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31 December 2008

anthony sanchez : dulce & project leonid - audio interview

Anthony Sanchez : Dulce & Project Leonid - audio interview

PROJECT CAMELOT INTERVIEW WITH ANTHONY SANCHEZ RE DULCE & PROJECT LEONID... this groundbreaking interview covers Anthony's investigation on the Archuleta Mesa where he contacted a nerve agent that has caused facial paralysis and then links to Project Leonid a top secret SKYNET ALA TERMINATOR type project where a grid of nano-satellites using AI ... self replicating and repairing... are poised for a 2012 landing scenario from a "progenitor" race of beings and how the Chinese are being positioned to rule the world...

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See written transcript below!


This is a groundbreaking audio interview conducted in the middle of the night after I received an urgent phone call from Anthony Sanchez, author of the book on Dulce and the Greys called UFO Highway. Project Camelot had been in touch with Anthony on and off for the past year regarding his current areas of research. We had offered to do a video interview with him but up to this point he had not arranged for this to happen.

Tonight, he called me and left an urgent message. I had just returned from a trip to India and was awakened in the middle of the night with jet lag. I found the message on my phone and immediately texted him back asking if it was too late to call him. He then phoned me back and we had the following ground breaking conversation about his encountering what according to doctors is a nerve agent very likely military grade causing the paralysis of his face. He apparently had contacted this nerve agent during recent investigations into the Dulce base on the Archuleta Mesa Jicarilla Apache Reservation in New Mexico.

After hearing just the briefest details of his story, I asked whether we could record the call for public release and he agreed. This recording is unedited except for a section per his request where a reference is made to a person who could be put in danger as a result of any mention of his involvement. Other than that, this is the entire content of our phone call.

I am in the process of finding healers who can work with Anthony to rid him of the affects of the nerve agent. Anyone with further information on these subjects or with healing or medical assistance who can help please go to Anthony's website and fill in the contact form. He has stressed that the information sent via that contact form goes directly to him and that the sender's info is kept private.

Due to the important cross-correlations with Project Camelot whistleblower testimony the information contained in this audio interview is given the higher priority in terms of importance.

NOTE: As mentioned on the audio, due to Anthony's facial paralysis and the phone equipment he is using the sound quality is difficult to listen to... we apologize in advance and hope to be able to do a video interview in the near future.

Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot
November 4, 2011, 2:50AM


Anthony Sanchez - Telephone Conversation
November 4, 2011


Kerry Cassidy (Kerry):  Hi. This is Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot. Tonight I was contacted by Anthony Sanchez, the author of 'UFO Highway' in regard to an investigation in Dulce, New Mexico at the Archuleta Mesa. Unfortunately, he has contacted a nerve agent in the process, and he wanted to discuss his finding, as well as we ended up talking about a very crucial area of investigation that involves the Chinese, a group of off-world visitors, and the near-Earth orbiting satellites, and a special secret project that Lockheed Martin is involved in, called 'Project Leonid.'

Because this information is so crucial, I am releasing this audio interview that was basically a phone call, in its unedited form, except for removing the information with regard to one witness whose life would be in danger otherwise. So, without further adieu, I am going to let you listen to this interview, and I have to say that, because a lot of the information did cross-correlate with Project Camelot witnesses and whistleblowers, I believe that this information is very crucial to the world at this time. And this is November 4th, Friday at 3:00am in the morning. Thank you.

Anthony Sanchez (Anthony):  I got there on Monday and at 8 o'clock in the morning, when I met with the tribal council president and the public relations officer, they... surprisingly, they had already read what I wrote in the PDF, right?

Kerry:  Yeah.

Anthony:  Based on that, they gave me unprecedented access to the reservation. So, by 10 o'clock... I mean, literally, after meeting with them, I met with a guy two hours later, and we're up at the top of the Mesa... Archuleta Mesa.

Kerry:  Is it okay with you if I record this?

Anthony:  Yeah, yeah. I'm fine with that.

Kerry:  Okay. Okay.

Anthony:  So...

Kerry:  Say, can you say, say your name and say the date?

Anthony:  Yeah, I might...

Kerry:  Because just in case something happens to you, we should make sure we have this copy of your... whenever you're talking about it.

Anthony:  Yeah. This is Anthony Sanchez, and it's 1 o'clock in the morning, Pacific Standard Time, November 4th, 2011. And again, I apologize about my voice, but that's the paralysis. So, and I'll get to that in a moment.

Kerry:  Okay. And this is Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot.

Anthony:  Okay. So, like I said, on... on Decem... on... oh God... on the 17th of October, I get a call from Jesse Ventura's people. They want me to be in Dulce on the 21st, which is a Friday. I believe 17th was Monday. Anyway, so, they wanted me to be there to be part of their show, either as a consultant or whatever, whatever capacity they want, they needed me. But I couldn't. I was not going to be arriving in Dulce until the 24th. Man, I'm sorry about my voice. Anyway, I arrived at 2:30am in the morning in Dulce. By 8 o'clock morning, I'm actually meeting face-to-face with the tribal council president.

