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31 December 2008

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January 31, 2011 - UPDATE

Must Listen to Dr. John Waterman's guest Hero all about Internet Security

Species Kills Worldwide - Speculation...

Today I was talking with a friend of mine about the deaths of birds, fish and now buffalo and livestock worldwide... (said to be caused by freezing weather)...

I was told by a source this is the testing of a new technology that uses local radiation from the ground and some kind of directed energy weapon. From my point of view, planes, the use of software, cyber-warfare could be involved in the targeting. I believe Wheeler's death may be related to this.

Some of these incidents show Haarp related signatures but not all (according to Brooks Agnew, Phd).. There are numerous causes for the bird/fish/animal deaths mentioned in the press:

Phosphine gas
Extreme Weather
Magnetic pole shift

One thing is clear.. the species are dying in groups.. they are worldwide and they are escalating.. that is, the type of species being targeted are becoming more complex. This sounds like target practice to me. My friend said it sounds like they are targeting "frequency" of various species. And this is interesting as well because if it can't be traced back to an particular source on planet then who can you blame? The other thing is that this sounds like they are practicing on lower species and that it's very possible they are escalating to include humans. Once, that is, they have perfected their equipment. At least this is the theory we are working on...

We need someone to track the deaths, type of species, date/time, longitude/latitude etc. Contact: if you want to volunteer to do this or know of someone who already has send me the link but it needs to be comprehensive.

Whereas, some said the birds and fish could be responding to the magnetic shift that is being documented this does not hold true for cattle or buffalo....Admittedly some animals die worldwide due to weather conditions etc. every year however this seems to be unprecedented and worth investigating further.

Here's the link to Google fish & bird deaths, but it does not include mammals...

Linda Moulton Howe has done some good work compiling animal/bird/fish deaths around the world as well click here for her list.

Tonight Monday, 9pm CST Dr. Waterman on American Freedom Radio

Don't miss Dr. Waterman's new radio show on AFR...

January 29, 2011

Mubarak Cancels Al Jazeera's License click here for article

Mubarak Issues Shoot to Kill Order to Armies click here for article

Here's hoping the military in Egypt stand down and refuse to follow orders.

Georgia Guidestones, Hitler and March 22: throwing some light on the matter

This posting from Tru Ott & Jay Weidner highlights the Nazi mentality still in operation behind the scenes. Thanks to the Camelot supporter who sent the link.

Meet the New Boss Same As the Old Boss - Omar Suleiman

Click here for the article in the New Yorker re the man who Mubarak has appointed Vice President... head of the Egyptian General Intelligence Service since 1993.

January 28, 2011 - Update

The Challenger Disaster - The Plot Behind the Secret Space Program

This article (click here) commemorates the deaths of the crew aboard the Challenger... What they don't tell you is that this disaster was a result of a secret space program that forced a group of dedicated professionals to face certain death aboard an antiquated tin can in order to keep you the public in the dark about a technological superiority that was operating in secret. This was a publicity stunt cover operation meant to distract you and keep you from questioning the black budgets and the development that forces millions to live in poverty when the means exists to alleviate all of it. It's a lie that perpetrates the constant facade of rule by secrecy. Challenger was not a disaster it was a planned bloody ritualistic sacrifice of human life to further the goals of the elite and secret government.

The Aryan Philosophy Under the Charles Material

Within the constant references to Charles' friend or "master" as he calls him... is the Nazi philosophy of eugenics. He is simply conditioning those who bother to listen to what "they" are planning for you. Survival of the fittest and the rest of it. The agenda has not changed from the days of Hitler and this man is one of their useful puppets. Unfortunately Bill has been deceived as well. His achilles heel is a paternalistic promise of regard and false flattery. Works every time. Take away the flattery and he will soon cease to follow.

Beware. This is not the reality of the future. These people that Charles represents are scheming for their lives. They have no choice. Their days are numbered and they know it. They are not your masters. Wake up! Their only hope is a race of robots they are busily creating... and inviting in to take over what remains of this planet after the shift.


Keep on kissing their asses on your knees and you will find yourselves slaves of a race that views you with even less regard than the ones you thought were your "masters".

January 28, 2011

Viva La Revolution!

Click here for coverage from Al Jazeera on the situation in Egypt. People have been hitting the streets demanding an end to Mubarak's rule. He is supported by the U.S. government unfortunately. Mubarak is a virtual dictator and the oppression of the Egyptian people is well documented. Based on my trips to Egypt I can state that people in Egypt have been wanting a change in their government for a very long time.

This is specially crucial at this time as we near 2012. The clamp-down around Giza was obvious on my recent trip with Carmen Boulter. The military has become more and more repressive and the hidden hand of the U.S. guarding the finds underneath the plateau, the opening of the stargate and the energetic changes that are inevitable make for a growingly contentious atmosphere that is not likely to be abated by the superficial actions of Mubarak aimed at creating a facade of change over the growing unease within the country.


Highly recommended : An excellent 10 minutes with Rich Dolan -- show this to any friends and family that are at all skeptical about the reality of ETs and UFOs....

