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31 December 2008

trading of souls - from William

The Trading of Souls.
By the joint Chief of Staff and the President via the
International Aerospace Alliance.

The International Aerospace Organisation is a powerful group. The organisation monitors and operates in the spectrum of International defence supplying to medical and out fitting systems across the board on a global scale.

Which is everything from Food to uniforms and the supply of every other thing that is needed in all areas. Has airborne systems and research of control and global coordination. Is equipped with multicultural dimensions as well as an integrated
command and control toolset for Global Aerospace operations via manpower, with high tech pay loads, space ports and tracking systems around the world. As well a compact defence operation across the board with your standard Commercial aviation in the mix. It is a bit like that of the United Nations but with a twist of what you don’t know does not hurt for now. But is an extended branch of the United Nations. The United States is at the helm for now.

So it is linked with all the main players. The organization is funded by all major Governments. There is combined International research on alien and tech, cover ups, and espionage. The organisation is negatively orientated with no positive attributes at all. It is connect with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the president combine that with
scion/mj‐12 ULTRA and the Black level Clearances.

The Global Aerospace alliance is the world Government in one. They conspire together as one. They have their courts, and their own justice system. Being space and World Government driven they have to have their own laws. Their laws match that with internal and external dimensions. But they are a Law unto their own. With the combine surveillances of UFOs and Inter dimensionstionals entering in and exits on this world and the continued visitation to Abductees as well a future abductee’s. There is a whole new industry out on this.

The Industry is abductee’s. They are seen as a threat to the Alliance for whatever reason but at the same time seen as a gold mine because of what they may know as well as the fact that they may have been altered in some way.

So they will be abducted again for the resources of all of the above in short. The abductee’s will be then used for work. In areas best suited to his or her abilities that of the physical and higher abilities used and manipulated to suit the handlers.

They will be MILABS and clones will be furnished from them for the purpose of being disposed of if the MILABS don’t abide by their new masters of control. Sometimes one whole MILABS family may be cloned as a more profitable disposable profit and income for the Alliance even if a family member is no longer alive that person will be clone that was dead. But for this to happen, you would have to be a real threat to the Alliance in some way like me.

This is where it gets more interesting since humans have a soul metrics. The soul metric can be transferred to a clone and used. This is done during night sleep powered by devices that can do this or via implants.

The implants are called spherical Biological Monitoring and control Devices. Organically enhanced synaptic processor powered by a micro position that controls and mimics the functions of the nerves system with micro relays that duplicate operation or engram patterns.

However I have to add that these implants are very much like to what was called the bands of Orion or the bands of Pleiades. The only difference is that these are implants and they do have an
amount of control. But the bands of Orion and Pleiades were used on giants to have control over them even after death till they are reanimated and the bands will be disbanded.

The soul engram that is unique to the individual it also acts as a recording. It will record everything unto death.

They are trading in the souls of men women and children shuffling them around like cattle. The problem is that bodies, genetics and capabilities of the human mind are unlimited.

A barter system for souls is in place for the highest bidder. Be it off world or on Earth. Once you have been sold for a price, gift or trade of something higher tech. You will have a Master. These Masters will be off world aliens or sometimes they may be humans depending on the politics of the day and who’s who. But they must work with in the alliance laws but then again they are a law unto their own.

The reason why is because the MILAB is a threat but a good barter for whoever. It is to do with politics and egos. Some are born into it.

The mind control aspect is run by the help of drugs. If you have abilities they are soon immobilised through changes to DNA switching and re switching for use.

The drugs used on MILABS ranges from LSD which causes expansion and altered experience of senses, emotions, memories, time and awareness, cognitive shifts, movement of static surfaces, additional spatial dimensions, form phosphenes to the eyes, echo like distortions of sounds.

Scopolamine courses submissive behaviour. Rohypnol is also another “date rape drug” can be lethal can incapacitate victims prevent them from resisting sex. Others are GHB: Gamma hydroxyl, sodium Oxbate the effects is intoxication, increased energy, happiness, talking, desires to socialize, playful, loss of coordination, difficulty of concentrating.

I could write up more on the drugs but would take a lot of pages. The Masters at one time or another will wear gold close fitting cloths. Which shows their rank to the abductee in other words they will flaunt it.

The soul can also be amplified to another area. Humans are normally locked to the point of conception as a time reference.
Satellite links can also link to the soul and redirect.

The time stream lock allows a person to flow in synch. Mind control allows participants in these projects in an effort to cover it up. Mind control signature is a pattern unique to an individual. Via the computer program for the transmitter. A second wavelength would be transmitted at a lower wave length alteration and affects the person directly. Also antigravity probes likewise do the same. The probes follow the person where ever they go and use same wave
length alteration on the individual. The probes have a magnetic field around them and use invisible stealth and monitoring technologies.

There are also racial signatures and also a universal signal for the human race. Governments use these to target individuals or groups. RNA/DNA pattern is for life unless alterations are made. Origins of mind control were started by radiosonde/box weather control devise using frequencies and controlling the weather. Together with the invisibility aspect and combing the two factors and use those for mind control. A whole industry came out from this.

The selling of souls is not a new thing. It was done in ancient times and it was so bad that whole civilisations were made accountable for it. Those civilisations were destroyed in the end. So once again we have it in place. This time it is more insidious and more evil than the first with more players involved than ever before. It has come in full circle but for the last time.

The selling of the souls of men is going to be in the forefront of this global world Government and will be used in the mainstream soon altogether with slaves. The people involved in this are evil and pathological but time is short.

They think in their hearts that is who is like us and able to make war against us. That is what they think. As for the Alien agenda this is where it has led up to this point on purpose. All of them are responsible since it has been played out
before. All the races know this across the board. I could write and say more on subject but this is the main topic at this point.

Regard William



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