galaxy... planet Sirius B, if I understand it correctly.  And their plan has always been to take over planet Earth and to dominate it and rule according to the principles of their forefathers... more a reptilian agenda than a human one.

And there is no way, they are going to move off that agenda, without a fight.
And this is why, we need Bill to remember his mission, remember what he has learned as part of years of investigation as half of Project Camelot and to continue to help lead the Resistance to the Controllers.  

And maybe, even in time, to learn what being an investigative reporter really entails and next time he is approached by a witness or assassin from the dark side, manage to reveal the information while at the same time keeping the context in mind and asking the good questions that reveal the method behind the madness and not to be co-opted or cross the fine line between inquiry and agreement.

In the spirit of the resistance,


February 5, 2011

What do you do when friends and allies fall for the "V" configuration?

Because that's what we are looking at with the Charles Material as Charles self appointed master who "sheds his skin", we are told, dictates his moves. And meanwhile Charles churns out the same information that has been out there all along.. giving it just enough twist to make the "followers" think they are getting the real thing. And then on top of it.. these 'chosen' few on Avalon are now being told they are part of the 'new world' building a new society.... all made possible by Charles courtesy of his "master" who has supposedly broken away from the 33 (same number used to designate the Committee of the Majority in Majestic/Sion... by the way) of not-necessarily-world -rulers but something related to that -- aptly vague... using Charles as their main liaison?

Why can't they see the Reptilian Agenda? Why don't they get that they are being sold a bill of goods? What's the bait?

During these times you have to carefully consider who it is you are supporting and where they are leading you. Covert threats and ritualistic behaviors are key signals that you are dealing with a Reptilian race. To say nothing of the Nazi protocols having already referred to that in my previous post. Pay attention, learn discernment. At some point you have to choose.

[recently posted on Camelot Forum here under Kerry's Forum: new topic.

January 28, 2011

The Aryan Philosophy Under the Charles Material

Within the constant references to Charles' friend or "master" as he calls him... is the Nazi philosophy of eugenics. He is simply conditioning those who bother to listen to what "they" are planning for you. Survival of the fittest and the rest of it. The agenda has not changed from the days of Hitler and this man is one of their useful puppets. Unfortunately Bill has been deceived as well. His achilles heel is a paternalistic promise of regard and false flattery. Works every time. Take away the flattery and he will soon cease to follow.

Beware. This is not the reality of the future. These people that Charles represents are scheming for their lives. They have no choice. Their days are numbered and they know it. They are not your masters. Wake up! Their only hope is a race of robots they are busily creating... and inviting in to take over what remains of this planet after the shift.


Keep on kissing their asses on your knees and you will find yourselves slaves of a race that views you with even less regard than the ones you thought were your "masters".

January 6, 2011


Given that this interview was a sort of man in the street conversation that does not address some of the deeper issues raised... I feel one statement in particular needs to be addressed.

"'Charles has explained that the extraterrestrial race who initiated this project are letting everything unfold with a philosophy of non-interference." This statement is at the beginning of Bill Ryan's interview with Charles (not his real name) an assassin who was sent to kill Bill or "deal with" him who changed his mind and has since become a sort of representative of what he calls the 33 people who rule the world at least as far as in conducting this dialog with the so-called alternative community. I feel we need to look closer at the above statement.

First of all, the statement is purposely vague. Who "initiated this project" meaning the human race 'project'? A huge question. And I cannot begin to answer it here. Nor do I have all the information. At the moment, I don't know, whether the 33 who call themselves the 'rulers of this Earth' are even aware of the true beginnings of humanity. I do know that there is evidence that the human experiment had more than one beginning on this planet. And was wiped out and restarted several times. Possibly by different ET races. And that it may have started on other planets. I also know that the version of human currently on this planet is a mixture of many genetic experiments (interference) by many ET races. Not the least was what Sitchin referred to as the Anunnaki.

For the best overview of the various experimentations that have taken place on this planet with regard to humanity the Voyager series by Ashayana Deane seems to have the most detailed information. At this point, however, we have a problem. Given that many of us are in touch with various ET races, some through channeling, some through face to face dialog and some through other means such as electronic downloads etc. One may assume that unless the 33 we are talking about here are not human but representatives of the ETs, that they too, are interacting with various ET races in the same ways. Maybe face to face mostly? At that point, assuming they are human and not ET then one must assume they are dealing with at least one race of ETs face to face (more or less) or more. So it comes as a given that they (the 33) are in dialog with and working with the dark, service to self ETs. Why? Because they themselves are, obviously, as seen by the way they run this world, dark. It is expressly clear they aren't listening to the "light side" or the results here on planet Earth would be manifestly different.

However, the problem is we don't know what it is the so-called 33 know and what they don't know. We can however estimate at the very least their understanding of where humanity started goes back to the deep Abzu and the altering of our DNA to limit our development by the Anunnaki. The apparent idea being that we developed so rapidly that we were going to out-populate and evolve beyond the Anunnaki themselves and therefore they would lose power over the humans.. so they dumbed them down. This at least can be understood and the evidence is clear... Our mis-named 'junk' DNA being an indicator of this.

However, in dealing with the interview by Bill Ryan one has to look at the above statement and then give the ET race alluded to in that statement, a name and a face. Needless to say, the statement was too general. But taking it at face value we can make a few basic points. If we assume, the ET race being referred to is those designated as the Anunnaki then we at least have a starting point.

So we need to figure out who the 33 think 'started this experiment'. And whether, the 33 and by default us, are created in their image ie. whether the ET progenitor race used their own DNA to create us or whether they simply started the experiment using DNA from other races/species. I suggest we ask them what they think they know about this... unfortunately at this point, the answer is not forthcoming. Of course the question has been out there for millions of years plaguing humanity.... But I digress. ..