I met with the public relations officer. I have his card right here, I don’t remember his name off-hand. But I actually gave him a copy of my book. The thing was, Leon K. Reval. He's the public relations officer of the Jicarilla Apache Nation. Anyway, I was there at the tribal administration for some of these tribal council administrators and so on, meeting with these guys. And I don't know what happened, but Governor Ventura was not given access to the [field] at Dulce. They were very nice to him, but they essentially sent him off the reservation, and they put him in contact with a Bigfoot expert, someone who is not really an expert on the Dulce facility. He was Hoyt Velarde. And I don't know how that went but, anyway, we were given access. They gave us unprecedented access to the reservation.

The only thing we were not allowed to do, was to interview people on the reservation. They wanted us to interview them off the reservation. I don't know why that was the case, but we had a series, we conducted a series of interviews in-house, which is not too far from Dulce. And back in Dulce, we were allowed to film, anywhere we wanted to film, so long as we had a man with the Nation with us. I had a seven-year veteran police officer of the Jicarilla Police Department, Jicarilla Apache Police Department, as our guide. He's now a professional hunting guide, and he took us up to the Mesa; [it took us] a couple hours to get up to where, up to where we needed to go.

Kerry, we discovered U.S. government property up there on the Mesa, We're the first investigative research team to discover U.S. government property. Military-grade material. So, I don't know if that's what caused this, but later that evening, I don't know what happened. I had a severe headache. The next day I'm [retoused]. It's just... [it escalates]. The pain is so bad, I just can't deal with it. The following morning, I wake up with full paralysis on my face. I go to the hospital there, and they initially think I have a stroke. Then they tell me, no I don't have a stroke. I don't even have high blood pressure. First, [and then] tell me I'm not even pre-diabetic. They... I told them that I had surgery twenty years ago to remove a benign [substance] from my inner ear. They did a CT scan and they see some remnants of the [previous procedure from 40 years ago] still there, but they're not concerned about that. They don't... Then they think I have something called Bell's Palsy, but they aren't sure, because they said nothing was fitting right with the way this all came about, the paralysis.

And back in California, I [go to the] doctor. I had a blood test [taken]. They're concerned about the remnants of the surgery. They don't know if it's a reoccurrence of this benign substance. But anyway, the they went ahead with the blood test. And here's what really sucks. When the blood test came back, it came back positive for some type of neurological toxin or bio-agent.

Kerry:  Wow.

Anthony:  They said... they said that if it had been ant poison or wasp poison or something to that effect, it would have a chemical signature that they could identify. They can't identify what this is. The one doctor says ­-- and I swear to God these are his exact words -- he said, 'It almost appeared as if it were some military-grade neural agent.'

Kerry:  Oh wow, yeah. Incredible.

Anthony:  So now, I have paralysis. And the... The bad news is that, it's not Bell's Palsy, which they said to me was... would have been... because that would have been good news if it had been Bell's Palsy, because they said it would cure itself over time. But, anyway, that's where I am right now.

Kerry:  I don't understand... Can you... I'm sorry. Can you back up and explain what happened to you, what you came in contact with, that might have caused this. In other words, you were saying you got to a certain area of the reservation. What area was that? And what is it that you came across specifically?

Anthony:  We were... I went to... Yeah, I went to three areas when I was in Dulce. First, we went to Dulce Rock, to investigate why there are so many UFO sightings over Dulce Rock. Then we went to Mount Archuleta. This is not the Mesa, not Archuleta, which is off to the East. Anyway, the rest of the story is... What... What we found was on the Archuleta Mesa. We went up to the plat... When we suddenly reached the plateau of the Mesa, we encountered a UFO crash site from 1996. When we walked around, we took photographs.

And then we analyzed this area which I call ['shadow range'], which I believe is the possibility for an entrance to the Dulce facility. [But] we were just... less than 1,500 feet away from the radio towers, when I spotted, out of the corner of my eye with my peripheral vision, two strange objects. They were about five feet by five feet wide, and then about maybe four feet tall. They were containers. They were military containers. They were military-grade. They had plated serial information with [trowel] serial numbers on them, and they were jet engine containers.

Kerry:  Did you take any photographs? I'm sorry. Did you take photographs?

Anthony:  Yes I did. I took high definition video and a high definition 16 megapixel photograph of these. And I'll be sending these up to you.

Kerry:  Okay. Did you put it on your webs... Did you put it on your website?

Anthony:  It's not on my website yet, but I've already sent it to Mel Fabregas and I sent it to Jerry Pippin, and I asked them to show it to an entire audience of people at the ASPE event on the 30th [of October], which was a Sunday, during my presentation on Dulce. I was already suffering from paralysis at that point on my face, but I went ahead with my presentation anyway. And I showed the images there.

Kerry:  Okay, good. So yes, please send that to me, however you can do it.

Anthony:  As soon as I'm done talking, I'm going to email it to you. The strange thing is that Norio Hayakawa... I think I was Norio, I don't remember who, somebody in my party, realized that these were containers for jet engines. We identified them at F-5 jet engines. They were F-5. Curiously, it was from the '60s and '70s. This is an older jet technology, but it would make sense, whether they have been there since... the supported... firefighting in the '79 era... Here's the important aspect to all of this. What the hell is it doing up there on sovereign Indian land? It is totally out of place. My guide says he's never seen it before. And I'm like, 'Well, it's right there, in plain sight. It's under a tree, right behind you, about three feet behind you is another one.' And he says he swears that he's never seen these there before.

