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31 December 2008

john urwin : the machine

John Urwin : The Machine

Los Angeles, May 2010 | .mp3


John Urwin wrote the following in an email to me, just a few days ago:

"I am a 71yr old reitired ex- UK special forces operative (about which I have written a book namely 'The Sixteen'). I wrote my book because I was trying to hopefully make contact with others who had also been a part of this ultra covert and highly skilled unit - the reasons for its being so highly covert was that both British Intelligence and the Government of the day (we're talking late '50's here) had been infiltrated to the highest level by what is known by some today as 'The New World Order'.

There is a lot of detail I could go into about The Sixteen and what their objectives were. How they came to be, why, and what they were hoping to achieve and the difficulties we encountered, things which I didn't expect. you could say 'it was out of this world'. "

Based in the Middle East during the highly volatile period after the Suez crisis in the late 1950's he and a team of 15 operatives blended into the ranks of the British military by day and were sent on covert operations at night and when necessary. In this audio interview you will hear John talk about his unconventional training by what can only be termed an off-world group. He and the others received, in a matter of 4 hours, special skills that even today are not able to be duplicated or deciphered by our best military minds.

Pictured in the video is the gift given to him by the Egyptian Special Forces  Unit 777 an award that bears the inscription" to: John Urwin, The best anti/counter terrorism specialist in the world."

He is currently being contacted by military organizations seeking access to his skills. But beware: he is not interested in supplying these secrets to anyone working with the NWO.

He is looking for a new publisher for his book. Unfortnately he has received nothing from the sale of this relatively obscure book so far... But that is about to change, no doubt once you hear what he has to say.

Kerry Lynn Cassidy

May 2010

John Urwin's website


John Urwin: The Machine

[Athough we do our best to transcribe every word, there are some terms we have not been able to decrypt. We have left them in square brackets]

Kerry Cassidy (KC):  Hi. This is Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot.  The other day I interviewed John Urwin.   He’s a fascinating guy.  He’s got a special technique that he was trained on in a matter of hours by an off-world civilization, and he’s going to tell you about that, how it came about, and this was in the early ‘50s.  He was a special operative for the British government at a time before the New World Order was put into place, and he was part of a group of 16 that were covertly integrated into the military.  They were completely nondescript, people without backgrounds, that were given this special training that changed them for their lives, and allowed to go on special operations during the time they were part of the military.  They would slip in and out and go unnoticed.  They have a technique called The Machine which is to this day apparently not able to be deciphered or figured out by even the highest levels of the military in various countries.  He is now being sought after, after having written his book and published it.  I encourage you to listen to the interview.  It’s a fascinating study as well as a revealing bit of information about a covert operation that happened back in the ‘50s in order to prevent the New World Order from ever becoming a reality.  

John Urwin (JU):  What I’m trying to tell is, I’m trying to get, the people who want to fight against this, to be trained and ready.  There’s some big disasters on the way.   

KC:  Yes.  

JU:  The people have to be prepared for that.  They have to be trained in the right way for it.  Going out and buying guns, Kerry, and learning to shoot a target, is not going to get you anywhere.  

KC:  [laughs]  Yeah.  

JU:  It’s not going to get you anywhere.   

KC:  Right.  

JU:  ‘Cause the fear is the stumbling block.  ‘Cause, you know, if you don’t know when to pull the gun, if you haven’t got the guts to pull the trigger, and if the violence around you affects you in any way, you’re no good on the battlefield.  So, I’ve got documented proof that, and photographs, to prove that they’ve been here and that these people are supposed to be the elite, the best.  So if they could get what I’ve got elsewhere, that’s exactly what they’d do.  It’s only that they can’t and that’s why they come here, and they’ve offered me a certain amount of money, and I won’t give them it.  And what they’re trying to do is, they don’t want me to be recognized in any way, shape or form.  They’re just keeping me down.  What I’m trying to say, when I went to Hereford, there was about 13 people there.  One of them was the head instructor, and they put us through various tests, me and a few of my lads, my instructors.  And like I said, it just blew their socks off.  They couldn’t believe that this was around, and yet they’d never even seen it before.  So ever since then, they’ve been trying to get these skills.  They’ve offered us various sums of money, and all I wanted was some recognition but they wouldn’t give us it.  They wouldn’t do that at all.  And he’s, Alan, he was, he just, he texted me two days ago saying he needs to see us again.  And he’s going to give me a ring the next few days.   

KC:  Okay.  What, where is this, the SAS?   

JU:  Special Air Services.  But if you are, take, you see me website, have you?  

KC:  Your website?  

JU:  Yup.  It’s  

KC:  Oh right.  Okay.  I saw it very briefly, but I didn’t actually.  I saw that you teach...  

JU:  Yeah.  Okay.  

KC:  You’re teaching, um.  

JU:  Well if you look at the photograph that’s on there was a group of us together...  

KC:  Yes.  

JU:  The tall guy at the back, he’s retired from the SAS just before Christmas, and he’s the highest decorated officer in the SAS.  

KC:  Hmm.  

JU:  Now he’s in my club on that photograph...  

KC:  I see.  

JU:  So obviously the question you’ve got to say is, Why is he there?  Why does he come down to my club?  Like I say, I’ve got documented proof that that’s exactly what they’re after.  So these people don’t come after something that they can get anywhere else.  It’s obviously not available for these people and they’re prepared to give my group £2,000.  But what they wanted was the sole rights of what we call The Machine.  By your tone of voice I don’t think you’re aware of these people, are you?  

KC:  Um...  

JU:  The SAS?  

KC:  Not, you know, because I’m American, you know, not offhand.  It’s not something that I know that much about.  I see that they’re special operations.  

JU:  Oh yeah.  They’re supposed to be the best of the world probably apparently.  [laughs].   

KC:  Okay.  Very interesting.  So, but if this guy, you say, you know, this guy trained with you, or...  

JU:  No, no, no, no, no.  He came up.  They keep putting us to the test.  He wanted to find out more about the training.  

KC:  Oh.  