Assuming again, that this time around, the Anunnaki used their own DNA, then we have a Progenitor race and we are their descendants, as are, in theory the 33. But here again you get into more difficulty because the 33 are-- unless they are pure one ET race or another, made up of different strains of DNA just as all of us are.. Even if they are Reptilian and human. If they are human that is still a hybrid... and in regard to the Reptilian side we have, for example, the Reptilian-Anunnaki hybrids. So one cannot even make the statement that the ETs that started this experiment have a policy of non-interference. The evidence is to the contrary because if their current administrators (the 33) are still influenced by them, worship them (!) or follow them.. then by default they are still interfering if only through their descendents. However, we know that the 33 are influenced and we know they are most likely running things a certain way, by the evidence around us, money and bloodlines being their ticket in to their positions... and so on...

But, if I take the premise of the interview with Charles at face value that he is actually a representative of the 33 who really do 'rule the world'. Then what do we have? Well if I rule the world I have armies with black technology that includes free energy, interstellar space travel, bases on Mars and the moon, underground bases here on Earth that comprise whole cities if not nations... since I have all the money I am responsible for starvation, deprivation you name it...I allow it not only that I 'dictate' it and so on. When I say jump all these minions (and governments) in theory jump or I bring pressure to bear in one form or another sometimes in the guise of this man "Charles"....

So given this to be the case.... I am responsible therefore, for the secrecy going back decades, for the wars that are orchestrated by me and my minions, for the famine, the disease and the current state of the planet (not good)...because I have kept the technology and the heritage belonging to the human race secret from them.

I have for example free access to all the deep recesses in the Vatican Library where supposedly much of the truth in written form if it exists at all, resides. I made sure of this because whenever a new discovery was made or ancient text discovered I made sure to spirit it away into my catacombs without it falling into the hands of the masses. I have killed with impunity anyone who 'knew too much' or attempted to usurp my power... and so on.

These rulers are aware of and in charge of the decision made when the 2 ET races (one service to self and the other service to others) met with Eisenhower and we chose to do business with the negative ETs in exchange for technology and let the Greys (who work for the Nordics and Reptilians) continue abductions to create a grey-human hybrid among other things...

As rulers of the earth with black technology, etc presumably I have met with several ET races, my scientists work alongside several races and I am also instructing my military to shoot down the ships of ETs we are at war with.... etc.

So if this man Charles represents the 33... and they are indeed the rulers of this world...then they are dark, dark, power over others, service to self, magicians of the blackest of the black... in essence those known as Dark Lords.

And with this in mind, let's go back to the interview and see just how the questions and answers took place in this interview and see whether any of it makes any real sense. What will be clear from the outset is that so much is not asked, gone unchallenged and unanswered that the only suggestion I can make is that another interview be conducted and this time, prepare the questions for the Dark Lords you wish to address. Because, although we got some of Charles' personal back story we still have heard little of consequence and nothing new so far...

Oh, and by the way, word came back to me that the 33 were not happy with my prior statement. You should tell them that actually I am not at all happy with them either. In fact I am downright pissed-off about it...

You wanna talk? Let's talk.

Go to my previous post Fighting the Good Fight on January 2, 2010.

January 2, 2011


a review by Kerry Lynn Cassidy from Project Camelot of The Rulers of the World interview by Bill Ryan

May the best 'man' win? Is that where this is at? With the recent interview released by Bill Ryan the questions that arise are many.

According to a Source, 'Charles" is not telling the truth when he says the nuclear option is off the table. They substantiate this by referencing recent nuclear tests by France and clandestine nuclear tests that are likely going on underground in India and elsewhere. It is of course highly desirable that be the case. The shutdown of the minutemen missiles documented by Robert Salas and other recent disclosure witnesses at the National Press Club would seem to support this idea. The trouble is, the data is conflicting.

So what else about what is talked about in the interview with Charles, is questionable, in either the lack of clear information or the obfuscation of the material? The clearest statement seems to be in relation to the threat from GMO foods. The garnering of control over the seeds. But this is old news and well known in the alternative community. Monsanto and other companies have been working hard to push that agenda. The names of these companies are out there. Why the huge resistance and warning against stating the obvious? Of course who controls the seeds and the lack of heritage seeds in circulation obviously narrows the controls over those who produce the crops... And the dumbing down and weakening of immune systems and possibly a multitude of other detrimental effects all point to a very damning conclusion so much so that various European countries have simply banned the use of GMO seeds. Again this is known.

So what is going on here? This man appears to have had an interaction with some kind of AI or possibly mind control to where his original 'program' was modified so that he becomes more an agent provocateur than an outright assassin. Maybe this is just a natural trajectory. It stands to reason that bumping people off and making their lives miserable if they don't toe the line can be a very disheartening way to exist. It might even give one cancer or some incurable disease. Working for the dark side is not good for ones health it would appear.

But from what I know, this person, though it is not revealed on the screen, has gone through a kind of Jason Bourne type of experience... Where his insubordination was punished...yet he survived. From the interview we know that somehow he has managed to convince his handlers that turning him--using him to start a dialog with the 'alternative community' as we are called, is apparently considered a worthwhile exercise or experiment.

And so, he steps forward and does the interview with my partner in Camelot, Bill Ryan. To quote from my recent article called "Wikileaks: The Magus in Deep Black" ..."But those behind the scenes in this surveillance society, the ones who call themselves Magus, who manipulate the effects of the truly courageous actions of the bright stars, diamonds in the rough, under their Control, cannot be ignored. It is necessary that we go deeper into the black, what some would call, above black, to discover the real war being fought."

Indeed this is the real question. Unfortunately this recent interview does little to reveal anything more about the Controllers. The info about UFO's being shot down is also old news. No one, at least no one I know, believed they crossed solar systems to crash from mechanical failures! We know they have been shot down. Particle beam weapons, scaler technology, some early radar based, laser technology from Wilhelm Reich... this is all out there. Indeed the truth is out there. Even this witness agrees.

So what about the "laughter surrounding the 2012" issue? How can this remain a joke when in the next breath he talks about the uncontrollable Sun and the sensibleness of establishing an out of the way 'farm' to prepare for what the future may bring. Starvation is clearly part of the agenda... So storing food in underground bases, out of the way of the dreaded solar CMEs doesn't sound funny any longer. And of course this is what governments are also doing. Why is he contradicting himself one wonders. Unless of course one realizes that is the modus operandi for agents. There is obviously a recognition of the need to throw some truth into the mix, such as the binary system (yes we know this) and modular space craft (yes) in with misdirection and flattery.