Click here for video

More Evidence of Haarp Killing Fish

Click here for video

The strange light seen is indicative of a Haarp effect as described in my recent radio show interview with physicist, Brooks Agnew. Listen here

January 26, 2011

Jesse Ventura sues TSA

Go Jesse!

January 25, 2011



Live discussion with Miriam Delicado - Free Event online

Miriam Delicado has been living on the Hopi Reservation for the past four months. In the heart of Hopi conflict has been created between the Government run Hopi Tribe and the Traditional people. Tonight Miriam will help explain this complex issue and how it relates to our world.

Details to follow...HERE'S THE LINK:

Note the pw is on top of that screen but fyi it is starlion675

This event has finished but you can still click on the above link and view it using the Password above.

January 23, 2011

Conspiracy Behind the Death of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Click here for this important video overview

"In 1999, through the tireless efforts of Martin Luther King's family, it was proven in a US Court of Law that´╗┐ the United States Government was responsible for the triple-redundant plan that assured King's assassination on April 4, 1968." --Forbidden Knowledge TV

This is just one example of how the major media have shaped perceptions and buried the truth. It is up to us to do the necessary investigation and discover who, what, where and how. And then to get the truth out. Please link to the video and distribute far and wide.

January 19, 2011

Tonight's radio show at 7pm PST

My guest is Marcia Schafer executive consultant, ET experiencer and intuitive

Listen Live

Lucas on 2012?

Article here -- not sure if this is a joke or not. Regardless, if anyone has a direct line to Lucas please point him at Project Camelot!

NSA Builds Large New Databank in Utah

Click here for the story

This coincides with information obtained from Dr. Pete Peterson with regard to the movement of our government not only to underground Colorado but north into Utah and Idaho. If you have not already seen our interview with Dr. Peterson I encourage you to do so.

January 18, 2011

Vatican Approves GMO Crops... Wikileaks Reveals

The roll-out moving forward.

The Vatican is so wrapped up in the oppression of the human race it boggles the mind. As Miriam Delicado warned sometime back get your heritage seeds now.

January 16, 2011

Suggested Reading

For those who aren't familiar with this work I highly recommend it. It may be useful at this time to refamiliarize yourself with it if you haven't read it in a while. I read this many years ago. Eventually I had Alex Collier as a speaker at my Awake & Aware conference. Click here to watch

Note; some of the information within did not happen on this timeline however, for the most part it is vital information in my view.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this time in which we now live is and will be known in our future as the end of the
innocence. We, as a planetary race, must commit ourselves to the idea that truth must survive. We have
major challenges to face, and what ever is the truth, we must do all that is necessary to stick together. We
have been torn and tattered, we have been betrayed. But please, let's not give up on each other. We are
capable of being heroes. We can save the world, and our freedom. We must believe in each other, and in
ourselves." -- excerpt from Defending Sacred Ground, Alex Collier

Excerpt 2: On Population Elimination

"Now, we are being told that there are too many people on the planet. According to the Andromedans, if we didn't waste our natural resources, the planet could hold a population of 11 billion. What we are actually being told by the propaganda machine is that there are too many people. Now, a planet with 11 billion spiritually-awakened people cannot be controlled. Such a planet would change the harmonic frequency of the planet, the solar system and the galaxy. That vibration would be love, and the bad guys don't like that. It all starts here. We are being told that there are too many people. It's a lie. Our leaders are so corrupt that the systems they have are breaking down. But, these systems are not real, in a sense. Instead of acting responsibly, releasing control and letting people take more self-responsibility, the corrupt leaders in the world want to kill off the population in an attempt to maintain status quo. They want to extinguish 50% of the planetary population so that they can maintain their control. Now, who died and made them God?"--Alex Collier

Important Updates on Gulf of Aden and more...

I subscribe to the newsletter from this site: Ecoterra International

Highly recommended for articles and info that helps with reading between the lines on what's really going on with 'sea pirates' and other dealings in area waters...Somalia, Aden etc.

Wikileaks Supports Bradley Manning - Military Whistleblower

Click here for article from UK Guardian

Excerpt: .."Manning is being held in solitary confinement under a prevention of injury order despite having been cleared by a military psychologist earlier this year.

David House, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology researcher who is allowed to visit Manning, has reported a steady deterioration in his condition. Last month the UN office on torture announced it was launching an investigation into the soldier's treatment at Quantico." --UK Guardian

Great New Website on Chemtrails...

The Charles OP

Re: Charles' comments about a False Flag ET threat event: important new information - posted on Avalon & Camelot Forums

Hi all,

To clarify for the record: I do not think all of Charles material is nonsense or useless. Confirmation of that we already know is always nice... But here we have a substantial amount of misdirects and downright false statements coupled with known and verified/understood info (such as GMO foods)... Sure, coming from Charles if he is who he says he is and works for who he says he does this is useful. But again it is still not new. That is my issue. If we bring forward a whistleblower, we pick and choose based on their insider status and what they bring to the table. I am still waiting to hear something new. We (at least here at Camelot) already have enough verification of the truth behind the matrix...