JU:  He wanted to find out more about the fear elimination program.  He wanted to find out how that was done, because we proved to them that the fear elimination program had been done to me, and then there’s the....  Like I say, to train in these skills, Kerry, it would, say like, it would normally take you months, where I learned it in four days, but I was unaware of it.  Do you understand that?  

KC:  Really?  

JU:  Yeah, I was totally unaware of it.  What they’ve got to do is, they’ve got to, let you go into this hypnosis.  He closes down your conscious brain...  

KC:  Yes.  

JU:  And then he gets the subconscious brain to do something that you’re unaware of, but that’s what they do.  They close down your conscious brain and they program the subconscious to take these skills onboard.  And I learned these skills in four days.  

KC:  Wow.  

 JU:  Where it would normally take you months.  And this is not martial arts, Kerry.  

KC:  Okay.  

JU:  This is far superior.  Martial arts… It’s the way I talk unfortunately, martial arts just doesn’t work, just doesn’t work at all.  And I proved it.  The SAS, their head instructor, is one of the top martial arts guys.  He’s the world’s champion of it, and yet we proved that everything he did was wrong.  We proved it, and that’s what really impressed him.  He didn’t think it was possible.  You see?   

KC:  Well, but, where did you get this...?  

JU:  So ever since then he’s been trying to get these skills off me.  To know and  get it.  

KC:  Okay, but where did you get it?  Where did you get your skills?  

JU:  What?  

KC:  Where did you get your skills?  

JU:  From... from the sixteen.   

KC:  Oh.  And this... well uh....  

JU:  This is a special force in the Middle East.  You see, look, Kerry, these people were aware of what was going on, so within the armed forces, the top brass in the armed forces were trying to do something about it, trying to prevent it from happening.  They all knew about the Bilderberg Group and the first meeting they had in 1954.  Some of these people met in a place called Jarabar.  We went there and destroyed them.  We also got documents of advanced technology. 

I was told…don’t forget,  I was an 18-year-old boy who never seen a television set in his life, who worked on a farm, who left school at 14.  I went out there, I had no idea where I was.  They trained me in these skills.  We went on various operations throughout the whole of the Middle East, including Egypt, and these, like I said, I was unaware at the time exactly what I was doing.  I knew that, what I had been told is that, the elite had infiltrated British intelligence, the governments in Britain, and were planning to destroy it, and that’s exactly what they have done.  Britain’s finished now.  It’s gone under.  

KC:  Yeah.  I know.  I know.  

JU:  It’s gone under, and we were trying to prevent it.  So, like I said, we killed about 13.... well I’m saying we killed.  We killed about 13 people in Jarabar.  And these people had gotten advanced technology.  When we were there, on the way there to the target area, we saw two ships, spaceships arguably, leaving the Israeli border.  These were huge things, and when I saw them and I questioned them to the two others, I was told to forget it, just to forget it.   

KC:  The Anunnaki?  

JU:  I was... listen, I was told, when I was learning, when I had acquired these skills, and when I asked how I came by these skills, they just said They’re from out of this world.   

KC:  Yeah.  Incredible.  

JU:  I can prove this.   

KC:  Okay.  

JU:  I can give you a demonstration of these skills and you won’t recognize it from anywhere.  I can disarm anybody.  I can take two or three people out.  I can take guns off people and machetes, whatever.  But it’s also the strategy that’s involved.  Do you understand?  

KC:  Yeah.  

JU:  It’s the strategy.  How do you get near a person when they’ve got a gun?  You have to get close enough to take the gun before they shoot you.  Well all of these skills I acquired from The Sixteen.  

KC:  Incredible.  

JU:  And it goes further than that, Kerry, but I, see, I can’t go into it.  Um...  

KC:  Uh, okay.  

JU:  See, look at, these people are so, so clever, and this was on the way to a place called Jarabar.  Now you’ll not find that place on the map now because it’s been taken off the map, but if you look on the old maps you’ll find it.  

KC:  Jalabah.  Yeah I’ve heard of it.  

JU:  Jara.  Jarabar.  

KC:  Jalabah.   

JU:  Jara.  “R”.  R-a.   

KC:  Jar-a-bar  

JU:  Yeah.  Jarabar.  

KC:  Jarabar.  Okay.  

JU:  It’s about 35 mile inland from Lebanon and it’s near the Israeli border and Syrian borders.  

KC:  Okay.  When you saw the ships, you’re talking about UFOs.  

JU:  Yeah.  

KC:  So the technique is from the E.T.s?  

JU:  I was brought up during the war.  Me family were very, very poor.  I’m not an educated person.  And I’ve never drank in me life.  I’ve never smoked in me life.  And when I went into the armed forces, I was called up for national service, which was two years.  I was picked during a training, because I was a gymnast, and apparently the qualifications were, that I was a gymnast, I never drank, I never smoked, and that was one of the main things why they chose us.  And because I had no background.  If you’ve got no background, you have no identity, it’s exactly what they’re looking for.  So when you’re training in these skills, no matter what I say to people, nobody’s going to believe us.  I’m not of any importance.  I’ve got no credibility, and that’s exactly what they want.   

KC:  Uhuh.  Yes.  Wow.  

JU:  You see?  That’s the main qualifications.  ‘Cause there’s no one going to believe us.   

KC:  Okay so what year...  

JU:  But now the SAS do believe us.  You’re talking about the specialists in the world.  They believe us.  They’re after these skills, and it’s coming out.  The Arabs believe us.  They sent for us, and I can prove it, be no doubt.  I got photographs with their officers.  I even got a medal off them, and they’re not going to do that for no reason at all.  They were aware of the operations that took place in their country.  I killed quite a few of their people and they were fully aware of it.  And like I said, that’s why I was there.  

KC:  Okay, but how long ago did you learn these skills?  

JU:  It’s 52 years ago now.  

KC:  And you’ve been able to keep them going the whole time?  So are you willing to put this out in public?  

JU:  I don’t have to train, I don’t have to do anything.  It’s engrained.  

KC:  It en...  

JU:  It’s part of us now.  I can’t forget it.  I don’t have to train.  I’m now 72 years of age.  I don’t forget any of these skills whatsoever.  I have been put through the test more than once by the SAS.  And like I said, they will do anything in their power in order to get these skills, and I won’t give it to them.  I won’t allow them to have these skills.  

