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About researchers and whistleblowers :We, Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan, do not necessarily agree with or endorse all of the views presented here. What Camelot is about is the investigation into the mysteries that surround us. We are all, in a sense, investigators of our world. And while we, as individuals, may not agree with everything presented on our site, we fully support freedom of thought and speech as well as the Quest for truth.
31 December 2008

saga with the swiss : inside the hearts & minds ofthe swiss bankers


Nov 17, 2011

SAGA with the SWISS : A story of an American, a secret bank account in Switzerland and the crackdown from the NWO - from an undisclosed source

The following is the first of several posts covering one person's dealings with the breakdown of Swiss banking secrecy and the advent of the New World Order. All efforts have been made to protect the identilty of the author.

.... saga with the swiss - part one : inside the hearts & minds of

dear Kerry,
I have long admired your interview style for it's courage and forthrightness. Personally I do not know how it is that sometimes you ask a totally unexpected question, the person being interviewed does a double take and things heat way up! It has been very exciting when these moments occur and I have wondered how on earth you get sudden inspirations and "go for it"

Well, I am going to write to you about an amazing experience I had with some Swiss bankers, in which I felt I may have tried your methods, at least I was trying to emulate you.

I will start from the beginning. In the 70s, I opened a secret untraceable Swiss bank Acct. There was a secret trusted runner who I met in foreign countries in order to give him money for my account and over the decades, the account became large considering I am a just one person, not a corporation. The runner was my only contact over the decades and my trust in him was as good as it gets. In fact we became close friends.

There was a certain bank acct in the states where I regularly received cash that had filtered down thru many untraceable channels. It has been several years since I invested more money thru my contact, but everything continued to proceed as usual.

Suddenly, there were no deposits in the special accounts in the states After a couple months, I called a bank in [DELETED] where I knew my contact had affiliations. He was "no longer there". In fact, no one there " knew" him.

Well needless to say, this alarming incident marked the beginning of a sometimes harrowing adventure worthy of a Sherlock Holmes novel!

In the end, I felt I was part of a human story that provided a most rare insight indeed- that of an era crumbling from within the hearts and minds of the very persons who represent and hold in place the bastion of world financial security- The Swiss.

As my time to write is limited, I am going to send you this story in segments you have my permission to publish if you wish, but please keep my personal info completely private." - a source


My next action was to look up and call every bank listed in Switzerland, searching for my contact. I never made calls from my own home in the past, so as not to be traced and I saw no reason to start now. So, several evenings a week, I called banks looking for my contact, the man who had taken all my money for decades to deposit in my secret account.

One evening I was transferred to a man who would not tell me his name. He told me to call another number at an exact time in one week, which I did. Anew person answered who took down my name and the name of my contact. The new man said that he may "know someone" who knew who "took over" my contacts accounts! Mind you Kerry. This call was over 2 months after my search started. That is how much searching I had done before even getting this dismal response.

1week later, I again called a different number given to me. After being on hold for some time a timid voice answered. He gave me his name, (glory be) and said he had information for me. But when I tried to get the man to tell me the information, he was completely unwilling to speak and only repeated, "you will have to come to Switzerland to find out anything further". "Anything further", I said? "You have not told me anything!" And more desperately "Has something happened to my money? Where is it? Who is in charge?"

These were of course, fruitless questions,receiving the same answer. "You will have to come to Switzerland to learn anything further". In frustration, I asked if I could be guaranteed an appointment. I was again given a number and call back time. When I called back I was told to decide on a month and week I wished to be in Switzerland.

Well, I run my company 24/7 Kerry and it takes me a couple months advanced planning to make an overseas trip. So as the necessity to actually have to go to Switzerland became clear, I planned a date I could be absent from my company for a week, 3 months out. The date was agreed on and I was told there would be NO further contact until I showed up at the appointment.

Kerry, I was at the complete effect of an unknown party and had no verified names of people or any company name; I was arranging to have someone fill in for me during my absence and making the plans to go on what could very well be a wild goose chase!