But this smells like an OP to me. Big time. Remember for an Operation to work the participants must be taken in.. that includes the one triggering it. The fact that it is an OP does not lesson the usefulness to both sides... they are using him as a way in. More on this in coming days....


FKN News -- very funny in a sick kinda way

New World Order video (note this is not really wikileaks)

Watch responsibly...

January 15, 2011

Project Blue Beam - False Flag Alien Invasion Scenario

From Project Avalon

QUOTE: Re: Charles' comments about a False Flag ET threat event: important new information
[QUOTE=Bill Ryan;96152]Dear All:

The following important new information is based on an original thread started by Avalon member Harley Hawkins, here:

What has not yet been published, until now, is Charles' response to the piece.

He was so concerned when he read it - in mid-December, before my video interview with him was recorded, and then released on 1 January 2011 - that he asked me privately what Harley Hawkins' background was. He stressed to me personally that this was very highly sensitive, as HH had seemingly accidentally identified all the core ingredients of a coming false flag event intended to establish the ETs as threats..] UNQUOTE

My Reply to the above ...also posted on Camelot Forum

Linked here

Everyone reading this thread:

There's an old ILLUMINATI game that is often used to flush-out the enemy and reveal where they are coming from, what they will and won't fall for etc. It involves setting up a topic and then acting as though that topic or question has a secret answer that only you know... Then when the respondent replies you ENCOURAGE THEM with false flattery... to draw them out and ultimately end up revealing nothing and leaving them wondering WTF or what happened. That's what is going on here. Charles says nothing new. You do all the work. He applauds and you continue to reveal yourselves... giving him and his team (the 33) more ammunition by which to enslave you.

Get a grip.

And ask yourselves why. It doesn't matter how. This is nonsense. They will doubtless use planes, trains and automobiles whatever.... The point is WHY would they go for that card?? Of course Werner von Braun warned Carol Rosen about it multiple times. And no, it's not simply because they want a common enemy we can all get on the same team to fight against ala Reagan's well known speech. Although this is an ingredient. Every student of sociology knows nothing works to unite a divided group faster than having a common enemy.

The real reason has to do with the same tactic as 911. You create a false enemy alongside a real one... Then you kill your own people pretending to be aiming at this fake enemy and then when that's done and everyone is on your team you go after a real enemy as you were planning all along....while instituting a Patriot Act type scenario that will go several steps beyond the Patriot Act into the One World Government... And viola. You have a War of the Worlds... and you define the enemy. While the sheep never realize their real enemy is right in their midst. It's you. The so-called rulers. They are the wolves...

They will use the Fake alien invasion to condition you for the real one.... Except, the twist there will be that we have already been invaded. They are the invaders. They are the reptilian/human offspring who want to eliminate you... And wars within or with outsiders is just one more way to do it. Not only that but behind your backs they have been fighting various ET races (invaders) for eons...

Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot
We are the Resistance


January 14, 2011 Update

Remember your mission: Kirk Nugent - Brilliant message in art


Regarding the Commentary from Bill on his recent video...

Rather than go into any more detail and get myself into some serious sarcasm and trouble... I prefer to submit the following exhibit as my response:

"Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb"


Click here to watch the famous film directed by Stanley Kubrick

January 13, 2011

Who is Loughner?

The following video was given to me by an unknown source. I can neither affirm or deny the contents nor have they been vetted in any way. I submit this as one of many in order that the questions stated here begin to be asked and investigated by those in a position to do so. --Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

January 12, 2011

Mexican Drug Cartel / Federal Gov linked to Loughner

Click Here for More evidence emerging of mind control and links to Mexican Cartel. Investigation by Tru Ott.

BBC Zeta Reticulum teaser

Click here to watch...This may be the prequel for the Ridley Scott movie...

Click here for article about this upcoming film or tv series

New White Hat Report

Obama & his Presidency

Triple Suns over China

Click here for the video.

They are saying this is a sun-dog effect... I wonder if that is true.

Alienshift Panel on Disclosure by Private Citizens

Last night I was an impromptu member of the Aleinshift panel on Disclosure with Brooks Agnew, Andy Basiago, Laura Esienhower and Alfred Webre hosted by David Farman. Click here to view when available.

January 11, 2011

I will be interviewed today by Jerry Avalos and Ben Murphy on his blogtalk radio show Universal Truth Evolution: click here to listen at 12:30pm PST

January 9, 2011

Duncan O'Finioan Weighs in on the Gabrielle Gifford Shooting

Click here for Duncan's excellent article reviewing the evidence of what appears to be a targeted hit on Gifford and Federal Judge Roll. As Duncan writes Loughner sounds like a classic Manchurian Candidate...This was also my intuitive take immediately on hearing the news. Former MK-Ultra super soldier, Duncan O'Finioan's analysis is dead-on.