KC:  OK, why not?  Just out of curiosity.  

JU:  Because they’re part of system.  The false flag operations, they’re behind them.   

KC:  Okay.  

JU:  The Mossad.  

KC:  Right.  

JU:  You have to overcome the fear barriers.  If you can’t overcome those fear barriers, you’re just wasting your time.  Half of Americans now in the Middle East are scared, and this is why they’re killing innocent people.  They don’t know how to cope.  Fear, panic sets in.  And that’s exactly what... I’ve just looked at David Icke’s website today and they’re showing you, shooting some old guy in the middle of the street, and you can see he’s not carrying any weapons, he’s not carrying any explosives.  

KC:  Yes.  Absolutely.  

JU:  And they’re just shooting them down in the street.  All that’s going to do is create more hatred...  

KC:  Yes.  

JU:  to the Americans.  You know, you all know it’s false flag op... we shouldn’t be out there.  You know?  

KC:  Right.  

JU:  The enemy is very, very clever because no matter what people like David Icke does, he’s actually working for them.  He’s unaware that he’s working for them, because when he talks about getting the world together, the people together, that’s exactly what they want.  That’s what they’re after.  That’s exactly what they want.  And then they’re…  

KC:  Can you explain that a little bit?  Can you...  

JU:  Yeah.  The whole object of the exercise, like Ronald Reagan said, he said If we were being attacked from outer space, like people from another planet, the world would get together and we wouldn’t have any problems.  This is what he’s trying to say, get the world together.  That’s what they want.  They want to break down the barriers.  They want to bring down the borders.  That’s the whole object of the exercise.  This is why we’re all part of European Union, and yet nobody even wants to be part of the European Union.  That’s just to bring down the borders.  

KC:  Yes.  

JU:  They’re swamping England now, we’re turning into a multi racial dustbin.  I’m not a racist, but we’re turning into a multi racial dustbin.  We’re losing our identity.   

KC:  Uh-uh.  

JU:  I mean, the new laws that’s just coming out from Brussels.  We’re not allowed to have guns anymore, we’re not allowed to have knives anymore.  We’re... no protection at all.  It’s incredible.  Kerry, when I was 17, I could go into a post office and pay 10 shillings.  I don’t know if you... [laughs].  10 shillings which is about $5 in those days.  And get a license to buy any gun I want.  That’s when I was 17, up to the age I was 20.  Now...  

KC:  [laughs]  

JU:  you’re not allowed anything.  You’re just not allowed anything.  We are, we live in a police state.  The next step now is what they’ve just done is, we have a hung parliament.  The hung parliament is done deliberate.  They’ve got the Liberals and the Tories together now.  The Labour party... ‘cause they’re all  part and parcel of the same people.  What they’re doing now is, the Labour party’s got what, trillions of pounds worth of debt.  It’s bringing millions and millions of people in to make sure that our young children can’t get a job anywhere. 

Now, the idea now is, to get the Tories and Liberals together and destroy the both parties, because they can’t get out of this mess.  They’re going to look at though they are responsible for the state of the country, and it’s going to bring those two parties down together, and that’s exactly what they want.  

KC:  Okay.  But tell me something, when your got your training, did you know who or where it was coming from?  

JU:  No.  

KC:  You didn’t.  

JU:  I knew it was, all they said it was out of this world.  

KC:  Right, but the people that gave it to you, I mean, did you see them in...  

JU:  There was one guy that was very, very strange.  He was about 6’2”, blonde hair, big blue eyes, and he came every so often.  He would come and give us orders.  I trained with a group of four.  There were 16 of us.  Eight of us was intelligence.  They went out and did intelligence work.  Don’t forget, we didn’t have television in those days.  [laughs]  We had nothing.  So they were our intelligence people.  So you had eight people who was in various different parts of the Middle East.  They was gathering information for us, so when you, where our dropoff points were, pickup points... pickup points is where we don’t have to take any weapons.  We can get the weapons when we get there, and it’s all planned in advance, see?  

KC:  Did you speak the language?  

JU:  Which language?  

KC:  Arabic.  

JU:  No.  Two of my group, they spoke Arabic.  One spoke Greek, and I was with them for two years.  They had been doing this since 1950.  So… one of them disappeared.  I filled that position, because when one disappeared, then I came in, and I was known as the sixteen, because I was the sixteenth person.   

KC:  I see  

JU:  You see?  So, and then, like I said, they had to rush me through the training and I had three days where, three days where they trained us in these three dayswith this one step beyond business.  It was like a form of hypnosis, but you went in a different dimension.  How can I put it?  You were aware something was happening, and you couldn’t do nothing about it, and when I woke up three days later, I had got all these skills and me fear barrier had gone.  I wasn’t afraid of anything.  

KC:  What about your physical, your physicality, did that change?  

JU:  What I’m trying to tell is, I’m trying to get the people who want to fight against this, to train and be ready.  There’s some big disaster’s on the way, and people have to be prepared for that, they have to be trained in the right way for it.  Going out and buying guns, Kerry, and learning how to shoot a target, is not going to get you anywhere.  

KC:  [laughs]  Yeah.  

JU:  It’s not going to get you anywhere.   

KC:  Right.  

JU:  ‘Cause the fear is the stumbling block.  ‘Cause, you know, if you don’t know when to pull the gun, if you haven’t got the guts to pull the trigger, and if the violence around you affects you in any way, you’re no good on the battlefield.  

KC:  Right.  What about your mental...  

JU:  I couldn’t manage to do the training.  [laughs]  

KC:  What, do you, so your mental abilities.  Did they change in any other way?  

JU:  Um, not really.  Just slightly.  I mean, I was a keep fit fanatic before I went in.  I still am.  And that’s… no, the physical ability didn’t really change.  I found that the only thing that actually disappeared was the fear.  I have no fear of anything.  Nothing at all.  And like I said I...  

KC:  What about your mental...  

JU:  I found that I could do things... I found that I could stop anything.  I could take any weapon, and I couldn’t remember training for it.  I don’t know how, I could just do anything in regards of disarming people, the strategy, working it out.   