So, whether they were put there recently, I don't know. But what it confirms to me is that the U.S. government, specifically the military, is up there in Dulce. Now, this is a bit of information that you need to know. This guide, in June of this year, 2011, took two members of the Phoenix Suns' basketball team up there on a hunting trip. This is what this guide was remembering now. When they were up there -- and I have the names of the basketball players too, by the way -- when they were up there, they were confronted by three men in military outfits. You cannot make out what ranks of the military they were part of, but they had side arms and they had AR15 rifles.

They approached them and they told them, 'You need to vacate the premises. You are violating a restricted area.'

And the guide told them, 'No. This is Jicarilla, Apache land and sovereign land, and I have every right to be here. I'm a Jicarilla.'

And they told them, 'No. Today, it is a restricted area and you need to leave.' And they pointed their guns at him.

So they left. This is all documented. This... This is crazy, Kerry. I met... oh God... There's just a lot of strange things going on that happened, not to mention the fact that I'm now paralyzed to the face after conducting all this investigative work up there. That's why I'm calling you, because I fear for my life. I have a bad cold. My office is compromised here. I've been videotaping my computer system, because somebody had tampered with my computer. My speakers are running these digital signals and these strange sounds. I swear, I've heard the words 'Dulce.' I've heard the word 'Hill,' as in Hill Air Force Base and 'Kirtland,' as in Kirtland Air Force Base.

Either they're messing with my head, trying to make me paranoid. I don't know. It's just... There's a lot going on right now and I'm just... [so very] concerned.

Kerry:  Okay. They're probably, probably doing some mind control stuff going. So, what is it that you're trying to get at, because, I mean, with all due respect, we know there's a base underground at Dulce. So, are you trying to prove it? Is that your angle? Why is it that you were up there?

Anthony:  I was up there because I'm trying to find proof of the existence of the facility. What I did find was U.S. government property that should not be there. I also received testimony, with witnesses present. [Janet Jennerer], if you ask for verification, was present when I was interviewing the secret police -- I cannot tell you from where -- where he's admitting to there being a facility on the Southwest portion of the Archuleta Mesa. He said he was helicoptered in. And he saw a... No, he was not helicoptered in. He knows the two individuals who were helicoptered in 1979 who admitted to him that there is a holographic entrance on the Southwest portion of the Archuleta Mesa. He also said that beneath the radio towers, there would be a holographic entrance. And that they have seen craft repeatedly come and go from this entrance to the facility.

Now, this is key information that I'm sharing with you here. I have the identities of the two [informants] who were at the facility in 1979. One of them was a New Mexico State Police Officer, and no, it was not Gabe Valdez. And the other one was a high-ranking law enforcement officer from the Jicarilla Apache Nation. I have both of their names. I want to give you their names, Kerry. What I want to do is off this recording. I cannot give you their names on this recording, but I will give them to you at a time that's off the recording. So you need to know the names, that they are real, they were there, and they admitted to the [site and told the] chief of police, that they were there. [Of course...]

Kerry:  Okay. Now, but you have already said something on this recording that you don't want me to release, right? So, I'm going to need to go back and cut out that part. Is that correct?

Anthony:  Uh... [sighs] Maybe, yeah. I don't even know. I'm so tired right now. I'm just in so much pain. My head is in.... a tremendous amount of pain.

Kerry:  Okay. I want to try to get... I want to try to get you some help. So, I will try to find you some healers, because I have... I know people that have access to various healing techniques.

Anthony:  Right.

Kerry:  And it's very likely that we can try to cure you of this, okay?

[audio cuts out and complete silence 16:09 - 16:19]

Anthony:  Okay. Yeah.

Kerry:  So, I will work...

Anthony:  But I did... and I did meet with some healers when I was in-house. But I'm telling you, it just all came about so quickly. And I couldn't even drive home. I had to have a friend drive me home. I drove twenty-two-and-a-half straight hours from Northern California to Dulce without breaking, stopping for a break. And then the same when I [go to your] home. Twenty-two-and-a-half hours each way.

Kerry:  Ah. Okay, now...

Anthony:  It was just insane. Now, I went... I went from essentially sea level to 13,000 feet elevation when I went to his house. Got 9,500 feet elevation in Dulce. It's just... I'm telling you, something is going on.

Kerry:  Okay. Anthony, if we release this, I can put this on Camelot. You will great deal of notice. Do you want that, because it's possible there will be healers who will contact me as well, through contact...

Anthony:  Yeah, that's the... see, that's the whole purpose of this. I'm trying to get... I'm trying to let people know that there is something in Dulce, that I spoke to somebody who actually worked there, that I'm receiving, I received so much validation from three different families, eleven people who work for the law enforcement, law enforcement employees in Dulce from Jicarilla Apache Nation, and one of them is the current chief of police elsewhere. Not in Dulce, but elsewhere, but right there in Northern New Mexico, who is a Jicarilla Indian, by the way. So, yeah.

Kerry:  Okay.

Anthony:  I need this information out there. That's what this is for, and now I'm paying the price for it with my life and my health. And it's [serious]. It's just at a point where I gotta get it out there.

Kerry:  But, okay. Yeah. I think, I think the most important thing is for you to get healed right away. So, I will send out some notice about this. But is there anything else, while I have you on this recording, that you want to talk about, because obviously, this will be a good moment for you to get the word out on anything you're investigating.