Click here for the Project Camelot interviews with Duncan O'Finioan

Twitter Subpoena Reveals Secret Grand Jury Investigation

Click here for article

"The emergence of the subpoena appears to confirm for the first time the existence of a secret grand jury empanelled to investigate whether individuals associated with WikiLeaks, and Assange in particular, can be prosecuted for alleged conspiracy with Manning to steal the classified documents." - found on RSN

It is significant that the company Twitter was told not to reveal this inquiry to Julian Assange and the others named in the subpoena but refused to stay silent. Wikileaks is now also demanding that Facebook and Google reveal the details of any secret subpoenas they have received.

That this secret grand jury has been convened to probe into how Bradley Manning communicated with Wikileaks is revealing in demonstrating how the U.S. is employing draconian measures in the case against the military whistleblower.

January 7, 2011

Cyber War - Dead Birds and Wheeler's Death

Whereas I applaud the research into Phospene and the underground volcanism theory, the trouble with those theories is that birds are falling from the sky in many places around the globe, not just in the US! This is a relatively simultaneous occurrence. This is why that answer is not sufficient.

There does seem to be a possible link up here:

"...The Mitre Corporation, whose aviation system development department, the GRU reports, is at the forefront of creating the computer command and control systems used by the US Air Force in their fleet of aerial spraying planes." --from RumorMill News article

The computer command and control system used by the Air Force in planes can be interpreted as possible use as trigger mechanisms for something much more far-reaching in application...If used worldwide... possibly triggered from planes or simply computers. In other words, a form of cyber war.

Wheeler's death may be related...

Apparently Wheeler sent longtime friend Richard Radez (see article) an email expressing concern that the US wasn't sufficiently prepared for cyber warfare, according to the linked article and The Associated Press...

As mentioned previously on this blog, there are supposedly ground radiation pools that have been there for sometime are being used as directed energy weapons (my terminology as I have no scientific or detailed labels to give this) and that this is a worldwide test 'they' are doing...

This is not the same as HAARP. Although it may be directed by HAARP... it is accessing local pools (for lack of a better word) of this underground radiation.

The important this to know here is that it is making use of a 'naturally occurring' substance to trigger something else.

What ultimately they will use this for I don't know. There is no obvious reason why this source would give me misdirection on this. Regardless of the cause, the intention is orchestrated.

It is worth noting that this information from my source will most likely not appear anywhere else. The truth when it comes to operations is often surrounded by disinfo and misleading seemingly likely scenarios that are then pushed as the answer in order to hide the real truth.

Additional note on Wheeler's death: we have information that there is a great deal of 're-shuffling' going on within our government... There may be a link up to this as well.

January 6, 2011

As Consciousness Increases...

Shift of Magnetic North Pole affects Florida Airport


Given that this interview was a sort of man in the street conversation that does not address some of the deeper issues raised... I feel one statement in particular needs to be addressed.

"'Charles has explained that the extraterrestrial race who initiated this project are letting everything unfold with a philosophy of non-interference." This statement is at the beginning of Bill Ryan's interview with Charles (not his real name) an assassin who was sent to kill Bill or "deal with" him who changed his mind and has since become a sort of representative of what he calls the 33 people who rule the world at least as far as in conducting this dialog with the so-called alternative community. I feel we need to look closer at the above statement.

First of all, the statement is purposely vague. Who "initiated this project" meaning the human race 'project'? A huge question. And I cannot begin to answer it here. Nor do I have all the information. At the moment, I don't know, whether the 33 who call themselves the 'rulers of this Earth' are even aware of the true beginnings of humanity. I do know that there is evidence that the human experiment had more than one beginning on this planet. And was wiped out and restarted several times. Possibly by different ET races. And that it may have started on other planets. I also know that the version of human currently on this planet is a mixture of many genetic experiments (interference) by many ET races. Not the least was what Sitchin referred to as the Anunnaki.

For the best overview of the various experimentations that have taken place on this planet with regard to humanity the Voyager series by Ashayana Deane seems to have the most detailed information. At this point, however, we have a problem. Given that many of us are in touch with various ET races, some through channeling, some through face to face dialog and some through other means such as electronic downloads etc. One may assume that unless the 33 we are talking about here are not human but representatives of the ETs, that they too, are interacting with various ET races in the same ways. Maybe face to face mostly? At that point, assuming they are human and not ET then one must assume they are dealing with at least one race of ETs face to face (more or less) or more. So it comes as a given that they (the 33) are in dialog with and working with the dark, service to self ETs. Why? Because they themselves are, obviously, as seen by the way they run this world, dark. It is expressly clear they aren't listening to the "light side" or the results here on planet Earth would be manifestly different.

However, the problem is we don't know what it is the so-called 33 know and what they don't know. We can however estimate at the very least their understanding of where humanity started goes back to the deep Abzu and the altering of our DNA to limit our development by the Anunnaki. The apparent idea being that we developed so rapidly that we were going to out-populate and evolve beyond the Anunnaki themselves and therefore they would lose power over the humans.. so they dumbed them down. This at least can be understood and the evidence is clear... Our mis-named 'junk' DNA being an indicator of this.

