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31 December 2008

barry king : black ops

Barry King: Black Ops - Part 2 -- return to Part 1



Kerry Cassidy (KC): Really?

Barry King (BK):  Yeah.

KC:  Useful how?

BK: You had stargate technology in Iraq and Iran. 

KC:  Right.

BK:  So... Okay. We really ruined Iraq.

KC:  Right.

BK:  But... If we’re going to do the same in Iran, we won't get our hands on their technology.

KC: Whose side are they on? We’ve heard talk that China was going into Iran and sort of having its way there, as well as Russia.

BK:  What you see is, you had little voices down corridors, saying, “This is what we’re going to leak out and this is what we want the public to think.”

KC:  Right.

BK:  “And this is what we wanted the media to say.”

KC:  Exactly.

BK: So the little voices say, “I wonder what would happen if we set the Chinese and the Russians together?” (BK demonstrates what he means on a map on the side table.)

KC:  Uh-huh.

BK: “The idea of the Chinese and the Russians together. What would the public think about  that?” So, they’ve got their own Think Tank.

KC:  Sure.

BK: “How would the public react to that? How would the media react to that if we push that information out?”

KC:  Okay. But, so, on the one hand, there's the, in essence, the disinfo. On the other hand, there is actually the real agenda.

BK:  Yes.

KC:  And so, what is the agenda?

BK: Well, that all depends on whether they’re a White Hat or Black Hat. Which do you want?

KC: Well, true. So, can’t you tell me what the White Hats want and what the Black Hats want? And that would differ depending on the country, wouldn’t it?

BK:  It would depend on the country, yeah.

KC:  Okay, so here in Britain, let’s say, what would a White Hat be planning?

BK: We would be aligning ourselves with the Chinese, very strongly.

KC:  Really?

BK: Oh, yes. But it’s not, of course, what is going to happen at all.

KC:  What’s going to happen?

BK:  Well, as I say the Chinese are going to take over the Number One spot. So, we want to be in with the top dog.

KC:  Okay, but that doesn’t strike me as a terribly white hat point of view. In other words, white hats tend to take the moral higher ground, not just …

BK:  There’s going to be a [relapse]. Well, but this is it, you see. Everyone thinks the white hats are pure angels.

KC:  Okay, and they’re not?

BK:  They’re not.

KC:  In other words, they are opportunists?

BK:  If it suits them. If they think it’s for their betterment, in the long run, certainly, yeah.

KC:  Okay. How about the black hats in this country? What is it that they want? Because certainly, they don’t want China to take over, right?

BK:  No, no. That, would really mean... Well, I think anything goes with Black Hats. You'd get either answer, certainly.

KC:  Okay. What about the idea of the brown dwarf that is coming into our solar system?

BK:  Oh crickey, yeah. Would you say... that upon hearing that, doesn’t it worry you?

KC:  Personally?

BK:  Mm-hm.

KC:  Not particularly.

BK: Again, that’s the idea, scaremongering. You are going to get a lot of disinformation and you’re going to get a lot of people worried.  Then, these people are going to either channel some information that ‘this’ is going to happen or ‘that’ is going to happen. If one way doesn’t get you then another way will. They are literally put here to confuse people.

KC:  I understand.

BK: You’re going to get very, very confused with what's about to come out.

KC:  Okay, but out of that sort of mish-mash of things, there has to be some kind of accuracies, you know, situations that are going down.

BK:  Yes. Very accurate.

KC:  Well, if I describe to you what I think the agenda is, can you say yes or no?

BK:  I’ll try.

KC:  Okay. So, what we were told was that the Rothschild side of the Illuminati, basically wants to maintain control, that they are working closely with the Anunnaki, and that they want to be part of their One-World Government.  So, they need to take down the economic system of the U.S. as part of that agenda, and that’s what’s happening right now in the U.S. in sort of a progressive way. And then, is China going into and taking over the U.S. – is that part of the Rothschild’s agenda, as well, or would the Rothschild’s rather not see that?

BK:  Yes, I think they would rather see the power and the wealth taken away from America because that gives them more power and they got the money, so yes.

KC:  So, they're okay with that?

BK:  Yes.

KC: I was also told that at a very high level of the Chinese government, there is a sort of Illuminati faction working with them very closely.

BK:  Yes, I think so.

KC:  Okay. The recent hit on Japan, I was also told that was a...taking advantage of a certain hyperdimensional doorway that was created, and then augmenting the earth quake to make it bigger than it would have been. In other words, say it would have been a 6.5; instead it was a 9.   And the reason they did that – now I want your feedback – is because Japan is actually getting more 'in bed' with China, and that is something the U.S. didn’t want to see. Is that your take on it?

