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31 December 2008

the bodhgaya incident : the et origins of mankind


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Please note: the sound has already been expertly modified by Stav, sound engineer. Due to room echoe and Eva's accent we will endeavor to get a transcript made as quickly as possible.

In April 2011 I traveled to the UK to do several interviews as well as a speaking engagement in Glastonbury. During this trip I met with Eva Zemonova who had contacted me from Prague where she currenlty resides. We agreed to meet in the UK to film an interview with her regarding a fascinating encounter experience she had that became a time travel event with far reaching implications, if true, for mankind.

With the help of Barry King, who has given her support and the value of his vast background in this sector, she has begun to put all of the pieces together that comprise this complex story. Unlike most contact experiences, this group of beings appear to have been our ancestors that is, angelic human lineage... from the stars, most likely our higher dimensional selves who came to the Earth far back in the distant past. There is no doubt that a great deal of research and investigation needs still to be done on this fascinating case.

Eva Zemanova and Barry King welcome scientific exploration into this area and can be contacted via Emai:
Eva Zemanova.

See below for a report written by Barry King on this incident.

Kerry Cassidy
Release date: July 2011


Human-ET Origins
"The Bodhgaya Event"
Research document by Barry M King 2010
(This report is aimed specifically at the scientific
community, R&D facilities and Global space research)

for more information contact: Barry King at:


Current Situation Overview

I have known the witness since January of 2007, we have been in constant close contact ever since.

It has taken a great deal of time trying to get this very valuable data accepted and indeed researched thoroughly by those whom should receive it and investigate it. The scientific community are doing themselves a disservice by so far not realising the importance of the data and its ramifications on mankinds evolution on this planet. As the compiler of this report I very strongly urge those within the various scientific fields to read and digest this, and then contact the witness directly as a wealth of data still resides within her. A lengthy interview would be advisable here.

The witness is genuine, she experienced something which in a report like this cannot do justice to. In person would only be the full way of getting thru the vast amount of hidden data, data within the witness.

The following comes directly from the witness, its straight from the heart and goes towards how we see the situation of non action so far by the scientific community. This must be remedied urgently.

The witness returned to Prague in 2005, hoping that a degree of acceptance and above all interest in the data would naturally occur. Unfortunately it has been the opposite. Try to imagine how frustrating it must be to hold this kind of information and no one around you wants to hear it. The health of the witness has suffered greatly over these few years. Emotionally and physically drained. Reaching despair often at the lack of interest shown thus far by the scientific community. I sincerely hope that with my direct assistance by way of compiling this report all will change and that we will see the interest become a reality. Science needs this data, we are handing it to you here, please do not ignore.

Physically and psychologically the witness has undergone changes since the event, these are subtle and may not be apparent on initial view. The witness is a unique being and brings to this World a great amount of data, but time is running out and it is paramount the research and scientific communities meet with this being urgently. Imagine what it must be like existing in thissociety, knowing your past, your heritage actually comes from far away and is so radically different. Coping with modern society, especially in the West must be very exhausting and debilitating.

From a researcher/investigator point of view, I have been in this business since 1966, I find this event to be one of the most exciting, valuable and in dire need of thorough professional investigation immediately. Society cannot afford to lose the chance of gaining incredible data in this fashion, mankind must awaken to the fact we have an ET being here. A being kind and gentle, hateful of the hostile society it is forced to endure. This being wishes peace and harmony.

Hopefully this should give you an idea of the current situation with the witness and enable you to realise the urgency in which this report and its data be accepted, acknowledged and further researched by the scientific community.

The report contains great deal of information providing solid ground for further investigation to the matter..--Barry King

click here for the full report by Barry King



Eva Zemanova: The Bodhgaya Incident

Kerry Cassidy (Kerry): Hi. I’m Kerry from Project Camelot, and I am here with Eva. And Eva, how do you say your last name?

Eva Zemanova (Eva): Zemanova.

Kerry : Zemanova.

Eva : Zemanova.

Kerry : Zemanova. Okay. And is this... what country are you originally from?

Eva : I was born in Prague in Czech Republic.

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : In 1973.

Kerry : Uh-huh. Okay. What we are going to be talking about is Eva's experiences with a group of extraterrestrials that are, in essence, part of the human lineage, it appears, and we'll go into that in more depth. But Eva, I'd like you to begin with your story and how you started this encounter, where you were living and so on, if you wouldn't mind.

Eva : Sure. So, when I was about 19, I left Prague and I started to study in India. So, since then, I studied Vedanta, Sanskrit, Hindu philosophy and rituals and Hindu culture; and I moved forward to Tibetan Buddhism, and ended in Dharamsala, which is a place where the Tibetan community and His Holiness Dalai Lama have their seat in exile.... It's a long story of how the Tibetans came from... from their mainland after they were expelled by Chinese invasion in 1959.

Kerry : Yes.

Eva :, I have studied in Dharamsala, in the Namgyal Monastery and last journey, last stay when I came to India was in 1999 for about six years and...

Kerry : So, you spent six years in Tibet, is what you're saying?

Eva : Six years in India. Northern India, in Dharamsala.

Kerry : In Dharamsala.

Eva : It's in Himachal Pradesh, in the sub-Himalayan region in Northern India.

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : In Bodhgaya, which is central India.

Kerry : Oh, I see.

Eva : All the roots of Buddhism come from the Indian subcontinent, as Buddha was born in Lumbini, on the border of Nepal and India. So, it's... in old times, there were many little kingdoms, India was not one [country] but many small kingdoms...

Kerry : Sure.

Eva : ...small kingdoms that had local kings. So, the Shakya lineage of Buddha Shakyamuni comes from that part of India close to Nepal.

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : And it's far in the North-East [compared to Dharamsala... pointing to imaginary map in the air] so it's on the other side [of the Himalayas]. But I had spent most of the six years in the... a little settlement in Dharamsala in a monastery and studied all sorts of sutras, tantras in Tibetan Buddhism and especially Kalachakra tantra, which is a Time Wheel Tantra [Kala = Time, Chakra = Wheel, The TimeWheel].

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : And this is a... it's a very ancient teaching. We could have a picture here, but I was not sure to bring it or not.

