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About researchers and whistleblowers :We, Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan, do not necessarily agree with or endorse all of the views presented here. What Camelot is about is the investigation into the mysteries that surround us. We are all, in a sense, investigators of our world. And while we, as individuals, may not agree with everything presented on our site, we fully support freedom of thought and speech as well as the Quest for truth.
31 December 2008

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April 30, 2011

Sirhan Sirhan - Mind Control Defense - New Evidence

Documents filed in federal court could reopen RFK Assassination Case. Attorney William F. Pepper is convinced Sirhan was a victim of mind control.

click here for the article

Special note: I recently interviewd William F. Pepper on my radio show on American Freedom Radio the night before he filed the documents. We discussed this case as well as the murder of Martin Luther King and the framing of James Earl Ray, a case he also handled and wrote a book about called "An Act of State."

click here to listen

The Radiation issue and the Russian advances in Cancer research

Many people are very concerned over the whole issue of radiation due to the meltdown of the Japanese reactors. So I wanted to put forward a few ideas along these lines for your consideration.

First of all, there are differing views on the amount of radiation going around the globe right now. Some are measuring the levels as being very high and others say the readings are lower and not at dangerous levels. This in itself is rather interesting. Apparently, there are some who are saying that the instruments globally are being skewed -- messed with by ET groups (set higher than actual) in order to mislead people into a fear based frame of mind... those ET or alien races who feed off such emotions that is... others are saying that the actual readings are lower and that off-planet races are working to dissipate and handle the radiation so we not affected by the fall-out. Obviously this is hard to verify in any way...

Aside from that confusion, there is the issue of how we react to radiation. From my perspective as you become more self aware and fully enlightened, you are more in the place of deciding what will and won't affect you.. in all ways. And you can either attract or repel radiation just as you would anything else. It's all a matter of how you view it. So in order to get into this frame of mind, you simply have to put your consciousness into a place of neither attracting or repelling but simply doing neither. And the affect will be nil upon you.

In addition to this concept is to keep in mind what has been learned about cancer and indeed all forms of disease. And that is that dis-ease is only allowed into your body if you decide you need it for some reason. It is caused to become entrenched due to unresolved feelings such as anger, resentment and so on. Once you recognize this relation to dis-ease then you find the way to deal with such is to work on and resolve the emotional issues and mental blocks that preceded the condition and thereby eliminate the cause.

Another thing that comes to mind is some information we heard while interviewing Valery Uvarov in Russia back in 2009. click here for the interview

If memory serves, during this interview he talked with us about some discoveries the Russians had made around cancer and a technique for healing it... I can't remember whether this was on or off-camera. But he said that what they had found was that cancer was primarily found to arise in older people who had led a sort of advanced lifestyle where they had begun to eat healthy, exercise and do all the right things including meditate and so on. But that the strange thing that happened was that those people who are around 60 or older would reach a kind of brick wall, where their physicality would suddenly react and rebel against the higher frequency vibrations and develop cancer. It was as if the body couldn't deal with the higher frequency for a prolonged period of time and so would break down and develop cancer to slow itself down. It was in a state of resistance.

So what they did was, they built 9 pyramids outside the city of St. Petersburg. They did this for more than one reason, but almost by accident they found that if they sent the cancer patients into the pyramids to meditate for a certain number of days... I forget how long, they would be cured or show marked recovery. What seemed to happen is that the combination of intense meditation for days, or weeks, would allow the body to re balance itself. I saw it as the body was perhaps recalibrating itself so it could adjust itself to the higher vibration. And so the person was cured. It's as if the body was able with the assistance of the pyramid shape to overcome a kind of hurdle or block in its ability to handle a certain level of frequency.

Anyway, this is food for thought in terms of how some people might deal with the rise in radiation levels globally and see how any advent of cancer be eliminated.

Lastly, I think there is an additional way of viewing this situation that could be helpful. And that is to widen ones consciousness, metaphorically speaking, to where, you are no longer fixed in the 3D material world but instead put yourself into a state of consciousness whereby you are able to inhabit consciously the 4th and even 5th dimensions simultaneously, as we do anyway unknowingly... Doing this consciously will enable you to be nonlocal in a way that will make the affects of the 3D much less impactful to where the physical becomes more ethereal and less solid. This is a state of mind that will be necessary as we move into the next few years in order to best handle the changing vibrational rate and still maintain physical form. Of course assuming you have a fully formed 'light body' you will be able to do this with no problem and ultimately, you can leave behind the physical completely and proceed with the light body alone into the next dimension and density.