Anthony:  No. There's a lot of information that I have right now. With respect to Dulce, the only other thing that I have is this crash site that we found, that we surveyed, where apparently a 150-foot diameter copper disc disc smashed into a side of a hill there, and we saw it. We found it. There's a 300 [foot] wide section of perimeter [we saw], half of which is now gone. And when you study the impact, you notice that the [perimeter we saw] is this first in a sliding pattern, in a downward sliding pattern, and all the trees are knocked over. This is what I was told by these witnesses. This was in 1996. When they viewed this, it was during the evening. Immediately, black SUVs were all over the Mesa. They created a perimeter around the crash site and they started excavating the... They started removing the crash evidence. They also, with the assistance, but under the direct authority of the military, the Jicarilla Police Force went from home-to-home confiscating cameras of any sorts. All the cameras -- this is what I was told -- were returned, without film or deleted. Deleted media.

So, what happened and what was that copper disc that these people saw? Was it a grey craft or was it... was it a military, a clandestine military craft? I don't know, but these people felt threatened. And I had three separate families who I conducted interviews with, that verified this information, and this story was the same from family to family. So again, something is happening there in Dulce. But the artifacts that I discovered up there. They're [either] jet engine containers. They're 1,500 feet away from the radio towers. What are they doing up there? The most important [reason we learned and proved,] proves that the U.S. military is up there. In what capacity? I don't know.

Kerry:  Okay. What's interesting is, if I understand it correctly, what you may have gotten in contact with, is a nerve agent, they said.

Anthony:  Yes.

Kerry:  And there's a nerve agent... there was a nerve agent in the containers. And what you might have... Did you touch the containers?

Anthony:  Yes, my hands were all over the containers.

Kerry:  Geez. Okay.

Anthony:  Yeah.

Kerry:  Uh, and...

Anthony:  And one of the things that Gabe Valdez said before he passed away. And so, I cannot believe I did not heed his advice. He said, do not touch the cattle. The mutilated cattle, he said, do not touch them. Do not touch any of the evidence near the mutilated cattle. And these jet containers happened to be right next to a cow pasture up there at this plateau.

Kerry:  Right. Okay. Did anyone else touch them?

Anthony:  No. Just me.

Kerry:  Ah, God.

Anthony:  Just me. My partner, Ric Prestel from Sacramento MUFON was using a high def video camera and he was filming it. So... No, I'm the only one that touched it.

Kerry:  I see.

Anthony:  And the guide wouldn't go near them. He wouldn't go near them.

Kerry:  Right.

Anthony:  He stayed in... As a matter of fact, he stayed in his truck and he warned me not to film them. He warned me not to film them.

Kerry:  Oh really.

Anthony:  Yeah. It was my... That was like [the warning].

Kerry:  Okay...

Anthony:  The guy was frightened. He was definitely afraid of something.

Kerry:  So, is this... are these things something that you're saying would have been carried on a jet in the '60s or...? I don't... Because I'm not... You're saying they're containers. What I'm not...

Anthony:  They're big box metal containers that are used to ship jet engines.

Kerry:  Oh. So, why would they contain a nerve agent?

Anthony:  I don't know. I don't know that they contained a nerve agent, but maybe the surrounding area did. I know that Gabe Valdez said... He said, don't do... don't ever touch the cattle. They identified substances in the cattle. They know that they were mild [agents] or something. Like... I think they've identified [rice] in at one point, anthrax at another point. And he said, don't touch them. And what do I do? I touch these containers. But I don't know that the containers are the source of what I have. I don't know.

Kerry:  Okay. As far as this recording is concerned. Again, do you want me to go back and delete the part about... that you mentioned that you wanted deleted? Do you want me to go back and delete that before I release this?

Anthony:  Yes, yes. Yes.

Kerry:  Okay. And...

Anthony:  I don't want any mention of... if I mentioned any names... I don't want to mention too much. The facts.

Kerry:  Okay, fine.

Anthony:  Kerry, this is what, this is why I can't be scared about investigating and doing research on Dulce. Nobody wants to be... nobody wants to come out. Nobody wants their names known. Especially the Jicarilla. For them, it's cultural, because they're American Indian and they have these various strong convictions and beliefs, and they just don't like coming out with this stuff. And there's other people who are not Jicarilla, who are from New Mexico, who are just definitely afraid to talk. Why are they really afraid to talk? Listen. I’ve been harassed by [Dill] Air Force Base [MRIC Detachment 2IT] twice. Twice already. This year. I've been harassed by them. My house has been broken into. I had ten of my hard drives that were stolen from my property. So, something's going on. And now I have this paralysis to deal with on my face, from some neurological agent, bio-agent. So... this information has to get out there.

Kerry:  Okay. All right. Anthony, if there's anything else you want to say about your overall investigations, because we have been in touch and... Of course, I'm happy to meet with you at any time. I actually just got back from India. I'm very jet-lagged at this moment, which is why I'm awake. But I'm happy to meet with you, and we can film this in a more formal setting, if you wish.

Anthony:  Mm-hm.

Kerry:  But, as far as what's going on with you, what other investigations you've been part of recently, that could have any bearing on what is happening to you. Why your place was broken into. In other words, because what... you don't know what is linked to what, right? You know...