KC:  Well, uh...  

JU:  It’s just so hard, I’m sorry, hard to describe.  You have to see it.  

KC:  What about survival?   

JU:  You have to actually see it.  

KC:  What about survival?   

JU:  You see...  

KC:  Were you better able to survive, like survive, you know, physically survive?  

JU:  Kerry... Kerry, I don’t know if you can see this or not?  

KC:  Yes.   JU:  I taught survival.  I teach survival.  

KC:  Okay.  

JU:  I’m a pilot.  I have a pilot’s license up there.  I’ve been flying for 12 years.  I couldn’t never have done that before.  I did sky diving for six years.  I took people to the Outer Hebrides which is off the west coast of Scotland.  I teach them how to survive, and I did that for 20 years.   

KC:  Okay.  

JU:  I taught map reading, abseiling, uh...  

KC:  Did you, did you learn....   

JU:  Power [unclear: pladen]  

KC:  Do you think that you learned that during the four day training session?  

JU:  During the four days training session, I learned the skills of combat and survival and the strategy of the combat.  

KC:  You did.  

JU:  I learned that within four days.  After that, I just have to keep on... how can I put it, we’re trained with various different weapons I’ve never seen before.  There was one called the sash.  It was when you were not wearing, just like a white shirt, and the sash was this special weapon that I’ve tried to duplicate it since and I can get somewhere near it, but it just doesn’t look anything like it.  It’s when you haven’t, you’re not carrying any weapons.  This weapon can just literally cut you to smithereens within seconds.  I’ve got a copy of one in the bedroom there which I made up meself, but you have to see it in action.  Here’s something else, Kerry.  We never punched anybody.  We didn’t have to use our fists.  We don’t have to use our feet.  And you have to see it to believe it, Kerry.   

KC:  Wow.  

JU:  You must see it, okay?  

KC:  Okay.  What about, what about...  

JU:  I can take... if you if you look…  

KC:  psychic.  Does it make you psychic or telepathic?  

JU:  No.   

KC:  No?  

JU:  No no no no.  It doesn’t make you psychic or telepathic, no.  What it does it, it gives you the ability to work out something in advance.  

KC:  I see.  

JU:  Well in advance.  In other words, what you were perhaps saying is like, who is my enemy, where is my enemy and why is he my enemy.  Once you understand that, then no matter what the enemy does, I am aware of it.  I know when they’re going to do it.  And I know how they’re going to do it...  

KC:  Wow.  

JU:   ... because of that.  You see?   

KC:  Why... okay why...  

JU:  So it’s a set program.  

KC:  Let me, let me know why is it you’re not working for the military right now?  

JU:  I’m just thinking now.  

KC:  Did you have a greater capacity to retain information?  

JU:  No.   

KC:  Memory.  

JU:  No, no, no, no, no, no.  Like I said, the information, this program, was the skills, the physical skills ; and the strategy skills were planted after four days.  ‘Cause the military ...  

KC:  Yeah why...  

JU:  is working... for the elite.  [laughs]  

KC:  I know, but how did you get out of it?  A guy like you, why would they let you go?  

JU:  Well, how they did it was, a New World Order was called the British Empire.  Right?  

KC:  Right.  

JU:  The group was formed within the armed forces secretly, and what they did was, they took certain people out of different regiments, so there wasn’t, we didn’t have a camp.  We had a training area which we went to every so often.  Then I went back to camp, so there was no trace of where I had been.  As far as my company was concerned, I’d been on a working party somewhere.  And it’s all been set up for me.  So when I went on a working party, they believed that I left the camp to go to another camp to work, but I wasn’t.  I was over there training, or I was away on operation, black ops.  So when I came back I disappeared back into normal forces. 

The British government were aware something was taking place obviously, because they were losing men everywhere.  So one of the ideas was to stop national service, bring the people away from the Middle East, which they did, and when they broke up the British Empire, that was the whole idea was, when we had Hong Kong, they made sure that the people kept the British passport.  They did the same in that way with India.  So these people were entitled to come here.  It was part of a strategy to get thousands of different races into this country to destroy the British way of life.  It’s all been planned for years and years. 

Then you have the Tavistock Institute who brought on common purpose, who trained common purpose to infiltrate the police, the security services, and that’s been going on right up through the present year.  Now they’re in full charge.  They... they’ve overtaken everything.  Have you ever heard of Brian Gerrisch?  

KC:  Uh, I’m sorry.  What was the name?  

JU:  Brian Gerrisch.  

KC:  Gerrisch.  No, I don’t think so.  

JU:  It’s G-e-double “r”, i-s-c-h.  

KC:  Yes, okay.  

JU:  I think you need to contact him.  

KC:  Okay.  

JU:  If you go on google and put his name in, and put the word common purpose.   

KC:  Okay.  

JU:  Okay?  Then you’ll understand why the British army haven’t got these skills and why I’m not offering it to these people.  

KC:  Okay.  Interesting.  

JU:  Have you ever heard of the Tavistock Institute?  

KC:  Oh yes.  Absolutely.  

JU:  Okay.  

KC:  Okay.  Well, I’ll look at this.  

JU:  This is where they infiltrated Oxford and Cambridge.  This is where your spies came from, Philby, Burgess, McLean. They was trying to seek us out, they’re trying to find out where we were.  

KC:  Did they ever do it?   JU:  But we knew every move they made.  But don’t forget, the Queen is behind this.  The royal family’s behind it.  

KC:  Behind you?  

JU:  No.  [laughs]  Behind the take of this, the way things are going.   

KC:  Oh yes.  

JU:  They are the elite.   

KC:  Right.  

JU:  They are the Illuminati.  

KC:  Yes.  Well, okay, but how have they let you slip through their fingers?  This is what I don’t understand.  

JU:  I’m not of any importance now.  The group obviously doesn’t exist anymore.  When I came out of the armed forces, I was supposed to stay on for seven years, but they stopped us.  I wasn’t allowed to do that, so when I came out of the armed forces, I had no way of contacting The Sixteen again.  And don’t forget, these guys were five and six years older than me, so they’re going to be in their eighties now if they’re still alive.  But they’re...  You see, we pulled out of Cyprus.  We handed the islands back over to the Greeks.  So… they handed  this…  

KC:  I’m sorry, you handed the aliens... over to the Greeks?  