Adventures in Time Travel

For those of you who are not aware of the famous cult time travel classic "Ong's Hat" here is the link. Highly recommended.

April 28, 2011

NEW! John Doe whistleblower testimony... a Project Camelot Productions Exclusive

Testimony regarding coming Earth changes, Underground Bases, Planet X or the Dark Star and the Nordics working with the secret government...

click here for the transcript

Chemtrails over Britian

From an undisclosed source:

..."instead of the Alternative media talking about the non-existent radiation from Japan, the latest scaremonger tactic, they should be talking about something far worse and nefarious, and that is, the millions of tons of chemicals being dumped in the atmosphere day and night. In Britain it has become so bad that a chemical mist envelopes everything, you can see this filth right in front of your eyes. You cannot even see the hills in the short distance because the chemical smog is so bad, everything in the distance is blotted out because of this now permanent, chemical smog. This is the worst crime imaginable and yet no is talking about it, it must be costing trillions of dollars for the black ops, and yes, I mean trillions because there are thousands of tanker Jet aircraft flying over per day. This is unbelievable and no one is talking about it."

Thank you to this source for their uncompromising courage in reporting this! Wake up... share what you know... the time is NOW.

Listen Up People:

This is the deal, even the most unawakened human has unlimited potential. This is what they don't want you to know. The propaganda out there telling you that you are dumb and limited is NOT TRUE!! The opposite is true. They, the controllers and beings from elsewhere are scared sh--tless of you because what you have -- what all humans have is the ability to GROW... in every way imaginable... Unlimited. Get it? Recognize this and take off the blinders and simply that acknowledgement will change your life.

As David Icke would say "human beings get off your knees!" Become who you really are.. and there is no stopping you.

April 27, 2011

Kevin Smith Show - his guest Command Sgt. Major... battle with ufos

Good stuff. Anyone know how I can reach Kevin Smith or the guest please email me with the info.


Antarctica Story regarding Vortex

April 26, 2011 - Updated

Message from a Source -- I call 'Noc'

There is no way other than through resonance for me to verify the following, however, based on prior information from this source I have reason to believe he knows what he is talking about.... --Kerry

IT'S GOING DOWN NOW [rewritten in parts to protect the identity of the author]

As you know-- you asked me to step up
to the plate and do the damn thang--
so I did. The call was put out by many at the same time...Okay-- you asked to stay in the dark on what's going on... I have done so-- but in order to fulfill my
mission you can no longer remain ignorant to what is really going on--

[NOTE: this message was sent to other people besides me and the above is not directed at me in regard to wanting to be kept in the dark!]

The reptilians who have been manipulating behind the scenes
are at crunch time on this planet--
as you know now that is why I am here--
there is a main backup force of reps coming to take over after the planet Nebiru. It was vaporized just after the Japanese eq--

I really do love that country--

but the dark star though not very big--
but very dense and others in tow in its gravitational pull-- are coming
and that includes Elelin (or however you spell it).

A main force of the guys with whom I have been working are coming to stop the reps/ grays & co. too--it is shit hit the fan -- time...

Alaska was safe until the early destruction of Japan. Next will be the west coast of US--

Yes Virgina even Santa gets surprised at times--hey-I'm only human-- sorta
kinda-- not--anyway

The gulf oil spill was not even about oil or the drill rig-- but a nuke strategically placed on a faultline to help to activate the Madrid fault.

Now the Nevada earthquakes which I also predicted will take out the backside of the small chain of island/mountains
that will be what is left of CA-- hello Kerry? you listening?

Hopefully my off planet friends will help to neutralize the radiation poisoning--
oh the chem trails and spraying--???-

Why would we do it to ourselves--
well-- if the 'ourselves' are the actually the reps and it changes
the atmosphere to where they are better live and to manifest in this dimension-- that would make sense? Right?
[note from Kerry : I heard this from another whistleblower as well not so long ago..]

I assume my/ your side/our side wins this showdown--that the clash of the Titans is about to begin--

If not-- anyone know reptilian?
will people with long tongues
and who like roasted insects
be favored over others? Will there be any HUmans left to give a shit?

