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31 December 2008

kerry's blog | Archived Blogs

May 31

The tragedy of Gaza

Regardless, of your view of what's going on in the Middle East, the destruction and starvation of children and others in Gaza is unacceptable. Please watch the following appeal for Aid to Gaza and donate to this cause if you are moved to do so. Gaza aid video banned by the BBC and SKY... linked here so that it is not overlooked.

Duncan O'Finioan weighs in on the intention behind the BP Oil Spill

The following is paraphrased by a friend of a friend and edited and annotated to protect all identities by me, Kerry:

Duncan is a psychic warrior for those who don't know. Watch our video with him here for more info about that.

Recently he had a vision that involved oil being the "lifeblood" of the planet -- he said that this is more real than we know.

..."He said picture the earth with the crust and the inner core. Some people believe the earth is hollow, some not, but he thinks it is more honeycombed. Then he said, all that molten nickel and stuff is rotating in a different direction to help balance the earth. What if the layer of oil is like the oil an a ball bearing? This is what he saw. The oil itself acts as a lubricant to protect the surface from all the molten stuff getting out and allowing the rotation to happen smoothly.

If the oil gets sucked out, you lose that lubrication and buffer. Just like if you are trying to run a car with no oil what happens is the engine locks up, but also two other things: tremendous heat from the friction and lots of shaking, also from the friction."

If the PTB caused this on purpose... Follow the logic.

Note: this goes along with my previous posts (see May18 to the present)...

The message from Duncan continues:

"Earthquakes, check. Volcanic eruptions, check. Pole shift as the earth would flip on its axis without the counterbalancing of the spinning interior. Tsunamis, weather changes. etc. etc. -- total cataclysm.

This discussion of ours occurred yesterday, before I had a chance to listen to your interview with Jay Weidner. Now it seems even more imperative that we pass this along to you. I had also brought up people hoofing it off this world completely for supposedly safer pastures.

So that's the long and short of it. Suck out the oil, eliminate the lubrication, the planet locks up and overheats and rumbles like my old Acura times a billion and flips over."

For more info about Duncan his website is: Duncan O'

May 27

My radio show with Jay Weidner

Available here.. today's radio show apparently covered areas that Jay has not addressed in quite this amount of depth in the past. We talked about a wide range of topics, including: 2012, alchemy, the Illuminati agenda, the Illuminati evac plans and their colony on Mars and more. Must listen..

Seismic events worldwide and the Icelandic volcano

The following Article from UCL (University College London) news has been brought to my attention:

.."Icelandic President Ólafur Grímsson has warned governments around Europe that a significant eruption at the volcano is close. "We [Iceland] have prepared ... it is high time for European governments and airline authorities all over Europe and the world to start planning for the eventual Katla eruption," he said."

And on top of this we had another spike in the USGS seismic read-outs around the world today. See this pdf for more.... or click on this image to download PDF file of wolrdlwide:


May 24

Two audio interviews and Part One of the Ashayana Deane interview this week

I just completed a fascinating interview with Michael Tellinger, to be released in the next day or two. In addition, I have an audio interview with a new whistleblower, John Urwin, author of the obscure but crucial book called The Sixteen. To be released in the next day. In his words, the techniques he liearned were from 'off world'.

i have also completed the ediing on Part One of the A'shayana Deane interview and that will be released in the next couple days as well.

May 21

Coming next week: an audio interview with Michael Tellinger

I am very pleased to announce I will be doing an audio interview with Michael Tellinger on Monday. This interview will cover an update on his work with Johan Heine at Adam's Calendar and the Makomati Ruins in South Africa. His book Slave Species of God, deals with the genetic engineering of humans and the Annunaki.

Project Camelot YouTube Account Issue

The real reason Bill no longer has access to the Youtube that he insists on using music on his videos that is copyrighted. This is the real and only reason. I established this account as a Director on Youtube in the early days of Youtube. Use of copyrighted music and images is illegal and would result in being dropped as a director and we would lose the ability to post videos longer than 10mins in length.

Letter from the Oil Fields of Oklahoma

I received the folllowing letter confirmation of the info on my May 20 post from a person who wishes to remain anonymous:



I worked for my uncle in the oil/gas fields in the corner of Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas during high school and college.