BK:  That's pretty much close to it.

KC:  Really?

BK:  Yes. But the trouble is, they didn’t want it to end there in Japan. They really wanted to rub their noses in it. So, it could have got much worse.

KC:  Well, I’m told that it might happen again.

BK:  Exactly.

KC:  Right. What about New Zealand? Why is there such a strange thing going on with New Zealand? Are they trying to move in there to secure their hold? I mean, what is really going on there? Do you know?

BK:  New Zealand [unclear] So, I have no information at all.

KC: Okay. What about this idea that, even though Russia and the U.S. aren’t the best of friends right now,  eventually, somewhere down the line, they’re going to change sides and realize that the game with China is just not to their advantage and they will side with the U.S. Have you heard that?

BK:  Lots of whispers, but then again, you’ve got to see it from the Russian’s point of view. They were an elite power. They were enemies of the U.S. and U.S. allies. The wall goes down in 1989. Well, we’ve all jumped forward and we’re all part of NATO. We’re all doing this and we’re all doing that. Everyone seems fine, and then what happened to Russia economically and financially since 1989? What is the overall picture of Russia?

KC:  Well, it went downhill mightily.

BK:  Yes.

KC:  But at the same time, there are some mega, mega billionaires that were made out of that situation.

BK:  Yes. And the Russian mafia has grown out of all proportions. So, really, the Russian  people didn’t do too well did they?

KC:  They didn’t do too well?

BK:  No.

KC:  Okay, right. So they want to change the game up, a bit.

BK:  I think they’d like to revert back to 'old school.'

KC:  Really?

BK:  Old school. Look at how they look today.

KC:  You think Putin would like to go back to old school?

BK:  Well, I don't know about him, but certainly you’ve got a lot there who really hated losing their power.

KC:  True.

BK:  You know. Their dogs can’t bark, and they don't like it.

KC:  What is the relationship between China and Japan, to your knowledge? Do you have any inside information on that?

BK:  Nothing that is not already known right now, so no special information.

KC:  No special information. Okay. What about Syria? How do they factor into the story right now? Because it seems like there is a lot of activity over there.

BK:  Well, again, as I said, you’ve got this whole Middle East region that are going into turmoil.

KC:  Right.

BK:  To avoid one area, but to get everyone else fighting amongst themselves?

KC:  I see.

BK:  Syria's the next one then.

KC:  Yes.

BK:  And Jordan. Now, you’ve got to watch Qatar?

KC:  Oh Qatar?

BK:  Yes. And they've got allegiances with certain people, but I’d just keep my eyes on that.

KC:  I see, and how about the UAE? (United Arab Emirates)  I mean, my understanding is that they are kind of on the U.S. side, but I could be wrong.

BK:  Yes. I think the UAE are on the U.S. side.

KC:  What about the recent revolution in Egypt? I mean, it doesn’t look like it’s really panning out to be what we had hoped, of course. But do you think this was orchestrated to some degree? That's what some of my inside knowledge is giving me.

BK:  It gives the impression that it was orchestrated; that as it unfolded, perhaps it didn’t do the job intended. I mean, you’ve got various countries now, all demanding democracy. But that isn’t what they’re used to, is it?

KC:  Right.

BK:  So, in Egypt that took a little bit of a putsch?

KC:  Right.

BK:  But, it's gotten a lot bigger than the putsch.

KC:  Okay, meaning it's not worked to get rid of the current regimes?

BK:  The current regimes, yeah.

KC:  I see.

BK:  There is talk of sending a covert team in to get rid of Gaddafi if they can’t do it diplomatically. It’s that important.

KC:  Right. Well, bombing the hell out of a country is not really the right way to go in.

BK:  That's how things have always worked.

KC:  Yes.

BK:  I mean, you guys recently took out Bin Laden.

KC:  Right. Well, it’s very hard to kill a dead man, yet they did manage.

BK: Right.

KC:  So, this is just a pile of disinformation.

BK:  Yes, and there’s going to be a lot more to come. See, the idea is to keep the public guessing. The media are controlled. The media will dish out certain stories that it’s “Keeping everyone guessing, keeping everyone confused”, and then you don’t know what's going on.

KC:  I see.  Well, okay. So, I’ve been curious whether you were involved in the Rendelsham Forest case at all?

BK:  In a very...very loose way.

KC:  OK.

BK:  Because, as I explained to Miles Johnson, while we were filming them in Rendlesham, the NSA's part in the whole setup and the software and hardware would have been brought from Peasemore over to Suffolk. I gave the dates and times when they transferred and arrived at Rendlesham. They would have arrived at Christmas Eve at a certain time, and you go into the forest. It really helps if you started with Larry Warren.