Kalachakra Mandala

Kerry : Okay. That's okay. We can find a picture if necessary. So, you spent your time in this area of India and could you say again the name of the area? Specifically, where this experience happened.

Eva : This experience we are going to talk about has happened in Bodhgaya. Bodhgaya is a place where Buddha finally reached enlightenment.

Kerry : Okay. Bodhgaya is what you're saying.

Eva : Bodhgaya. Yeah. BuddhaGaya.

Kerry : Okay. Fine.

Eva : And this is in central India, and this is kind of like a Mecca for Buddhists.

Kerry : I understand.

Eva : The most sacred place where Buddha finally came, sat under the Ficus tree, so-called Bodhi tree and meditated there, and after maybe six years of very arduous practices, he just sat for six days or seven days in meditation and finally reached, what they call 'enlightenment.'

Kerry : That's right. Okay. And this is a well-known story. Now, what we are interested in, however, is you. And so, can you tell us, when you were in this town of Bodhgaya and you were studying, you say, Tibetan Buddhism...

Eva : I came to Bodhgaya to... in ninety… sorry, in 2002, to receive one of the Kalachakra Initiations from His Holiness Dalai Lama. I just followed everyone, the monks of Namgyal Monastery, Namgyal Monastery is a personal monastery of H. H. Dalai Lama.

Kerry : Mm-hum.

Eva : It is now in exile and situated in Dharamsala. That's where I studied. So, I had just followed these people to Bodhgaya. And the initiation was to happen… it should have started on the 19th of January, 2002. Unfortunately, the same year, yeah, His Holiness Dalai Lama, when he arrived in Bodhgaya, became sick. There were some kinds of unusual phenomena happening all around us.

Kerry : I see.

Eva : The city was packed with pilgrims, there were altogether about one-hundred-thousand people.

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : Camping all around... And the Kalachakra field is a place... that may have a small house, small sanctuary in the middle [where] monks create a sand mandala.

Kerry : Mm-hum.

Eva : That is drawn from little pieces of crushed precious and semi-precious stones. So that Time Wheel Mandala is like a house of deities of the Kalachakra. Now the Kalachakra contains about 700…2…[sorry] 22 two deities [722 deities].

Kerry : Mm-hum.

Eva : And they are all regarded [clears throat] as a manifestation of...

[Camera Man]: [clears throat]

Eva : Kalachakra. [clears throat]

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : It would be nice to say that the Kalachakra Mandala has both worldly and transcendental levels...

Kerry : Mm-hum.

Eva : ...of existence. It's supposed to show one of the paths to reaching Awakening, Enlightenment, pure state of body, speech and mind…

Kerry : Okay. Thank you for that. So, at this point, you've gone on a journey to this Bodhgaya, and you're there and you say there are phenomena happening around you. There are many pilgrims in the city, and at the same time, the Dalai Lama was taken ill. Is that correct?

Eva : H.H. Dalai Lama was… unexpectedly ill. And actually, the very night after I have been to the Ship, he called us, the people who were to receive the initiation, which would have lasted about two weeks… he called us to the field and announced that the event is going to be canceled. And he was flown the same morning to the... Mumbai hospital for surgery… and they say, he had some kind of intestinal problem, but I'm not sure what exactly it was. Incidentally, the very night after I went to the Ship, the event was canceled.

Kerry : I understand. Okay. So, let's... just to go chronologically, so what happened was, at that point, you went to sleep that night, as a normal course of events, or was there anything that happened before you went to sleep, that you want to talk about?

Eva : Oh, not really, I was in Bodhgaya for about three days, in the city, there were crowds of people and it was very hot and very dusty but... I think I was on journey and had good energy so I wanted to see everywhere and meditate everywhere, feel the place and all that... and so I spent time meditating in the big Stupa, which is like a pyramid kind of temple in the middle of Bodhgaya, called Mahabodhi Stupa, the Stupa of Great Enlightenment, okay and then. So I spent time around and…

Kerry : So that was that, was there any other sort of you know, as you said, sort of phenomenological things going on? Were there any other incidents or things that you want to talk about in the city?

Eva : There were quite a few and they were curious because there were some people [who] died, they were shot by the locals, lots of insecurity…

Kerry : When you said people died, what did they die of? Was it during those three days or during one day or?

Eva : It's, uh, I don't want to report it because it's... I don't know exactly the whereabouts but there were some Tibetan people and some tourists and they were found dead in the river, shot by locals who did not like the event [the initiation happening].

Kerry : Oh! So they didn't like the event that was happening or they didn't like the visitors coming, the tourists coming from outside?

Eva : They...they are the local patriots, people who come from local villages who are not always really happy about such a big event in their place.

Kerry : Interesting, okay. So you have this kind of a setting and then you went to sleep and what was your situation when you went to sleep?

Eva : I just went to sleep and expected the next morning to be one of the initiation to start... so I was ready and went to sleep ... and woke up in about half an hour. And that's where… [smiles] the ''Ship'' started… we are getting to the extraterrestrial ground.

Kerry : Okay, so what exactly happened? Can you begin to tell the story then of how you sort of found yourself in this other reality, so to speak?

Eva : Just as I'm saying I would not expect anything unusual but I just fell asleep and woke up; I think it could have been half an hour and I was standing on the ground and saw the sky was cloudy. It was night I thought I was seeing the temple in front of me and I am having a dream. Usually we go to sleep and then we have a dream… [smiles] But no, I was now standing there and thought I am looking at a huge semi-globular temple… It was not like a Stupa; a Stupa is more shaped like a pyramid not like this here [gesturing...globe]. Looking like a huge stone monument… And as I start walking closer to it, I saw it's a spaceship, so I think I would still doubt myself at that point I just noticed that something is happening… Compared to dream I was completely vigil and I just… you know had all my senses on and realized that something else is happening other than a dream and then I am somewhere else and then walking to a ship.

Kerry : Okay, so you see the ship in front of you and it's very large, could you describe how large?

