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31 December 2008

egyptian stolen treasures : hawass implicated

Translation from Arabic of the YouTube interview with an Egyptian Manager of Antiquity Locations: Nour el din Abdel Samad

Egyptian Stolen Treasures

Fiirst I would like to start by saying he is an employee of the Ministry of Antiquities
This is my first translation I hope I have done it justice. -- Anonymous Translator

Note: What follows is a rough translation of the video interview published by the Arabic site:
(Some spelling errors have been corrected however for the most part the translation from Arabic to English has not been professionally proof read).

Click Here to view the original YouTube video interview in Arabic.

Nour el din abdel samad
"Manager of antiquity locations" in the ministry of antiquities
Can you start by saying what you have submitted to the high court of Egypt?

I sent about 1600 documents all of them within the period of Hawas and Farouk Hosni's tenure, some documents are of financial contents others are of historical artifacts, whether these artifacts were in the museum or were held in inventory.
But we are stressing on 29 crimes that have taken place and are documented. We hope the high court takes immediate action against the perpetrators and at least freeze all of their assets, whom Farouk Hosni heads them, not only was the Minister of Culture but also the Head of the Antiquities Department set be the Presidential decree #82 in 1984 by ex President Mubarak.

OK lets start talking about the crimes.

Well the crimes are that there was so many projects headed by the antiquities authority costing billions of pounds (1-usd = 6-pounds) that turn out were fictitious in nature and never existed, and currently the antiquities authority's current bank balance is zero, they've stolen all the antiquities money, and it used to be one of the richest ministries of the state, that's just one part.

In terms of antiquities I will mention a quick incident

38 artifact were stolen from the Cairo museum and the minister did not want word to get out about it. A reporter wrote about it in a newspaper and the minister had to address it, these 38 gold pieces according to the museum were worth 1.5 billion dollars. These items were discovered missing in 2004, of course it's a crime and was treated such as and the issue was forwarded to an investigating body (the police) oddly enough from 2004 to this day the investigation was never completed. We know who did it but we do not have enough evidence to say there names. Just to tell you that for an investigation to be dragged for so long, it has to come from above Zahi Hawas.

It has to come from way above him and way above Farouk Hosni himself. Worse then this we used to submit greater offense to the high court of artifacts being stolen from the vaults and we found out that Zahi Hawas had written and signed a document stating that there wouldn't be any investigating in these matters and I urge you to understand that this couldn't have happened unless it was ordered from way above these two guys, Hawas and Hosni.

Minute 5.00

Reporter: Tell us more.

For instance do you remember a while back the National Geographic team that came and started poking at the pyramids?
They were all supposedly Americans with American passports. Well they were Zionists and let me tell you what they were doing.

Even Susan Mubarak greeted them and gave them (medal of something). What did they do?

Well they sold the rights to 144 channels worldwide each channel paying 5 million dollars (700 million in total) to see and show the world what they were about to discover. Remember they made holes and holes inside the Great Pyramid (September 2002) and discovered a door. On this door they claim that there was proto sinaitic signs on it, this is not true and was planted and tampered with (they are even on the Hawas website). The Jews claim that their language originated from proto sinaitic signs. so that they can claim it as clear evidence that the Great Pyramid was built by them. As you know the Zionist's claim their land to be from the Euphrates to the Nile. So they used this as a stunt from whom they were about to discover something amazing in the great pyramid and instead they find proto sinaitic signs. Hmm even worse during the live broadcast Dr Mervat Mohsen Mohamed daughter of the renowned writer said live on TV, we have just discovered the first signs of the Taurus in the Great Pyramid, that's one of the things these guys were up too. That's how far they have gone and sold their country.

They didn't stop there, they went into the royal mummies and claimed (Susan Mubarak was involved) this project took a few years. DNA tests were performed and millions were spent, results were carried outside of Egypt and it was claimed that Egyptians were involved in this research. Dr Saleh Bedir (world renowned) was assigned to this project of DNA research to research the royal mummies, this man I respect so much resigned and stopped working with the research team and claimed it was a Zionist project aimed at getting certain results that were unfounded.

This project claimed by Hawas to be Egyptian-foreign in it's findings was not Egyptian at all and the only person from our side (Egypt) had resigned and left the project. Most of its finds and research were done outside of Egypt.

Minute 10:21

When I enter an inventory vault and see missing pieces I have to call the authorities and even contact the Interpol, Zahi would get upset and downplay this. Because if we claim them as missing then we can claim them as stolen and try to retrieve them back, if they are never claimed as stolen to begin with, then we can never claim them back even if they resurface and that's the real danger. Whenever we would claim something as stolen he would get furious and say we want stability and stop claiming such things, of course this was not in Egypt's interest.

For instance I once went to claim something stolen in Marina. The person in charge was removed from his post (a high ranking officer), I don't know how they did this and then, well let's just say the person who stole the artifact was caught and admitted to the theft. Now Zahi was so upset with me that he tried to get my colleagues to turn against me and try to have me stop reporting of such thefts. I have witnesses who have heard Hawas saying verbally let Nour el din take the rap for this one and I have asked the high court to reopen this case.


Another case even more gruesome, a COMPLETE temple was with all its artifacts was sold to a Gulf prince.
Mr Ibrahim Abdel Meguid who is in charge of repatriating all stolen and lost artifacts had asked for a Judiciary committee to investigate the theft of the temple was refused by Zahi Hawas and then fired, what do we say to that. Everything I say to you is documented and proven.

Something else, when he is sent a confidential document for his eyes only (Zahi) we want to do certain stuff to the royal mummies documents coming from the National Geographic team backed by a Zionist intensions is extremely dangerous for us. I've also passed this info on to the proper authorities, but unfortunately nothing happened (during the Mubarak reign).

Minute 18

90% of Egyptian artifacts are still underground and when the riots broke out, digs emerged all over the place and all the
top brass denied anything was stolen, in Alexandria alone 14 case were reported today of stolen artifacts. Now that we have this transparency going on and you've been caught lying to the people about the stolen artifacts during the riots the least you can do is resign now (Hawas). You are not wanted by the people, Hosni Mubarak placed you in charge, he is gone now it's your turn.

When Hawas lied about the safety of all archeological sites and artifacts saying they were safe, the military didn't look much into it and did not try to secure the sites, Hawas is to blame for this and must pay for these claims.

Minute 25

We were doing a show in Paris, l'institue du Monde Arabe, the Institute of the Arab World.
Funny next to our booth the Israelis had a booth with Egyptian Artifacts, weird the Israelis have Egyptian artifacts?
Even when we had them return all artifacts they took from Sinai, I myself was one of the people who was involved in documenting what had been taken by them and returned. Some of the stuff were, dead Egyptian Soldier boots and some broken pottery to no value. Moshe Dayan Museum has Egyptian stuff they have never returned and they displayed it in Paris next to our booth. 6 months ago. he is saying that the Mossad is involved and he is quoting the previous Mossad head in saying we have implanted roots in Egypt that will take at least 50 years to remove. He is saying Hawas is involved from what he's been witnessing along the years.

My interpretation (translator's interpretation)
What he is saying that the Israelis are involved in trying to change the history of Egypt to suit their needs, so that
in the future they can get public opinion (worldwide) on their side when they decide to take back there promised land.
He didn't talk about anything specific being stolen from the museum but has implicated Hawas in numerous wrong doings
on a great scale and that the proper authorities had been notified. and his final words he begged the head of the Army to remove Hawas NOW before it's too late.


Posted by Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Project Camelot
February 18, 2011



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