KC:  Actually not directly, but I've read the book.

BK:  But, you know, how he starts his story.

KC:  Yes.

BK:  I mentioned in the documents way back in the ’90s, what they did to Larry Warren, and what the whole – it wasn’t an exercise; it wasn’t a drill – it was full-out psychological war

that the NSA, combined with the AT, played on with the American end, the bases. They literally wanted to do a lot of psychological damage to the NSA at the time.

KC:  But what was the initial purpose? Was it just to test them, use them as guinea pigs for those kinds of operations in general? And take their reactions?

BK:  Yes, well, now you get to the several major players that were messed with, including Larry. Again, it wasn’t a test, because they knew exactly what they were doing. This was a full blown attack. It was a missile attack. That's what they did.  Knowing full well that thirteen years later, no one would believe that it was possible for some outside force to gain entry to very secure facilities and to actually disarm the nuclear weaponry that was there. The idea was to get it played right. and to give, because they’ve very... they've got a sick attitude of “We’re going to show you what we can do but we will do it in such a way that you won’t believe it anyway and so, we can get away with it when we do you in on the next hour and make a big big step.”

KC:  Oh, really.

BK:  Yeah.

KC:  So, you mean, it was sort of a practice invasion scenario?

BK:  I’m not quite sure if I want to use that term, but if that’s the term you are happy with, yes.

KC:  Okay. I think I’m happy with that, actually. Okay, but also what I’ve heard is that it was a Nazi UFO.

BK:  Well, the technology we’ve got in the black programs is Nazi technology. So, then that's not a problem.

KC:  Okay. That makes sense. I’m going to be careful here, because I know a witness who is out there and he's been talking about this sort of thing. He was actually associated with another case, and he was temporarily stationed – I think it was at that base. And he told me an anecdote in which they kept asking him if he would come in for an examination, a physical examination. And he had no desire or any reason to go to the doctor. And I guess, he was a little more awake than he was supposed to be, and so he basically said, “No I don’t have any reason to do that”, but they kept wanting him to come in.  This is how they affect their memories, is by bringing him in on doctor visits in which they must either shoot him up with something or do something of that nature to them. And I guess that same thing has happened to you personally, right?

BK:  Yes.

KC:  Okay. In terms of the shutdown of the nuclear weapons, the missiles, and of course, that same thing happened in Montana, and so on. Was that authentic? In other words, were we supposed to be persuaded that they have that ability or do they really have that ability?

BK:  Yes. They can totally disarm the world’s nuclear arms, if they wanted to.

KC:  And one wonders why they just don’t.

BK:  Well, again, maybe they are trying to let us learn lessons.  And, we're going down the wrong path. Maybe some do want nuclear annihilation.

KC:  Right.

BK:  But obviously, others don't. That's what’s happening. You’ve got this war going on out there.

KC:  Yes, very much so. Yes. So, you would definitely agree with that. What about Mars? Have you had many dealings with Mars?

BK:  I've only RV'd the place.

KC:  You’ve only what?

BK:  Remote view.

KC:  Oh, remote viewing, yes.

BK:  I’d like to claim I didn’t ever and... [breathes in]

KC:  Okay, well, among other things, I understand people can go in and out of Menwith Hill.

BK:  Yes. It's curious, because it’s along certain areas where they're using technologies that some people call 'star-gates'. Some people call them 'jump rooms', 'portals', whatever you like to call them. Some are natural and some are man-made. Some were left here by ancient intelligences.

KC:  I see.

BK:  Yes, it is quite possible to get from point A to point B within the same continent and obviously elsewhere. So, yes, they’re there.

KC:  Okay. So, in terms of the relationship between the powers on this planet and who's operational on Mars, have you ever gotten any indicators as to who's running Mars?

BK:  No. As I said, my RV was for a specific purpose, so I kept away from those things.

KC:  And I assume that when you RV'd it, it validated it enough for you to understand that we do have bases up there.

BK:  Well, it validated the information to the people who asked me to RV it.

KC:  Ok.

BK:  So, that was done sufficiently. We're done with that job, so, move onto the next one.

KC:  What about the moon?

BK:  Oh, yeah. We did that several times.

KC:  So, have you seen these beings that wear these cloaks?

BK:  No, no. no. My reports went in, on the several times we RV'd, were machinery, but no beings. And we were asked to look out for any machinery and any...yes. We were asked to find these sort of beings and structures, evidence of drilling, mining, and this one to have things like, they escape me at the moment. This is relatively complete.   

KC:  And so, you answer yes to all of those?

BK:  Well, again, no beings.

KC:  Right, but the other things?

BK:  But the others things, yes.

KC:  Well, as one would say, that they have one...