However, in dealing with the interview by Bill Ryan one has to look at the above statement and then give the ET race alluded to in that statement, a name and a face. Needless to say, the statement was too general. But taking it at face value we can make a few basic points. If we assume, the ET race being referred to is those designated as the Anunnaki then we at least have a starting point.

So we need to figure out who the 33 think 'started this experiment'. And whether, the 33 and by default us, are created in their image ie. whether the ET progenitor race used their own DNA to create us or whether they simply started the experiment using DNA from other races/species. I suggest we ask them what they think they know about this... unfortunately at this point, the answer is not forthcoming. Of course the question has been out there for millions of years plaguing humanity.... But I digress. ..

Assuming again, that this time around, the Anunnaki used their own DNA, then we have a Progenitor race and we are their descendants, as are, in theory the 33. But here again you get into more difficulty because the 33 are-- unless they are pure one ET race or another, made up of different strains of DNA just as all of us are.. Even if they are Reptilian and human. If they are human that is still a hybrid... and in regard to the Reptilian side we have, for example, the Reptilian-Anunnaki hybrids. So one cannot even make the statement that the ETs that started this experiment have a policy of non-interference. The evidence is to the contrary because if their current administrators (the 33) are still influenced by them, worship them (!) or follow them.. then by default they are still interfering if only through their descendents. However, we know that the 33 are influenced and we know they are most likely running things a certain way, by the evidence around us, money and bloodlines being their ticket in to their positions... and so on...

But, if I take the premise of the interview with Charles at face value that he is actually a representative of the 33 who really do 'rule the world'. Then what do we have? Well if I rule the world I have armies with black technology that includes free energy, interstellar space travel, bases on Mars and the moon, underground bases here on Earth that comprise whole cities if not nations... since I have all the money I am responsible for starvation, deprivation you name it...I allow it not only that I 'dictate' it and so on. When I say jump all these minions (and governments) in theory jump or I bring pressure to bear in one form or another sometimes in the guise of this man "Charles"....

So given this to be the case.... I am responsible therefore, for the secrecy going back decades, for the wars that are orchestrated by me and my minions, for the famine, the disease and the current state of the planet (not good)...because I have kept the technology and the heritage belonging to the human race secret from them.

I have for example free access to all the deep recesses in the Vatican Library where supposedly much of the truth in written form if it exists at all, resides. I made sure of this because whenever a new discovery was made or ancient text discovered I made sure to spirit it away into my catacombs without it falling into the hands of the masses. I have killed with impunity anyone who 'knew too much' or attempted to usurp my power... and so on.

These rulers are aware of and in charge of the decision made when the 2 ET races (one service to self and the other service to others) met with Eisenhower and we chose to do business with the negative ETs in exchange for technology and let the Greys (who work for the Nordics and Reptilians) continue abductions to create a grey-human hybrid among other things...

As rulers of the earth with black technology, etc presumably I have met with several ET races, my scientists work alongside several races and I am also instructing my military to shoot down the ships of ETs we are at war with.... etc.

So if this man Charles represents the 33... and they are indeed the rulers of this world...then they are dark, dark, power over others, service to self, magicians of the blackest of the black... in essence those known as Dark Lords.

And with this in mind, let's go back to the interview and see just how the questions and answers took place in this interview and see whether any of it makes any real sense. What will be clear from the outset is that so much is not asked, gone unchallenged and unanswered that the only suggestion I can make is that another interview be conducted and this time, prepare the questions for the Dark Lords you wish to address. Because, although we got some of Charles' personal back story we still have heard little of consequence and nothing new so far...

Oh, and by the way, word came back to me that the 33 were not happy with my prior statement. You should tell them that actually I am not at all happy with them either. In fact I am downright pissed-off about it...

You wanna talk? Let's talk.

Go to my previous post Fighting the Good Fight on January 2, 2010.

Addendum a few notes of music sent by Camelot supporters to brighten your day

Chiron Beta Prime

January 5, 2011

Latest White Hat Report

Click here

Dead birds falling from the sky -- Flash-forward anyone?

Some of you may remember the recently cancelled TV series called Flash-Forward availabe for viewing here. In one episode, prior to the 2+ minutes in which the entire world with the exception of a few individuals, passed out, and reawoke to find they had seen their futures...

It was caused by a pulse weapon based to some degree perhaps on HAARP technology or even CERN... at any rate in one episode they go to a place in Africa where dead birds had unaccountably fallen out of the sky...

As it happens this was a precursor "test" by the nefarious scientist and his group prior to the big 'black out"...

As truth is certainly no stranger than fiction... We have a similar event in Arkansas and I am told, by a source, in strategic locations around the world. CLICK HERE FOR MAP. Including Africa. I am told there is some link between a radiation type energy that is found in some places (hidden for thousands of years) that comes out of the ground (or water?) in some places that the scientists in black projects are doing tests with... to determine how this energy can be made useful. My conjecture... in weapons technology.

It falls under the category using what occurs in nature to ones advantage...

Of course, naturally, ABC executives in their infinite wisdom have cancelled once again one of the few shows that actually has something relevant to say....