So what is the flattery involved and what does it mean? Unfortunately, like any good love affair the implication is that Bill 'turned his head' and made him rethink his priorities. Of course as charming as Bill is, this is still too much to believe. And this is one of the glaring problems within the body of the piece. Acknowledged that it is lonely at the top or close to it, especially when one is a lone gunman.. Finding a fine rapport with an individual of good intellect is albeit encouraging and even gratifying. But does it change the agenda?

Bill states "'Charles has explained that the extraterrestrial race who initiated this project are letting everything unfold with a philosophy of non-interference." This is patently untrue. Evidence to the contrary is everywhere. It does not square with Bob Dean's assertion that the Anunnaki are walking the halls of the Pentagon. Presumably doing more than just 'strolling'. Or Wendell Stevens, the laudable researcher who recently passed on, and who, just before he died, said to his good friend, Bob Dean, that there is no doubt that the Anunnaki are ruling this Earth.

And so, we have what Charles is calling the "Fair contest". Sorry there is no fairness involved here. On the contrary. This game is rigged. Very much so. Since the beginning. Rule by secrecy is what they call it.

When Bill told me about his interaction with Charles I asked him to read a rather old and forgotten book but one that made a great impression on me when I was around 12. Yes, I was young and rather adventurous when it came to reading material. The book is called THE MAGUS by John Fowles. I encourage everyone who hasn't to read it before finding out what happens at the end. Because it is in the journey that one experiences the real effect. But suffice to say, that this mode of operation is how 'they' think. It may be found to be highly instructive when applied to the current drama between Bill and his friendly adversary turned protector.

So what then is the game? And who again, are the Controllers. One source has told me that discussing who they are is off-limits... So are they 33? Are they, as they are reported to consider themselves "pure human"? Or, much more likely, are they really pure reptilian-human hybrids from one branch of the Anunnaki?

Are they of angelic human lineage as described by Ashyana Deane? Unlikely, given they are the self-proclaimed rulers of this planet. Because what is clearer than most anything else is that angelic humans, those who came from off planet are certainly not the Controllers. The takeover by the present group happened back around the time of the altering of the DNA of humanity back in the 'deep abzu' according to the Sumerian tablets. The initial dumbing down. So this group of very wealthy rulers are not pure human at least in this sense, by any means. So that must be a 'cover'.

And where do they operate from? Certainly the City of London is one of their bases of operations. Another, I am told is the state of Israel. Recently, I was told that a major alternative media personality is working as an agent to redirect attention away from the Mossad and the state of Israel because this is an Anunnaki base of operations within the Middle East. Makes sense if you think about it. If they started as Sitchin says they did in Babylon then they aren't far from 'home' at least as far as an earthly sense of that word.

And, they said, this has nothing to do with the Jewish culture. The state of Israel was established as a place for the bankers to operate from, to launder money and one would extrapolate, to establish a stronghold in the Middle East in the center of the oil cartel... This is an interesting line of investigation. Of course, anyone who veers in this direction is instantly accused of being anti-semitic. What a great cover for a deep black operation. This, I am told has nothing to do with the Hasidic or traditional Jews.

Although, it does have to do with the Rothschilds. And the bankers. And ultimately, it is about bloodlines.. what kind of superman inhabits this planet and then, goes out and terraforms others.

If Bill has his wish and manages to get another interview with Charles, it is likely they will begin to sketch out the bloodline issue. But whether this explanation will bring us any closer to the truth is another matter.

Of course Mars has to be one of the more likely real home bases in this solar system at present. All the indicators point to this. The recent information we received regarding the Venture Star and the routine flights off planet from the underground base in Utah, near Dugway.. as the JPL website states... "the Utah Test & Training Range provides the largest overland contiguous block of restricted airspace in the continental United States authorized for supersonic flight, available for aircrew training and weapons testing." That's pretty clear. Room for 35 scientists on each flight, we were told. Very well.

It is a misdirection to say this group of 33 that Charles is referring to is not the "illuminati". The fact is, the philosophy of the illuminati, goes deeply into this group... It must. Because it's the occult philosophy that they clearly use to operate out of. For more on this, read the RA Material.

So what is behind the visit from the lone assassin who has supposedly turned the tables on his handlers and in return found he has tops 4 years to live as a result? Isn't it much more likely that any change of heart on his part (and I wouldn't rule this out, after all, Camelot was established for just such people, defectors, I call them... whistleblowers from the matrix who are coming over to our side. To the light.) But in vetting such a one, we must be careful. Because, as is clear here, this person, not unlike several we have dealt with, is working, even openly as a double-agent. He is reporting back to the 'other' side, while stating that Bill is safe, (and I assume myself) as long as he is alive. Although from the sound of things that would mean our days are 'numbered' as they say if this is true. But, as he says, let the best 'man' win, survival of the fittest... and so on. Let the games begin in other words. On this new round. At the start of 2011.

Note: none of the above is meant to detract from the strong interview conducted by Bill Ryan or the possibility that this man Charles is exactly who he claims to be. Although that is still an open question.

To continue, when Bill uses the opportunity to interview Charles as a platform to make a plea to the so-called 33 for the viability of a different approach to solving the problems on the planet and against their favorite eugenics program.. this is laudable, however quaint in its approach. The trouble is, one must know that they are well familiar with the arguments against. And as Charles says have considered all the options. Sure it doesn't hurt to use this unique opportunity to state the case again... however, I have to say, this ignores the fact that you are talking to the tiger itself, about its own tools in the toolbox, such as free energy and space travel capability probably 1000 years in advance of anything we know of in the public sector and asking if they will consider playing fair. After 1000s of years of doing the opposite, playing on their advantage (off-world advantage) using power in service to self for aeons one rather doubts that another momentary plea will stop them in their tracks or even alter the playing field in any way.

This is actually already an open dialog between the alternative community and 'this lot'. And the answer coming back has sadly been anything but inspiring. But, this does not detract from the fact that this interview, and this kind of dialog is a step in the right direction. One might as well have out with it. The trouble is, that the Controllers are still in hiding. And those who appear to be in charge are being managed. That much is certain. The evidence is everywhere.

