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31 December 2008

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October 31, 2010

Methane Hydrate & BP?

From an unnamed source:

"BP is METHANE HYDRATE MINING in the Gulf of Mexico. Methane Hydrate is explosive. Methane Hydrate Crystals can resemble smoking lava rocks...if they land on anything, they can burn...extremely flammable. bp is mining the Gulf of Mexico sea floor. During mining they strip the floor and create dead zones to all sea life, coral life. Methane also sucks the oxygen out of the water...perhaps reason for all of the fish kills´╗┐ washing ashore. Large Methane measures can also sink boats/ships. bp is not only doing their methane hydrate mining in the Gulf of Mexico but up and down East Coast of US and all over the world. Possible reason for bp spraying millions of gallons of corexit and other chemicals over the Gulf of Mexico is to keep the "fire explosion possibility" low. METHANE HYDRATE is the "new" energy source. bp and gov't has not been telling us the truth. Plz spread the word and study "Methane Hydrate". PEACE"

UFO Highway - Book by Anthony Sanchez

We are currently reviewing this new book by Anthony Sanchez and plan to interview him very soon. In the meantime, please support his work and go here to purchase his ebook. Although the information is not verifiable at this time, I encourage you to review the testimony provided by his whistleblower, the Colonel, and decide for yourself what resonates and what does not.

October 30, 2010


This morning I talked with Dr. Bill Deagle to get an update from him based on his sources and his own investigations as to the effects of the coming Solar Flare expected on Sunday October 31st and in the beginning of November, what might be an M-Class Solar flare or CME that could interfere with or even take down satellite communication on various points around the planet. We also covered the potential for a war and the financial system and how downgrading the dollar may result in a one-world government. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


Anyone who is a proficient Livestream user please contact me at to help me figure out how to do procasts etc.

Additionally, any local video editers (Los Angeles area) who want to help with editing my recent videos and have the time to devote please also contact me.

Thanks very much!

October 29, 2010 - Updated

Today's radio show with George Green and Graham Hancock

The audio will be available shortly. Today's show was fascinating and even mind expanding.

For those who wish to help. Please go to the link below to support the cause of a shaman wrongly arrested on his way to perform a ceremony....

"October 19th, while en route to leading traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies in Oregon, indigenous Colombian healer Juan Agreda Chindoy was detained in the Houston International Airport. He was formally arrested by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) for possession of his traditional medicine Ayahuasca. He is now being charged as a federal criminal and is facing up to 20 years in federal prison. "

Free Taita Juan! Go to this website for more info...

Quantum Jumping

The key to thriving during these times of earth changes, financial meltdowns and other challenges is inevitably using meditation to access new insights, skills and more... Today's CAMELOT RADIO show will feature GRAHAM HANCOCK who I recently interviewed (currently editing). He is a fascinating author and researcher into the nature of consciousness and ancient civilizations. I found the following link on his site that may be useful to some who have not already made ample use of meditation to access the higher mind...

camelot radio

Aptly named Quantum Jumping is the wave of the present and the future. Where do you gain true knowledge in a world where dumbing down is fast becoming the norm? From going within.

Listen Live to Camelot Radio today... Click the logo to listen.

October 28, 2010

Funding Needed to Continue

Camelot supporters... I do not have enough funds to continue this mission at the present time. Please make a contribution if you are able to do so. Alternatively, you can buy an ad on our site if you wish to contribute in that way.

I have a number of video interviews to be edited:

Graham Hancock, Hugh Newman, Carmen Boulter, Dr. J, John Searl, Michael Tellinger at Adams Calendar....

Your donations make this work possible. Thank you.

October 27, 2010 Update

For those interested, this interview with us was shot back over a year ago after the Awake & Aware conference's quite good and fun watching.

October 27, 2010

UAE AND other areas of arms sales...

A Camelot supporter brought the following article to my attention. In light of the recent redirection of my flight from Dubai to Moscow (!?) mentioned below... this article brings to light some interesting connections. So what was an Emirates jet doing touching down in Moscow? What was loaded into the underbelly while we waited on the tarmac for 3 hours and then flown back to Dubai?

Article on Global Research by Rick Rozoff - recommended reading


If you haven't seen the movie called UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: REGENERATION -- I suggest you do so if you are interested in seeing the genesis of the super soldier program. This is a fairly accurate display of the way it evolved at laast in one aspect.


October 26, 2010

Back from Egypt after a ridiculous series of events...