January 4, 2011

Update on The Rulers of the World : their response to my response

Although I have very little information to go on, I have been told via Bill, who was told via Charles that my long response entitled Fighting the Good Fight (see below) has upset some of the group that Charles represents.

It should be noted that everything I said is already in the public domain (for the most part) and has been reported by me elsewhere in presentations and if not by me than by our Camelot witnesses and sources. It would appear that there is some value there.

Regarding a major reshufflng going on within US gov

Apparently things are 'heating up' and of course it has to do with the devaluing of the dollar and the move to a One World Currency. Most people will already know the Soros video and statements in this regard so I won't go into all of that. But I am hearing from various sources that this battle is reaching some crisis level although it's almost impossible to make sense out of who is moving into power in the US and who is moving out.

One point of view says this shuffling is a drama to allow them to drop the dollar suddenly when they are actually more in favor of a slow drop.... during this year.

January 2, 2011

Notes on Rulers of the World interview


a review by Kerry Lynn Cassidy from Project Camelot of The Rulers of the World interview by Bill Ryan

May the best 'man' win? Is that where this is at? With the recent interview released by Bill Ryan the questions that arise are many.

According to a Source, 'Charles" is not telling the truth when he says the nuclear option is off the table. They substantiate this by referencing recent nuclear tests by France and clandestine nuclear tests that are likely going on underground in India and elsewhere. It is of course highly desirable that be the case. The shutdown of the minutemen missiles documented by Robert Salas and other recent disclosure witnesses at the National Press Club would seem to support this idea. The trouble is, the data is conflicting.

So what else about what is talked about in the interview with Charles, is questionable, in either the lack of clear information or the obfuscation of the material? The clearest statement seems to be in relation to the threat from GMO foods. The garnering of control over the seeds. But this is old news and well known in the alternative community. Monsanto and other companies have been working hard to push that agenda. The names of these companies are out there. Why the huge resistance and warning against stating the obvious? Of course who controls the seeds and the lack of heritage seeds in circulation obviously narrows the controls over those who produce the crops... And the dumbing down and weakening of immune systems and possibly a multitude of other detrimental effects all point to a very damning conclusion so much so that various European countries have simply banned the use of GMO seeds. Again this is known.

So what is going on here? This man appears to have had an interaction with some kind of AI or possibly mind control to where his original 'program' was modified so that he becomes more an agent provocateur than an outright assassin. Maybe this is just a natural trajectory. It stands to reason that bumping people off and making their lives miserable if they don't toe the line can be a very disheartening way to exist. It might even give one cancer or some incurable disease. Working for the dark side is not good for ones health it would appear.

But from what I know, this person, though it is not revealed on the screen, has gone through a kind of Jason Bourne type of experience... Where his insubordination was punished...yet he survived. From the interview we know that somehow he has managed to convince his handlers that turning him--using him to start a dialog with the 'alternative community' as we are called, is apparently considered a worthwhile exercise or experiment.

And so, he steps forward and does the interview with my partner in Camelot, Bill Ryan. To quote from my recent article called "Wikileaks: The Magus in Deep Black" ..."But those behind the scenes in this surveillance society, the ones who call themselves Magus, who manipulate the effects of the truly courageous actions of the bright stars, diamonds in the rough, under their Control, cannot be ignored. It is necessary that we go deeper into the black, what some would call, above black, to discover the real war being fought."

Indeed this is the real question. Unfortunately this recent interview does little to reveal anything more about the Controllers. The info about UFO's being shot down is also old news. No one, at least no one I know, believed they crossed solar systems to crash from mechanical failures! We know they have been shot down. Particle beam weapons, scaler technology, some early radar based, laser technology from Wilhelm Reich... this is all out there. Indeed the truth is out there. Even this witness agrees.

So what about the "laughter surrounding the 2012" issue? How can this remain a joke when in the next breath he talks about the uncontrollable Sun and the sensibleness of establishing an out of the way 'farm' to prepare for what the future may bring. Starvation is clearly part of the agenda... So storing food in underground bases, out of the way of the dreaded solar CMEs doesn't sound funny any longer. And of course this is what governments are also doing. Why is he contradicting himself one wonders. Unless of course one realizes that is the modus operandi for agents. There is obviously a recognition of the need to throw some truth into the mix, such as the binary system (yes we know this) and modular space craft (yes) in with misdirection and flattery.

So what is the flattery involved and what does it mean? Unfortunately, like any good love affair the implication is that Bill 'turned his head' and made him rethink his priorities. Of course as charming as Bill is, this is still too much to believe. And this is one of the glaring problems within the body of the piece. Acknowledged that it is lonely at the top or close to it, especially when one is a lone gunman.. Finding a fine rapport with an individual of good intellect is albeit encouraging and even gratifying. But does it change the agenda?

Bill states "'Charles has explained that the extraterrestrial race who initiated this project are letting everything unfold with a philosophy of non-interference." This is patently untrue. Evidence to the contrary is everywhere. It does not square with Bob Dean's assertion that the Anunnaki are walking the halls of the Pentagon. Presumably doing more than just 'strolling'. Or Wendell Stevens, the laudable researcher who recently passed on, and who, just before he died, said to his good friend, Bob Dean, that there is no doubt that the Anunnaki are ruling this Earth.