Anthony:  Well... [sighs] I could tell you this. Whoever stole my hard drive now knows everything about the other investigation that I've been conducting. I have found evidence, based on information that was provided to me from one of my sources that worked at Lockheed Martin, that we're developing some type of a system, a low-Earth orbiting system, a defense system, to combat this... this space war that's going to be conducted between the Chinese and us. But here's the interesting thing. It's a very complex tale. Okay? It's not about us versus the Chinese. This is not a human-versus-human war that I'm being told about. They're telling me that the Chinese are being used as puppets. There's some higher level group, this alien-human hybrid group. I know it sounds crazy, Kerry, but you have to hear me out.

Kerry:  No. Absolutely... No. I have whistleblower testimony to this effect.

Anthony:  Yes. So, they have -- oh my God -- so, they're... I am being told it is...

Kerry:  That exact thing... That exact thing I have been told by a very credible whistleblower.

Anthony:  So the... you're trying to...

Kerry:  Now, at least a year ago, that a new race of beings has come into our area of the galaxy, and that they are trying... are backing the Chinese, and that they are trying to put the Chinese in charge of the world.

Anthony:  Well, this is, this is the reason why. And this is... Now, this is what I've been told. Literally again, any one of the three super powers. And there are one of three super powers. There's what? There's only three countries to worry about -- the United States, the Russians and the Chinese. I was told that the Chinese met all the prerequisites. One, they decimated their ecology. They have no fresh water. They've been buying fresh water from the Argentines and the Brazilians as a commodity. They have no natural resources. Their entire population lives along their coastline. They have created this massive level of deforestation that's turned all the central part of the country into essentially a desert. So, they have systematically been lowering... keeping their currency at a lowered value over the past 20 years. And then in that same time, they used their communist structure to subjugate their people such that school children are prisoners and the elderly, just about everybody, have established their new emerging middle class, has been working in the manufacturing sector.

Why? So that they can... they can essentially flood the global market with their products. What does that do? It, it... while they maintained this lowered level of... this lowered level from their currency, they are yet becoming extremely wealthy. The United States is already 14 trillion dollars in debt to the Chinese. There's no gold in the U.S. gold reserve. You already know that. There are people that have outright told us, they haven't seen gold in the Fort Knox since the 1970s. Why is that important? It's because the Chinese, since 2009, have been conducting a campaign to get various countries off of the international dollar standard. Why? Because the minute they do that, they're going to trigger a financial collapse. The dollar's going to collapse, and we're going to see a domino effect, where all these other countries are going to slide into these deep economic depressions. And what that's going to do, is it's going to open the doors for a country like the United States... we're going to have to [re?]open the doors and allow the Chinese to come in essentially as our overlords.

But listen, this is not about racism. It's about nationalism. I'm being told... I keep thinking inside, I keep thinking, oh, it's us against the Chinese, and this contact of mine is saying, you've got to get outside this human-versus-human paradigm, because the Chinese are being controlled Li Ka-shing out of Hong Kong. He's the most richest person in all of Asia, and he's a part of this Illuminati bloodline. He owns the Chinese communist government. He practically owns the Chinese military. Another scary fact that he told me, is that Chinese military has 200 million men, whereas the combined forces of the United States alone is barely at 500,000 men and women. That's a scary thought. In 2007, they demonstrated that they could essentially blast a satellite out of low-Earth orbit. And that was a demonstration to us, because they know that we're developing this new project, which I will tell you about later. This is that low-Earth orbiting defense project that I was talking about, that this person from Lockheed Martin informed me of. It's a very important project. The other thing, is that they demonstrated that their stealth technology is now as sophisticated as our own, that they sailed into the central... They used one of their submarines to penetrate a classified naval exercise, and then they bragged about it afterwards, and it scared the hell out of our military brass, because now they know, hey. They're almost on equal footing with us.

Kerry:  Okay...

Anthony:  So, there's a lot of information that I have here, but I need to put it into the proper context.

Kerry:  Okay. But, we are recording this, Anthony, and this is an opportunity to at least open the doors in this regard. And I'm very interested, because some of your information is cross-correlating with my whistleblower testimony. So, that makes it all the more important, because if there is indeed an invading race of beings who are controlling the Chinese, then people need to know about that. And...

Anthony:  The reason why, the reason why they selected the Chinese is (1) they met all the prerequisites [with you]; (2) the Chinese -- remember, this is all being done to facilitate an arrival event, an arrival event. At the end of 2012 is, we're going to see... we're going to see a mass landing of these E.T. visitors. Okay? Now, here's the thing -- 2012 marks the execution phase for this arrival plan, and it's going to culminate in 2015. Now, I'm hearing two stories here so far, though. There are two possible outcomes. So far, I've heard that the first one, is that they're going to enact a depopulation campaign to bring the world's population down to 500 million. Bear in mind that the Chinese military alone is 200 million. I was told that the Chinese are going to kill their own people first. This is what I was told. They're literally going to kill their own people first. There's going to be plans for a 200 million-strong elitist population -- these are the alien-human hybrids. They look like us, they walk like us, they talk like us. That's going... That... And then there's going to be 100 million normal humans who are going to be the slave class, for the remain... for those.. for these elitists that are going to remain. So... the main rea...

Kerry:  Okay. When you say that... All right. Let me stop you right now, because you're making several claims here, and I need to get a little bit more of the background behind the claims. So, when you say there's going to be an arrival event at the end of 2012, who told you this, and why are you convinced that this is correct?