I don't have the answer to these questions but it is time to beat feet to more tropical ground--

You do know where the evilites have been heading and
where they are tucking their gold and billions away at (bad grammar)

Start pressure...

Peace out Girl Scout....


War with Libya Over Water

click here for the video

An undisclosed source sent me the following message along with the above link:

..."The woman who claimed to be raped by the Gaddafi's goon's was also part of their agenda to gain the people's support for the war... just like the story about the babies being taken out of their incubators before invading Iraq. You gotta see the pattern here Kerry and let the people know about this.

You wanna know how I know that the woman's claims are false? In the video one can see a female employee of the hotel trying to shut her up by putting a jacket over her head. and that makes no sense, if Gaddafi was really such a bad guy. Think about it. That female hotel employee is obviously not one of Gaddafi's goons and gains nothing by shutting the other woman up. so why would she do it, unless she knew the other woman's claims are nonsense - since she obviously knows Gaddafi is building the water system for the benefit of the people and not himself." -- a source

Global Research Article : Financial Heist of the Century : Confiscating Libya's Sovereign Weath Funds

click here for the article

April 25, 2011

FROM the book "THE INTELLIGENCE AGENTS" by Timothy Leary, PHD

..."Every character... is either an Operative working for a Psycho-Political hive-bureacracy or an Independent Intelligence Agent (Out-Caste) working counter to the hive-bureacracy."

Change agents are independent intelligence Agents... catalyzing transformation all around them...

Ultimately, ou must ask yourself... are you a "Futant".. click here for the definition provided by Neil Freer

JFK : some inspiration for the day

April 24, 2011

Refresher Course: The Two Factions (there are more) - reposted here from Rumor Mill News

Whereas some of this information is somewhat simplistic and does not address the power behind these groups it is worth reviewing....Addtional note: I do not agree with all the info presented there!

Accurate chart of ownership of the Fed:

Bottom line as it relates to the article I wrote yeasterday, is about who owns the Federal Reserve, which relates to the article below and the mission of the White Hats:

"One of the hidden truths that the founders of Rumor Mill News revealed to a large audience in 1992 was that the Federal Reserve Banking System in the United States is NOT owned by the United States government. It is owned by international bankers who have their headquarters in the "City of London", which is a separate part of London..."

And at this point you would need to also include our information from the Anglo-Saxon Whistleblower: click here to read more

April 23, 2011

Over the last day or so I was made aware of the discussion going on, on Benjamin Fulford's blog found here. I was already a member but had only been reading Ben's articles not following the discussion below taking place in the comment section under each article. However, I had some time after the DOS attacks yesterday and so I took the opportunity to read and then post a few comments of my own there.

I am reposting here for my readers one of my last comments that took the form of an article I entitled, "How to Make a Revolution"... (special note: I refer to "Caleb" and "OBH" those are user names of a couple people who post to Ben's blog).

How to Make a Revolution…

Hi all,

Caleb…thanks for posting segments from some of my recent articles here on this blog. However, those articles were written several weeks ago prior to me posting here on this blog. I trust this clarifies my position for OBH and others… I stand on my earlier statements made above…. If necessary I will repost them later.

To clarify:

1. OBH – I meant no disrespect by saying you were an older indigo… that was simply the energy signature I was reading. Some people call themselves indigo and are younger than say 50… however there are also older indigos out there. Some prefer the term Starseeds… At any rate I was simply commenting that you would be one of the older ones in my view. Apparently, by your response, I was correct. That was purely my psychic take on you. Again, nothing wrong with the term older…

2. As I said… we (myself and the White Hats) have had many debates..
And again, my view is that the settlements will never be granted unless those in the position to grant them (did someone say Bush,Sr.?) decide it fits in with their agenda. I can’t imagine you would disagree with that statement. Unfortunately, I believe this is where the agenda of Bush SR et al gets hard to discern… other than we know they want to eliminate 2/3rds of the population among other things.