And so, we have what Charles is calling the "Fair contest". Sorry there is no fairness involved here. On the contrary. This game is rigged. Very much so. Since the beginning. Rule by secrecy is what they call it.

When Bill told me about his interaction with Charles I asked him to read a rather old and forgotten book but one that made a great impression on me when I was around 12. Yes, I was young and rather adventurous when it came to reading material. The book is called THE MAGUS by John Fowles. I encourage everyone who hasn't to read it before finding out what happens at the end. Because it is in the journey that one experiences the real effect. But suffice to say, that this mode of operation is how 'they' think. It may be found to be highly instructive when applied to the current drama between Bill and his friendly adversary turned protector.

So what then is the game? And who again, are the Controllers. One source has told me that discussing who they are is off-limits... So are they 33? Are they, as they are reported to consider themselves "pure human"? Or, much more likely, are they really pure reptilian-human hybrids from one branch of the Anunnaki?

Are they of angelic human lineage as described by Ashyana Deane? Unlikely, given they are the self-proclaimed rulers of this planet. Because what is clearer than most anything else is that angelic humans, those who came from off planet are certainly not the Controllers. The takeover by the present group happened back around the time of the altering of the DNA of humanity back in the 'deep abzu' according to the Sumerian tablets. The initial dumbing down. So this group of very wealthy rulers are not pure human at least in this sense, by any means. So that must be a 'cover'.

And where do they operate from? Certainly the City of London is one of their bases of operations. Another, I am told is the state of Israel. Recently, I was told that a major alternative media personality is working as an agent to redirect attention away from the Mossad and the state of Israel because this is an Anunnaki base of operations within the Middle East. Makes sense if you think about it. If they started as Sitchin says they did in Babylon then they aren't far from 'home' at least as far as an earthly sense of that word.

And, they said, this has nothing to do with the Jewish culture. The state of Israel was established as a place for the bankers to operate from, to launder money and one would extrapolate, to establish a stronghold in the Middle East in the center of the oil cartel... This is an interesting line of investigation. Of course, anyone who veers in this direction is instantly accused of being anti-semitic. What a great cover for a deep black operation. This, I am told has nothing to do with the Hasidic or traditional Jews.

Although, it does have to do with the Rothschilds. And the bankers. And ultimately, it is about bloodlines.. what kind of superman inhabits this planet and then, goes out and terraforms others.

If Bill has his wish and manages to get another interview with Charles, it is likely they will begin to sketch out the bloodline issue. But whether this explanation will bring us any closer to the truth is another matter.

Of course Mars has to be one of the more likely real home bases in this solar system at present. All the indicators point to this. The recent information we received regarding the Venture Star and the routine flights off planet from the underground base in Utah, near Dugway.. as the JPL website states... "the Utah Test & Training Range provides the largest overland contiguous block of restricted airspace in the continental United States authorized for supersonic flight, available for aircrew training and weapons testing." That's pretty clear. Room for 35 scientists on each flight, we were told. Very well.

It is a misdirection to say this group of 33 that Charles is referring to is not the "illuminati". The fact is, the philosophy of the illuminati, goes deeply into this group... It must. Because it's the occult philosophy that they clearly use to operate out of. For more on this, read the RA Material.

So what is behind the visit from the lone assassin who has supposedly turned the tables on his handlers and in return found he has tops 4 years to live as a result? Isn't it much more likely that any change of heart on his part (and I wouldn't rule this out, after all, Camelot was established for just such people, defectors, I call them... whistleblowers from the matrix who are coming over to our side. To the light.) But in vetting such a one, we must be careful. Because, as is clear here, this person, not unlike several we have dealt with, is working, even openly as a double-agent. He is reporting back to the 'other' side, while stating that Bill is safe, (and I assume myself) as long as he is alive. Although from the sound of things that would mean our days are 'numbered' as they say if this is true. But, as he says, let the best 'man' win, survival of the fittest... and so on. Let the games begin in other words. On this new round. At the start of 2011.

Note: none of the above is meant to detract from the strong interview conducted by Bill Ryan or the possibility that this man Charles is exactly who he claims to be. Although that is still an open question.

To continue, when Bill uses the opportunity to interview Charles as a platform to make a plea to the so-called 33 for the viability of a different approach to solving the problems on the planet and against their favorite eugenics program.. this is laudable, however quaint in its approach. The trouble is, one must know that they are well familiar with the arguments against. And as Charles says have considered all the options. Sure it doesn't hurt to use this unique opportunity to state the case again... however, I have to say, this ignores the fact that you are talking to the tiger itself, about its own tools in the toolbox, such as free energy and space travel capability probably 1000 years in advance of anything we know of in the public sector and asking if they will consider playing fair. After 1000s of years of doing the opposite, playing on their advantage (off-world advantage) using power in service to self for aeons one rather doubts that another momentary plea will stop them in their tracks or even alter the playing field in any way.