Eva : In my esteem [estimate] the ship could cover an area of a small city like, say the Bodhgaya or so. In my rough esteem [estimate] it had about 4 kilometers in surrounding…

Kerry : Circumference…

Eva : Circumference and it could be about a mile in height, so it was…

Kerry : And

Eva : So it was very, very big.

Kerry : Was there light emanating from it?

Eva : It was covered in a kind of blue glow, a deep blue glow. It had lights on it but the lights were not switched on at that moment.

Kerry : I see. So you're walking towards the ship, and then what happens?

Eva : It took me some time to recollect my senses and I just kept thinking how is this possible? This is an extraterrestrial ship and what is it doing here? It got me very curious, naturally, but I did not feel fear. I did not feel anything bad coming from it. It was just completely on the same frequency as I was.

Kerry : And were there other people around that you were aware of?

Eva : Right, when I came to the ship and after some time I noticed some other people are standing nearby as well. And I looked at those people and just noticed they don't have human features. They look completely extraterrestrial.

Kerry : Okay, and what does that mean to you and what did they look like?

Eva : ...ehm...We all looked alike, it was the point when I looked back at myself and saw I looked the same there was some kind of transition happening from the human realm to the extraterrestrial realm.

Kerry : So these people look, and yourself you feel you were transitioning to look like them as well.

Eva : Well, suddenly when I looked back at myself and at that point I saw we were all completely the same and the beings, they looked humanoid, they looked sort of very human and yet they were not human. They had bigger eyes and they had kind of slim [gesturing...narrow] eyes. They were taller than the average human is at the moment. They were much lighter and thinner and very smooth, very beautiful. They were kind of… they didn't have any wrinkles on them. Their skin, the appearance, the silhouette was ...really very smooth shaped.

Kerry : Okay. Can you describe what they were wearing, and also if they had hair or not?

Eva : No. They did not have hair but actually had clothes.

Kerry : Okay, they had clothes. What kind of clothes? Would you say all the same outfits or do you remember?

Eva : Well... we all had about the same outfit which was very simple, not any kind of fashionable thing, like a sports suit or a space suit is…

Kerry : Like a space suit, okay, and was it uh, what was the color of it, do you know?

Eva : Light shades, white, blue, grey colors, really light.

Kerry : Okay, and at that point what happened?

Eva : At that point, I uh sort of realized that we are at the point of arrival, that this was re-experiencing the same event that has happened… later I have received the information, at the end of this [experience] that it was 80 million years ago on this planet... when these beings arrived on this planet, when they sort of landed or [rather] crashed here and um…

Kerry : Okay, but before we get into that…

Eva : Right, so I realized this is a re-experiencing of the arrival [landing] event at this point.

Kerry : Sure, but you were going towards the ship rather than away from the ship in this part of the dream.

Eva : There I was standing, at the Ship because it was [clearly] not a dream anymore. I was completely conscious as I am now and functioning on the other level, the extraterrestrial level, the original level we are all designed at… where we came from… 20 to 30 minutes.

Kerry : Okay. So at that point you were sort of in this time, which is eighty thousand years, a million years ago, approximately, and at this point did your experience change or do you go on the ship?

Eva : I went to, actually... I went to explore. I wanted to go around the ship because as soon as I came really close, you know, I noticed all the details and what the ship looked like and there were … amazingly beautiful reliefs carved, or better to say imprinted [to the ship surface] at eye level and they went around the whole ship, and it was literally like a gallery of space races.

Kerry : Oh, okay.

Eva : And the ship was like a kind of monument... at the same time, it was a Travel Ship, Passenger Ship, Exploration Ship…

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : And it had... all this kind of [coughs]…it had a databank inside.

Kerry : Uh huh.

Eva : ...that contained whatever we ever found and collected on our journeys through Universe …

Kerry : Uh huh. I see. Now do you know the name of this group of beings? Do you know them, did they call themselves human, did they call themselves by name?

Eva : No. But I think they would understand themselves as one of the original races, the oldest races in the universe ever created so they were really on another level of existence as they were practically immortal beings.

Kerry : Okay. And at this point you walked around the ship, and you saw how they have sort of a gallery of beings like pictures of beings, correct?

Eva : I wanted to go around the whole ship because it was so amazing; I wanted to see and remember all the pictures, but it would have taken more than an hour and I was afraid... I was not sure if I'm short of time or not. I was there dealing with some kind of: "what am I experiencing," but I was sure I needed to remember what I saw, so I just took a little bit of a walk and saw, okay, it's too long and then I noticed the others were standing there. And there it all started to revolve at its own pace. I went inside the ship and…

Kerry : Okay, so you found yourself going into your cabin, and can you describe the inside of the ship on the way to your cabin and also your cabin.

Eva : You see the Ship inside was huge like a city or… like if you go inside a factory, it had lots of machinery inside, some of which was not covered.

Kerry : Uh huh.

Eva : And there were living quarters for all the Beings where everyone had his own cell. There were 10,000 beings on the ship, 10,000 passengers.

Kerry : Okay, and is there also male and female, or are they…

Eva : No [smile] we had no genders, there were no genders as such and... they were completely beyond the … [biological] polarity.

Kerry : Uh, huh. Okay. So at this point you went to your cabin and what happened?

Eva : I re-experienced the events, sorry, the cabin and also what happened during the flight and at the arrival… so that was as a kind of [very] technical sequence because whatever was in the cabin was ...a simple bed where we were resting [coughing]. Sleeping during the flight.

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : There were very long flights and we have been in a kind of sleep or hibernation mode, but we were still supplied information from the central system of the Ship.

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : And we had little screens and some buttons ...buttons [in the cabin wall] when we needed some kind of active [decision] it helped us getting ...directed somewhere [or communicate]. And when the ship was still in space, it was somewhere near to where we are situated now … [when I woke up].

Kerry : So somewhere in the solar system?

Eva : Ah, not even that. I think these 'quarters' of the Universe, we flew really long. I was asked a couple of times on how far are we from home...and I knew the place where we originally come from is beyond the visibility point, the visibility range, from Earth.

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : So it was ... really a long distance.

Kerry : So would you say in years how long it took to get to earth?

Eva : We were on a mission to another place ... certainly not Earth.

Kerry : Oh.

Eva : This was an emergency landing.