Anthony:  Because this is the one that worked at Lockheed Martin. He worked on a project called LEONID -- Low Earth Orbit Nano-Satellite Interceptive Defense. It's a system of nano satellites that are low-Earth orbit. They are... uses alien technology. It is a highly sophisticated and there is a fleet of ships, of small ships, that use... telemetry that comes in from the satellite network to protect the... essentially to protect the United States and its allies from two things -- incoming ICBMs and (2) from -- and this is what he says -- from ships that are coming into our orbit, Earth orbit, from outer space, is what I'm told.

Kerry:  Okay. Well that makes sense. So, this particular engineer obviously is... They're still alive?

Anthony:  He's still alive. He's no longer part of Lockheed Martin. He's AWOL. Let me tell you something. When I met with him, I met with him outside of an abandoned McDonald's in Montague in Mountainview, California. And there was a reason why he took me there. We found a parking spot, and he said, this is the very spot where my best friend, a fellow engineer, so ultimately shot himself in the head.

Kerry:  Oh, I remember that. I remember that story, because I'm from the Bay area, so that story stuck in my mind. That was a very suspicious story. Yeah, okay, go on.

Anthony:  That's right. So, we met there. We began talking at one o'clock in the morning. And by four o'clock, I was over there in the Bay area. I was driving in from Sacramento. It was absolutely necessary that I needed to meet him in person, and that's where we met. So... one by one, they've been killing off engineers. Those people that wanted to come forward. And... people, he said, anybody that asked questions about the project that they were developing, mysteriously disappeared, or are found dead. So, once he realized he was next, because he couldn't keep his mouth shut, he decided to go AWOL. So...

Kerry:  Okay. Is he safe at this time?

Anthony:  He is safe. He is safe. As a matter of fact, he is very safe.

Kerry:  Okay.

Anthony:  And he also told me, he also told me, that it took them 30 years, but they have a Chinese defector who has been feeding them information about what is happening over there in China and what they're planning. So, this is how he got all this information before he left that project.

Kerry:  Right. Okay. So, you're saying Lockheed Martin or just his... a group associated with him, got this defector to give them information?

Anthony:  His group within Lockheed Martin, but they worked with the Department of Defense.

Kerry:  I... Okay. Uh, wow. Well, this is very explosive information that you're giving me here. And I have to say that, again, it correlates with my whistleblower testimony. There is another aspect which is on an intuitive level, that I have been given information that the satellites are a very key... to what's going to be happening in the future. And that the satellites...

Anthony:  [There is a] danger. The reason why they're coming out about this project -- first of all, you have to ask yourself this -- why would they be disclosing the foundation of this project, [which] supposedly is the interests of protecting us? Well, they went kind of haywire with it, and it's no longer exactly a safe project to be operating. These things are self-autonomous. These craft... the craft are self-autonomous. They use artificial intelligence to make decisions on their own. Just take Skynet from the 'Predator' movie... or from the 'Terminator' movie...

Kerry:  Exactly.

Anthony:  The only thing you need to understand, is that these nano satellites are self-repairable and self-replicatable.

Kerry:  Wow. Okay. Yes.

Anthony:  And I have all the technical specifications that you need to know exactly how it's done. I have them all.

Kerry:  You're kidding.

Anthony:  No. I have all of it.

Kerry:  Okay. Well, that's, that's actually... that's actually it, I mean, right there, I have to say. Because I was given this information about the satellites, and that actually they're going to be shot down at a certain point. But by... right...

Anthony:  Right. Do you want to know, do you want to know who this technology came from? Dulce. It came out of Dulce. This is part of a technology exchange program with the greys at Dulce who gave this technology, gave this knowledge to Lockheed Martin and several other interested contractors, a list of who I have.

Kerry:  Okay. Incredible. All right. As far as this goes, and as far as your contact with regard to this, does he talk about the race of beings, who they are, where they came from, anything like that?

Anthony:  Yup. This is a progenitor race that the greys mentioned. And these are essentially the... so, now here's the neat thing that I needed to show it to you. Remember, I mentioned the Chinese defector? Remember, I mentioned the Chinese defector? Hello?

Kerry:  The Chinese defector?

Anthony:  Yeah. Remember, I mentioned the Chinese defector that they have?

Kerry:  Yes.

Anthony:  He told them that there is a possibility and there is a little concern among these alien-human hybrids that when those... these E.T., these progenitors return, that they're actually going to kill off this alien hybrid race that is destroying the planet.

Kerry:  Why do they think that?

Anthony:  What he says is that there's a strong possibility that this progenitor race is returning to Earth. They're going to kill off the alien-human hybrids and they're going to dismantle all nuclear stockpiles on Earth. That they're going to prevent us from killing ourselves and that they're not going to allow this depopulation campaign to occur. Listen, one of the things that this guy told me. He said he had a conversation with this Chinese defector before he left the program. And the Chinese defector for the [adopting a view?] says, 'You know, this whole concept of we're overpopulating the world is complete B.S., because if you took every human being alive and placed them in the state of Texas, there would be enough room for them to live there.' Do you realize that? That's what he told this guy. So, you have to put all of this in perspective. He's saying that this propaganda was being fed to all of these people who were persuaded that all the world's being overpopulated. We have to kill one another.

Kerry:  [laughs]

Anthony:  Listen, the United States has a nuclear stockpile which can destroy the planet many times over.

Kerry:  Right.