Installment3 inside the Hearts and Minds of the Swiss bankers

Well, the infamous date finally came. I booked myself in one of the hotels and traveled by taxi to the address I was given.
Looking for the address was nerve wracking, as it did not seem to exist, except for a tiny locked unidentified little alcove off the main busy street,although it was at least in a financial district with all the major Swiss banks on that street.
I gave up in despair, but there was no one to call, and so the next morning I arrived at the appointment time, and found the little alcove open.

I walked in toward a courtyard and saw an unmarked door. Having an inclination, I walked in the door to an extremely small room with an tiny elevator. I got in and went up one floor yto the top. The elevator opened up onto a door that said Finance! As my shaking hand reached out to knock, the door simultaneously opened and a pretty woman greeted me. I jumped in surprise. How did they know I was there?

I looked toward the ceiling for hidden cameras and announced "I have a meeting here with Mr X" I said. While I never did see any cameras in this place (and I looked on each of my subsequent visits), the exact description I just made was always repeated with the door opening the moment I stepped out of the elevator to knock.

I was escorted in and asked to wait. After an indeterminable length of time, the woman returned to tell me my party did not have an office there and "they" would try to locate my party. I became upset. "What is this place? What are you doing here? This is a strange way to run a finance company!" Well my short tirade immediately produced another slightly older woman who told me calmly that if I were to return in a few hours, I will have some luck. She then suggested I try some delicious Swiss chocolate at the lunch cafe down the street.

Utterly dumbfounded, I returned to the tiny elevator that had just enough room for me. And then, so help me God, the elevator jerked to a stop and stalled half way between floor 1 and 2. I literally froze, holding my breath. Scenarios flipped through my mind of movies and mystery novels where elevators opened up to unnamed floors. I waited a long minute, pushing the down arrow over and over. Suddenly, there was a rough jerking and the elevator proceeded to ground floor, where I breathed a sigh of relief.

Surely I thought I was going mad as I sat quietly staring at my cup of chocolate. How on earth could all my years of investment, so carefully protected, have turned to a scenario so crude, so unsophisticated,as to speak of dark places and whispered innuendos?

Well, I better get a sense of deep adventure about me, I thought. And that is when I was reminded of you Kerry. Be it only personal to me, this was a dilemma that needed hutzpah. I think my personality changed a bit right then and there. Kerry Cassidy would get to the bottom of this. And if she is ever scared, she is nevertheless courageous and gets, as my favorite radio announcer used to say. -The Rest Of The Story!' With a hyped up sense of gall, I hurried back for whatever came next.


Well Kerry, I have not really faced what has been happening in Switzerland until this trip. yes I had read the articles on the back pages, far from an upfront view, you know, how the world as we have always known it, is coming apart. I guess I just thought it could not happen to me. on this day, as I prepared to go back, I reviewed these 2 most telling articles below.
I guess that a lifetime of hearing and knowing that Switzerland has been for centuries, the most trusted banking as the world knows it, a tradition that goes back to the middle ages.

Article Swiss banks cave in

God help me now. perhaps I will have lost my fortune: perhaps I will go to jail for keeping my own money intact! not that I have not paid my taxes- I have. Yet, anyone who knows the constitution knows that income tax is unconstitutional and the fed and Irs are part of the plan for 1 world govt.

Oh my God, all my money may be gone. So far, these people are the last kind of people I would imagine myself dealing with.

I simply must remove this from the personal and try to get some real answers.

to be continued....

Kerry, if you think I am in any way embellishing or exaggerating the details of this story, I assure you, I am not. I am reporting things as they happened, other than to protect my own identity. I say this to you now Kerry because this saga is about to get all the more surreal and I want you to really understand that what I am about to tell you is exactly what happened.

So, back I went up on the elevator that jerked to a stop mid floor 50% of the time. I did not even reach out to knock on the door with the word FINANCE on it. I simply stood quietly and the door opened, young woman and all. I was told to sit in the chair near the door. After10 minutes, the slightly older lady came to lead me through a door into a room with a huge butcher block table and a few chairs. She offered me plain or sparkling water.

Sipping the bubbly, I waited another 15minutes.
Then quietly a very attractive well dressed woman of some stature came in and told me her name. She sat opposite me and became very still. I waited, expecting her to speak. But, she did not speak.
"What is happening?", I asked.

