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31 December 2008

cynthia marie brewer : secrets behind the human genome project

Cynthia Marie Brewer : Secrets Behind the Human Genome Project - Audio Interview

Cynthia Marie Brewer claims her DNA was taken and used as the original fully sequenced DNA for the Human Genome Project against her will. From there on her story, if she is to be believed, has tentacles in nearly every aspect of human endeavor on the planet. Ultimately the trail leads to the purpose behind the Illuminati obsession with bloodlines and the emphasis they have on blending what is called in occult circles "the red" with "the black".

This involves the "red" being blue-eyed redheads who descend from the Neanderthal... and have a tendency to be non-violent and more empathetic as well has having a proclivity for telepathy (see Graham Hancock's recent book "Entangled" for more on this)... What are called "blacks" in occult cirlces -- are the blond haired, or other hair color, with blue/green eyes of Celtic descendants from the Anunnaki bloodline, who tend to be more aggressive, highly intelligent, ruler of people also with psychic sensitivity.. (also known as the Illuminati bloodline).

From there on it gets wildly convoluted. Listen to this preliminary investigation into the secrets regarding the sequencing of human DNA and to where it may lead....

The Definition according to Wikipedia:

The Human Genome Project (HGP) is an international scientific research project with a primary goal of determining the sequence of chemical base pairs which make up DNA, and of identifying and mapping the approximately 20,000–25,000 genes of the human genome from both a physical and functional standpoint. --- Wikipedia

Additional note: Some of you may remember when Benjamin Fulford went into the hospital for a spinal operation. What they discovered at the base of his spine sounds like a very similar kind of 'creature' or chimera (see article re Benjamin Fulford's "creature") to the one that Cynthia Brewer refers to in this audio interview. Once they removed it, Benjamin asked to have the photos after his operation. Apparently, all evidence of then 'disappeared' from the hospital. Considering Benjamin is also from an illuminati bloodline this follows along with the same idea as mentioned here. That is, that these implanted organisms take on the genetics of the host and then are removed and used in genetic experiments and possibly future cloning procedures.

DNA Patenting
Paper by Cynthia Brewer

Submitted to Project Camelot, August 15, 2011

Indeed, the principle objective of biotechnology is to produce commercial products for economic gain. However, any industry will not initiate high-risk, long-term projects without knowing that the results of its research efforts can be legally protected from competitors, thus the U.S. Patent Offices has sanctioned privileges for intellectual property rights and include trade secrets, trademarks, and patents; while no protections have been made to protect Divine Sentient Beings from the horrors of the products.

A biotechnology patent is a legal document that gives the patent holder exclusive rights to implement the described invention commercially.  The two major categories for patents consist of products and processes.  The patent holder can develop other products that are directly derived from the original invention, while competitors must purchase the right to use the invention to develop a product based on the initial invention.  A prime example is patented diseases and remedies specifically including pharmacopoeia.

Patent law very around the world, and throughout history, a consistent principle of patent law was that a patent could not be granted for anything that is a product of nature or any type of therapy for human or animals.  The application for a patent must be feasible, novel, non obvious, utility and general acceptability by the patent office; thus, biotechnology and pharmacopoeia are in a perpetual race to create genetically engineered biodiversity by and through the splicing of DNA and creating superbugs, such as staph infections.

In 1980, in a landmark decision the U.S. Supreme Court decided that a genetically modified organism was patentable to protect the intellectual property right for the development and use of the “superbug”, a genetically engineered microorganism used to clean up the oil spill in Alaska from the Exxon Valdes.  The patent was developed by A. Chakrabarty, who was working for the General Electric Corporation.

Following the landmark decision to patent genetically modified microorganisms, the U.S. Patent laws ultimately allowed Goldman and Sacs subsidiary, Genetech, to market human tPA.  This lead to the regular patenting of multicellular organisms such as the “oncomouse”; and ultimately exclusive ownership of living and natural material.

The exclusive ownership of natural and God gifted property led to controversy over the morals and ethics of these patenting statutes and the rights of people and animal; with human rights always prevailing.  For example, if an invention on animals approved for use to cure human disease, the current view is that the needs supersede those of the animal.  This led to the regular and routine patenting of transgenetic animals and plants. 

U.S. Patent 4,237,224, which as granted to Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer on December 2, 1980 entitled, “Process for producing biologically functional molecular chimeras” for recombinant DNA technology for both use of viral and plasmid vectors and the cloning of foreign genes ultimately resulted in the patenting of the Human Genome.  This led the DNA sequencing and the “genebanks”, patented by the elite noncooperating research groups who are registered to do “Human Takings” for biotechnology and pharmacopoeia.  They chose the “qualified candidate” through DNA analysis in accord with information obtained from the genebanks. 

Patenting laws are consistent with positive economic impact for special interest groups.  The U.S. Patent Office now regularly accepts the use of animals and humans as intellectual property of Big Business, claiming they own the rights to our bodies and DNA, effectively awarding a monopoly that results in abominations and mass diseases throughout the world, restricts competition, curtails new invention, leads to higher prices, and favors large corporations such as government.  This was the significance of The Human Genome Project, and the chimera that resulted known as Dolly the Sheep.

Research is carried out secretly and information is not shared; therefore, repeated experiments are carried out on many different unwitting victims, mass suffering and time and effort is wasted sometimes resulting in genocide of some races and Tribes even if they scattered around the world.

Traditional science has become hostage to patent holders recognizing the rights of patent holders over the bodies and DNA of the living, breathing, sentient being who was born with a body gifted from Our Creator.  Every medical professional must honor the exclusive rights of the patent holder and innovative procedure for controlling the patent regardless of the consequences, including death of the host.  The goal being to extort the maximum amount of money in the process controlling the patented disease and regardless of damage, injuries, morals, ethics, pain, suffering or agony of the unwitting host.

Combine the patent laws with the fact that the Vatican has claimed ownership to all property, including our bodies and DNA, by and through undisclosed solemn edicts known as Papal Bulls, it has become the world economy to buy, sell and trade human beings and Divine Immortal Beings has commodities and hosts for biotechnology and pharmacopoeia effectively controlling an estimated minimum of 2/3 of the worlds’ economies.




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