JU:  No... the island.   

KC:  Oh yeah, okay.  

JU:  The Cyprus... the island...  

KC:  Yes.  

JU:  was handed back to them, you see.  Like I said, the Turks took half the island, then the Greeks took the other half.  

KC:  Right.  Okay.  

JU:  Right?   

KC:  Yes.  

JU:  So, that’s what happened so, what they did was they pulled the armed forces away from the Middle East and we couldn’t operate then.   

KC:  Oh.  

JU:  We couldn’t operate because we weren’t there anymore.  

KC:  I see.  

JU:  They pulled the ordinary units out you see.  When they pulled the units out they pulled me out as well.  So there’s no way I could stay behind or they could stay behind, because the cover was being in ordinary regiments.  Understand?  

KC:  Oh.  Yes.  Well it is...  

JU:  You see, because we disappeared in an ordinary regiment.  

KC:  Yeah, but what happened to your leadership?  

JU:  I have no idea.  

KC:  You have no idea?  

JU:  I have no idea at all.  

KC:  Really.  Well...  

JU:  When I came, when the ten years were up, that I came out  the army, I received a letter with a platform ticket.  You know what a platform ticket is?  It allows you on the railway stations.  

KC:  Yes, I guess.  

JU:  Well they sent me a platform ticket through the post...  

KC:  [laughs]  

JU:  and I had to be at the central station in Newcastle.  And when I got there, a chap came up, said it’s okay... I was known as Geordie.  They took the ticket off us, tore this up, and said Right.  We won’t be contacting you any more.  

KC:  Wow.  

JU:  And that’s all I know.  

KC:  That’s incredible.  That’s it, for your whole life?  

JU:  That’s it.  

KC:  What year was that?  

JU:  That would be... let’s see now... that’s 35, 40 years ago now.  

KC:  Oh you’re kidding.  What do you mean?  

JU:  Well I didn’t have any credibility.  I was just an ordinary working lad.   

KC:  [laughs]  

JU:  Who the hell’s going to believe me?  

KC:  [laughs]  

JU:  They’re very, very clever people these... that... nobody would believe this, even the SAS until I went down to Hereford and proved it.  

KC:  Okay, but when did you go down and prove it?  

JU:  18 months ago.  

KC:  Oh.  So why all of a sudden did you come forward.  Why did you wait...  

JU:  I didn’t.  What I tried to do, I wrote the book because I wrote the book trying to get a hold of the sixteen, a company called Britam, it’s one of the top security companies in England...  

KC:  Yeah.  

JU:  Contacted me.  That’s 14 years ago.  

KC:  So they just set you loose at that point?  That was it?  

JU:  I don’t think they had any other option.  

KC:  Weren’t aware that you could have talked?  They weren’t worried about that?  

JU:  What, with my background?   

KC:  And?  

JU:  And a chap called David Golding, he’s the chap who sent me to Hereford to put me through the test.  It was then when I started to realize exactly who these people were.  

KC:  Who were they?  

JU:  [laughs]  They’re working for the elite.  

KC:  Oh.  Okay, but they’re the SAS is what you mean.  

JU:  Yeah, yeah.  You see.  Britam.   

KC:  Yeah, I hear you.  

JU:  If you... I’ll send you some documented proof.  

KC:  Okay.  Well this is very, very interesting.  

JU:  After 18 months of the guy, I was sick of waiting, and I wasn’t going to bother with him any more.  And this is what he said:  John you are not to call it a day.  You have the best... sorry You have the best.  Stop letting other people run your life.  So that admitting what I’ve got is the best.  This is a top security company who the head guy of their company is also SAS, which is Special Air Services, and, like I said, they’ve offered me money, and when I discovered exactly who they were working for ... And... it was when I…  

KC:  How did you discover that?  

JU:  Well I found out about, I found about the SAS doing false flag operations.  

KC:  Is that through contacts?  

JU:  Then... pardon?  Yeah that was through contacts on my way in.  

KC:  Uh-huh.  

JU:  They said most of the lads in the SAS are totally unaware, just like most of the troops now in the Middle East are totally unaware of what they’re doing or why they’re doing it.  They just do it.  

KC:  Yeah.  

JU:  It’s supposed to be for king and country, but it’s... we all know it’s a lie.  We know the war’s a lie, but they’re still doing it.  Don’t ask me why, but they just do.  They do it, and they know it’s wrong.  They know they shouldn’t be doing it.  

KC:  Yes.  Absolutely.  Well, are you aware of the stargates?  

JU:  Well I’ve been near it, put it that way.  I’ve been very near it.  

KC:  Okay.  So, did you guys...  

JU:  See, listen.  When we went to Egypt, the asset of the operation was, the operation was get Nasser .  It wasn’t.  It was an archeologist.  Yes I am.  [laughs].  I wish I ... [laughs].  Yes I am.  

KC:  Okay.   JU:  On one of the stargate in the Gulf of Aden.  

KC:  Yeah.  Okay good.  Have you been there?  

JU:  This guy had a box, and in the box was advanced technology.  That’s all I was told.  So I had to get into this big compound surrounded by 13’ fences, two 13’ fences, with a dog patrol, Russians inside and the Arabs as well.  We got into that building, and these are some of the skills that the SAS are, want off us, were trying to get off us.  I proved that we can get from one side into the building without anybody seeing us.  

KC:  [laughs]  

JU:  With a [scuz whip].  We got into the building.  This was 11 o’clock at night.  We got into his office.  In Cairo.  He was a Russian archeologist.  This was 1959.  All I know was, we had to get into this compound.  We’d killed the guy.  We’ve got the documents we needed, we’ve got the box we needed.  When we killed him, we shot him in the head.  We used a oil filler off a car or from a wagon.  It was brand new, acting as a silencer.  But what we did was, we made it look like suicide.  There was only one door to go into his office.  There was three windows which were barred.  You couldn’t get out.  There’s only the small door.  We went outside the door, put the bullets in, locked the door, put the keys in his pocket, but we weren’t in the room when we did it.  