Kerry : I see. Okay, okay, do you know where [you're] headed?

Eva : We had a mission meeting with another intelligent civilization which is still farther from us than we are now and we met with [those] people to exchange advances, technical advances and databases.

Kerry : I see.

Eva : …and to exchange [some of] our crew with theirs, just like [you exchange] emissaries.

Kerry : Okay, what kind of beings were those?

Eva : Hum, they were different but I don't have an immediate recall ...I'd have to see [what I can share about it].

Kerry : Okay, that's fine. It might be interesting to remember that if you get a chance. Okay, so at this point you have gone and you have seen that you came in a ship, that there are 10,000 beings and that you landed on earth as an emergency landing.

Eva : Right. You have asked about the time, I would say it was thousands of years, that is thousands of our years, and those are longer than earthly years, so…

Kerry : Right.

Eva : was about the time [length] of the Flight ...

Kerry : Okay, do you think you were in hibernation for the whole time?

Eva : We were mostly; it was not complete. It was similar to a state of hibernation. It was kind of a light sleep. We did not need nutrition on the ship. We did not need to receive any food or nutritients. We were kept in a kind of ...

Kerry : A lower vibration?

Eva : …peaceful state of mind where we still could receive complete [feedback] and information.

Kerry : Uh huh. Okay, so at this point what happened in the sequence of advents?

Eva : The navigation system of the ship detected some kind of error, and it was very unusual because the craft was at the peak of cosmic technologies so ... certainly compared to what other beings have because you see ….the kind of beings we speak about are very advanced and they were much forwards [compared to any other ET races]. So we were always safe, we haven't had any accidents; we haven't had any sort of troubles of a serious sort.

Kerry : Uh huh.

Eva : ...OK, the Ship, it was fully automatic. It needed to rest and repair itself, the nearest habitable planet [at that point of flight] was found in this Solar System and we landed on this planet which was almost empty at that time. OK, it had a plant life … so the Ship decided to rest here and repair itself, and supposedly either lift us back to space, or we were to be picked up after they've received a signal at home.

Kerry : OK, and you say that at that time in history there was just plant life…

Eva : Oh, yes.

Kerry : And do you know where this was ? Is this what you were saying… 80 million years ago?

Eva : Yes. I know it does not go too well with what today's science claims and thinks.

Kerry : That's OK.

Eva : So that's about and that's what I've witnessed and seen from that time, there was quite abundant plant life, lots of flora but no animals, no higher animals at least…no insects. There might have been aquatic life, marine life but no such on the land…

Kerry : …on the ground…

Eva : ...right …Not. I think… it seems animals were seeded here actually later than when we came. So at the beginning we were here alone which was safe for us…we could feel completely safe from [encountering] any other interactions, there were no other intelligent beings here or in the surroundings.

Kerry : I see.

Eva : It was kind of unfortunate as well because we could have been helped by someone, but we were not.

Kerry : And so, then what has happened?

Eva : ..So in short ... the Ship as it was landing it already had an error but somehow [it seems] we've miscalculated earthly gravity or simply, it appears to be [that] there's some kind of gravity loop around the planet, in this Solar system that caused the very heavy landing and further damaged the Ship. Not visibly … but it damaged the navigation systems.

Kerry : OK.

Eva : So at the moment it landed it simply shut down to self-repair mode. And we what knew was that it's going to take really long time … so we'll have to be here ... we could not find a way out immediately. So after that, the door was opened to us, and we started to come out.

Kerry : OK. Is this the point at which you have said that many died ?

Eva : Yes. Many people were… quite damaged, yes.

Kerry : They were damaged, but why?

Eva : As they stepped to the gravity field of the Earth they were affected by the radiation and by the gravity ... which caused the [main] problem, because where we came from, the System was much more advanced, physically. It had different physical properties. We were not used to this kind of environment. The planet, when we landed here first, the way it appeared to us [was that] it looked very rough.

Kerry : Rough (?)

Eva : Hmm, sure.

Kerry : OK, but were there green trees like there is now or different?

Eva : ….there were many kinds of trees and plants as there are today. It was not the 'old world flora.' But we were used to a completely different planetary environment.

Kerry : Okay. And... what kind of planetary environment were you used to?

Eva : See ...where we came from the star system, the planets were very old. And they were crystallized to structures with perfect symmetry. There was also...we had plant life. You know…the system where we come from is simply perfect for accommodating the type of advanced intelligence and the type of Beings, organisms [who we were], created, designed to fit into their environment. So...

Kerry : Okay. But in terms of the environment is... Do you believe that this is a different dimension? Do you understand when I say 'dimensions'...?

Eva : Yeah.

Kerry : So, would you classify where you came from, from another dimension?

Eva : No. It's not a question of dimension. It's different properties of the Star Systems that can make the appearance of a different dimension, because...

Kerry : Mm-hum.

Eva : Different stars in ... in space...

Kerry : Mm-hum.

Eva : They have different mass, different magnitude, different gravity field effects on its planets, etc. Lets say, today's physicists, they don't know that much about it ... they start counting from the geocentric or a heliocentric system … they think that we are the ... no, the Earth is the top of environment for hosting life. That's not the case. The case is that there are parts of the Universe which has much more evolved planets, stars, and physical environment where intelligent Life, more intelligent Life ... is possible. And it does not have to struggle as hard as we do here. So, it's not a different dimension. It's older and more mature solar systems.

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : ....that create harmonious frequencies existing undisturbed for millions of years… where life can exist and evolve on its own level. It does not have to go through the process of dying and being born, etcetera, etcetera.

Kerry : Okay. So, at this point, you are... the ship has landed and has had more damage to it, and it's going to take a long time to repair itself, as you call it. And, what do your... you and the beings do? You go outside at this point and you experience the gravity. And then what happens?

Eva : The doors of the ship... there were 16 doors on the ship, as far I recall. They were open to everybody to come out in groups. Not everybody at the same time, because the living quarters were in rings inside.

Kerry : I see.