So where does this leave us? On the trail of the Anunnaki... for one. No doubt about it. The trouble is, that in this layered game, there are many off-planet races involved. And each group seems to think they are the ones in charge.

Another interesting bit of information from another source tells me that the newest arrivals from 'outer space' are working with the Chinese. And that China is, as a result, building up their war machine at an unprecedented rate. The 'new guys' on the block are not friendly to the rest of us. And they are supplying China with the means to even the playing field. So much for the 'China is our savior' PR campaign that has had some success among the 'alternative community'.

On another note, from what I understand from still another source, Julian Assange may indeed be working for a certain side. And the question still remains when considering who one works for in this game, that what the agenda of the given player is, must be taken into consideration along with that of the group they play for. Because if one finds oneself in sympathy with the agenda of one side, say over another, and, in furthering the agenda of the group one works for one furthers one's own equally important agenda then where's the harm? I imagine this is what we have to consider when looking at the case of Julian Assange or anyone who has behind the scenes elected to work for any group.

What is troubling is when one considers that ones allegiances are often practical as well as limited by the amount of depth and understanding one brings to the big picture... ie. the playing field... in all its dimensions and aspects. This is unavoidable. Where are the blinders? What are the limits of knowledge or prejudice any one individual brings to the table when considering where to cast ones vote or take ones stand? And then, a certain degree of tolerance even kindness has to be brought to bear in understanding why one individual cast their lot in with one group vs. another. The path of light is often shrouded in illusion.

Therefore, the issue with respect to Charles and even Julian has to be: which group and what agenda?? This is where the labyrinth becomes daunting and intimidating in every respect. Because again as perhaps too often quoted and yet too often found to be true, as Hoagland says 'the lie is different at every level'. And what level are we talking about at any given time has to be taken into consideration. Especially when asking or answering a question.

It is instructive to know that information given to humans at this stage is done so with this in mind. And when considering the Galactic playing field the game changes at least from our perspective. This is where false flags such as Project Blue Beam a faked alien invasion aimed at uniting us as Reagan so wistfully put it 'against a common enemy' comes to the fore. And the trouble is, that while they spin this fake alien invasion scenario to certain ends, the real invasion, interference and yes, war, has been going on all along. It's just that many never take the time to look behind the curtain long enough to see it. Layers upon layers.

We are at the brink of a Brave New World indeed. As Corso said 'if you can take it'... and I would add, whether you can take it or not. Moving into this New Year, it is useful to survey the playing field and see where we stand.


Ultimately, the question on this planet comes down to sovereignty and then the inheritors. Because all the bloodline secrecy and genetic manipulation has to ultimately result in a race of humanity 2.0 .... possibly even more than one resulting race. Those in control who wish to maintain their control are doing so using money (as energy) but their desired objective is clearly superman or as I have stated, robotic superman because it appears highly likely given their established penchant for technology ... that they will go the way of AI/robotics/biological androids rather than to simply let the human evolve into the highest order of beingness they are capable of.

The potential in our DNA indicates that we have built in capability to be so much more than what we are at present. But allowing that angelic human to manifest is slow in contrast to the manipulated hybrid option. Control of the line is unlikely to yield the best out of this mix... because in the end, it is not perfection we are after but impeccability. This is a profound distinction and one which seems to have been lost at least to those who wish to manipulate our genome.

December 18, 2010


The recent incidents surrounding Wikileaks and the emergence of its founder, Julian Assange as a media personality has caught many by surprise. And what I find so interesting is how various people, critics and people who should know better, are spending their time trying to put him in a box, label it and get him out of their consciousness because his valor and originality threaten them in some way.

It's actually fascinating how those who call themselves leaders in this alternative media landscape, have become so jaded and dispossessed, that they can no longer recognize courage and integrity when it's staring them right in the face. They only feel powerful when they are naysaying and finding fault. They don't know how to applaud and support with the love and perception of a comrade in a struggle. That concept has become foreign to them. They are so crippled by their own struggles and failures that they can't accept that a hero may emerge from their ranks. And so, in spite of the fact that certain of us are working steadily for the betterment of humanity, they can't see it. They would rather think of ways to prop up the regime of their enemies than to give support or encouragement to those who are fighting the good fight in their name.

What I suggest is that the people out there who can find nothing but fault in every individual and organization that emerges, besides their own, begin to reconsider their perceptions and come to recognize the fog that has invaded their sense of right and wrong, true and false.

Because like it or not, not everything and everyone is on the take. And heroes do and are emerging every day. What one must ask is whether the fact that someone does good deeds or work, that then gets taken and used, abused or twisted by the Controllers... makes them guilty of the same sin. When in reality, the actions of the controllers to implicate, placate, obfuscate and otherwise disinfo and detract from the honesty, integrity and light of a truth teller does nothing to dim the light of that truth. Not really. The actions of good intentioned souls often are misread and go unnoticed by the majority. This doesn't change the essence of the contribution of the few in any way. The truth is in there. And it will abide. It shines through and all you need to do to see it is remove the dark glasses tinted with despair and bitterness and let the light shine in, to see it for what it really is....


With the coming influx of energies I see a whole new horizon before us. This is a time unlike any other (at least on planet Earth). I believe we are all developing superpowers. And the only way to find out about this is to tap into your own.

Pay attention as you go through your days. Watch when intention opens up and seize the moment for transforming yourself. I think if you let your mind go where it wants to go, without leashing it or reigning it will find you can be smarter, faster, more perceptive, more in every possible way than you were the day before. How is this possible? It is possible because within us and without us is potential and new unrecognized energy streams that are there to facilitate any change we want to make. It's there now and all you need to do is reflect for a moment on what you want and then with the vision, persistent vision of just that... it will become your reality. And this is something no one is actually telling you.

I have seen it happen to me and for me. And so I know it can and is happening for you too. All you need to do is allow it to happen. And have the imagination and ability to let it emerge.

So this is your challenge. I am putting it out there for you to recognize because someone outside you, is also experiencing this. And I think it's time we begin to talk about it.