Anthony:  You're aware of that. Now, when you put things in perspective, the South Africans, the Indians, the Pakistanis, the North Koreans, the Chinese, the English, the Israelis, the French. Gee, how many countries have nuclear stockpiles? So, he... but he says that this Chinese is giving him information that's saying that they're now thinking of turning this technology or commandeering this leading edge technology. The Chinese are trying to figure out a way to commandeer this technology away from the United States. And use it, to possibly, in the event that these arriving progenitors are going to kill them off, they'll use it against them. So, it's just a weird complex web of information. Remember, the greys were created by these progenitors.

Kerry:  Right.

Anthony:  Who's to say that's there is not a backdoor system in place with this LEONID project, which is technology that's been given to the U.S. defense contractors and [is hatching out of the thins for this fabulous?] whole project. Maybe the greys are... maybe they'll say that these arriving parties, they're going to be able to commandeer it or... I don't know. There's just so much information. I have all of it and I'm compiling it right now. I'm going to try and get this information out in two months' time.

Kerry:  Okay. Now, this whole subject is... gone from the Dulce subject to the Chinese and to this race of beings, etc., which you're calling the 'progenitors,' which is, again... This is what your colonel... Isn't it... Wasn't he a colonel that you... your witness in your book, 'UFO Highway' was talking about, as well?

Anthony:  Yeah.

Kerry:  He referred to them as 'progenitors.' Isn't that right?

Anthony:  That's right. That's right.

Kerry:  Okay. But at this point, this is okay to release as part of this interview that we're doing right here?

Anthony:  Yes.

Kerry:  Okay. Okay. Is there anything else about this race of beings that you know, that we could include here, that would clarify their relationship with the Chinese and possibility what they may be planning and the timing of it.

Anthony:  Well, I know that at the end of 2012, is when this mass landing is supposed to occur. This is what I'm being told. And there's nothing we can do about it and it's going to happen. That's what I'm being told. It will mark the execution phase of this plan for this arrival event and it will culminate by 2015.

Kerry:  Okay. Who will land?

Anthony:  These progenitors. These ann... Why don't you just call them 'Anunnaki?'

Kerry:  Okay. What do they look like? Do you know?

Anthony:  I don't know. I don't know. The colonel gave me inf... The colonel gave me information with what the progenitors are supposed to [look like]. That's all I have to go on.

Kerry:  Okay. This, this sort of... I don't know. Is LEONID the top secret name of the Lockheed Martin program for these low-Earth orbiting satellite, nano satellites? Is that right?

Anthony:  Yes. Yeah, I believe it. Yeah.

Kerry:  Okay. But you do know that this is the name of the man who supposedly, who was... and we believe, a plant anyway, who supposedly discovered Elenin.

Anthony:  No. I did not know that.

Kerry:  Yeah. And that that supposedly Elenin is also associated with LEONID. So... I don't know what the status [is] on Elenin. I have to get in touch with Richard Hoagland, who I'm going to be talking with shortly. But he's going to be very, very interested to hear that the code name of this particular project is LEONID.

Anthony:  Yeah.

Kerry:  That actually... That may be a key to unlocking what this craft, which is a craft, LEONID, a planetoid, a directed planetoid. Whether it was destroyed, split in half, whether it's still in our solar system or not, I don't know. I know it supposedly still is. But...

Anthony:  Well, LEONID is a multi-faceted weapon system. It's a... It comprises many parts. There's not just one part to it. You have this nano satellite network. You have the parent satellite network called 'MOTHER,' which is above it, which provides resources to the nano satellites. I'll explain more of that to you at a later time. There is the X-47B type craft that they are using called 'interceptors.' Remember the X-37B, when it went into orbit? This is a scale model of the space shuttle that is owned by the Air Force. Do you recall that?

Kerry:  Uh...

Anthony:  [What was that?]

Kerry:  Could you repeat that?

Anthony:  Yeah. There was a scale model... view of a craft. It looks like a scale model of a space shuttle. It's called the X-37B. It's spent 287 days in low-Earth orbit. Do you recall that? It's owned by the Air Force. Do you want me to tell you what it was doing out there for 287 days?

Kerry:  Okay, yes.

Anthony:  You could take a guess as to what it was doing up there for 287 days.

Kerry:  So, you're suggesting that perhaps it was... I don't know.

Anthony:  Deploying... It was deploying the basis for the nano satellite network. Yes, it was.

Kerry:  The bases... the bases...?

Anthony:  I met a woman... I met a woman...

Kerry:  Okay, wait one second.

Anthony: [Kirtland]...

Kerry:  Okay. Wait one second. It was deploying the 'bases' for the nano satellite network? You mean, in other words...

Anthony:  Yes. The basis. The foundation. The groundwork for the nano satellite network. It's not the nano satellites themselves.

Kerry:  Okay. Is it possible that there are space platforms that are... were put in place, as well?

Anthony:  Yes. There's a parent... There's a parent network of satellites called 'MOTHER' already up there, [which] I believe provide resources and materials for these nano satellites which are self-replicated or self-repairable.

Kerry:  Okay. When you're talking about this, you were just about to say that you met a woman. Can you continue?

Anthony:  I met a woman whose husband was a software engineer also, at Lockheed Martin. He was part of the program. He is now missing. Before he went missing, he had told his wife that they had successfully launched the nano satellite network that he was developing. He was working on the low-level language stuff of these nano satellites. So that they can communicate.