3. White Hats – I noticed another post of yours OBH refers to the Bush photos with white hats etc. You are missing the point here… A later reference to white hats (in our history) comes from whistleblowers from black projects who wished to refer in some way to the cross agency/org individuals who are working on behalf of humanity while disguised as black hats within that world. The term White Hats is appropriate but does not refer back to any shenanigans of the Bushes with their hats etc. The fact is, using language is problematic enough and historical usage of terms often change.
A similar smear campaign was put out there by some determined disinfo agents wanting to take down Project Camelot… By attempting to make it appear as though our Project Camelot was the same as the older usage of this name by some nefarious government agency with a dark agenda. And yet originally Camelot comes from of course, the Arthurian legend… and this is what our choice of the name for our “project” was inspired by. I happened to be aware that black projects often preceded CODE NAMES of secret projects with the word “project” and I had also just written a screenplay that I called “PROJECT MOONDUST” … so while Bill and I were meeting in Tintagel, one of the said homes of King Arthur we wanted to use the name CAMELOT because of the roundtable where all were equal because we intended to battle the hierarchy in society ultimately through revealing truth, by filming testimony from those from black projects…. so PROJECT CAMELOT seemed like the perfect name. Besides, we knew getting a website named Camelot by itself would never fly since there would be no urls available…. So that’s how the name came about. You can I hope see how use of language, and especially naming things, is easily confusing and misleading.

Finally, the fact that the White Hats are working to achieve the Global Settlements will not solve our problems… their agenda in focusing on this is very short term… It does not address what to do with the Federal Reserve. From what I understand they plan to reveal where all the bodies are buried, so to speak, eventually. However, stabilizing the dollar is only a first step, from their pov.

I think one can attack this problem of saving the world for humanity in a number of ways… some short term gestures may be helpful or maybe not.

It’s like when you look at how to create a revolution in the masses… even radicals will tell you it may actually be better to have a repressive regime in order to stimulate real unrest in the population, than to have some middle of the road regime. Because the more moderate approach is less likely to stimulate a rebellion and therefore doesn’t actually suit the ultimate purpose of the radical and yet, it seems a contradiction because in reality, the middle of the road regime does have some elements in it that would seem to reflect what the so-called radical or revolutionary really is seeking to put in place.
In this case, with the White Hats, we have the reverse of the above. What I mean is, they are attempting small steps, if you will, rather than the grander sweeping gestures that Benjamin is suggesting. And while I don’t agree with the ’small step’ approach –being a radical at heart, I do understand their ultimate agenda. Which is, if they are being truthful, to save the union… that is, the U.S. as a viable state. Just because one is a patriot and believes their country should remain an intact entity does not automatically mean they want it to continue along the way it has been going.

What they seem to want is to rescue the immediate situation… and then set about putting the house in order.
To that end, what I see is us wanting the same things… peace, prosperity for all and a glorious future for the planet. How we go about getting there is the question on the table.

Best wishes to all,
Project Camelot
and yes, this is the real Kerry Cassidy

originally posted to the comment section of Benjamin Fulford's blog at

April 22, 2011

Set Humanity Free

click here for Benjamin Fulford's passionate plea

Right on!




THE PTB must have been scared shitless of this Event!!!


We will need reschedule and do more advance advertising..

This conference is positioned to start however we have had very few advance registrations... if you would like to hear these stellar researchers exchanging their thoughts on the current Earth changes, the future and how to deal with the shift...please register click here

(all money earned will go to support the work of all four speakers and Project Camelot Productions. Thank you). earthchange


April 20, 2011


Hutchison Gives Instructions for Earth Radiation Shield from Japanese Fallout

clcik here for more on how you can help...

April 19, 2011

The Continuing Saga of Deception and Deceit : Zahi Hawass Caught at it Again

click here for the story

Fish kill in Ventura Harbour

click here for video

Note: this is just north of me... Considering the rough water last night I wonder if there is a link. There is a Navy base there...Point Mugu/Port Hueneme. Could be something they are doing there. Vandenburg (Air Force Base) is near there as well. Dutchsinse is suggesting this may be a earthquake precursor event.

April 18, 2011

State of the ocean

For what it's worth, this evening the Pacific ocean along the West Caost is acting very strange.

Deathlist of BP Whistleblowers Growing

click here for article

Announcing a new video conference this Friday, April 22nd! Click poster to Register!




Donations Needed

I am going to the UK to conduct interviews May 11th through the 24th. Please donate to make this trip possible. Your donations make this work possible! click here to donate

April 17, 2011

Bob Geldof in Africa - DVD recommended

This is a wonderful series from back a few years ago. Available on DVD -- great stuff if you are into Africa as I am. Some of the commentary is rather off since Geldof doesn't really know the Camelot background to things... but it would be great for someone to let him know about us.