KC:  Really?  

JU:  Yeah, and I can prove that.  I can share how it’s done.  

KC:  Wow.  

JU:  Now the SAS had read the book, and this is why the book comes over like a fairy tale...  

KC:  [laughs]  

JU:  because they can’t even imagine it.  I explain in the book how it’s done and they still don’t know how it’s done.  When he came to my club, I showed him how to do it in my office, and I put the keys in his hand and I wasn’t in the room when I did it.  I was outside in the passage.   

KC:  Oh.  Well so he’s seen you in action then.  

JU:  Well he’s seen it, but they still don’t know how to do it.  

KC:  Oh really.  

JU:  Yeah.  

KC:  Interesting.  

JU:  I mean, I actually showed him, but the techniques I used…  We have, what you call it, an initiative course.  What he’s got to do is, I put an egg on a piece of wood at the bottom end of me hall, the far end of the hall which is about 40 feet away, okay?   

KC:  Yeah.  

JU:  He’s to stand at this end.  He stands at this end of the hall, okay?  He has to pick the egg up and bring it to him without breaking the egg, but he hasn’t got to leave that spot.  

KC:  Really?  

JU:  Really.  

KC:  Oh so you can do telekinesis?  

JU:  No, no forget about that.  No this is ... [laughs].  It’s not telekinesis.  I mean, have you ever saw telekinesis done?  

KC:  No.  

JU:  I mean, really done?  You just take their word for it.  

KC:  Yeah.  

JU:  Well, it can’t be done.  This was done, and this is done through common sense, it’s done by bits of string, but he couldn’t do it.  He had eight attempts, and he still couldn’t do it.  But I would show you how these things are done, and these are just initiative courses.  It’s to plant ideas in your head, so when you come across an obstacle, you can overcome that obstacle.  

KC:  Wow.  

JU:  Like for instance, I can walk up to a river, which is planned in advance, ‘cause I know what’s there, what to expect.  So I walk up to a river that you wouldn’t be able to get across say in a boat.  It’s too deep.  It’s impassible.  But I can get from one side to the other by meself with me equipment and I won’t touch the water.  And when I get on the other side, all the equipment will be gone, the equipment I used.   

KC:  Okay.  

JU:  This is what they’re after.  That’s what these people are after.  

KC:  [laughs]  All right well...   JU:  They’re not only just after those particular skills.  They’re after the combat skills [sound of him knocking something over] - sorry - excuse me.   

KC:  The combat skill?  

JU:  Yeah.  Because, like I said, we don’t use our fists.  I’ll say it again,  in the armed forces, people have things like bullet proof vests, grenades, helmets, you name it.  They’ve got it, to protect themselves.  Kicking and punching someone that’s not going to get you anywhere.  It won’t get you anywhere.  All this jumping about in your bare feet screaming and punching…  See when you punch someone, Kerry, you push them away.  You have to face them.  And they know that you’re going to do something so therefore the punch isn’t going to hit them that hard anyway.  Of course it could damage your fist.   

KC:  [laughs]  

JU:  You got to be able to surprise them.  You have to able to break parts of their body and without using your fists and without kicking, and it has to be done in such a way where other people can’t get at you.  All of this business about some martial arts guy standing in the middle when everybody’s surrounding him and everybody’s jumping about waiting for their turn to come in.  It’s not like that in real life!  

KC:  Oh yes.  Absolutely.  

JU:  They won’t come... they’ll all come in at once.  

KC:  Yes.  

JU:  I could…  I could really do that.  I can really do it with a bunch of shits.  Whatever they’ve got, I can take it off them.   

KC:  Incredible.  

JU:  This is what the SAS are after.  Their martial arts expert sat down shaking.  

KC:  [laughs]  

JU:  He just couldn’t believe it.  And ever since then.  Ever since then, Kerry, this SAS officer has been telling no one.  He doesn’t want anyone to know. What he wants us to get the skills himself and say that the skills come from the SAS.  

KC:  Ah.  

JU:  So they’re keeping me down.  They don’t want me to go anywhere near the SAS brass of soldiers in the SAS.  They don’t want me to come along because  they’ll say... this comes from John Urwin.  These skills are coming from him.  They don’t want that.  They can’t have someone like me [laughs]...  

KC:  Well you’ve got a website out there though.  So are you training people?  

JU:  No, no, no, I’m not training people in those particular skills.  The idea of putting the website up, again.  People who try to get, we’re training nobody.  What I’m trying to do is contact the sixteen, and that’s why I put the damn website up.  

KC:  [laughs]  

JU:  But you can’t get, look at, you can only get the website up if you put my name in.  You can’t get it up any other way.  In other words if you put ‘combat’ in or ‘special forces skills’, me website doesn’t come up.  

KC:  Well, okay.  Do you, I mean, look.  I’ve been recording this.  I can release this interview if you want.  

JU:  Yeah whatever you want, yeah.   KC:  Do you want to go under your name?  I mean, what to do, do you want governments to...  

JU:  What I’m trying to do now is this.  What I would like, this is what I’m trying to do is, there’s some big, big problems coming our way.  What I would like is your patriots to train people who are going to be facing these problems.  

KC:  Okay.  

JU:  At the same time, you’ll be able to make money out of it, to keep your business going as well.  But I’m not doing this for the money.  I mean, I need money, because my wife is 16 years younger than me.  She had a stroke five years ago.   

KC:  Oh.  

JU:  She’s paralyzed on one side.  You see?  So, I need people to look after her when I’m training people.  But we all need money, otherwise we can’t live.  But I’m not really doing this for the money.  

KC:  Did they become your friends?  

JU:  No, just...  I saw the sixteen, the members of the sixteen on about two or three occasions.  That’s about all.  But we actually worked in fours you see.  There was four of us.  

KC:  I see.  

JU:  And what happened was, like I said, eight of the sixteen was gathering intelligence, and laying things out for us, and that’s roughly how it works.  I don’t know exactly how they did it ‘cause we’re not allowed that information.  