This is actually already an open dialog between the alternative community and 'this lot'. And the answer coming back has sadly been anything but inspiring. But, this does not detract from the fact that this interview, and this kind of dialog is a step in the right direction. One might as well have out with it. The trouble is, that the Controllers are still in hiding. And those who appear to be in charge are being managed. That much is certain. The evidence is everywhere.

So where does this leave us? On the trail of the Anunnaki... for one. No doubt about it. The trouble is, that in this layered game, there are many off-planet races involved. And each group seems to think they are the ones in charge.

Another interesting bit of information from another source tells me that the newest arrivals from 'outer space' are working with the Chinese. And that China is, as a result, building up their war machine at an unprecedented rate. The 'new guys' on the block are not friendly to the rest of us. And they are supplying China with the means to even the playing field. So much for the 'China is our savior' PR campaign that has had some success among the 'alternative community'.

On another note, from what I understand from still another source, Julian Assange may indeed be working for a certain side. And the question still remains when considering who one works for in this game, that what the agenda of the given player is, must be taken into consideration along with that of the group they play for. Because if one finds oneself in sympathy with the agenda of one side, say over another, and, in furthering the agenda of the group one works for one furthers one's own equally important agenda then where's the harm? I imagine this is what we have to consider when looking at the case of Julian Assange or anyone who has behind the scenes elected to work for any group.

What is troubling is when one considers that ones allegiances are often practical as well as limited by the amount of depth and understanding one brings to the big picture... ie. the playing field... in all its dimensions and aspects. This is unavoidable. Where are the blinders? What are the limits of knowledge or prejudice any one individual brings to the table when considering where to cast ones vote or take ones stand? And then, a certain degree of tolerance even kindness has to be brought to bear in understanding why one individual cast their lot in with one group vs. another. The path of light is often shrouded in illusion.

Therefore, the issue with respect to Charles and even Julian has to be: which group and what agenda?? This is where the labyrinth becomes daunting and intimidating in every respect. Because again as perhaps too often quoted and yet too often found to be true, as Hoagland says 'the lie is different at every level'. And what level are we talking about at any given time has to be taken into consideration. Especially when asking or answering a question.

It is instructive to know that information given to humans at this stage is done so with this in mind. And when considering the Galactic playing field the game changes at least from our perspective. This is where false flags such as Project Blue Beam a faked alien invasion aimed at uniting us as Reagan so wistfully put it 'against a common enemy' comes to the fore. And the trouble is, that while they spin this fake alien invasion scenario to certain ends, the real invasion, interference and yes, war, has been going on all along. It's just that many never take the time to look behind the curtain long enough to see it. Layers upon layers.

We are at the brink of a Brave New World indeed. As Corso said 'if you can take it'... and I would add, whether you can take it or not. Moving into this New Year, it is useful to survey the playing field and see where we stand.


Ultimately, the question on this planet comes down to sovereignty and then the inheritors. Because all the bloodline secrecy and genetic manipulation has to ultimately result in a race of humanity 2.0 .... possibly even more than one resulting race. Those in control who wish to maintain their control are doing so using money (as energy) but their desired objective is clearly superman or as I have stated, robotic superman because it appears highly likely given their established penchant for technology ... that they will go the way of AI/robotics/biological androids rather than to simply let the human evolve into the highest order of beingness they are capable of.

The potential in our DNA indicates that we have built in capability to be so much more than what we are at present. But allowing that angelic human to manifest is slow in contrast to the manipulated hybrid option. Control of the line is unlikely to yield the best out of this mix... because in the end, it is not perfection we are after but impeccability. This is a profound distinction and one which seems to have been lost at least to those who wish to manipulate our genome.

January 1, 2011

The Rulers of the World - Bill Ryan's interview with the man sent to "deal" with him and Project Camelot (because we have become a problem)

Highly recommended.

The information here is not new for Camelot supporters. But it does give a slightly different angle on the same material. A look at the way a group who consider themselves the Controllers think and plan for the future. A game of cat and mouse that eventually gets round to substantiating the active threat from the sun, GMO seeds, plans for population elimination and the importance of certain bloodlines to their plans. Interstellar craft, bases on Mars and the moon... the reality of ET, plans for Project Blue Beam and underground bases here on Earth..this is all in there and given passing reference.

What is perhaps most interesting is what isn't said. Because of this individual's interaction with what appears to be AI ... the assassin decides not to take out his target... and instead engages in a dialog with him.

Note: Of course we know they tried to take us down.. first by helping make the split happen -- this didn't work because what was one problem then became two problems and because the so-called split wasn't permanent :-) Note: a supposedly separate group was sent to deal with me. But I was told, that a certain person stepped in on my behalf to stop that action.

One note: anyone who has paid attention knows that craft were shot down... and as a result crashed. There has been an ongoing war going on. The STS footage showing us shooting at one... is all over the net including here: (about 7 mins into my documentarty short entitled Have You Seen a UFO).

Bill's interview links:




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