HANNA - the movie

This is a great film.... right along the lines of all ths super soldier info released by Project Camelot. Produced by someone I used to know, Marty Adelstein. Great job. Seems like they must have referenced our material in order to make this film but who knows... The musical score is riveting. click here for the trailer

Zahi Hawass Sentenced to One Year in Prison

Something tells me this will never happen.. However click here to read the article and one saga associated with Hawass And click here for the issue on prison sentence re land dispute. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Hawass illegalities...

April 16, 2011

Natural Health News : Radiation in Milk...

click here for story

April 15, 2011

Be the change... uplifting video with an important message

click here to view

Thank you to Camelot supporter for sending it to me :-)

April 14, 2011

George Soros and the NWO ploy at Breton-Woods

So to address the little get-together at Bretton Woods last weeklend.. Coming on the heels of the strident rumors of government shut-down and the escalating debacle of nuclear power plants melitng down in Japan... shades of the original WWII meeting at Bretton Woods. The comparisons had to be made and yes this was intentional no doubt. The word was that 3 Rothschilds were in attendance... but many of the financial heads were missing... in theory not invited. What I was told is that the guest list centered on academicians primarily. Now why? And a representative of a think tank or two such as Tavistock (Gordon Brown) and others.

For more about the intentions behind the Bretton Woods event go here to the White Hats Report #18.

However, the Soros move is in some ways a kind of a precursor for the switch of currency into some sort of one world currency. click here for the Associated Press story; Quote from the article, "Soros is proposing the end of sovereignty as we know it."

“The main enemy of the open society, I believe, is no longer the communist but the capitalist threat.”

George Soros
February 1997

“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”

George Soros
June 2006

Based on my dream/visions of the future it would seem some sort of civil war or split within the United States is in motion.

April 13, 2011

Tonight 7pm PDT my guest on CAMELOT RADIO

Frank Ahearn, author of "How to Disappear"

Listen Live 7pm PDT


Charles/Bill Saga : Family tree of humanity according to Charles et al

In the interest of full disclosure and to eliminate targeting of individuals by Charles and group

click herefor my recent release of materials related to the Charles/Bill dialogs. I do not find this info to be accurate but I am releasing it to make sure that it is no longer a reason for this group to target Bill in any way. This is my choice and mine alone. I do this without Bill's consent and against his wishes. --Kerry

click here for the pdf of that material (family tree according to Charles) summary by Bill Ryan


Japan's list of Earthquakes going unreported by USGS

Note: earlier today there was a 7.0 in Honshu

click here to stay updated

April 12, 2011

Energy Wars: the Real Game-Changer

Evidence appears to be mounting that the earthquake in Japan was if not triggered then escalated in size during a particular window of opportunity caused by a hyperdimensional configuration (see my radio show with Keith Hunter for more on this factor)...

Regarding the Honshu area of Japan, if you look back at earthquakes over the past year you will see how very active that particular area had been prior to the 9.0 earthquake. What this indicates to me is that this was a weakness that could have been targeted and exploited within a certain 'window of opportunity' presented by energetics that involve the sun.

If this were a murder (and evidence mounts that it was in essence a mass-murder) then you could say opportunity was present and the only question left is motive. The summation below of Fulford's material leads one to suspect at least one motive but this is still not fully clear. I have been querying my sources on this aspect of things.

If the motive was propelled by some aspect of economics or financial gain then the question remains 'who benefits'. What hasn't been brought up so far but what has come to me intuitively in this incident with Japan as well as the Christchurch earthquake is the fact that here on this planet in a wider sense we are engaged in Energy Wars... And at root there are at least 2 (and probably more see water and food as two more recent elements in the game) major interests at work: the nuclear industry and the petroleum/oil industry.

Looking over the history of Japan in terms of the ingenuity and brilliance of the Japanese people and surveying the playing field for zero point/free energy around the world, it seems very likely to me that Japan, being a small country at the mercy of other countries for access to energy, would, behind the scenes be focusing on the development of free energy. Their record as leading edge entrepreneurs in all fields but especially the technical is well documented. Therefore I would say behind all the smoke and mirrors of payments and extortion is a much more compelling reason for the targeting... namely, if Japan were to be contemplating a retreat from involvement with Old World energy and be moving toward using free energy this is where a real motive for the targeting begins to make sense.