He had an oil field hauling company. Basically, he had specialized trucks which moved the rigs from site to site--taking them down and setting them up.

What few 'color' videos I have seen on this well do seem to support, at least to some degree, the statements of the commentator on the film you reference in your blog.

Even in black and white it is clear allot of gas is coming out. In color, it appears that gas as well as sulfur are coming out. Several other statements about them not vacuuming up oil for later processing as they did around Saudi Arabia does make one suspicious.

I looked at several films, but I believe it was in the one you reference that he spoke of how thick oil was and that it was not fluid, but a very thick substance needing heat to flow freely. This is definitely not true! It may be of some oils, but none that I have ever seen.

I also worked with U. S. Customs in Galveston, Texas (among other locations). We had to supervise the discharge of various petro-chemical tankers in Texas City, Texas. I have seen plenty of crude and all of it was very fluid.

In any event, it appears that those in charge are deliberately not taking any serious steps to stop the disaster.

It looks like the powers-that-be finally have their solution to cull the herd without any finger pointing at them as we might have in other circumstances. After all, this is just an unfortunate act of nature.

Not sure I have been of any assistance, but I think the commentator on the referenced video had a number of VALID points.


Watch the Kemner video to learn more....just below here.

May 20

It's a volcano

Check this out.. Henning Kemner video -- very interesting possibility that this is a cover-up for a volcanic eruption. Must see.

May 19

New Interview with Aaron McCollum - Coming Soon

I just completed a new interview with Aaron McCollum. This is his in depth personal story. It should be released sometime next week.

May 18

Movie "Knowing" - BP oil spill and the plot behind it

It occurred to me that the oil spill had to be engineered from higher levels and my only question was, why? What did they hope to gain?

A source has contacted me to reveal the following:

Apparently, a faulty gasket was installed and allowed to fail. The ultimate objective has to do with the movement of the North Atlantic conveyer... In the end, what we have here is a move in the chess game of Weather Wars.

From Wikipedia:

"It is believed that North Atlantic Deep Water formation has been dramatically reduced at times during the past (such as during the Younger Dryas or during Heinrich events), and that this might correlate with a decrease in the strength of the Gulf Stream and the North Atlantic drift, in turn cooling the climate of northwestern Europe..."

Although the exact way this will play out is unclear. However, the gist of it all is that the spill moving up the Northeast coast of the U.S. will head toward Iceland (what is it about Iceland that is such a trigger point/focus for things at this time one wonders) and then over to Europe. Result? Further cooling of the UK and North Europe and destruction of the fisheries industries in those areas, plunging Europe into food shortages and economic turmoil.

What this source said is that this is all part of the very long range plan to roll out the Anglo-Saxon Mission. Large contingents are making plans to go off-world and elsewhere in the long run.

This source also cited the movie KNOWING as containing a precursor event very similar to the actual oil rig explosion in the Gulf... this info is all over the net. See this YouTube video clip from the movie:

Coincidence? I think not. This is called fore shadowing. An Illuminati signature move.

So what do we have? More volcanic rumblings in Iceland, further predictions of ash in the skies affecting travel... How does this serve the 'masters' you have to ask and the answer is obvious. People are limited, can't move around a freely etc. etc.

The endgame is they are moving toward population thinning and control. This is all part of it.

May 16

I did an update with the team from Giza Geomatrix today. The audio interview should be released sometime on Monday if things go as planned.

Please go to the new link above called LETTERS TO CAMELOT to view fascinating letters we get from viewers.

Update on Off-world Monitoring of our progress

A source has reported that the secret gov has the technology to see craft in our skies that are not visible to the naked eye.. and to ascertain, the type of occupants and other details about the off-worlders as well. Reports are that our skies are inundated at this time with the craft from numerous star systems monitoring the situation down here. And so the stakes increase as wel move forward...

May 14

Letter from a Soldier - Forced vaccines


Now you can truely see the type of shit that these guys are putting the rest of the ARMY through. And by "Those guys", I mean the Rockafeller Faction. They are still in charge at the highest levels at the pentigon and still pushing their global agenda of mass vaccinnating everyone under Military command. That means that they are going to try one more time before 2012 to FORCE this innocculation on the global public at large. Make no mistake, they have something up their sleeve. The fact that this is even still being pushed in our sector is proof of that.