BK:  Well they got that you couldn't have the other one...

KC:  You are going to have to somehow

BK:  But you have to be so specific...

KC:  Yes.

BK:  Your report has to be very specific. So, you saw a certain medium that's it and in less than one inch. So, no beings.

KC:  Are you aware of Ingo Swann?

BK:  Yes, I know who Ingo Swann is.

KC:  Do you know him?

BK:  Not personally, but yes, I know of him.

KC:  I see. But you certainly know about him, right. So, he's one of the better ones, right?

BK:  One of the best. Yes.

KC:  What about Pat Price? Did you know about him?

BK:  I’ve heard the name. I’ve seen immediate experiences.

KC:  I see. Okay. You know, he disappeared and I had always thought that perhaps they took him underground into Mars or something out. I think he really was killed.

BK:  I don't know, because you got to be so very careful in this business. You can't jump to conclusions, at all.

KC:  Okay. In terms of what is going on with children, can you talk about what the experiments are really? Can you tell me what the objective of the experiments are? What are they trying to do? Are they trying to create...well, alien-human hybrids, for one?

BK:  Well, that's for one. They're also trying to just push the DNA to evolve. Everyone’s coming out with this magical “Our DNA's changing and we're doing this and we're doing that. And you're going to get four-way enlightenment and awareness.”

KC:  Yes?

BK:  Well, eventually, humans will evolve, but not at this sudden rate these people are talking about. It literally is forcing DNA.

KC:  Okay.

BK:  So. They're the Nazi experiments. And they do it on children, for obvious reasons.

KC:  Okay. Isn’t there a tie-in with autistic children and DNA experiments?

BK:  Yeah, but with autistic children it’s different. Again, everyone thinks that they're in their own particular little world. It's just basically that they’ve got areas of their mind open that we don't, so they can access what we can’t. So, yes, they're of very special interest.

KC:  Okay. I thought so. But this was not what drew their attention to you when you were a child was it?

BK:  No.

KC:  Okay. How did you, other than through your father, come to their attention?  Was there any other way that you drew their attention, other than through the experiments? 

BK: No. Literally, it was what dad was involved in, over in Germany.

KC:  I see.

BK:  Whatever that actually was. As I said, the documentation was massive. The unusual aircraft that was obviously a craft. There were beings and beings. They obviously had more than enough information to ship back to the states, and the big curiosity is I have the contacts who come to see me regularly, to check up on what I’m doing. They're helpful, in that, they can have certain information. And they’re the ones that actually dilute much more information and what happens with that. I only knew X amount.

KC:  Okay.

BK:  Directly from the back they would be very tightly active, if [you] say certain things that couldn’t be anything else.  Well, these are the guys who’ve been teamed, check the actual report, and how many you set as “out”. Put a hundred year seal on the desk unit and the information. So, it's not going to come out 'til, like, 2046 or something? And everyone's actually said, “Well, this is what is within the reports that we had accessed.” And that's when they pass over the information that yes, “This is the location of a facility in Germany”, but I'm not going to say where that is.

KC:  Ok.

BK:  This is what the actual allies took away with them. So, I'm assuming my life and why all this happened to me at the age of two, is the beings that were involved in the facility in Germany, were the same ones who let’s say, for want of a better word, 'swapped' me when I was two and I died.

KC:  Okay, but in a sense, you would be like kind of like a sleeper agent, in a way.

Is there a mission that you’re supposed to participate in on a bigger level?

BK:  Well, it’s quite possible.

KC: Perhaps some time in the future?

BK:  Well, or would it happen whether our people make that move to get out. That’s where this – shall I go into it? – I’ve already mentioned it several times before and it was…I’ve said that would be accidental. Currently, there are five certain individuals on the planet.

KC:  Oh, right.

BK:  Each has an artifact of ancient origins which links directly to that individual, and only that individual can link with that artifact, by direction.  And it’s the job of these five individuals to – I have to be careful with the terminology there – let’s say they can provide a shield for this planet or alternatively, they can destroy this planet, collectively.

KC:  So if they come together with the artifacts and get them together in a certain configuration?

BK:  Yes. They can...

KC:  And activate something.

BK:  Each of the individuals is quite powerful on their own. They can do certain things within certain disciplines. When linked as five, the whole planet is covered.

KC:  I see.

BK:  Shielded all. As I said, it can be destroyed, but to destroy it, they have to be linked to an outside source.

KC:  Okay, but they can also protect the planet. Is that right?

BK:  Yeah, they should protect.

KC:  Okay, and is there going to be a purpose to that? I mean, in the near-future?

BK:  The purpose will be evident. You’ve got this war on right now.