Eva : And so, some people came out. As they were let out first, they suffered the most in my opinion, because I remember being there inside quite a long time after the landing, waiting ...maybe few hours. Four hours ...from my memory, before my cabin door opened so I could actually go out. And I came out and saw plenty of others outside and among them, those who were the most affected … by the accidental stepping out [into the gravity field] and what has happened to them. So I saw that it was kind of a disaster at the same time.

Kerry : Okay. And when you say it was a disaster, are you saying because the beings were on the ground? Were they hurt? Was there evidence of this kind of thing?

Eva : Yeah. It was... you know the organisms which [we were]. [We have to go to the] concepts now. If you look at the human body and how it came to being. Forget the mechanism of being born from a cell and then growing up...

Kerry : Mm-hum.

Eva : But before, there was... the Beings who we were, they were, I would say from organic light, kind of a plasmatic [plasma] material.

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : Very light one. It was '' the solid.'' But it was very much lighter, and it did not have cells. It did not have internal organs as we know them now.

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : It had kind of a net ... energetic net inside of it. And ... it was... smooth covered on surface. Many things [we have now] it did not have. We did not have ear lobes. We did not have noses. Or... I'm not sure we had fingers even. The body was...

Kerry : So it's more akin to light, in a sense.

Eva : It's... it was really like an integral organism. But it still looked very human.

Kerry : Okay, but who you...

Eva : From there... So, from that kind of organic light, that kind of organic material that stepped into a gravity field, it was not [acclimated] to it. collapsed to heavier gravity and to a coarser elementary system. So basically, the light disintegrated, organic light, in the beings. Not of all of them, but many... disintegrated to particles. It disintegrated to tissues. It simply… it'd shrunk of a sort.

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : Like if you throw something like a light plastic [material]… into hot water, it...

Kerry : So... Okay. Yes. I understand. It shrank.

Eva : And it loses... it loses this original structure.

Kerry : Okay. And so, did it become harder as well?

Eva : Sure. That's how they became… humans, they gained the density of the Earth.

Kerry : Mm-hum.

Eva : At that point they were taller beings, and they shrank to smaller, dense, [compact] earth-bound creatures. And it was very painful for them.

Kerry : Oh it was. Okay. And were you saying that some died actually, right then?

Eva : There were dying, but the process of damage, dying and recovery at that time was long. It had not happened all at once, because our... as I was trying to read, our original time was longer. It was ... we had a time, right. Before our time on Earth we had another time. The other time was like ...[sorry]... I mean, our original hour was [equaled], maybe… 20 years on Earth. The speed we were adjusted to. So imagine the biorhythms of the beings. They're like used to very slow harmonies, frequencies.

Kerry : I see.

Eva : We were used to something else completely. It turned some of the human creatures and... but their bodies still tried to recover over length of time. And so, the initial period just continued. We say Earthly adaptation and evolution … of human lineages from that remote point of time.

Kerry : In the minds of the beings that you were a part of, it could have passed perhaps twenty years, while this experience was going on, would you say, but in Earth time it might have been a few hours? Is that a correct interpretation?

Eva : No. It's the other way around.

Kerry : The other way around. So, twenty years in Earth time, but a couple hours in your time?

Eva : Sure.

Kerry : In the beings' time.

Eva : Yeah.

Kerry : Very interesting. Okay, So, at any rate, you were... some of them, I don't know if you yourself were experiencing this transition.

Eva : I was experiencing the time as... at that point, there were beings... some of us remained fortunately unharmed. So, I can... There is a way of explaining why, but some of the crew was kind of... impregnated for the different, the space flights, for physical alterations that we could have experienced elsewhere, on our journeys in the Universe. So, some of the beings, they actually sustained, survived the conditions and... such as me at that point. I remained just walking unharmed, but later, we were already sad... because you know the Ship announced, the Mothership, which acted like our mother-intelligence – artificial intelligence – it announced to us that we will have to stay here for a really long time… and that we are not going home, and we were struggling on a planet which was not exactly hostile, but it was far from being a 'home environment'. So…we just felt like if you land on an empty island – or similar--we did not have anything to do here. We were used to exploring and collecting data, researching other beings, exploring their ways, something we could share back home, but we had to stay.

Kerry : So OK at this point. Are you saying… you say there were initially ten thousand of these beings. Can you say how many might have died?

Eva : Hundreds if not thousands of them.

Kerry : And some of the beings survived but they also had problems? Is that correct?

Eva : I would say many thousands of them probably were damaged. Some died in that process, but there was like a huge biological adaptation of their organisms going on say, in many years to follow. At the beginning ..I'm not sure how to ..[say that] ..but they were in a very unhappy state ... but still, their organisms started to adapt to the earthly environment. And regenerated very quickly, at that time, in a matter of a few weeks, they could regrow limbs and recover their shape, because you know, the beings you could see had open wounds because what all the gravity had done to some of these organisms; it was kind of brute force. The change to them did not happen really in a harmonious way. So maybe you can imagine that it has created sort of misshapes.

Kerry : I understand.

Eva : And it has damaged the pattern, the original bio-code of the organisms. It was challenged and split to all the cells and particles that you can find today in human beings, but that time they also had wounds and some of them were really hurt and they were paining.

Kerry : OK, so they were in pain. When… that's also what we did not talk about but when you communicated with each other, was it telepathic?

Eva : Formerly, yes. We did not use mostly any kind of verbal speech between ourselves, but we could use it occasionally, we could use it …[for example] to communicate with some other beings.

Kerry : I see.

Eva : ...who had vocal speech. We would adjust, we were used to meeting other civilizations and we had lots of communication with others. And it was like the purpose of our existence, to facilitate other beings progress, to watch them… ehm… to watch over them, their evolution, peace, safety… so [we] were the Elders, Watchers, Peacemakers of the Universe, someone to whom the others came for advice.

Kerry : At this point perhaps you can talk about what happened next. In other words, this transition from ... going from the Ship into the Earth, on the Earth. These people, these beings as you have said, were going through sort of a transition. And in essence, the transition itself, I assume has taken many years, or not many years? How is this? In other words, at what point did they walk away and happened to start a civilization, or anything? And also, how did they become male and female?