Granted, this is only speculation on my part. However, when people talk about money being a reason for actions on the level of the secret world government cabal's actions I think they are missing the point. In my view, there is no need for them to operate by and for money alone... Money is simply the means of exchange, a by-product of their actions. At the level we are talking about, money can be printed, stolen and is being made in quantities only dreamt of in things like drug wars and of course off oil and control over resources...The real intention must be centered around something more primary... Energy. When all is said and done -- the real war going on is around forms of energy. And through our work in Camelot when you sift through the massive topics and confusion surrounding ufos, ET visitation, power games and wars conducted both on and off this planet by the secret government in collusion with various ET races... it all comes down to energy. The focus becomes namely who holds the reigns on forms of energy. This is where their power resides, in the ability to manipulate the game through control of energy. Zero-point or free energy (that many would argue is not actually 'free) is what it all comes down to.

There is no doubt about the suppression being exercised over free energy on the planet right now. This is the elephant in the room or the dirty little secret. And as free energy activitists and inventors worldwide will tell you, this is the one thing that can get you killed.

I cite numerous whistleblower testimony on this from our witnesses including ex-astronaut Brian O'Leary who has done extensive work on this topic and written a book about it called, The Energy Revolution, Henry Deacon (aka Arthur Neumann), Jake Simpson, Wade Frazier, George Green, Rich Dolan and Michael Schratt... As well as Gordon Novel and Steven Greer. It's all about free energy and keeping this technology out of the hands of the masses and forcing them to live in an old paradigm economy of limitation based around oil and nuclear energy... As every one of these witnesses know, the minute you introduce free energy into the mix the entire game changes. Out the door go both nuclear energy and petroleum/oil industries... and starvation and the domination integral to a system that runs on a model based on deprivation, that is, the haves vs. the have-nots. Without this polarized model of limitation, power games become obsolete. And the powers-that-wish-they could stay in power but are losing the game due to the rapid expansion of consciousness, know this better than anyone.

Alex Collier predicted the current situation with Japan

In this clip from 1995 Alex Collier talks about plans the secret government had for sinking of Japan...unearthed by David Farman of Alienshift.

click here to listen

Overview of Benjamin Fulford's Evidence of Haarp or EMP induced Earthquake in Japan

click here to review

April 10, 2011

Interesting dream posted to Stan Deyo's site by a viewer re Chinese invasion scenario....

click here

April 8, 2011

On Blogtalkradio

Kerry was interviewed tonight on Blog Talk Radio by Thomas Hughes... link available here.

White Hats Report #18 posted here from this link:

April 8, 2011 – The White Hats Report #18 – Soros, Obama and the rest of the cabal about to be Trumped?

Soros – Bretton Woods Conference

George Soros is holding his international conference this weekend, April 8th to April 11th at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. Of the many who were invited none of the true US and World Financial Experts will be attending. Bretton Woods is the historic site of the 1944 conference, which established the post-World War II international financial system. Soros is spending $50 million dollars at Bretton Woods to bring together up to 200 academic, business and government policy leaders (some from outside the US) to introduce to his Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET). This meeting was not recognized by the original Bretton Woods Council. Soros' goal in association with a concurrent meeting of the Tri-Lateral Commission, in DC this weekend, is to dismantle our economy, dismiss the head of our current banks and create a new global financial system sabotaging our US currency.

The attendees at this conference include three members of the Rothschild family along with their primary banker, four members of the British parliament, Paul Volcker, Harry Reid, Mitt Romney, David Dewhurst, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and some World Bank executives.

Could Donald Trump expose Soros’ and Obama's most resent Systematic Corruption to Americans?

Soros-Obama have signed a $2 Billion loan to a Brazilian Oil Exploration company, the world’s 8th largest, to explore off the Brazilian coast. What gives Obama the authority to make such a deal for America or himself? The entire production of this venture is destined exclusively for China! We get NOTHING! Who is the largest Shareholder in this Brazilian company? George Soros, a major financial backer to Barry Soetoro (aka) Obama. How much money is Obama personally receiving from this deal?

