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31 December 2008

letter from james of : june 10, 2010

What follows is a Letter from James of Wingmakers regarding statements made by A'shayana Deane in her interview with me filmed on April 2010.

My name is James, the creator of the WingMakers materials, which launched in November 1998, nearly 12 years ago. A’shayana Deane has made defamatory and unsubstantiated remarks regarding a body of work I have worked to develop since I was a teenager (many years ago I must admit). I’ve always endeavored to produce materials that reflect coherence and to help build a shared vision of truth. I simply want to share a perspective on the importance of behavioral intelligence, using both fiction and non-fiction, presented in text, visual images and music formats.

I am a human man, originally from Spain, and have chosen to remain anonymous because I don’t wish to mix my personality with the materials I create. I do not have a staff, or any organization. Mark Hempel, my web manager, is the closest thing to an organization that I have since he operates my four websites. I do not do workshops or make speeches. In twelve years, I have never spent a dime on marketing or promotion. I have done three interviews. I’ve written over 1,000 pages of free material that is both fiction (mythological-based WingMakers) and non-fiction (papers like Spiritual Activism and the Six Heart Virtues).

Until two days ago, I had not been aware of A’shayana Deane. I have never written or spoken about her or her group (or any other group for that matter). It is not my place to critique the works of others, and if she had offered a critique of my work, I would understand. Not everyone likes what I have produced, and like anyone who creates music, art, or writings, they will have their critics. But what A’shayana Deane has said on this video is not a critique of my material, but rather a gross inaccuracy that can be potentially confusing and stressful to people.

So why did I ask Kerry to edit the tape? Wouldn’t this only bring more attention to the inaccuracy? Yes, I believe it will, but the moment that A’shayana Deane made these inaccuracies, I had no choice but to deal with them. Here are the primary inaccuracies, as they pertain to the WingMakers materials:

1) The identity of the WingMakers is not how I have portrayed them, but rather they are a fallen race of ETs with a dark agenda.

2) That the WingMakers art and music activate a DNA response from those who view or listen to the material that brings about a negative merkaba.

3) That the WingMakers caused the recent earthquakes in Chile, killing innocent lives.

I asked Kerry Cassidy to edit this information from the video not because I didn’t want people to know about these inaccuracies, but as a matter of principle. I’m well aware that the genie is out of the bottle. I know that A’shayana Deane had her own people filming the interview (in addition to Kerry) with the intent to make a DVD for resale on their site. I have no intention to try and withhold the information from the public, to the contrary, I am planning to shine the light on it so those involved can understand why we, who write and talk about love and light, forgiveness and understanding, and the higher principles of Spirit, can actually demonstrate something of what we say.

I have written a body of work (non-fiction) that deals with behavioral intelligence. Part of this work focuses on what I have called the Six Heart Virtues, which consists of appreciation, compassion, humility, forgiveness, understanding and valor. Collectively, these virtues constitute the frequency of what humanity has termed “love.” These are the qualities that flow from the heart and help each of us express our true self in the moment. They become the new criteria for our actions. When someone attacks our integrity, for example, we can apply understanding and forgiveness.

In respect to this situation, A’shayana Deane has a remarkable facility to articulate big concepts. She appears bright, cheerful and I will assume well-meaning. While I have not studied her books and other materials, I respect what she has created and know that it could only occur out of a strong commitment, and I offer that observation to those that work with her as well. Sometimes sitting in front of a camera for six hours, and the pressure of being “on” causes even the best speaker to make slip-ups. Perhaps, as Kerry has suggested, when A’shayana Deane uses the term “WingMakers” she is referring to a different race of ETs. I don’t pretend to know what is in another’s heart, but when the work I have spent the better part of my life creating is attacked, no matter the reason, I will step forward to defend it. I may not be successful, but I believe I owe this to the hundreds of thousands who have seen the art, listened to the music, and studied the materials.

I have written in many of my non-fiction works about the Era of Transparency that is coming to this planet. It is in the spirit of this transparency that I have included in this response my letter that I sent to A’shayana Deane inquiring about the nature of her inaccuracies. I have yet to receive a response, but I hope that she will respond soon, and to be fair, I only sent it to her yesterday.

All of us in this community need to find our own way into coherence. There is no magic or mantra to invoke coherence. It is done through the behaviors—how and what we express through our thoughts, words, feelings and actions. We need to create a shared vision of truth from out of an increasing quotient of coherence. And this shared truth must arise from humans—we, we must develop it. It is not going to be deposited in our hands from the skies or God or ETs. It will be a collective human creation, and one that I hope we can all contribute to.

I forgive A’shayana Deane for her inaccuracies. I hold no malice towards her, and wish her well in her work. I hope she is successful in her endeavors, and if she would like to work together in some future time, I would gladly consider it. I believe this is how we who write about the love, light and sound of the higher dimensions, who appear to have beneficial insights of the higher truths, should walk our talk. Otherwise, separation and polarity seeps in, and how can a shared truth arise in such an environment?

If people would like to see the original video sections that I have asked to be edited, I would encourage them to write to Kerry Cassidy and request this. I have no further objection to holding them back as long as Kerry is willing to include my response on YouTube and her own site. I simply wanted to be transparent and share my reaction to the inaccuracies. I have said my peace.

Thank you for listening.

From my heart to yours,




This email is for Asha.

My name is James.

I am the creator of the WingMakers in terms of their identity on this planet. If you search the web, or anywhere else, before November 28, 1998, you will not find this term. The story, the Ancient Arrow Project is the same. I created the story. The art, the music, the philosophy, the Neruda interviews, and the non-fictional works related to the story, were also created by me. The Ancient Arrow Project is part of this mythology. It is not meant to be taken literally, and since the terms are designed as mythos memes, how is it that they have suddenly become the property of your group?

You speak of the WingMakers as an ET race that has fallen and is now of a negative character. In my mythology, the WingMakers are depicted as the Central Race, the eldest race in the multiverse. They are time-shifted humans. And yet you have appropriated, or perhaps better said, hijacked this term and have now chosen to redefine it. For what purpose do your definitions reduce it to a fallen race of ETs with evil intent?

You also imply that the Corteum and WingMakers are one and the same. Again, the Ancient Arrow Project is something I’m quite familiar with. I wrote it. It came from my mind to the paper. It was not channeled. So, please explain how you know more about the true identity of the characters that I created than I do? The Corteum and WingMakers in my story are not the same, and neither of them is evil or fallen.

Regarding your comments that the WingMakers art and music deform the DNA of those who view or listen to it—inexplicably diminishing their ability to form the correct merkaba vehicle (as defined by the Guardians), on what basis do you say this? Again, I am one humble man who devoted my entire life to this mission. I created all of this work. I understand it better than anyone as to its purpose and mission, so how is it that you can tell me what its true purpose is?

If you would like to discuss the concept of coherence and its relation to the development of a shared vision of truth, I can do this, and will be most delighted to do so. This is the core reason I am here. This is the core reason for all of my materials to exist. And yet you so casually paint them as negative. Please explain to me what your motive is in doing so.

Perhaps this is all a misunderstanding. Parallel worlds interceding upon this one… or some anomalous rift in the reality of two people (you and I) who could be supportive of one another. Instead, you have chosen to attack my works. I hope you will take the time to answer my questions. They are not rhetorical.

From my heart to yours,

James | | |


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