KC:  Right. And I also know they have a shield over just certain parts of the planet. For example, over the United States or over England, I’m sure, but certain areas are left exposed, for lack of a better way of terming it. But certain vehicles, in other words, vehicles trying to get in, can’t permeate the shield, right?

BK:  Yes.

KC:  So, what you're talking about must be maybe an augmented version of that.

BK:  Oh yes. Yes, it literally covers the whole planet. Nothing will get in or out, that's not warranted.

KC:  Okay. Now, is this for the arrival of the Anunnaki or is this for the arrival of a certain group of visitors?

BK:  All I'm prepared to say is, I'm not going to say very much on the Anunnaki.  But, the race that are like, the elders, old ones. They are turning up at some stage of it.

KC:  Okay. Yes, because I’m getting a lot of information in that regard. Have you heard that we are able to access the fourth dimension from military bases?

BK:  Well, there's an awful lot of chat about accessing the fourth dimension, it... and... [as long as] outwards...

KC:  But I mean specifically, that the secret government is actually using that. That there is an open dialogue between beings in that dimension. Of course, the Earth is moving in there anyway, but specifically, things aren’t exactly as they seem and there are certain things that are associated with the fourth dimension that we are accessing, and I don’t know that we have the energies to do it.

BK:  That is not a problem. It can turn on tonight.  But it's more than possible, and we're all capable of becoming aware, of sensing this, anyway.

KC:  Yes.

BK: But we're so dumbed down, deliberately, most of us won’t.

KC:  Okay. Are you saying that the people that you're associated with, are already, these five, are already in contact with each other, or are you at liberty to say?

BK:  Well, let’s just say I believe that there are five individuals scattered about the planet.  

KC:  Okay.

BK:  They can be activated at any time.

KC:  Alright. Do you know who Dan Sherman is?

BK:  Yes, I do.

KC:  Okay. He wrote a book called Above Black, and it's a wonderful book. It’s not wonderful because of its literary achievement, but because the information was so straight, and without fluff.  He just laid it on the line as to what experiences he had, and what happened in his life and so on. Well, he was genetically engineered in his mother’s womb, and to become a heightened intuitive, I guess you might say.

BK:  Ok.

KC:  And the reason I’m bringing him up, is what you're saying kind of triggered an association to him. Because at one point, he said that there would be a time on the planet when we would not have access, or governments even, wouldn’t have access to sort of the technology that we do now, in other words, to pick up a phone and call.  The grid would go down and that these beings, these particular military genetically-engineered individuals, would have the ability to communicate with off-planet races, and that would be of viable use to them and Dan was one such individual.

BK:   Yes. It seems very reasonable.

KC:  Okay. I don’t know what your five are capable of and in particular.

BK:  Well, without going into too much detail. As I said, I mentioned it briefly on a number of forums.

KC:  Yes. I remember.

BK:  Only to those who were interested. But each individual is and could be quite dangerous. It depends on who you want to define and how well.

KC:  Okay. I know you said you're a psychic and so on. Do you want to elaborate on what your special skill set is or not?

BK:  I could tell you. I mean, on a lighter side of that, Andrew Collins, Graham Phillips and [Lisa Williams], that this being, this has got nothing... so. Graham Philips, parapsychologist also. What we did in the ’70s was, we got involved in the occult and black magic and all that side of things. They would use me as a... what’s the term? They would actually use me to go and find things. Quick example, they were about to work on a specific [conduity] case. I didn't know anything about it. So they would place me in the car and they would drive me along the street and I was to tell them which house.

KC: Oh, I see.

BK:  And yes, not a problem, “It’s that one over there with the roof.” They used me to test so many different things. As I said, every time we’d go out on a case, I'd see and pick up orbs, points of light, solid things sometimes. Usually, there'd be something up in the skies for folks who know the case. One occasion was, I was taken by a witness in his car to the location of his sighting and I’m sitting in the back: “Erm, can you stop the car a second, and look immediately above you?”  And there was this massive great cigar-shaped object.  So I got two witnesses there, and you got to interview this. And this happened time and time again. So, in those... in the ’70s, it was kind of that way.

KC:  Ok.

BK:  You had to pick up things and it was fun.  I used to make everyone laugh by, “Oh, close to here in one minute there's going to be so and so.” [Makes beeping sound]  And, “Oh, again. Warning. Next time you’ll know.” [Beep beep] Silly things. Black projects at first, and that's how I treated the aspect. It’s not a gift. It’s just there.  But the serious side of that was, obviously, certain agencies wanted to pursue that.

KC:  Ok.

BK:  Because, “if he can do that. So, can he do this or can he do that?” And it just got darker and darker and darker.  And the next thing, they were going, “Do you think you could actually shut someone's heart down from a distance?” Okay... Or, “Do you think you could take control of someone's car?” [unclear] Because I have.