Obama has many problems to explain which could affect his reelection campaign as well as Mitt Romney's. Romney has a real Achilles heel. His associations with Michael Herzog, Bush Senior, the CIA and many others in the theft of Edward Falcone's funds will be impossible to hide and impossible to explain. Romney faces probable indictment, which could bring him and all his sordid team down.

With Donald Trump's new investigations proceeding into Obama's citizenship issue, will this, in one fell swoop, remove Bush Senior’s powerful grip over Obama by diminishing the affect of his holding the certified copy of Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate? What will happen when Trump starts investigating and tracking Obama's offshore bank accounts? What will happen when Trump starts investigating Mitt Romney's Achilles Heel? In one combined sweep, Trump could take out both contestants and begin cleaning up America!

This will be a bad month for Obama, Soros, Romney and Bush if such truth comes out. Exposure is their greatest fear. Make your voices heard!

As further details emerge of the attempted hijacking of the US financial system over the weekend, we will report them when they become available. / end of report

click here for more info

April 7, 2011

New Bob Dean - A conversation - video now live on youtube

click here for the interview

April 6, 2011

White Hats Report #17

April 6, 2011 – The White Hats Report #17 – To Patriotic Americans and our good readers worldwide.

It’s Wednesday evening and despite all other promises and “disclosures”, the Texas and DC crowd still continue on in their immoral way.

It was presented yesterday (Tuesday) to a large settlement Payee that George Soros, Harry Reid, and others wanted to get together from April 8th thru the 11th to discuss breaking down the FED and establishing a new financial system without current bankers and the US currency. That agent was told to “excuse himself.”

Today, much the same was presented calling it a Soros - Bretton Woods meeting in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. It will be attended, they said, by as many as could be convinced to go, including Mitt Romney, David Dewhurst and other Bush loyalists for the same reason as Tuesday’s presentation.

We had asked Bretton Woods directly about their participation but this meeting does not appear on their schedule.

All this activity has brought up many questions, some particularly mystifying about there being desires by Reid, Obama, the Bushes, and some others to not distribute some of the larger settlements overdue because “receiving” the taxes before the 18th of April, or between July 1st and July 8th, would not serve the purpose well in dismantling the present financial system and to come back with a Soros designed and initiated financial system.

Readers, our question to you is: “Why would anyone want to elect a Romney, a Dewhurst, an Obama or anyone else who wants to dismantle America rather than fix it?”

To help answer the question above, as of last Thursday, March 31st, Ed Falcone filed a series of criminal charges including extortion with the FBI against George H.W. Bush, David Dewhurst and Donald Nevins.

For more info go to:

April 4, 2011

Hopi Message for Japan and the world...


Selling DVDs on our site.. using or other site --

thanks to all who have responded !! it looks like is the site most people feel is the best for this purpose...

Help! I want to sell my documentary of Adam's Calendar as a DVD and also eventually make other DVDs of our work available for purchase. Many people have asked how they can purchase dvd's of our work. If anyone is able to help make this possible please contact me at (note put DVD in the subject line!)


Gilad Atzmon... highly recommended - great musician and activist

click here for music

Palestinian Juliano Mer-Khamis Murdered in Jenin

click here for the article

Kampchuchka Volcano - And Seal on the beach

Last night I got a message that there is going to be a huge volcanic eruption with the Kambucha volcano... From what I can tell Kampchutka Volcanoes in Russia click here for map is the most likely candidate for the name I got in the dream. Anyway, a major eruption there could affect Alaska and the Pacific Northwest I believe.

And yesterday on a local beach I encountered a seal who seemed disoriented and had come up on the sand. I went right up to him and took some pictures. I suggested to him he was going the wrong way and gave him some healing energy.. and eventually he turned around and went back in to the ocean and swam away. Not sure what this was all about but I took it as a sign.. Often in the past I have been visited by animals and birds bringing psychic messages... I am still pondering this one. I believe he looked unwell..although I am no expert on telling healthy seals from unhealthy ones.



April 1, 2011

Highly recommended: my radio show this week with guest Keith Hunter (author of the book, The Lost Age of High Knowledge) regarding Ancient sites, stargates, portals and military installations worldwide as well as nuclear reactors and how they are purposely linked through sacred geometry, leylines and hyperdimensional physics to access the power of the Earth. click here to listen

click here for Keith Hunter's website



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