December 14, 2010

WikiRebels : information warriors

These people are heroes in the war for your hearts and minds.

The release of information that has been withheld under cover of secrecy is more of an anit-war statement than any other act I can think of.... Revealing the acts of violence, of torture by governments, of murder under the cover of the operations of war in foreign countries... When actions and words are revealed in their true light and seen for what they are... an act of courage or a cloaked and devious maneuver under cover of darkness.

What is the purpose of secrecy anyway? Ultimately, information withheld gives the withholder power over others... This is the inevitable result. If you want governments or individuals to go to war all you need do is create something secret that one side has over the other and you have the basis for inequity and imbalance leading to suspicion and then possibly, violence.

We have a secret government that has been ruling by SECRECY. This is their forte' their means by which they maintain their edge and the upper hand. What is being released by Wikileaks is the tip of the iceberg. When true disclosure happens.. not by the graceful act of the state by the way...but because courageous individuals come forward as they have in Camelot for the past nearly 5 years.. and tell what they know, then the real freedom of information can redress the imbalance in our society. And the planet and her people can begin to move forward into the next millenium.

The right to know... to discover and to share. This is what growth is all about. The planet is stagnating and writhing under the weight of the few keeping secrets from the many in order to maintain their rule and power over. This is going to change. It is changing. And it cannot be stopped.

To quote Julian Assange "This disclosure is about the truth." -- Assange during a press conference shown in Wikileaks: The Documentary

December 13, 2010

Wikileaks : the Magus in deep black

This recent dialog between Iranian Presidential Advisor Esfandiar Rahim Mashai and Spiegel Online is interesting in that it highlights the nuances behind the release of the cables and how governments use various tactics to spin the fall-out in ways they find advantageous at least on the surface.

Take the following scenario for example. You have a private Bradley Manning, an intelligence analyst, who obtains access to 250,000 cables specifically according to Wikipedia .."In online discussions with Adrian Lamo, Manning claimed responsibility for leaking the "Collateral Murder" video, a video of the Granai airstrike and approximately 250,000 individual cables, to the whistleblower website Wikileaks.[5][6]"

And then, according to Wikipedia, ..."Manning was arrested by agents of the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command in May 2010 and held in pre-trial confinement in a military jail at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait.[1][2][3] On July 5, 2010, two misconduct charges were brought against him for "transferring classified data onto his personal computer and adding unauthorized software to a classified computer system" and "communicating, transmitting and delivering national defense information to an unauthorized source".[2][7] The charges included unauthorized access to Secret Internet Protocol routers network computers, download of more than 150,000 United States Department of State diplomatic cables, download of a classified PowerPoint presentation, and downloading a classified video of a military operation in Baghdad on July 12, 2007. Manning is also charged for forwarding the video and at least one of the cables to an unauthorized person.[15] The maximum jail sentence is 52 years.[1]"] (footnotes can be found in Wikipedia article not here).

Adrian Lamo, is apparently the informant who notified the Army Criminal Investigation Command of Bradley's admissions. This information was published by Wired Magazine back in June in this article

According to the Wired June article .."Manning was turned in late last month by a former computer hacker with whom he spoke online. In the course of their chats, Manning took credit for leaking a headline-making video of a helicopter attack that Wikileaks posted online in April. The video showed a deadly 2007 U.S. helicopter air strike in Baghdad that claimed the lives of several innocent civilians."

"He said he also leaked three other items to Wikileaks: a separate video showing the notorious 2009 Garani air strike in Afghanistan that Wikileaks has previously acknowledged is in its possession; a classified Army document evaluating Wikileaks as a security threat, which the site posted in March; and a previously unreported breach consisting of 260,000 classified U.S. diplomatic cables that Manning described as exposing “almost criminal political back dealings.”

So what we have is a "former hacker" turning in his online friend to the Army... The question is, where in this interaction, did the U.S. become aware of what Bradley Manning was doing and whether the convenience of the open admissions with a former hacker would not have been completely surveilled well in advance by Echelon giving the PTB every chance to make sure that this caper on the part of Manning succeeded or failed and just how easily they allowed him access to this material... with perhaps the intention that if leaked... they would be able to make use of this misbehavior to their own ends.

To make this clearer I would urge everyone to again view the recently cancelled TV series "Rubicon" for an interesting correlation whereby you have intelligence analysts who have early access to information... being given free reign by the PTB in order to manipulate them into releasing this info or thinking they were getting away with something only to find that in doing so they were actually conveniently fulfilling the ultimate plans of the very people they attempted to expose.

This is not out of the question. Here, in this situation, you have a heroic young intelligence analyst, Manning. And you have a "former hacker", Adrian, who befriends him online (it is not clear whether they had met in person). This much is clear. That the hacker would know full well that their dialog and Bradley's admission of guilt would be being recorded as are all online conversations, written or verbal, by Echelon or whatever surveillance system you prefer by whatever name, and that therefore it is highly possible, in that this former hacker, Adrian, in not warning Bradley that their conversation would be surveilled, was already in the employ of the PTB.

Further, this scenario lends itself to a perfect sting operation. And that in releasing the aforementioned trove of info that a sort of global information firestorm would be unleashed. Wikileaks is only peripheral to this mix. The real objective, may have been quite different. That is, the PTB knowing they have on their hands a rebel analyst, use this to their own ends in allowing him to gain access to damaging material and go so far, because it suits their ultimate purpose.

So what then, one must ask, is their ultimate end here? This is where it becomes more convoluted because the PTB are not a united front. In this case it may be that certain high level interest groups, be they the Joint Chiefs or the Pentagon or the CIA have a vested interest in these releases because overall, the damage done is more slanted one way than another. And the tipping point is that somewhere in these leaks is an agenda that steers the ship of states (that is, countries) more in the preferred direction.

Certain people may lose others may gain, maybe Hilary Clinton, maybe a delicate balance of power concerning China and Taiwan or North Korea or India... Without the release of all of the cables, it's impossible to judge cui bono (who benefits). But it is entirely possible that some group, maybe a rebel faction of the Joint Chiefs or maybe some element of the Rothschilds vs the Rockefellers.... But it is clear that one side or another will come out of this diplomatic debacle much better off... than another.