KC:  Okay.

BK:  And... yes.  I wish I could.

KC:  Does it get in the way of your everyday life?

BK:  Not so much now, because a lot of it is suppressed.

KC:  Oh really.

BK:  The blokes have shut a lot of it down, and also because my system has shutting down, anyway.  It’s really going downhill. So, a lot of the abilities I have, I’m suppressing, because I don't really use it. Well, sometimes subconsciously with something happening, like, some months ago, I was getting really annoyed with someone. And, back to the black school. Nothing bad, but just enough to make him think.

KC:  Okay. What about James Casbolt, because you guys have quite a saga together.

BK:  Yes. He’s still a good friend and I’d define him as a son who’s never going to get right, and I’ve tried to put him back on the right path but it was so interesting. He came to me in early 2007 and I was getting ready for bed. It was very late at night, and there's a knock on the door. And I opened the door and [points at camera]...

 And I said, “Yes? Can I help you?” And it was James's and friend. “Crikey, yeah. Yes.  James Casbolt, we drove all the way from Cornwall to see you.” [gestures checking the time on his wrist watch] And I said, “It’s past eleven at night! But we’re generally awake. Come in.  Okay. And so on. And the very first meeting with James and his friend. And he came out with all the things that he said he's relived; he's recalling. It's mostly recall for James at that time.

KC:  I see.

BK:  “Single bases in the AM.” “Yeah, Peasemore. Dah-dah-dah, yeah.” “Okay, let's calm down.” So two or three hours later, came all this... they're so excited, that they actually come to see me and they can actually... Yeah. “Oh, you can converse.” “Yes, yes, Like yourself.” I told them. And yeah, we ventured away from over there. So I can get regular phoning, the emails, and we went down there to see him in 2007. That’s when we... I whole-heartedly agreed to that one and do some debriefing. He wanted me to do some deprogramming for him. And I think that backfired, because I think I inadvertently brought Michael Prince into the fore.

KC:  I see.

BK:  Because before then, he was just James Casbolt, and he had dreams or flashbacks of some person or being called 'Michael.' And during that regression and deprogramming, I think I inadvertently brought Michael Prince into the fore and now you do have Michael Prince... That persona has taken over.

KC:  Okay.

BK:  He’s still okay with the earlier material, until it got to a certain point, because I couldn’t obviously corroborate that he was taken to Greenham common in ‘82 , he would get this, he would get that, because it was past my time. Over to the base in Peasemore, '82 or '83 something. All I know...

KC:  I see.

BK:  So, everything he was saying, 'Yeah, it's interesting, James, but I can't verify it.'  And then he started coming out with more and more really way-out things. This... program this and program that and... It was just interesting, but I couldn’t corroborate it.

KC:  Okay, but, as a remote viewer, you certainly have the ability to go back in time or even forward and take a look at certain things.

BK:  If I was that way so inclined, yes.

KC:  The other thing is, that he talks about AI (artificial intelligence) versus machines, and I think that's a very interesting distinction that a lot of people don’t tap into, and I wonder if you've wanted to mention that at all.

BK:  Well, as I mentioned in forums, AI is an area where I usually tend to stay well away from, for a number of reasons. And I’ve only just recently got slightly back into that, by telling people there’s a war on between the AIs, anyway. You’ve got the good AI battling bad AI, and that’s what's happening now.

KC:  Okay.

BK:  There's been a certain group, a very, very powerful group of people who are taking individuals with certain abilities, and they want to use their emotioned states, to perhaps raise the positive AI, in order to fight the negative AI. They see that as a good way of fighting the negatives is by pumping the pure new emotions. Not the hatred, but the love and all of that stuff.  So that’s been happening. So, that’s another war that's going on. See? [shakes his head negatively and sighs] I don’t want to say too much more.

KC:  I understand. Well, yes, and I’ve heard that, as well. I heard that a lot of people don’t want to bring the attention of the AIs in their direction, for any reason, so they avoid even talking about it.

BK:  Well, that’s what I’m trying to do.

KC:  Yes. Well, along those lines, I’m sure you probably don’t want to answer this question, but I’m going to ask it anyway, which is, do you have any idea where they're located? [chuckles]

BK:  I don’t want to answer that.

KC:  [chuckles] Okay, because it's very thought provoking question.

BK:  I’ll give you a couple of clues.

KC:  Okay.