KC:  I mean, haven’t, so the American government hasn’t tried to contact you.  No military people from America?  

 JU:  No.  But… no, no, no, no, no.  I don’t think they even know about this.  

KC:  Really.  

JU:  Yeah, I don’t think they know anybody about this.  

KC:  Did you ever see anybody besides the tall blonde guy?  

JU:  No.  Yes, but we didn’t know each others names.  [sound of Kerry’s cell phone ringing]  We had nicknames.  

KC:  Oh really.  Yeah.  

JU:  Yeah well that’s it.  So there’s lots of things I’m not saying.  There’s lots of things I won’t show people, for obvious reasons.  But like I said, we’re, I’m sort of marked.  I’m what you call, I’m marked green.  Do you know what that means?  

KC:  No.  

JU:  How can I put it.  I’m not cast as dangerous.  

KC:  Oh really.  

JU:  Yeah I’m not classed as dangerous at this stage.  It’s only when I start making contacts I look as though something’s taking place is when I turn from green to orange...  

KC:  [laughs]  

JU:  ... and it goes to red.   

KC:  Yeah.  

JU:  Well this is how it’s done.  They’re listening now.  And everything we do.  Okay?  

KC:  Yes.  

JU:  I’ve still got friends who tell me this and tell me what’s happening and when it’s happening.  So I’m fully aware really of what’s going on in various places In England.  I mean I knew about the things that took place in London.  I’m not mentioning certain words because they are key words.  Now that  tragedy that took place in London...  

KC:  Yeah.  

JU:  We knew all about that.  We knew how it was going to be done.  It’s the same like 9-11.  

KC:  Did you know ahead of time?  

JU:  People are...  Yeah yeah.  Like I said, we knew a day in advance that it was going to happen.  

KC:  What about 9-11.  Did you know about 9-11?  

JU:  Well, no I didn’t.  When 9-11 took place, we knew, I knew exactly it was… it had been brought down by explosives.  And I know that no aeroplanes were involved.  There was no aeroplanes at all involved.  

KC:  Okay.  

JU:  And... no aeroplane can possibly cut through solid steel girders and concrete floors.  [laughs]  It just can’t do it.  It’s not possible.  

KC:  Okay.  

JU:  You see, the art of self defense, Kerry, is the element of surprise.  To know all these interviews you’ve done…how do you sleep at night?  

KC:  Well, I mean, I think that, we’re basically doing the best we can to wake people up to what’s going on, and to try to...  

JU:  Yeah.  

KC:  ... to help them prepare mentally and spiritually for what’s going on.  

JU:  Do you think you’re making any real progress?  

KC:  Oh yeah.  Definitely.  

JU:  I think once people wake up.  I mean, I don’t know how you’re going to wake them up, but, I think, even if you do wake them up, they wouldn’t know what to do anyway.  He said, the blueprint for control of the world, was called the Bible. 

KC:  [laughs]  Yes.   

JU:  That’s the blue…  

KC: That’s right.  Well you’re going to...  

JU:  If you look at the Bible, you use ... it’s fear again, it’s where it’s supposed to drown people, bring plagues on people, and they took full responsibility for what had happened, and that was the whole idea.  It’s fear again, but, like I said, they had to wait for these things to happen in those days, before they could take responsibility.  Today they have the ability to inflict that on people now.  They can do it quite easily.  They can make earthquakes, they can change the weather patterns, they can do anything.  But I think it’s going to blow our minds.  It’s going to be so much of a shock to them...  

KC:  Oh really?  

JU:  ... to understand that... everything they know has been a lie.  Everything.  

KC:  [laughs]  

JU:  See I was told, off Ken, which was this long blonde guy…  

KC:  What about the future?  Do you know what’s going to be happening literally?  

JU:  They’re trying, see, Kerry, they’re going to get all the logistics in place first, in the end.  I need to know more, to find out exactly where these people, where the elite are lacking.  See, so something’s taking place now, and we need more information.  Therefore we can know exactly what their next step’s going to be.  The European Union now is starting to crumble....  

KC:  Yes.  

JU:  And they’re going to have to do something about that.  They’re going to have to do something relatively quick.  

KC:  Who is?  Who?  

JU:  The peace and war false flag... the British government.  

KC:  Oh.  

JU:  The elite.  The elite.  The Illuminati.  You know, they’re going to have to do something pretty quickly.  

KC:  What about Iran?  

JU:  Within the next six months, there’s going to be some more false flag operations taking place on a big scale.  And they’re going to take place here in England and in Europe.  That, I do know of.  

KC:  Okay.  

JU:  I think what they’re going to do is that, they’re going to do some serious damage to England and America from now until Christmas.  They’ve got to totally disarm you.  They’ve got to have you begging for food so they can control you and that’s exactly what they’re going to do here.  

KC:  Well, this is pretty interesting, I have to say.  

JU:  I don’t think they’re going to touch Iran for quite a while.  

KC:  But what about... what about China?  

JU:  What about China.  I’m not very, very rehearsed in that at the moment.  I’m trying to find out more.  But I don’t know exactly what’s going on there.  I’m going to try to find out in the next two weeks.   

KC:  Okay.  

JU:  But this... this, what’s happening in Korea, South Korea, North Korea, where the North Koreans are supposed to have sunk one of the South Korean ships with a torpedo.  I’m not quite... I think that’s false flag as well.  In fact, I’m sure it is.  They’re building up to something.   

KC:  What’s false flag?  

JU:  You see what they need, these people need standing armies.  It’s like the Roman Empire.  It’s like the British Empire.  The reason why the British Empire failed, is ‘cause they needed standing armies.  Today, what they’ve got is, they have the weaponry.  They don’t need a standing army.  They have the necessary weapons to achieve what they’re trying to achieve.  Like I said, during the last war, they had virtually nothing.  They just relied on armies, but like I said, they needed standing armies, and it failed then.  They just couldn’t do it.  That’s why they had to withdraw.  This is why the British Empire broke up, and then ... like I said the...  

KC:  What do you mean they needed standing armies, because they needed their armies to stay in the country?  What are you saying, they didn’t have the man power?  