"Oh,Mr X will be coming soon."

"Would that be the same Mr X I made the appointment with?"

"The very same".

Silence prevailed for another 5 minutes. Well this is it I thought. I did not have a real clue what was going on, but I simply must be like Kerry and plunge in.

I smiled at the lady. She smiled back. I leaned over conspiritorily and whispered. "I think the bankers have it harder than anyone else in this whole mess". Her eyebrows raised, indicating some form of acknowledgement. Little did I know that I had just hit upon a case cracker!

"In fact, I know I am not the only one in this conundrum and it must be really hard for you all."
Eyebrows raised again, "We are not traitors".

"The thing is", I whispered, "What about those who are?"

"Well, 10 banks have gone under." she offered under her breath.

"What's your list?" I asked

And she started to name banks that were obviously still in business.
Then it hit me. she was talking about those banks that had given over private account numbers.

I bolstered my courage. "What about you? Has your institution given up anyones personal secret bank account numbers."?

Silence! Then, "I have great admiration for Mr Y. He will be coming to meet you. He is in charge."

The lady excused herself and I was left sitting alone for ten minutes. She returned with...Mr X?

"Are you the Mr X who made the appointment for me while I was in the states?"

"Yes I am, but Mr Y has been traveling from out of the country for the last 15 hours to meet you since you arrived at the airport and will be here later. Please be patient. We did not know exactly what to expect. Nice meeting you."

Holy Smokes!!! How do they know when I got here???? Mr "Y"???? Please God give me back my most stable one trusted person to deal with my account!

And then he left the room with the lady. And then she came back.The lady sat with me again, but now, I asked her to tell me about Mr Y, her boss and the head of her unnamed institution.

"He has the greatest of integrity. He has circumvented the laws for now in order to protect the clients. He is brilliant. He is wise and smart
His clients are the most wealthy of individuals and the real time heads of state. He is amazing. Few persons have come up with a system such as his. You will see when you meet him, your faith will be restored".

I sat attentively but really I wondered. Is this woman the Mistress of Mr Y? I smiled and nodded. It was dusk. Suddenly, abruptly she stood up and walked out. 3 minutes later, the door opened and she came back in with a most alive but "careful" Mr Y.

They sat down at opposite ends of the table with me in the middle and both smiled stiffly. I prepared for silence. To my surprise Mr Y profusely apologized to me.

"We are sorry we stopped your payments. We are sorry we would not talk to you
We had to know it was you. We had no way to know, as we could not say who we were. We had to be sure it was you."

"I am all ears", I said.

Promptly, the lady poured more sparkling water and I sat quietly observing a rather unusual cleansed looking gentleman, robust yet extremely cautious; wishing to please at the same time. Yet I sensed he was a man who had been around in a most worldly way,  Still his deportment was within himself intact. However somehow, I sensed fear and.. .....

He explained, fully pausing, then observing and watching me at the end of each statement, leaving me opportunity to respond. I was so anxious to listen, I made no response.

"You were not our account...We didn't know you or know anything about you...We had to be very very careful...We finally decided how to reach you, if you really existed at all. We stopped your payments on purpose..."

(Mr Y took a deep breath. For the first time, he looked directly at me, focused an intense energy toward me and I sensed he was giving me space to respond, but I remained silent and attentive. Yet, he continued to watch and focus on me for another minute. I just wanted him to continue.) Then, finally
"We knew if you were real or still alive, the stopped payment would be the only safe way, that you had to find us."

Suddenly I bristled. I realized simultaneously, this was the out of control reaction he had been waiting for.

"Well, where is my contact? Why do you have his account? We were good friends. I trust him. where is he???" We were Friends. I TRUSTED him. He was supposed to be my only go between for life."

Mr Y took a sharp deep intake of air and lowered his gaze down at the table, folding his hands tightly in front of him.

I couldn't stop.

"Where IS he? I want to see him. He is not at the same bank anymore. I want him to be here at this meeting. Do you know him? Where IS he? You don't understand. He belongs here. I really really TRUSTED him!!!"