BK:  Yes. I've been generous. I've been saying, too, previously on the forum. You've got a location November Mike in the States and in Australia, November Tango and that’s about as much as I can say. [sucks breath in]

 [note: NM and NT are aeronautical call signs of transmitting stations used by airlines, airports, ships, seaports and military in various combinations; example: November Mike November is the call sign (NMN) of the US Coast Guard station that transmits the National Weather Service's offshore and high seas weather forecasts for the North Atlantic, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico. Source:]

KC:  Okay. That’s interesting. Yes. That coincides with a little bit of information that I do have. Paraguay and the Bushes – what do you know about that?

BK:  [Groans and shakes his head negatively] An area I’d stay away from.

KC:  Okay.

BK: Right. I have nothing to do with that area at all.

KC:  I see. This is well known on the Internet, that of course the Bushes bought a lot of land in Paraguay, and there is quite a number of alphabet agency types, let’s put it that way, that are moving down into that area. Well, of course, there are underground bases in Argentina and all of that, because the Nazis did have a pretty strong presence over there. 

BK:  (Non-committal nod)

KC:  And, of course, everyone knows the Bush-Nazi association, but I have some people that are dialoguing with me and telling me that there are a number of other, possibly tons of underground bases, cities even, under the U.S., and so, they're perplexed by the emphasis on Paraguay by the Bushes, and they are saying, why not just go to an underground base or an underground city in the U.S.? Why go to one under Paraguay? And my information tells me that that's because, even if you had the grid go down temporarily, for say, a few months, or that you had a nuclear situation, that because of the nuclear situation in the U.S., it’s very vulnerable, because you got so many nuclear plants.

BK:  Mm-hm.

KC:  As well as the Earth changes, et cetera. Obviously, even if you went underground, if you wanted to come back up above the ground at any point, you would encounter a not very pleasant situation regarding radiation. And then they say that all of the radiation will not be going south of the hemisphere, so that's of consequence. Have you heard any of that?

BK:  Sounds reasonable.

KC:  It sounds reasonable?

BK:  Mm-hm.

KC:  Okay. And also, that Bolivia is also sort of a targeted safe place to go?

BK:  Yes. There are a few. Yes. That sounds reasonable.

KC:  Yes, that came from Henry Deacon. Okay, Antarctica.

BK:  Hmm. [smiles]

KC:  Now, there's lots going on regarding Antarctica, that's from my understanding. And, in fact, even in the North Pole, I've just recently gotten some information about that. We were told there's a Nazi base in Antarctica.

BK:  [Nods affirmatively] Everyone on the internet knows about that.

KC:  But, on top of that, recently, I was reading some kind of old information on Hoagland’s site, which is talking about how there had been a melting away of a lot of the ice in Antarctica.

BK:  Yes.

KC:  That whole base and portal had been exposed.  And there are all kinds of disinformation going out as the result of that. So, do you know anything more about Antarctica? You haven’t had any dealings with Antarctica?

BK:  No. [shakes his head no, smiling].

KC:  Okay.  Well then, that would be another very Nazi-oriented...

BK:  It would be. A lot of this stuff actually stems from the Nazis, the Germans. They were so much into the occult which gave them certain powers.

KC:  Mm-hm.

BK:  And, of course, stumbling onto negative ETs. Yes.

KC:  Yes, big time. Now what about the idea that they might have extended their lives, so that a number of them might be down in Antarctica, even having lived a lot longer than people expected?

BK:  Interesting, but I don’t think so.

KC:  You don't?

BK:  No, I don’t.

KC:  Okay. I know what I was going to ask you. And then we're going to wind this up, and you've been very generous, and certainly, I'm going to ask you at the very end, if you got anything to add and you can kind of go off on whatever tangent you'd like. But I have seen these nanotech flying beings, so to speak, that seem to be operating out here. And I wonder, have you heard about that?

BK:  [sighs]

KC:  I don’t know what else to call them. I’m not sure what they are.

BK:  The technology is certainly capable.

KC:  Okay. Maybe this is a dumb question, but do you know why it is that Britain is one of the most heavily surveilled societies on Earth? Do you know why that is?

BK:  Could be a number of reasons.

KC:  Do you think it's genetics?

BK:  What you'd have to do then, is check the timelines and then, yes, you’ve got to trace this all the way back.

KC:  Mm-hm.

BK:  They go way, way back.

KC:  Really.

BK:  Really, the advances caused that.

KC:  Yeah. Okay. Now, last question and then you are free to add whatever you want. Ireland. Recently the Queen went to Ireland and they closed down Dublin with this quasi terrorist threat story, and then right after that, Obama was going there a couple days later. This is just last week. My information told me that there was basically an occult ritual being performed in Ireland, that reconnected with the Saint Patrick’s Stone and things of this nature. Do you know anything about that?