So this is what the Iranian presidential advisor is alluding to. However, in his facile statements and lavish assurances of how "forgiving" Iran is of its neighbors and how there is nothing whatsoever to be "afraid of" in regard to their nuclear ambitions, or the supposed lack thereof... This much is obvious, he is playing politics the Middle Eastern way. Soothing ruffled feathers with smooth talk and at the same time noting with the keen eye of a well schooled observer that very little gets by the surveillance of governments these days, unless they allow it to. And this is at the root of the problem.

Because, as Mark Klein, the whistle blower from AT&T, who found out that the government was surveilling all citizens communications 5 years ago and reported this. Listen to his story here:

All you have to do is extrapolate from this to the massive Cray computers underground in Colorado and you have just the edge of the iceberg that is worldwide in reach. From what our whistleblowers say, very little goes without being recorded... especially when it involves individuals who work for the government, the military or are known hackers or other activists, such as this writer.

With that in mind, one cannot take the Wikileaks as a simple straight-forward release of source to Wikileaks of information. This release has to be mitigated by the goings on that led to the release prior to when it ever landed on the doorstep, metaphorically speaking... of Wikileaks.

Now, is Wikileaks also part of this sting operation? Very likely. But this is all in a days work when you are a website for whistleblowers. As we at Project Camelot know. It is naive to think that anything we receive is not, at some level, allowed to happen. None of this discounts the acts of valor that are at the root of any real release of information that reveals the reality behind the matrix. On the contrary, the individuals who take real action, the Bradley Mannings, Julian Assanges and all the other whistleblowers who risk their lives and the lives of their loved ones to reveal the truth are the heroes out of this scenario.

But those behind the scenes in this surveillance society, the ones who call themselves Magus, who manipulate the effects of the truly courageous actions of the bright stars, diamonds in the rough, under their Control, cannot be ignored. It is necessary that we go deeper into the black, what some would call, above black, to discover the real war being fought. And then, to reveal those manipulators and what is behind their actions. Because only then do we begin to tap into the controllers behind the Controllers. And find out perhaps, who is fighting the good fight for us, or against us. Because there is a hidden side, working above black, for the light. We may not recognize them, they are too hidden, too deep in the black, for us to know just who they are. But they are there. And we can acknowledge them here, at least.
The only way we can find out whether it is they or the truly black-souled group who are the victors in this recent release, remains to be seen. But I caution everyone who is involved in this drama, actor or observer, to watch carefully and at the end of the day, when all the cables are out... ask one question, who benefits?


Quote from Bradley Manning

Excerpted quote:

This important quote from Bradley Manning should be highlighted. Manning wrote: “I want people to see the truth … because without information you cannot make informed decisions as a public,”...

My comment: Unless a public is equipped with the truth they cannot make the kinds of decisions necessary to plan for the future for themselves and their loved ones. This is at the crux of the need for free speech and open debate. What has happened to this country where the ideals that were once so American have now become trampled into the ground by the boots of oppression? (This is a rhetorical question for those who don't get it).

"Give me liberty or give me death. "--Patrick Henry, 1775

Vortex in Gulf of Aden

Many who follow my work will recall when I reported on the vortex/stargate there quite some time ago along with the release of information on the interview I did with Aaron McCollum link to video here.

Now the story is getting more coverage because of a supposed Wikileaks cable. Click here for more.... Note: I have not been able to verify if there is such a report or cable released as part of the Wikileaks documents.

Excerpt: "According to a report allegedly prepared by Admiral Maksimov of Russia's Northern Fleet, in late 2000, a magnetic vortex was discovered in the area of the Gulf of Aden. Russia, the PR China and the USA joined efforts to study what it was but discovered that it defied logic and the laws of physics."

Note: I am aware of the Sorcha Faal article and of the questionable quality of this source. To those who question the above, I can only say, where there's smoke there's fire. I have at least 2 back channel sources who have stressed that the stargate exists there. And the build up of the military and cordoning off of this area is also substantiated. All you need to do is ask yourself why...

Daniel Elsberg's blog

Click here...Highly recommended. Back in June, Julian Assange referred me to Daniel Elsberg as someone to contact regarding similar issues to what he was covering at Wikileaks. Elsberg's latest post title "Ellsberg: “EVERY attack now made on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange was made against me and the release of the Pentagon Papers at the time.”

A Note on China

I understand that some people in the current 'movement' are looking at China as a benevolent superpower in the spiritual and practical war for Earth sovereignty and as a replacement for the military 'might makes right' stand of the U.S. government. Until China's records regarding human rights and the treatment of their citizens improves I by no means consider them benevolent in any way. They (their government) are not to be trusted in my view any more than any other Illuminati run organization. China is simply playing a war of perceptions and laying the groundwork for the typical 'velvet glove' approach that is an Illuminati tactic from way back. Whereas, there may be good souls who want peace within the regime, their dominating approach has shown its true nature numerous times. It would be an understatement to say that freedom of speech is simply not part of the Chinese 'way'. And in this, I cite the Chinese government and secret PTB behind the scenes. I am not referring to the Chinese peoplle. Remember Tiananmen Square! Do not be deceived by the latest ploy be it black boxes or gifts of persuasion. They simply want to rule the world like any other power hungry -- service to self organization.

December 7, 2010

Wikileaks & the Death of Secrecy

Many people are watching with great interest the goings on regarding Wikileaks and its spokesperson Julian Assange. With good reason. This small organization is doing what media is supposed to do and yet, since perhaps the 1960s has been co-opted and dominated by the PTB and/or corporate interests that both in front of and behind the scenes have held sway. Since the beginning of the internet that has begun to change and now, the most cutting edge information can only be found by and large on the net and not in the mainstream press who simply follow the rule of the Matrix when it comes to news and analysis.

The situation with Wikileaks brings the idea of transparency of govermment (by the people and for the people) to the forefront. Secrecy, is the watch word of the decades prior to this one and what we are witnessing is the beginning of the end of the false facade that has so long been kept in place by the Controllers (both on and off-world) and their minions.