I was incredibly delayed and believe it or not they flew us to Moscow(!?) and made us wait on the tarmac due to problems with the bathrooms (and supposedly a sick passenger who was, they said 'off-loaded') and then after 3 hours said because the crew was going into overtime they had to fly us back to Dubai!! This was clearly a ruse. Outrageous. So they then flew us back to Dubai... and gave us vouchers for a local hotel and then flew us out the next day again at noon for LA. It's like ground hog day.

What I believe really happened is that they picked up arms or some other nefarious stuff and took it back to the "kingdom".

There's no other explanation.

Then in the morning they also gave us letters saying they will reimburse us for the flight or give us a free ticket... so many complained including me :-)

Anyway, I met some wonderful new friends on the trip with Carmen Boulter and got 3 very good interviews... with Carmen Boulter, Hugh Newman and a marvelous healer Dr. J.



October 20, 2010

Just about at the end of this trip. Today we go to Abu Garab (not sure of spelling) and see the high tech spaceport in alabaster that is thought to have come from Atlantian technology. It's totally different than anything else in Egypt. Four and a half years ago when I traveled here with William Henry and Jordan Maxwell we visited this site as well.

I will be returning on Oct 24th. Internet access has been difficult if not impossible at times. Getting online now iis a nice change.

I hope to be able to interview Carmen Boulter in the next day or two before I leave. She has a wonderful grasp of what is really going on here in Egypt both now and in the past.

On John Searl

Special note on John Searl. Apparently he is entering the GE ECO imagination competition (100million dollar prize) and needs your support to succeed. They ask that you go here and VOTE FOR SEARL and his magnetic engine.

Added note: we have a never released interview with Searl that I will attempt to edit soon and get out there. We had some problems with it and it is part of our backlog of unedited video interviews.

October 17, 2010

Quick update from Egypt. This is certainly a fascinating trip. We are seeing the wonderful temples and enjoying the cruise down the Nile. The group dynamics and the interesting past life recall associated with Amarna (site where Nefertiti and Aknaten created a new religion away from the old guard in Luxor did not end well). Going to the site at Amarna and seeing the destruction was quite shocking. From all appearances there was also a bomb released in this area after the time of the desecration of the temples. The ground was reduced to dust which only could be the result of a bomb. This must have occurred years later perhaps even in the 20th Century. One wonders what they were going to such pains to hide?

Egypt is filled with tourists, more than I have ever experienced in the 2 times I traveled here in the past. There is a tremendous amount of development and improvements in the temples and surrounding access which must come from an influx of money from somewhere. All of this point s to renewed interest in the pyramids and the message regarding ascension on all of the temples.

I ran into Hugh Newman and was able to catch a short interview on site on the plateau near the great pyramid one afternoon. He has been researching the grid lines and energy lines around the Earth.

more to come...

October 5, 2010

Camelot Forum chat

We had a great first online chat session with forum members this morning... We hope to move to a live audio for next time to make it more fluid. But it was fun and hopefully we can do this again soon!

Christopher Story : new site & New Disclosure film...

The following was sent to me by a Camelot supporter:

This is apparently a new film coming out:

Free Screening online now! (link should be working now...)

This person wrote:

Ever Onwards : New Website for Christopher Story (link fixed)

At the request of many of his friends and supporters, a new website has been set up to publish new material relating to the brave and truly remarkable work and achievements of Christopher Story, who died in July.

Site name:

Camelot Note: We understand he did not die but has gone off-line under threat of death... and is now under the radar.

Any new material for the site can be sent to


October 4, 2010

Regarding Egypt

We are rescheduling our Egypt Trip to the Spring due to the slow response. Meanwhile, I am going to be accompanying Carmen Boulter in her trip to Egypt leaving October 8th and returning around October 21st. I will be doing some filming and interviews while in Egypt with Carmen and possibly others.

Any donations to assist with paying for this trip would be truly appreciated.

Tellinger & Cassidy : Oakland Speaking Event a Success

Michael Tellinger and I had a great time in Oakland, California yesterday. It was a great crowd and special thanks to everyone for making this event a success.

Sincere thank you to certain generous individuals who donated their time and money to Project Camelot at this event.

October 2, 2010

Misc. Items...

Don't miss my interview with Air Force Captain Robert Salas... for more detail and a closer look at the man behind the recent Washington DC Press Conference.

I will be interviewing Graham Hancock next week. He will also be my guest on my Camelot Radio Show on Friday October 8th...

MANY THANKS....TO WENDY OF THE GRANADA FORUM and the great audience for a wonderful event.. Thank you all for coming down to see us!

A great piece of music....

Washington DC National Press Club Conference:


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