BK:  No. That’s again, an area that is of no interest to me. So, I don't have any information about that. But there is a link. Yes, there is a link. And I think also, Obama was due in this area, wasn’t he, during this weekend?

KC:  Due here? You mean, where we are right here?

BK:  Well, visiting this neck of the woods.

KC:  Suffolk?

BK:  Yeah.

KC:  Really? That’s interesting. Do you know why?

BK:  Something to do with one air base or another but, no I don’t know too many details.

KC:  Well, the reason I also went in that direction, was because we've been talking briefly about genetics, and there is this whole thing about the Celts and is your background Celt?

BK:  Yes. It is something like that.

KC:  Okay. So, I guess they're utilizing a lot of the children, as well.

BK:  Mm-hm.

KC:  Do you have anything you want to add to our discussion, here, anything that you want to sort of fill in? I know I jumped around a lot, but I...

BK:  Yes. There's literally too much. I mean, I could literally sit here for six or seven hours and rattle it all along.  From start to finish, let me get it all off my chest, to get it finished with.  But no one's got six or seven hours.

KC:  Well, actually [chuckles]...

BK:  [laughs]

KC:  Don’t tempt me, because I would be happy to accommodate you. That's, maybe with a good night’s sleep.

BK:  What I’m trying to do, specifically over the last couple of years is, what I did in 2005, when I first said, “All right. That's it. I'm not working for Doctor Who anymore. I’m going to go on the forums and I'll get it all sorted out this way.” So I started with UFO case books, 2005. And I strayed from there. Didn’t get very far, and put out a lot of information, there was some feedback, some of the NSA were back. “Bases? [unclear]? - Yeah, that's mine. - Oh, right...” But the last couple of years I said, “That's it. I'm done. Pull out some stops, because we’re not getting anywhere. I’m not getting any younger, and the system isn't going to last forever. So, let's do it with a little more risk. Feed the fishes.  So then, throw a few more bits and pieces into the pond and see if it bites.

KC:  Right.

BK:  So, I’ve done that.

KC:  Yes.

BK:  Still waiting for the right feedback, because a lot of people are not connecting the dots. So, all I want to say for the last bit is, 'Literally, people, you’ve got to start from the age of two, and that’s long and boring and on and da, da da, da, da....

KC:  [chuckles]

BK:  But you'll connect the dots of what went on in childhood. What happened to me childhood, when I became an officer [unclear] in the 70s

 KC:  Mm-hm.

BK:  ...the 80s. In the ’80s, it became a PsyOp. A Psychlogical Operations group. And that [seemed to have certainly been like...*] And up to present day. You’ve just got to connect the dots.  I try to lead people. Please do some work. I’m connecting the dots for you.

KC:  Okay.

BK:  I'll give you the dots.

KC:  Uh-huh.

BK:  They might not in the right order. Do the homework. Connect them, then you'll have the whole picture. It's all skipped time.

KC:  Okay. Well, let me ask you why... Why is it that are you so interested in bringing truth forward and clueing people in? Do you have motivations?

BK:  My principles have always been truth, justice and freedom, and... I would die for those principles.

KC:  Okay.

BK:  People deserve the truth. They deserve justice and they certainly deserve freedom. They should be able control who the government is. They shouldn't be lied to.  They shouldn’t be subject to secrets and pay heavily in taxes to keep it a secret, so...

KC:  Okay. Well, thank you so much. Thank you, Barry King, for your service to humanity.

BK:  Thank you.

KC:  I’m happy to say that to you.

BK:  Thank you. When they say, “Cancer can be induced”, it can be.

KC:  Sure.

BK:  Unless some certain things have been done, it can be. So, I’ve just got to be just careful, because it's my family and friends. I don’t care what happens to me. I’m well past being on this planet anyway, but burying good Britons.

KC:  Yes.

BK:  You go off the bin, and it got me into pain.

KC:  Okay.

BK:  I’ll be off now.

KC:  All right. Well, very interesting.

BK:  There’s a lot of information, and I say, “Well, look. I’m not going to answer your questions, because you are not asking the right questions. And I don't just want to sit there. And I don’t want to give it all to you. I'm not going to just give the answers. No! Do some work. If you’re going to have it, you’ve got to ask me the right questions?”

KC:  Yeah, I know. I see...

BK:  And there's certain things, that no one's asked, since the '90s, that still have not been asked.

KC:  Really?

BK:  Oh, yeah. I said to Miles just a few days ago, “Please recheck all those original documents. You will find something there.” He's obviously gone: “Oh, yeah. The  passwords.” And no-one’s asked a single right question since 1994, and not address that.

KC:  Well, I'm going to have to go back and take a look.

BK:  Good luck. There's a great deal.

KC:  Okay. [laughs]


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