JU:  It’s like now, the American army, the British army’s all over the world.  

KC:  Yes.  

JU:  And unless they start using some kind of high tech weaponry, they won’t be able to maintain that.  It’s not possible.  

KC:  Well, okay, yeah.  

JU:  It’s just not possible to do it.  Like I said, the armies now, they’re in North Africa.  They’re in Somalia.  They’re in Pakistan, they’re in Iraq.  

KC:  Right.  

JU:  They’re in Afghanistan, and what’s happening the whole thing’s starting to crumble now.  So therefore, what they’ve got to do now is, they’ve got to use some kind of nuclear device, because the armies are becoming weaker.  They can’t supply the men.  There isn’t enough men to go around, if you understand what I mean.  I mean, we haven’t got national service in this country anymore.  They haven’t got a steady flow of men coming into the armed forces.  

KC:  Aren’t the British working with the Americans and the Australians?  

JU:  Yeah.  Exactly.  Yes, of course they are.  But, you see, we have a relatively small army.  Where one had national service that  had a steady influx of men every year.  They haven’t got that now.  

KC:  Right.  

JU:  People aren’t going into the army.  So the armies are becoming weaker, and this is why they’re wanted to bring in some kind of national service up in America, because people aren’t going in the army anymore.  In fact, you’ll find that a lot of… they want to be out of the armed forces, they’re disillusioned to what’s going on out there, and this is why you’re going to have another false flag operation taking place, because of that.  And that’s going hap... this is going to happen before Christmas.  

KC:  What does the false flag operation serve, in your view?  

JU:  A false flag will make people, hopefully, make people join the armed forces, just like 9-11.  9-11 gave them, got people mad, to attack this foreign enemy, the enemy that doesn’t really exist.  And that’s why they’re out there.  They needed another false flag operation.  

KC:  Right.  Well isn’t it going to be...  

JU:  And this ups the ante...  

KC:  Isn’t it, you know about Blue Beam, Project Blue Beam?  

JU:  I know about Blue Beam, I know about HAARP.  Yeah.  

KC:  Okay.  So you know that they’re going to use an alien invasion for the next enemy right?  

JU:  That’s in the middle of next year.  

KC:  Really?  

JU:  Yeah.  

KC:  Middle of next year?  That soon?  

JU:  Yeah.  You’re going to see more signs of them now.  In fact, I’ve got a picture of one outside of my house a week ago.  

KC:  [laughs]  

JU:  It’s a poor picture, but I’ve got a picture.  It’s, I’ve got it on me PC.  One flying saucer was seen going down the M1, sorry, the M6 and two jet fighters were chasing it, and that was only a month ago.  And that’s in the local newspapers.  

KC:  Okay.  

JU:  So you’re going to see a lot more of these flying saucers.  It’s going to be a gradual buildup.   

KC:  Yup.  Okay well you know about, do you know about the Rendelsham Forrest incident?  

JU:  No.  When was this?  

KC:  Well, that’s in Britain.  It was a UFO...  

JU:  Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.  I understand.  The American site.   

KC:  Yeah.  

JU:  Came across these flying saucers.   

KC:  Yeah.  

JU:  Yeah.  I know about that.  Yes I do.  

KC:  Okay.  

JU:  Yeah.  Yeah.  

KC:  What about you?  Have you had any exposure since then to offworlders or E.T.s?  

JU:  No, I haven’t come across anything like that.  No.   

KC:  What about human looking E.T.s?  

JU:  The last time I came across something like that was 15 years ago...  

KC:  Oh.  

JU:  ... and that was Ken.  That was Ken.  Part of the sixteen.  

KC:  That was Ken.  

JU:  That was Ken.  That was the intermediary.  He’s the guy that came with the orders.  He’s the guy who came up with the plans. He’s the guy who’s part of the one step beyond which is, like I said it’s... brain programming.  

KC:  I understand.  

JU:  …Thing and regarding.  Yeah?  

KC:  Have you ever gone into a portal?  

JU:  No.  No.  When you’re in special forces, Kerry, you don’t have that... they’ve got full control of you and they don’t tell you that much.  They just give you some idea, but they won’t tell you all of it.  You’re not meant to know.  It’s as simple as that.  

KC:  But you can...  

JU:  Your job is... you’re put on exerci… an operation and you do the operation.  It’s as simple as that.  You go there, they give you the skills, and they give you the know how, to do it.  And you come back, and that’s it, basically.   

KC:  Do you think that you had your mind...  

JU:  ‘Cause the less I know, the better.  

KC:  I know, but do you think you had your memory wiped at any point?  

JU:  Yes.  Yes and... yes.  Yes I believe I did.  I don’t... yeah.  There’s some parts of operation Jarabar where I can’t remember certain things that we did.  [blows his nose]  Like I said, it’s... I just can’t remember.  [laughs]  I can’t remember.  

KC:  Okay yeah.  Very interesting.  

JU:  I was hoping you might have someone over here.  I take it you have no one in England working for you?  

KC:  Uh, yeah, um...  

JU:  You see, before you do anything, Kerry, I always say that, you want physical proof of what I’m saying.  I can show you.  

KC:  Okay.  What if I came with a camera.  You could show me it that way, won’t...  

JU:  Yeah okay.  I can show.... [connection goes dead and some touch tone dialing sounds]   Automatic message:  The person whom you’re trying to reach is currently unavailable.  Please leave a message... [phone ringing sound]  

KC:  Hello?  

JU:  What happened there?  Any idea?  

KC:  No, other than I said I was going to come over there.  

JU:  Okay.  

KC:  So it’s okay with you if I release this as an interview and put it out there with your name and everything, right?  

JU:  Whatever.  

KC:  [laughs]  

JU:  Something else we were taught:  only believe half of what you see, half of what you hear.  

KC:  [laughs]  Okay.  That makes sense.  Okay, you take care of yourself.  

JU:  You do the same.  Take care, Kerry.  It’s been very, very nice talking to you.  

KC:  All right.  Talk to you tomorrow.  Bye bye.  

JU:  Okay.  Take care.  

KC:  Take care.  

JU:  I will have to prove it to you.  It can be proven.


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