Eva : That's another long story, but it was all a very long adaptation process. If you start from the point zero, and imagine today's 'modern man', today's human being and, in the gap of say, millions of years, lots has happened inbetween. At the beginning the beings were, you know, they were still quite [biologically] flexible, 'fighting for their original shape.' The biological system of theirs, mind, and all, has been through a very dramatic experience. But if I say 'dramatic', it still took years, and thousands of years, and it was changing in many ways [the process]. And, say, one of the basic factors to consider is previously, the beings were about the same. There was no kind of biodiversity among them. If you now look from one man to another, you see we're all looking different, we experience ourselves differently. Those beings, they were almost completely identical. They looked the same, they all had their unique individual identity, individuality but, for example, we did not have names and we understood ourselves as beings. And in the original civilization, where we came from, there was no reproduction phase, it was, just the Beings existed in that number, in that shape, for millions of years of their time. So they were really old but they were not aging, and usually they were not ill. There was ... we did not have ... serious diseases, of any sort. We did not have people dying or changing in any way .

Kerry : I see.

Eva : So the way we've experienced this disaster was something like, you know, exodus of the race. It never ever happened before, in our history that we would have such an accident and that someone, or many of us would be so damaged. And our original civilization there was no reproduction, we were fixed in number. I don't know how many exactly we were, but it was not like… millions of beings. It was more like hundreds of thousands of beings... maximal.

Kerry : OK. So do you think that there was during these years, once you were on Earth and sort of 'stepped down' to these bodies, these bodies that had become more like a human is now, do you think that during these years there was something we would call genetic engineering going on? Was there assistance from other beings, other races and so on?

Eva : At that time and point [you know] it was the start that would give offshoot of many human lineages, because I'm told, the beings acquired variability of the bio-information, you could say 'genome', but let's say [at the least] it was evolving from that point on. From each of these dense, changed beings different human lineages started. Some of them later died off because they were not capable of sustaining themselves, many kinds of different looking, different shaped, different human lineages originated from the beginning itself so ... today some are completely unknown. I mean, they're not documented, so if we speak about giants or if we speak about trolls, or we may have human beings born with some kind of anomalous bio-information, but you know, it's true that in the history of Earth, the tribes, the lineages were many but they were still all humans, they still all came from the same descent. They've evolved differently not only because of the adaptation but because of the diversity that was imposed on them at the beginning and created mutations, variations of the previous bio-information.

Kerry : Okay. So, at this point, because you spoke in terms of your experience in sort of a dream-like state from Bodhgaya, being that... and seeing the ship and so on, going back in time, at what point did you leave that sort of dimension or that time and go forward into this... life that you have now? Could you explain how that happened?

Eva : I have returned like to the human existence in the field several hours after. Then I was here, but it was not a dream-like experience. It was rather very strong... strong... energetically, very much charged. Full of information. Full of data. I was suddenly aware of. It was our mind, our technologies, whatever that I have seen and whatever, was in us. So, I was home there.

Kerry : Yes. I understand.

Eva : And we were back home there. And at some point, I did recall that I have had some kind of other existence ... somewhere ... like the human one. And that it was ... to the end of the event … when I decided to return.

Kerry : Okay. Did anything happen between this time when you were... you're describing coming out of a ship. Did anything else happen besides the change in the bodies and so on, over many, many years. Were you still able to be present in that time and see the progression or not?

Eva : A lot had happened in a slow motion, but it contained the quanta of information. So, as I said but... compared to earthly reality we were moving really slowly and physically, we were moving slowly. And we were still very much in our original mind. We tried to help those who were hurt, and people ventured to all sides and. And, at any rate, many things happened.

Kerry : Okay. And do you remember these things, or is this phasing?

Eva : Oh, I remember. I'm not sure how many details you can really record now.

Kerry : Okay. Well, let's progress a little bit here. So, at a certain point, you went back into your human body.

Eva : [Yes] That ...that came morning. At some point I realized the energy field where I was, at the Ship and everything, it was really like... compared to the… what we think is humanly possible, the field was very much charged. When I came out already, I have seen a kind of lightning in the room. There was an energy zone. Then after it started to ascend physically, it moved [moved] forward. What remained there was probably what you mostly experience now as a human being, what we are used to. The zone that goes there [which] I also believe [had] created this phenomenon... the time zone… it was kind of a stargate, a time-space loop that the... it was intelligently organized. It was not happening by itself. And it was... it had to be all over the place. So, settled this was at night. There were a hundred thousand people in Bodhgaya who mostly slept. I woke up from this experience when I came back to the human body. It was 4:00 a.m. in the morning. So, I spent about four hours on that side. Then when I was looking back, you know, the magnitude, it was like if you're looking at a fire, a huge fire place, huge energy zone. If it was here now [and] somebody would ask you to step there, you would not... you would be afraid. Not because of its nature but because of the power of the energy. It was oh like... say, if you have an electric field. You would not dare to step into it. It was charged.

Kerry : Yes. I understand. Okay. So, at this moment, you're back in your body and what happens then?

Eva : Hmm... at that moment, I just observed what had happened. So, the day I was coming back was special, it was unusual... [going back to the time before I returned to the human body…] because at the time I realized I'm on the extraterrestrial side, I had a sensation [about having] some other kind of existence. ''This is not all that is.'' And as if I stepped into a time tunnel. Time tunnel... it looked almost technical. It was like thousands, millions of pieces... I was simply passing through that tunnel and from the cells, information cells, that contained each different type of data from the Universe. I know this is really difficult to explain somehow to present, but as I was passing through very quickly, I could see it... and I was to absorb this data. It was our databank comprised of various data. So I was absorbing it into me. And then smoothly, I came back to the area where the human heart is and it was as if you make a 'bump' [sound] I was back into the human body, in a heart beat. I could feel my heart, human, is beating... and alive. And I very slowly opened my eyes. I knew all that had happened but I had to accommodate the experience in me. And when I woke up, I sat in bed and stared back [to the zone], it was an underground dormitory in the Burmese Monastery in Bodhgaya.

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : And I was looking around me and thought hmm, maybe someone else is awake too. No. They were all sleeping. There were about 20 other people.