Project Camelot bears a close relationship to Wikileaks as will be obvious to all who take the time to think about it. We are a website established specifically for whistleblowers from the Matrix... and we have been in existence (against all odds) for the past nearly 5 years at this writing. This is significant because what is going on with Julian Assange, and his team, the targeting and now the outrageous calls for Julian's head on a platter, reminding me of the days of the Salem witch hunts. Secret knowledge then as now, is at the core. There are those who feel that the revelations (many still to come) contained in the cables such as the following, listed by Julian Assange in his recent statement, are not as revealing or damaging as they first might appear or as they are being accused of being... Time will tell. However, this, in my view, is not the issue.

Listed here are the "revelations" from the cables released so far thought to be most damning for the governments/individuals involved:

[..."The US asked its diplomats to steal personal human material and information from UN officials and human rights groups, including DNA, fingerprints, iris scans, credit card numbers, internet passwords and ID photos, in violation of international treaties. Presumably Australian UN diplomats may be targeted, too.
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia asked the US to attack Iran.
Officials in Jordan and Bahrain want Iran’s nuclear program stopped by any means available.
Britain’s Iraq inquiry was fixed to protect “US interests”.
Sweden is a covert member of NATO and US intelligence sharing is kept from parliament.
The US is playing hardball to get other countries to take freed detainees from Guantanamo Bay. Barack Obama agreed to meet the Slovenian President only if Slovenia took a prisoner. Our Pacific neighbour Kiribati was offered millions of dollars to accept detainees."] -- Julian Assange, statement in the Australian, dated December 7, 2010.

The question to be asked is at this point who is fooling who? The above revelations are fairly routine as diplomatic relations go... Just business as usual. Is it any surprise that, if you extrapolate the above you find that the U.S. has been actively spying on the UN and its members? That Jordan doesn't want a nuclear Iran? That the US. and Britain are in bed together? That the US President would like to strong-arm leaders of various smaller less powerful countries to do its bidding? Is there anyone out there who thinks this is news? The issue here is not the general drift of the revelations, but rather the particulars. These are of course revealing and embarrassing especially when the opposite is sometimes or often what is given spin in the mainstream press.

What we have here is a unalterable movement in the direction of transparency simply because the human race has reached a juncture where what is being kept secret from one side of the Atlantic to the other is no longer really secret at all.

A short trip around the internet will reveal very quickly that the truth is indeed out there. It may be obfuscated, mixed with disinfo and twisted but it is unequivocally 'out there' and it is becoming more difficult for secrecy on any level to succeed. This is because the human race is a global consciousness that is becoming self aware in all aspects not just the political. And as any self-aware organism it is beginning to tap into the truth and see with more than just the standard "6" senses. Indeed we are fast re-awakening to our powers of telepathy and other 'superpowers' that have been held dormant by dumbed down DNA for so long. The death of secrecy is a natural side effect of this awakening process.

Even on the more superficial levels of society, social facades and deceptions are easily seen through. Governments and their minions know the positions, likes and dislikes, capabilities, proclivities of other governments. This is a game. There are ritualistic behaviors that comprise it. The masks are worn but they are worn for the public. Behind the scenes the game is less careful, the power plays more obvious, the failings of the leaders more taken for granted... and so it goes.

What is really at stake here is the game of secrecy... This is what all the outrage is about. The death of secrecy in a world fast approaching the age of Aquarius and the thinning of the veil between worlds. In all its aspects.

This is only the beginning. And thank you Julian, who is not a pawn, in my view regardless of how he and his organization are being used. Because the next stop is above top secret, above black as they say. And this is where Project Camelot comes in.

At the moment, while Julian and Wikileaks are fighting the good fight, Camelot is allowed to exist on the Fringe... But we and our sector are on our way in. Close on the heels of the first level of secrecy... with our revelations that truly do rock the halls of records in the libraries of congress around the world. This world, the world of the Matrix is going down. And in its place will be a wiser, more self-aware populace. Less deceived, less able to deceive even themselves as the doors of perception begin to open and the catacombs beneath the vatican are revealed in all their splendor and diabolical intention. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius... the great unveiling.

'Know thyself 'was inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Wise words. The Human Race is awakening. And it's about time. Because there truly is a brave new world out there. And we are stepping onto a Galactic stage of multi-dimensions. Something the secret government has already been doing covertly behind your back for nearly 40 years. Some might say even longer. And they are moving ahead at an unparalleled rate. The gap between us and them is widening and something must be done to stop that. It appears that Wikileaks and Julian Assange have stepped forward on the front line. From what I hear, the hackers of the world are close behind, ready to wage an information war that will rival anything ever imagined. Secrecy is an illusion. As we turn to face ourselves in this hall of mirrors it is time that we admit what we all already know. I am my enemy.

Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot

November 28, 2010

Wikileaks Releases Cables - NY Times Article - Much ado about nothing?

Today in the NY Times they give a short overview of the various cables, their subjects, the type of disclosures they contain and the sensitivities involved. The Times writes the following about the levels of secrecy:

"...Many are unclassified, and none are marked “top secret,” the government’s most secure communications status. But some 11,000 are classified “secret,” 9,000 are labeled “noforn,” shorthand for material considered too delicate to be shared with any foreign government, and 4,000 are designated both secret and noforn."

But reading through the short litany of information provided does not reveal anything of great interest or groundbreaking consequence. This is the trouble. Whether this is a slective revealing by the NY Times in order to satisfy the public curriosity of such a spectacle by throwing scraps to the dogs, or whether the actual cables contain anything of real value remains to be seen. What is clear is that the NY Times article would have the reader believe that nothing much is revealed that isn't already plentifully available in the media. The Times sums it all up with the following statement:

"They depict the Obama administration struggling to sort out which Pakistanis are trustworthy partners against Al Qaeda, adding Australians who have disappeared in the Middle East to terrorist watch lists, and assessing whether a lurking rickshaw driver in Lahore, Pakistan, was awaiting fares or conducting surveillance of the road to the American Consulate.

They show American officials managing relations with a China on the rise and a Russia retreating from democracy. They document years of painstaking effort to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon — and of worry about a possible Israeli strike on Iran with the same goal."