Kerry:  Okay. Is it...

Anthony:  Anyhow...

Kerry:  Is it possible, are you still in touch with her? Would she want to go on the record or not?

Anthony:  No. No. She is completely out of the picture.

Kerry:  Okay.

Anthony:  She's gone.

Kerry:  Okay. And what about her husband? Has he been found? Is he missing permanently? How long has he been gone?

Anthony:  My source says he's dead.

Kerry:  Okay.

Anthony:  And this has been since 2009. Right? So, while [the progenitors are] returning, maybe the greys -- I don't know, we're we so stupid, that we're accepting technology from these greys for this critical defense system, that we’re going to put it into orbit and not expect that there might be some type of a backdoor entry, for whoever's arriving, to understand the technology and how to take it over and use it against us?

Kerry:  Absolutely. Well, that's... That's all very true.

Anthony:  We need to be... Yeah, we need to be aware of that. So, I mean, it's important that we understand what games that we're possibly [putting] getting ourselves in.

Kerry:  Okay. Well, let me again bring out a whistleblower, 'Mr. X.' We called him 'Mr. X.' He actually died suddenly of a heart attack, a year or two ago, and he was a person who had investigated. He had worked for a military company in which he was correlating data from their records that, basically, the data led to the fact that the greys were here, that we... our military was interacting with them, and that there was -- he said -- that they said there was an event coming in 2012, that was kind of a landing event. So, that is another piece of information that you're revealing, that cross-correlates with one of our whistleblowers. Now, we believe that he was taken out. This is not commonly known, but it is something that we have mentioned on occasion. And now, what you're saying actually leads me to believe that this is the reason he was taken out, is because he had this information.

Anthony:  [I always thought he knew.] And this is the reason why I called you tonight, Kerry. Somebody did something to me. My face is paralyzed, and it's not Bell's Palsy. It's not from a stroke. I don't have any infection of any kind that could cause this. Somebody did something to me. The blood tests are positive that I have been subjected to some type of a neurological bio-agent. Doctors are telling me they can't even identify it. If it were rat poison or wasp poison or something, commercial-grade, they would be able to identify it from its chemical signature. What I have in my system, they don't know what the hell it is, but they know it's attacking the nerves of my face.

It makes me think back to this Ukrainian president that was subjected to some type of poison or something. But I think it happened just recently. [ed. note Ukrainian president was poisoned on 9-5-2004] I think it was the Ukrainian president.

Kerry:  Okay. Uh... [sighs]. Okay. So, I am going to try to find help for you, right away, and in the meantime, I will try actually to release this. And I believe I need to go back. I'm not the greatest audio editor in the world, but I will go back and try to take out the piece that you've asked me to take out. In the meantime, if people want to reach you, how can they reach you, in order to contact you in regard to healers they may have... they may know of, etc., etc.?

Anthony:  Kerry, at my website,, there's a button there that says 'contact us.' There is a secure form that they... They're 100% anonymous. It's 100% confidential. I never disclose their data to [anyone]. That whoever contacts me, their privacy is paramount. So, there's a form there that they use, that goes directly to me. It goes directly to my email, a secured email address. They just go to my website, and click on the 'contact us' button, they could reach me. 

Kerry:  Okay. So, so, is there anything else that you want to add here to this discussion, and if not, then what I want to say here is that, we should do this in person, Anthony, and have this exact same discussion with whatever else you would like, in person. So, please do contact me tomorrow or as soon as you feel able, and let's set that up.

Anthony:  Yeah. It's amazing that we were able to, outside of the Dulce periphery, listen to this whole Chinese matter so easily. But there's a ton of Dulce data that I have still. But, and we should do that another time. One thing I would like to point out, is that it's November 4th right now. By the first week of January in 2012, I am planning to release all the information that I have on this Chinese matter. It's a major issue. It's holding a threat to the entire planet, and I have so much more information that we can cover. But the first week of January, I am releasing that information, either to my website, either to a PDF, either to a.... I don't know. Everything that I have is going to be made public.

Kerry:  Okay. Could you please...

Anthony:  Right now, someone has got something to me that is affecting my health. I need to check out whatever is happening to me, so that I can reach my goal of getting my information out.

Kerry:  Okay. Could you please get that information to... You need to send it out to 12 individuals that you trust.

Anthony:  Yes.

Kerry:  And ask them to hold onto it, that in the event that anything happens to you, they need to go public. Okay?

Anthony:  Yes.

Kerry:  So, these should be as high-profile and as trust-worthy individuals as you can possibly come across, but you should do that immediately, if you haven't already done so.

Anthony:  I'll do it soon.

Kerry:  Okay.

Anthony:  Soon as possible. Soon as possible.

Kerry:  Okay, thank you. Well, Anthony, I'd love to see you get healed right away from this nerve agent or whatever it is that you've come in contact with. In the meantime, I think that this kind of dialogue between researchers is so important, because you see how we can cross-correlate the information that we've got, because when it's unsubstantiated, it stands alone. But when you start getting multiple witnesses coming forward from completely different directions, and they all say the same thing, then people have to sit up and take notice.

Anthony:  That's right. That's right. That's right. So, thank you.

Kerry:  All right. You take care. And let's be in touch.

Anthony:  Awesome. Thank you. Talk to you soon. Bye bye.

Kerry:  Okay. Bye bye.






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