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : And... I still saw these flashes of light in the room. So, it was like those at the Ship, some blue and violet and red, really big flashes of energy and light. And then it all started to move, the zone moved up and then [it was] maybe a matter of 15 minutes, and it was away. I was shaking, naturally. I started to pray and I don't want to say hysterical, it's not the right thing [way to put it] but I was kind of laughing 'And what shall I do now?' No human power, no human mind can alter what has happened. Could not cause this, could not alter this, all these players are superficial, compared to what I have seen. These events were so huge, so big, so real, that nothing we can do at the moment on the Earth, can really reverse the consequences of what had happened. We can just adapt. We can adjust, and we have to move forward and it's a long story of the implications.

Kerry : Sure.

Eva : ...for humankind, why we are here now. And where are we heading to.

Kerry : Okay. So... well, we can try to answer that at some point, or at least hear what you have to say about that. But at this moment, just because I think, if I recall from your story that I know, some parts of it, that there is some experiences that you had after this, once you had come to Earth, so to speak, and were experiencing after you woke up from this. In other words, you went about your life, right, and you... did... you left, you actually left Bodhgaya. Is that correct? And... or did you stay for a while, and did you tell anybody about your experiences?

Eva : Yeah. It was... I was in Bodhgaya another three months because the place, and why we talk about it, it seems that the area of Bodhgaya is the place where we have landed.

Kerry : Mm-hum.

Eva : So, this is the... also the gist and the line of the information. Those millions of years ago, these beings, us, landed in that area. Till now, the events exist in our archetypal memory. It is a very complicated way entwined to our beliefs and the teachings, I should say, those associated with Buddha and with Hindu traditions, whatever they were, but it seems that this was the original cradle of civilization and people walked from there to all sides, and they started to spread around the Earth.

Kerry : Okay. But in… what I'm trying to do here, and I understand what you're saying, but just to finish this part of the story, so we can move into a different area, I just want to make sure that people understand that if there were any other incidents, for example, were you... are you and were you getting more information, or was it more memories coming in, as the days progressed after the experience?

Eva : No. I think I just had a full recall at that moment of all the information I got through that night, which was... it was a lot. And my good luck is that, actually, the next morning we were called to the Kalachakra field and we were told the initiation was canceled. And I relaxed, because I thought ...this is completely natural, because the initiation ... that could happened… at that point, I was initiated enough.

Kerry : [laughs]

Eva : I had enough, certainly.

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : And I used all that time to just meditate and let it settle in me, because rationally I realized that, as… say, extraterrestrial being, I 'm capable of... it's most natural for me to contain that information [pointing]. The human body is as... vulnerable as all other human bodies, so it will take me time to process the information [to the human brain], it will take time to process the information. And the best I could do possibly about this is just sit quietly. And let it settle. And, of course, I talked to others. I had friends there. I went around Bodhgaya and I thought … that perhaps I would come across someone else who had seen the same thing on the same night, because I think there was high probability that some other people were in but ... you know it was ... a crowd of a hundred thousand people. So, I can't say. But I knew I had to forward the information. That was the original idea that I am to convey the information to human science, human scientists.

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : But there and then I was far from Europe. I was in the monastery and everything. I could have probably, at that point, just turned back from being there at all. It was just like, I knew I'm going to go back to Europe, to convey this. I knew I'm wasn't going to speak about it in India because I did not have the kind of technical backup or a big financial backup that I could create a base there, like, I do have some kind of safety at the moment in Prague. It was much 'lighter', for me.

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : So, I wasn't on computers, anything. So, I just knew I will be going back to Europe at some point, but I have to give myself the time to digest this in me ... So...

Kerry : Okay. And how long ago did this happen?

Eva : This happened in 2002.

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : January. I stayed in Bodhgaya another three months. I hoped that maybe… I didn't know, but I thought ... maybe something like this is going to repeat. I understood it was like... kind of a window [to the original time-space]. And also... the other day, after the experience, I knew the event was initiated by another as powerful intelligent beings from space. That was... they were not visible to me in.... I had seen our own memories, our own events.

Kerry : Right.

Eva : But the other day, when I tried to meditate, on who has caused this, I could see in my mind's eye and feel that there were some other beings present who actually technically, organized this... the time loop.

Kerry : Okay. But would the beings that organized this 'time loop,' as you call it, were these the same beings as the ones on the ship, or are they different beings?

Eva : I think they are different... might be different beings.

Kerry : And do you know anything about them?

Eva : Hmm.... I think I would not be giving the exact type of information about them. I might say something that's not completely accurate. So, I'm not sure. They had to have power, have powerful technologies with them to activate the field, the time-space field. The time-space field exists in Bodhgaya in the area.

Kerry : Sure.

Eva : Either it's... it's connected to the Mothership.

Kerry : Mm-hum.

Eva : But what I suppose from what's been there, the Mothership probably sunk underground.

Kerry : Oh, right. I remember read... Yes. I understand.

Eva : You know... for... tectonic plates are moving, and in the millions of years, the landscape is moving. The ship was constructed from materials that are not at all from Earth, that are not of the Earth. It was a heavy... It had... its own gravity field, own time-space field, protected inside the ship.

Kerry : Okay. Was it powered by a crystal? Do you know?

Eva : No. It had a kind of powerful reactor inside. I think I could compare it to a little star. The same processes that are happening like nuclear fusion, that are happening in the Sun, in the star.

Kerry : I see.

Eva : We could utilize these technologies on a minuscule level and close them to system that was small enough, powerful enough, to create own time-space field, closed and perfectly isolated from surroundings that enable the Ship to move and accommodated these beings, protect us from any interactions from outer space. So, yeah... I suppose that the Ships... after it had to shut down its systems in order to repair navigation. Navigation is another important [part], it's like an intelligence center, like central computer of the Ship.

Kerry : Sure. But if it's sunk into the ground, then obviously, it wasn't successful.

Eva : The navigation system, is a fully self-sustaining automatic system. It does not need any living interaction. It's an artificial intelligence. It counts whatever environment is surrounding it, it's planned forwards. It's programmed forwards it to carry us to our destination and back. And while it detected some kind of error it decided it needed to rest and to repair itself. So it is basically configuring itself to that point when it restores fully. This systems being used, were complete perfection, were perfect. That were, say like, maybe, today human technologies, naturally, they all have errors. The technologies have errors that are in the system. They're human errors. That time the systems did not have errors.