There is nothing in that summation that isn't exactly what the U.S. government would have the public know... in fact it treads the partyline so closely that the whole exercise becomes suspect. One wonders whether this is not all an exercise of the Tavistock institute in 'disclosure' in order to test the ground to see how revelaing of truth really plays in the public. Revealing what appears to be the conducting of business behind closed doors is all too mundane and predictable. This is suspect. What I would like to know is if anything of note gets revealed by this exercise or not. In the end, whether the NY Times is doing a good scrubbing and spinning of the cables or whether the cables themselves are just run-of-the mill communiques between underlings and of no real value other than for useful color in dramatising diplomacy for the masses. Letting them rest at home knowing their government is really in the business of making the world 'safe for democracy' while Rome burns is the question. At the moment the jury is still out but the winds of change are not blowing with much vigor.

Why does any of this matter? Because we are in a time when secrets WILL be revealed... The watering down and the spin is where the mind control of the masses comes in. But regardless, when you hear a real truth it will strike fear into the hearts of the perpetrators and bring light into the eyes of the knowers. This is what we work on bringing forth and this is what they cannot avoid or obfuscate forever. The real truth will out... And when it does it will rock the world.


Last night I saw INISDE JOB at the Laemmle Theater in Santa Monica with a few friends. It is a very well done documentary, carefully crafted and well shot. What it does well is cover the housing bubble and reveal at least the top level of the Wall Street Bankers who were instrumental in the current financial meltdown that is all around us. However, where it does not go is to look above what are in essence the middle-managers of this debacle. The filmmakers have never been to Project Camelot that much is clear. Their frame of reference is very mainstream albeit slightly left of center. They have no idea that this whole meltdown could be orchestrated from above the level of the President. And this is worrisome.

They also, have, in using clearly very willing IMF spokespeople, managed to make it appear as though the greed and corporate malfeasance is all on the part of America's Wall Street and in doing so make the IMF the 'good guys' when nothing could be farther from the truth. What they don't tell you is that the whole housing crash was a carefully crafted house of cards that played upon the greed of the upper middle managers such as the heads of the investment banks and the regulators, and government officials and especially "the financial sector". The greed factor was a certainty that the real manipulators, (those with clearances way above that of the President) and the ETs they are working with, knew exactly what they were doing when they targeted the one item that Americans hold most dear 'the opportunity to own your own home'. The manipulators or controllers from a level much higher than the group targeted as being 'at fault' in this film, have gamed ou,t with their Cray computers the one cornerstone that would bring the Republic down... The housing bubble was a game of bait and switch in which the bait was thrown out there in the form of predatory loans that the gullible and needy masses readily leapt at, with the help of greedy and knowing members of the mortgage industry, bankers and investment bankers who played their roles to a "T".

The game of bait and switch was also played with Iceland. By bringing them into the world of big deal finance, the bait was cast (encouraging deregulation, allowing international companies to establish mecca's on their shores) and then letting the greed take over, where, in the financial sector, making more money for its own sake is always the objective. The outcome being a complete crash of the economy of Iceland and the eventual basic vulnerability of their economy, forcing them to come to heel at the boot of the UK in order for the crumbs of a bail-out to make life bearable. This is also a well known tactic of the IMF. They do it in Africa all the time.

That the U.S., Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Greece and now Ireland should fall for this scheme is no surprise. But make no mistake. It is a plan. And it has to do with taking down the powerful, the entrenched the intractable.. and making them needy and vulnerable. Then the controllers step in and offer the buy-out, the bail-out or whatever financial band aide that will keep them at heel and coming back for more. Ask yourself where this is all going? One World Government. It is simply the consolidation of an overall agenda that the PTB with above top secret need to know, have been rolling out slowly and methodically.

Don't get me wrong. Cudos to Charles Ferguson for his efforts to reveal at least some level of the culpability involved in the takedown of the U.S. This is a valiant effort. But it is shortsighted and inevitably flawed because among other things.. he didn't dare go higher.

And in focusing on Wall Street and the banksters he also makes some grievous errors, when he makes it look as though China were not in on the deal.. I don't mean the factory worker I mean the governments of China, Singapore, Australia, Germany and so on. They are all culpable and knew exactly what they were dealing with when they opted in and built their own economies on the backs of the American financial rainmakers... It was money for nothing. And they, the ones at the top knew that eventually the house of cards would fall and their peoples, would fall with it. And they are continuing to fall even now. And it is not over yet. Contrary to the final statement by the filmmakers (narrated by the ever talented and graceful Matt Damon), we are not "recovering slowly"... We will not recover. This is a controlled demolition and the building is not completely demolished yet. There is more economic bad news coming.

So what do we have as a result of all of this? You have a large sector of the U.S. population now in desperate circumstances... a reduced middle class with rampant unemployment and homelessness. You have a global population that is more fluid, less tied down, not out of choice but out of necessity. They are more vulnerable to disease and more easily corralled into say, boxcars and FEMA camps should the 'opportunity' arise... Let's say, a convenient earth change, tsunami or just a bad storm come to call. And this, is what the Georgia Guidestones are all about. And of course, you have, as in the time of the rise of Hitler, a people more willing to let go of a few freedoms if their children can be fed and their houses can be heated. It's all leading somewhere.

Now, for myself, I see an opportunity horizon in this morass of bad tidings. The destruction of safe insulation for the middle classes between them and the cold also holds within it the seeds of a new and better way of life. This is where gaining all knowledge becomes vital to the awareness that begins to awaken when the safety of the prison of conformity no longer holds any allure. Taking the change head-on and moving into another way of being becomes possible. For example, as healthcare becomes an impossibility natural medicine and holistic remedies come to the fore. The things that really matter stand out in full relief and the toys and preoccupations of isolation become things of the past.

Our future is there to be created by all of us. Amidst this destruction is an opportunity to unite and rebuild with more grace and more understanding toward that which nurtures and that which creates greater abundance that comes from a higher knowing. This is the real challenge before us. And the destruction of that which is of no use, is moving apace. Out of complacency can come rebellion and revolution.

Recommended viewing. It's a start.






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