Alarm swept Mr Ys face and for the first time he became emphatic. " Meeting him is not advisable".

The lady jumped in. "We don't even think we have his contact info."

I jumped right back in. "Who are you people? What are you doing in the middle of my business? This is Switzerland! Where is my money????"

I think I heard my voice trailing off. I am loosing it here. Get a grip.  Where are you now Kerry?

Installment number 6 Inside the Hearts and Minds of the Swiss bankers

I looked down and folded my hands. And closed my eyes and I tried to think of what to say next. Then, I heard one of them leaving. OMG, what has happened now??? I slowly opened my eyes and to my surprise, no one had left, but, Mr. X was now sitting quietly opposite my chair.

“I know who your friend is, but contact has been lost” he said. “But we are not quite sure how we received your account”
WOW, I must be in a Stargate to Never Never Land! Almost everything these people said to me was absolutely unbelievable!!! You do NOT KNOW HOW you acquired by account??????

I looked at each of them, one by one and each seemed to be nodding and trying to look pleasantly at me. So, I looked back and smiled and was oh so silent I waited. I did not speak. I waited. I smiled.

Mr. Y leaned over and spoke in a tone of caring reassuring concern. “ I am not sure how we received your account and we would like you to look at it now. But we would also like you to know that your money is no longer in this country. And we do not quite know how it came from your friend to us. But we moved it out of the country for your own safety”
My mind raced a mile a minute. I must compose myself for the worst of news and I worked overtime now at light speed mental processing the incongruities of a lifetime. I excused myself to the restroom and stared in the mirror. REALLY! This is the land of the SWISS CLOCK… the most precise place in the world. You do not KNOW HOW you got my account!!! ????????

I practiced being steady and strong and silent. From years of running a business, steady and strong I am used to. Silence: that is a new technique. I did not tell you this, but I am a Doctor Kerry. And I have faced the threat of financial ruin before, because a Doctor is thee favorite person to sue you know.

But, I am very steady. I have lived through great financial loss before and come back to thrive. Yet, I was younger. This account was to have been the real reward from a life well planned and lived, a business beautifully run with much to be proud of.

At least these people, whomever they are, say they have my account; who knows if they do?

If it is true, who knows how much is left of it??????

If this is the worst scam I have seen in my life, I think I am about to find out about it. I thought rapidly, preparing for the very worst news, that the account was completely drained. And I walked back and sat down, steady as a rock. l I looked right at Mr Y and waiting. He now had in front of him an open book of financial records. Mr. Y spoke rapidly now. He was even more energetic.

“We had to move your account to protect it. It is safe. It is secret. It is elsewhere and no one in Switzerland knows where it is.

I am…and Mr Y began to recite a long list of his clients by names of countries.

It was more than impressive. I just knew at that moment that Mr Y managed accounts of the extremely wealthy, far in excess in amount that mine ever was or could have been.

“ But,” Mr. Y continued, “We had not seen your account the last time you saw it, so we do not have the records very far back, only since we acquired it.”

Mr. Y showed me his credentials and I did not feel disappointed. He showed me his personal papers and identification.
However and THIS was NOW my burning question. What happened to the account between the time my friend managed it and the time Mr. Y acquired it??? HOW much is LEFT???

MR Y sat back and waited after I had seen his credentials. I looked at the woman who was gloating and proud. I must have frowned and she smiled wider. She simply MUST be his mistress I thought again.

But really I could not stand the silent game anymore.

“Well, by all means” I piped up matching the energy of Mr Y. to the tee, “ Please DO SHOW ME MY ACCOUNT!!!
And then, Mr. Y leaned over and showed me my account. He did not even know if I would believe it was too low or too high. I could see, he did not even know what to expect. For some minutes I looked it over, but more than anything else, I looked for the balance and, glory be, I breathed a long sigh of relief. The amount was not too far off to tolerate. The stated fees were alright. My fortunes were not gone!

The room was different now. The storm was over. Now it was a matter of understanding what to do, but thank God, without the mystery itself.

But, I soon discovered, the surprises were not over yet. And in many ways, Kerry, they had just begun.





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