Im am sending this to you again Kerry along with the company news letter and a predeployment frago, (fragment order). This is just a hospital unit but they like to try and sound high speed. The fact of the matter is that the poor people (officers), who are pushing this agenda dont even know about the Disclosure Project, Project Camelot, or about the Baxter incidents'. And whats even worse is that the young soldiers who are just children themselves have been turned in to not much more than trained dogs at this level. They only know what they see on American Idol and Sports Center. They are programmed to follow orders without much question and do NO RESEARCH into the what is currently going on arround them academically or globally as far as archeology goes not to mention what has been going on in the Military Industrial Complex for the last 70 years. They know NOTHING about it.

But with reguards to the bullitan sent out here, you can see that they are almost literally holding a gun to our heads and demanding that we take a forced "at gun point" vaccination.

Our fore-fathers would roll over in their graves if they knew about this. Yet it doesnt even bother anyone I know at this hospital, nor does this form of communistic totalitarian terrorism seem to bother anyone at the higher command levels.

Please post the bullitan itself on your website if you like, but once again I ask that you not include the delivery list of addresses. This has got to be seen by everyone to be believed. THIS IS TERRORISM FROM WITH-IN THE STRUCTURE, and the kids in this sector are scared not to take it.

Out for now, (sorry about the poor spelling, its been a looong day)

> Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 17:22:17
> Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
> Caveats: FOUO
> Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
> Caveats: FOUO
> BLUF: If Soldier fails to get H1N1 or fails to provide proof; Soldier will
> not get paid for BA
> Please read the attached FRAGO especially page 4. Below is the supporting
> portion of the OPORD.
> Influenza vaccination is a mandatory immunization in accordance with (IAW)
> Army Regulation 40-562, Immunizations and Chemoprophylaxis, 29 SEP 06,
> paragraph 4-8.b. All military personnel must comply with immunization
> requirements, unless medically exempt IAW Army Regulation 40-562, paragraph
> 2-6. Personnel receiving immunizations during a unit-sponsored event shall
> be in a duty status when receiving any DoD directed immunization (e.g.,
> ordered period of service, inactive duty training (IDT), rescheduled
> training (RST), or readiness management assembly (RMA)). Commanders will
> enforce the following policy: Soldiers who do not comply with mandatory
> Novel A(H1N1) vaccination, who are not medically exempt, will not receive
> credit for attendance for the first Multiple Unit Training Assembly (MUTA)
> and all subsequent MUTAs that they fail to comply with the mandatory
> vaccination IAW Army Regulation 135-91, Service Obligations, Methods of
> Fulfillment, Participation Requirements, and Enforcement Procedures, 1 FEB
> 05, paragraph 3-1.a. Soldiers present at a scheduled IDT will not receive
> credit for attendance unless they perform assigned duties in a satisfactory
> manner as determined by the unit commander. Soldiers who do not receive
> credit for attendance for any of the reasons noted above will be charged
> with an unexcused absence (chap 4, sec III).
> Staying ARMY STRONG!
> Assistant Chief Nurse
> 328th CSH/Alpha Company
>Phone: removed
> CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This email message, including any attachments, is
> for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain Sensitive but
> Unclassified (SBU) information or Privacy Act Data. If you are not the
> intended recipient, please contact the -removed- by reply e-mail and
> destroy all copies of the original message. Thank you.
> Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
> Caveats: FOUO

End of letter from a soldier

May 12 - Update

An update on Giza

I received the following information from my source who calls himself "KM or Kid Maste"r. If true the implications are important:

This is an update of the GIZA info. I just met with my contact and we discussed recent events while i showed him the Giza Geomatrix website. He has corroborated that the information on said website is in fact similar to his intel. In fact, he joked about how similar it was to his training in the service. Anyway the basic story is that during the Apr 23rd incident when we had "anamolous" weather as was reported by that night when we were supposed to have had clear skies, someone may have entered the Chamber of the Sun and started some kind of charge. This was supposed to have tilted our axis a few miles off. I asked specifically how far, he didn't know but there should be a noticable difference in star maps etc. This would have been the second time the U.S government was reading a heat signature from the apex of the pyramid that is supposedly made of a material called STERN alloy. I have yet to find any information on it, but he told me it is not a metal of this planet.