Kerry : Okay.

Eva : If they found a little mistake they wanted to get rid of it at all costs.

Kerry : Mm-hum.

Eva : So that's why it....

Kerry : So, but, what I want to ask you is if you think that the ship sank into the ground, then what happened to the artificial intelligence, did it receive from the ship or did it stay in the, eh, Ship.

Eva : It's in a kind of hibernation mode. I suppose it also sent a signal back home, back to the beginning, and how far is that, uh, the signal, it might have taken thousands or millions of years to find its way to our home.

Kerry : Uh huh.

Eva : If it was received…

Kerry : I see.

Eva : …and the moment they would find out about us, they would immediately try to either send a signal back or send us help.

Kerry : At this moment, oh, because this is, is, more or less the story, right, uh, of what happened.

Eva : ….Uh huh.

Kerry : …is there anything else you want to add to that, that, part of the information, and then what I'd like to talk about is what other information you wanted to bring, to bring forward, because we, you mentioned this, in terms of information about science and so on.

Eva : There is a lot of information in, in those events itself, and it's stored, the information is stored in the subconscious, global unconscious of mankind [that is to say], it's stored very deep. It's also stored physically of course in our human organisms and the information tries to regenerate to it's previous shape, that's what it does from the beginning... this is true more than one way, through various periods [of history]… but the process [of regeneration] does not appear to be smooth or straight… but it's rather many ways round [gesturing]. But as I see it and what maybe is important to say, as human beings, primordial beings who formed mammalian organisms…we contain various pieces of the [primordial] knowledge but most cannot be freely accessed by the human mind. We just go deep to certain levels and uncover the type of [respective] intelligence and we try to elaborate on the level we're able to ascend. The deeper it goes…that's about what people try when they 'do meditation', the further they get but then again, it's not common [among meditators] that they'd ever tap into the technical grounds of who we are and what is ours [reality].

Kerry : Okay, well I'm not sure where you want to go with that. I understand what you are saying, that there are different active levels which we can access with our human consciousness, and that some of this information that came to you is not accessible, at least not at the moment to all the people out there. What I get from you is that you'd like to bring some of that information forward.

Eva : Sure. I would like that the data I can recall, in maybe a more detailed way than what we are talking about now, let's say technical data would be recorded and linked to the human knowledge and know-how... within our human sciences today, biology and astrophysics and all that ... because what I've seen was very… huge. It contained our human experience, but it explained in many ways what we don't understand. We are living within limits of awareness; we experience our logic of events within the human experience. Still, that closed aquarium of human existence is but part of another, much larger aquarium, so what I have seen is the 'larger logic ' of why we function as we do, why we are as we are, why do our bodies react as they do. A simple example… we eat food, earthly food. As I've said, originally, we did not have to eat food either here or in our home. Water or food would be on the same organizational level of matter, as an organic matter; it would be completely absorbable, digestible to us. And the way we 'eat' earthly food is very different... because of basic antagonism between us and what we receive. So suppose we eat a plant, an animal or drink water; we absorb nutritients and have to pass the rest out of our bodies because the environment is not on our frequency of existence. The same goes for many other functions of our organisms as human beings, intelligent beings, and so on.

Kerry : Okay. Where we are in time, 21 minutes? Okay. So, in terms of this experience and your interaction with these beings that were also you, in essence, what is it… what else can you tell us about this experience; in other words, for them coming here and staying here, and then absorbing this experience – do you think that there is a purpose behind it, and do you know what it is?

Eva : There is no… no artificial purpose behind it. It being a really huge space accident. Just... please... don't take me wrong. Some people could misunderstand if I say that, they could think ''it's but chance,'' it's an accident, she's saying there is no purpose. No, no... I need to say that the purpose is in ourselves. In who we are. In what is our origin, our ancestry. It's very advanced intelligence, the original human being. Nowadays, I hear from many people who had some experience with other 'extraterrestrial beings' and this and that. And there's lots of talk about creating human-and-another advanced being, hybrids, lots of talk about how the Earth was 'seeded' and people believe various things. Now, if we look at those theories ... they are dangerous to ourselves as human beings, because they can make it look and believe as if we were really, an inanimate species, a soul-less species who had to be impregnated by some higher intelligence that is actually 'alien' [by definition] and this all has been creating a lots of mess in peoples' minds. And similar thing goes for the Darwinian theory of evolution... which again tries to reduce us, I mean in theory. It tries to reduce the human being to an advanced animal.

Kerry : Sure.

Eva : And both …. I mean we have to cross the point and take hold of the correct information about who we are. We are space beings, we are citizens of Space and we have our own, old, unique human ancestry that goes faraway to Space … and it's human. It might have been affected, influenced, mixed later by inter-breeding with others, sure. It still did not affect that much who we are and why we look as we do, and physical properties of our organisms and the way that our minds relate to each other… the Space, the environment, the pain we experience on Earth.

Kerry : I understand. OK and this is part of the reason of why are we doing this interview. It's because of the information you mean to bring forward, for people to look at their lineage in a different way, to look at who we really are as humans.

Eva : I would wish that the data from these events are explored on scientific grounds so they could be verified, technically [taken]. Because whatever I may say here is a testimony. A testimony of someone who had been there in this body and mind, and had recall and download [of the ET data] and again, been through these events. So there are two possibilities. Let's think it will happen again, in Bodhgaya, someone else will go to Bodhgaya and a similar thing may happen to him. But I don't know [if this is the case or not]. But I'm responsible for my part, for which I'm trying to convey the data to the scientific community so they could research [it].

Kerry : And I think that we will be able to talk again in future about more of this. And continue our discussion.

Eva : If you have any questions that you would like to ask and if you would like to know more about it, I hope that we can talk in future.

Kerry : Yes, because there will be more questions that I will have, and I think we will have to continue this another time OK?

Eva : OK. Oh really.

Kerry : Thank you so much.

Eva : Thanks for meeting me. Thank you for coming over here.

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