What i do know is that the military doesnt know how the device works and does not want to damage the device or anyone else to damage the device. In face some excavaters recently dug into something of a sand trap while searching thru some of the ruins and they have decided they dont want anyone to continue digging unless they know they wont trigger some kind of trap.or intended diversion. But there is quite a lot of digging happening there now and there are 3 governments involved, one that he did not name the other 2, of course, US and Egypt.

Some other tidbits of info is that from what he was told, only 2 of the pyramids work and there is one of which is 72 stories in depth as it is an upside down pyramid that was built in spain. He says there are several unknowns as well...


Further Explanation regarding the Peter Sterling video

The recent release of the video interview with Peter Sterling is raising a lot of questions. This is a good thing. Please Click Here to see my Further Explanation for the release of this video and some of the basis for why we do what we do at Project Camelot.

May 11

From a Source - Attack on Tehran

["US Black Ops unit hit in Tehran, Iran just four hours ago. I doubt that it will ever see the light of day, but the 5 man team went in on a reliable source on a location of POI #1. Team was prepping for a raid on a compound just north of the city limits, when their safe house was hit by a large contingent of soldiers. These men will never be known, never be recognized by the US, never see their homeland again, and will be forgotten. They were among the best that we have to offer, no ranks no unit, no branch of service. Just five men, somebody's son, brother, nephew, uncle, dad, boyfriend or husband. These men should not be forgotten. Do with the information as you see fit, but respect the men, and respect the job they took on. Thank you. "]

This information has not been confirmed or verified.

Another Source - on SAP

According to another source from inside the military of a "friendly" country (to the U.S.) I understand that the SAP DRMIS or MASIS software is being rolled-out across the globe for keeping track of everything from troops on the ground to nuts and bolts being distributed and allocated to each country. This is further confirmation of the cementing of the NWO. Word is that they are implementing this worldwide, deadline: 2012.

More Giza News and Confirmation Something is Happening...

According to a tip from still another source, I got the following very hot info (paraphrased to conceal their identity):

"...A friend of an unamed military enlisted guy was being sent to Egypt because of a heat signature registered in the "top room" of the 'major pyramid" -- apparently, according to him, an area that no one had access to. The source went on to say that he found it interesting that the U.S. had surveillance on the internal structure of the pyramid but he was informed that he should not be surprised, the U.S. has bases everywhere. The most stunning thing is that this room not even the U.S. has access to and neither does anyone else and yet there was this heat signature...And mention of an "entity". This friend was deployed a few days ago with some special forces to Egypt. Apparently between roughly April 22-23 when that unknown entity appeared and today there has already been a full scale operation dispatched. That is, they are saying, very quick work for the military."

I remote viewed that "room" at the top of the pyramid after hearing this news and clearly saw a very tall being, dressed in gold, wearing a bird headdress and the name I got was Ibis. On consulting our friends at the Giza Geomatrix I was informed, that that is Thoth. Looks like there really is something going on at Giza beyond stealing antiquities and treasure.

Stay tuned for my 2nd interview with the Giza Geomatrix team. They are also investigating the shaft being dug near the paws of the Sphinx and the disinfo surrounding that activity...Click here to see the video of what may well turn out to be the excavation for the Hall of Records.

May 1

Something's Happening at Giza

We are being sent information that under cover of darkness, items are being excavated and removed from the area beneath the Sphinx. This video has been shot under great duress, to reveal to the world what is going on there. According to the website of Richard Gabriel:

"...However we can say right now, a couple of days ago we captured the exact moment under a full moon where they are removing items from below ground in the area in front of the Sphinx Temples. and it is a part of an ongoing SCA approved excavation project which has been in operation for almost one year.

Items of Great Importance are being openly removed by the Egyptian Authorities in front of the village people as well as the world.. and in other areas like this one! No one has been able to do a thing about it up to now. In the latest hour one Egyptian source claimed there was nothing found; however,eyewitnesses disagree."

This is a stunning violation of our right to know our history. I have offered the filmmakers a live interview to discuss and make public what is going on here.

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